chapter 4

Two Days, it had been two days since, the thing, since him. Surprisingly she had only heard from him a couple of times since they departed on Saturday evening, when they finally ripped their lips and fingers away from each other long enough to realise that Caroline’s cell had been ringing and beeping and vibrating incessantly. She detangled herself from his even more than usual possessive arms and chest and hands, and she wouldn’t admit it but she did not find that an easy task nor did she actually want to perform that particular task in the first place, but something was telling her to leave, get some space, some air, some time.

She returned to the activities in the crowded park but not before hastily locking her necklace back into place, she revelled in the cool and soothing touch of the metal on her flushed skin and took some deep breaths to try and calm herself and her body. She combed her fingers through her hair, trying to tease the curls back into place and patiently willed her mind to concentrate on the fair ahead of her and not the distracting pull in her veins as she walked further away from, him. She found her friends huddled around a picnic table, talking and laughing and gazing at the red and purple sky that was slowly darkening with the lowering sun whilst waiting for the fireworks to start. Caroline was both surprised and relieved to see Elena had joined the group and of course wherever she was, not too far away was…Damon stood brooding not far from the group with a sliver hip flask in his hand and looking around ominously, and Stefan was sitting next to Jeremy and Matt making small talk. He looked up and caught eye contact with Caroline as she approached the table, he looked like he was about to stand when Caroline suddenly found herself being pushed backwards by a whirlwind of Black and brunette hair.

In the public bathroom after Elena compelled a pretty red-head to stop re-applying her rouge lipstick and leave and Bonnie had locked the door behind her click-clacking heels, Caroline found herself backed up against the wash basins and looking right into the curious gazes of her two best friends.

“Ok what’s going on?”

“Spill it”

“Were you with him?...Klaus?”

“We know you Caroline and we know there must be some reason why you’re suddenly finding him tolerable, you ha..”

“Ok ok guys chill, chill..uugghh” Caroline let out an exasperated sigh and pushed past her friends to turn around and look into the small mirror hanging on the wall, she brushed a hand over her forehead and pushed some stray curls back from her blushing cheeks. “Yes I was with him, but it’s not what you think, we were just, it’s..” Come on Caroline, think, what’s your story? Ugh just tell them..

“Caroline? Girls?” She was saved by a knock on the door and was that Stefan’s voice? Elena moved forward to unlatch the door and Stefan’s face appeared in the crack between the door and the frame.

“Um just to let you know that I’m going to accompany you’re mom on that lead she has out of town with those discarded blood bags, I know she’d asked Klaus originally out of her better judgement and you’d had some reservations about it, so I’ll go with them when she needs me to, he was surprisingly optimistic about the idea..” He held up the cell in his hand, as if Klaus was on the other end of the line and knew exactly what the hell was going on. Stefan eye’s stayed fixed to Caroline’s for a beat longer then with a slight reassuring smile and nod of the head he looked at Elena with his big old heart eyes then ducked out of the doorway, leaving Caroline clueless staring at where he was standing seconds ago.

“What? What lead?”

“More blood bags have been stolen?”

“Why does your mom want Klaus’s help?”

“Why didn’t she ask Stefan in the first place, he’s always reliable and trustworthy or even Da,,”

Oh..OH, oh god..The penny dropped, Stefan knows, he knows and he was covering, god bless Stefan.

“Look shh sshh, it’s a secret investigation, nobodies supposed to know, they don’t want any false allegations or people getting scared for no reason, so my mom asked me to talk to Klaus because she wanted to explore new options and maybe having a fresh fangs on the case would help..her words” Good one Caroline, as if my mom would say that, she mentally face palmed then steeled her expression, squared her shoulders and moved towards the open door. “So that’s that but you obviously can’t say anything and especially not to my mom, nobody can know just yet, it’s probably something stupid anyway, so can we go back and enjoy the rest of the day?” She looked pointedly at the two girls, daring them to press any further when a loud bang and crackling sounded from above.

“Sure, come on, it sounds like the fireworks have started anyway” Bonnie moved quickly out of the way and out the door, Elena lingered ever so slightly then with a slight huff and a pout moved towards the exit also.

“Nice necklace Car..” She drawled and then disappeared.

“Yeah yeah” Caroline mumbled then followed just as her phone alerted her of a new message, she unlocked the screen and glanced down as she made her way back outside.


I’ll talk to you later…it’ll be ok. Stefan x

She spent the rest of the evening, enjoying the activities with her friends and pushing everything else to the back of her mind. That was until she felt the familiar pull and tingle routine in her skin, she knew he was leaving the park and could sense the direction he was heading in, he was going home. A part of her urged her feet to start walking, her fingers itched to extend in the direction he was leaving, she wanted to follow him, be with him, but she resisted. You must resist Caroline, for now, learn to be away from him until it’s too much not to, until you have this figured out and under control.

When it was too cold to stay out and the sky was dark and dotted with stars, the group had a late dinner at The Grill and when Caroline thought it was socially acceptable she excused herself for an early night, she bid her farewells to the group and caught Stefan’s subtle tilt of his head, as he picked up his cell of the table.

“I think I’ll turn in too, I’ll walk with you Caroline” He turned to look at Damon who was over at the bar, “I’ll speak with Sheriff Forbes about the blo..”

“Blood bags…got it” Damon swivelled back around on his stool with a smirk and pulled the bottle in his hand up to his lips. Damon knows too? Great.

The two left with no further questioning, it was no secret that they had become good friends recently, with Caroline being the voice of reason in the whole soul mate trio problem and there was no doubt whose flag she was flying. They left the bar and turned the corner and walked down the street in the direction of Caroline’s house, they walked in silence for several minutes, enjoying the distant music from the quieting down fair in the park. After a while Caroline couldn’t bear the silence, and broke out into a nervous, bewildered giggle. Stefan turned and smirked at her, knowing all too well the laughs, tears and tantrums that come with the soul bond,

“How, how did..”

“I seen it, he came by the house about a week ago, trying to blackmail us about some new scheme or whatever…”

“Wait what? About a week? You knew about this for a week and you didn’t tell me? Stef..”

“He said he’d had it for much longer, was just getting tired of hiding it thoroughly after all that time, obviously I knew you’d find out eventually with having your own and I just figured you didn’t need the extra stress of people knowing and you’d tell us when you were ready.”

“Did you expect it? Him to be, be my..”

“Did you?”

Caroline wanted to lie, to keep playing the game, to hide and run, but what was the point, there’s no changing it. She bit her lip and nodded both dreamingly and dejectedly, it was strange the way her emotions were split in half that way, was it real or the bond fabricating her feelings.

“It’s Destiny, it’s for a reason, it will all make sense in some way and in time, you’ll start to tell people or they’ll see your mark and they’ll just say ‘oh yeah that makes sense that they’re soul mates’ it’s just, you’re..”

“Destined” She finished for him with a sigh. “I know, thanks Stefan.” By the time they had reached Caroline’s front lawn, they were coming to the end of their little pep talk and were laughing at the idea of Klaus becoming a trained, obedient puppy dog in favour of world peace.

“As if, could you imagine?” Caroline laughed and sat on the wooden step of her porch, Stefan hunched down in front of her laughing and watching her mood change empathetically.

“He’ll change you know, I know he told you he wouldn’t but just wait and see, even the wildest of beasts can be tamed by the soul bond, and having you as his mate? He’ll learn from you, you’re patience, you’re kindness, your heart.. his own will start to shape around yours..”

“He’s, he’s not that bad” she tried and gazed off into the distance.

“I know” and Stefan’s words were spoken with utter sincerity and truth.

“Hey I’m sorry about you..”

“Don’t Caroline, I don’t even know how long all this will take and I don’t even want to think about when all of the marks are complete, lets just concentrate on your bond issues” he finished the sentence with a smile and started to walk away down the garden pathway.

“Don’t give up Stefan” she called after him as she pulled her keys from her purse and moved towards the door.


So that was two days ago, and today she waiting, for him. She’d received a text later on Saturday night asking if the cover story with Stefan worked, she’d have to quiz the latter on that at another time, and another text yesterday, Sunday, with a simple winking face emoticon, god he’s infuriating, she didn’t know how to respond to that so she didn’t. This morning she waited until the very last possible second to leave for school, first period went smoothly and quickly and the others followed quickly after that. Lunch period she spent tucked away up in the bleachers, pouring over books and papers, ignoring texts from her friends and although she’d hate to admit, silently begging her cell to flash up with his name. She didn’t know what to do, she had listened to Stefan’s wise words, but also couldn’t help the replay of words swimming around in her head from earlier on Saturday, from him. Klaus’s charming, romantic, sweet declaration of love come demanding, threatening ‘I don’t listen to Destiny’ speech certainly padlocked its way into her brain and her heart and was refusing to budge.

The rest of the school day both flew and dragged over, when she stared at her cell and day-dreamed about future possibilities the minutes ticked away, and when she tried to concentrate on school work and students and teachers it felt like time had just stood still, flaunting the unknown in her face. She couldn’t understand herself, she didn’t want to physically see him, not right now anyway, she wasn’t sure what effect it would have on her and how appropriate she would behave on school grounds, but every time her phone lit up with a notification the disappointment she felt when his name didn’t accompany the call or txt was like a lead weight in her stomach.

Last period was turned into study and revision time for the seniors and since she was a smart and dedicated over achiever Mrs Stackton gladly turned a blind eye when she asked to be excused 25 minutes early. She put all unwanted books away in her locker, and took off out the doors and down the steps, she was a few feet away from her car, planning her evening, she would just go home and call the girls and get takeout and..

“We’re not skipping school early are we?” Are you kidding? It’s like 2.40? You couldn’t have waited jus… “Do you need a study partner?” Jackass.. She composed herself and slowly turned around unable to stop the small smile from teasing the corner of her upper lip.

“What are you do…”

“Let’s not do this Caroline” He took a step forward, his hand rose as if to take hers or caress her arm, then with a subtle glance around at the handful of students occupying the parking lot he allowed his hand to fall back alongside his body. “Lets not pretend that we have to ask questions, we know what this is, what is expected of us, I know you need to time and you can have it, but the bond is established now, it will only grow stronger from here on out”. His voice dropped to a near whisper and he took another small step towards her, backing her thighs up against the hood of her car. “I’ll try and make this easier for you, for us, but you can’t hide me away for much longer, hide that”. He pointed to her collar-bone that was covered in the yellow fabric of her high neck t-shirt. God is this guy bi-polar or something?

“Ok Klaus, what do you want?” She sighed and gently, ever so subtly grazed her fingers across his hand that was hanging by his side. He smiled as he felt the movement and wiggled his fingers slightly, finger tips brushing. He shook his head slightly and refocused his gaze to hers, he was just about to reply when he was startled by what felt like a static shock, she moved also and inhaled a deep breath, her heart starting to beat faster and stronger like she had two hearts. They both looked down at the same time as if both realising what was happening, Caroline’s fingers un-consciously were stroking against the black, fancy writing on his hand, the pads of her fingers and thumb caressing the letters, nails scratching lightly, teasing. He tensed up and let out a shaky breath, he entwined their fingers fully and started to pull her away from the car and opened the passenger door with his free hand.

“Let me take you out on a date” His smile was astonishing and accomplished, dimples sat at the corner of his lips and his eyes crinkled. She couldn’t stop the giggle creeping up her throat and allowed him to push her head down gently so that she wouldn’t bump it on the ceiling of the car.

“Hey this is my car, I’m in the wrong seat” she protested weakly and feigning an unimpressed look. He smirked as he shut the door and in a flash was sitting in the driving seat, backing out of the parking space. He placed an arm over the back of her chair whilst he looked out of the rear window. She was pretty sure that his hand draped over her shoulder, fingers touching the tops of her clothed mark was not a mis-placement on his behalf. He chuckled at her at her statement.

“Oh my dearest Caroline, we have a lot to work on”

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