chapter 3

Klaus was unable to contain the smirk that appeared on his lips, after a beat it turned into a full on all-white teeth, victorious grin. She was coming, to him, for him. He felt it in his skin, his blood, her name swam in his veins and he felt her heart beat within his own. His right hand tickled and twitched, the letters of her name bold and bright, glowing, standing out on his skin. It shouldn’t seem this intense, is it supposed to be this intense? Yes he has been fascinated by her, some may say obsessed with her, falling for her right from the off, even before he felt the mark make its appearance, he knew she had a different effect on him to what other females had over the many years. He didn’t have the time to think about the minor (or major) details now, what’s important is that, for now, she’s un-resisting, choosing to accept him for all he is as her soul mate, allowing herself to follow the path that was destined for them, the fates had spoken after all. Everything else, everything that was waiting to come between them would just have to..

“Klaus?” The name on his skin pulsed at the sound of her voice, he turned around to find her mere metres away, even thinking of her drives him to a state of day dreaming, switched off to the world, what was she doing to him? Was this really the bond?

“Not that I’m not utterly delighted to see you right now Caroline, but you could have stayed with your friends a little..”

“Cut the crap Klaus..”

“Nice to know the bond hasn’t turned you into a quivering, weak at the knees mess and you’re still your bossy, determined self.” They stand a few feet apart now, arms crossed, shoulders squared and staring at each other, eyes warm and sparkling and matching grins occupy their lips. They were standing in a quiet area of the park that was shaded by trees with a small fish pond surrounded by washed out stone benches and twinkling lights. It was deserted thanks to a little compulsion on behalf of Klaus to the handful of people who had wandered from the activities and the events going on in the busiest section of the park. The music and laughter and chatter from the fair on the other side of the trees were filling the air in the distance, the atmosphere was peaceful, serene, unknowing.

“Look Klaus I-I don’t know what to sa…”

“Please Caroline, let me, let me say something first,” He gestured to one of the benches beside him, his features impossibly soft, un-characteristically so, for her, she noted, this is the side, that only she gets to see, if only she could change that, let everyone see the very possible human side to him, would he let her try? She took tentative steps towards the stone structure, only then did he follow behind her gentlemanly so. They sat inches apart on the stone, and she turned to him, took a breath and waited, this is it, they have to work this out, there’s no getting away from it, from him, does she even want to get away from him? The rush of blood pumping loud in her ears, and the excitement spreading over her skin and causing the gooseflesh tells her all the answers she’ll ever need.

“I understand that we’ve haven’t seen eye to eye on some occasions, you’ve made quite clear your opinion of me time and time again too…” He grins while he pauses, choosing his words carefully but truthfully. “Caroline I don’t need to lie to you to or tell the truth, you’ve always known how my feelings lie for you, but I need you to know that while this quite literally changes everything, there is one thing will not change..” She waits for him to finish, her eyes glimmering with unshed emotion, she’s happy, she’s scared, she’s bewildered.

“Me” and just like that her heart plummets to her stomach, she’s both thrilled and terrified, he senses the tension within her blood and bones and slowly reaches forward to smooth a thumb over her hand, his mark teasingly close to bare skin, quivering and cool in the late summers breeze. She doesn’t move, doesn’t react, she allows the warmth of his light touch to take over body and wills herself to stay in control, hear him out.

“The advantages of being an original, a vampire and a werewolf, is that I have had many years to travel, to experience, to meet folk from all walks of life, I’ve learnt quite a bit about the soul mate bond. It can make you seem, feel like you’re a changed person, it can give you a whole new meaning to life. You live for your soul mate, you aim to please, and you seek their love and affection always..” He turns completely so he is now facing her full on, their knees brushing, his thumb still gently stroking her hand and with his free hand he subtly, and achingly slow starts to sweep up her bare arm.

“The thing is Caroline, I’ve never needed the bond or the mark to tell me that, to tell me that it was you who would make me behave that way, I haven’t, I don’t need Destiny to show me the way in this sick and twisted miserable game we call life..” he drawls out the last word with a low, quiet growl as his hand reaches her bare shoulder and his fingers start to sweep over the skin. She’s completely frozen, transfixed with his words.

“I will not be defined by anything but myself, I have a reputation to uphold and no bond will change that…but are like the angel and the devil on my shoulder, pushing and pulling me in the right direction..” She’s speechless, what is this, a matter of fact, a statement, a lie to try and push her away only to pull her back with his senseless charm and flirtatious yet ever the dapper gentleman persona. What ever the hell it is, right now, in this moment in time she can’t find it in her to think of the correct reply. With the way his dark gaze is boring into hers, and his fingers deftly undo the clasp at the nape of her neck, she can’t seem to find the sassy, sarcastic, stubborn, defensive Caroline, she just wants, needs to be here, listening to him, looking at him, her soul mate.

The chunk of gold falls to bench by her thigh with dull thud, but she’s too far gone to notice, her breaths are escaping her lips shallow and fast like little pants and she can’t stop her eyes from sweeping over his face, those eyes, the curve of his nose, his fuzzy lined jaw, those lips. His fingers skip lightly over her bare shoulder, the hollow of her throat, the light bump of her collar bone and then finally…the very moment his skin connects with his name on flesh, the feeling is electric, a tiny jolt, a stomach of fluttering butterflies, toes curling and fingers tickling.

His are eyes down, watching the contact, at first his face serious and deep in thought, then as his mind switches back to reality his lips form the most perfect victorious smile, wide and un-shameful, satisfied, finally, he has what was always his.

“This though, you here now before me, with my name marked on you for evermore, for all to see, the feeling of your heart beat along with mine in my veins, just to clarify, this means that you are mine Caroline, I’m giving you this moment to understand that I cannot change, you deserve my trust and my honesty and I can ensure you that you have it indefinitely and unfortunately I cannot make promises but you are mine.”

She still doesn’t quite understand what’s going on, this morning, her confident and ruthless bravado, texting Klaus a freaking picture of herself, she doesn’t know where that person is, she didn’t anticipate that Klaus would turn things around this way. He finally has what he has always craved, and Destiny has stuck a big old tattooed confirmation on it and he’s still being his old arrogant, cocky self, damn him, damn her. Why does she always look for the good in him, seeking for the human heart she knows is still in there, why did she think this would make him any different?

All thoughts of logic and truth and denial are flushed from her mind as the rapid crush of his lips force their way down on to hers, her cheek, the flesh behind her ear, her neck, her shoulder…her mark.


His voice is a whispered growl, raw and low, grumbling but heavily in control, as his lips connect with his name on her skin again and again, and that one word repeats once, twice on and on from his lips.

Oh man she’s done for….

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