chapter 9

“Ok Google says, that trying to detach your soul mark from the patch of skin it resides in on your body should it be by loss of limb, burning the skin and flesh or laser removing treatment, is both a pointless and tragic task, is frowned upon and should not be attempted as results could end with fatal consequences…oh and is illegal in 11 countries…idiot!”

He grins into hair, his arms wrapped around her body and stroking the outside of her arms which were stretched out and tapping at her laptop on her lap.

“I didn’t know what else to say..” He leaves light, soft pecks on the crown of her head, his hands reaching forward for her laptop and pulling the screen closed with his fingers then moving it to the side of the bed beside them where she was lying between his legs, resting against his chest, he was half sitting/half lying against the head rest.

“Well the internet has spoken, and it knows everything, and you’re an idiot..”

“I doubt it knows more than a one th…yeah well…and you need new insults..”

“Yes, please finish that sentence, how old actually are you? What are you a sugar daddy? Cradl..”

Before she knew it Caroline was tossed over onto her back, just missing the discarded laptop, Klaus hovering above her, arms strong and long supporting his body, the muscles rippling and flexing in his chest and biceps, sheets messily wrapped around them cool and loose. She let out a surprised shriek and a giggle which were quickly kissed away and stolen from the tip of her tongue. He slowly lowers himself down, gently on top of her, he’s taller than her, leaner and broader, his toes nearly dangle from the edge of her double bed but he bends his knees awkwardly to accommodate and mentally notes how much more perfect this would be on his own king sized mattress. His forehead rubs against hers, his eyes closed, just drinking it all in, sense for sense, his right hand both knowingly and unknowingly finds it way stroking down her neck resting on her collar-bone, mark to mark, it feels like home.

It was 9.30 on Saturday morning, Caroline woke up too early and too warm with the early sun rise peaking in from her bedroom curtains, she tried to stretch only to realise she was trapped, she turned her head very slowly and remembered why she was too warm. Klaus’s whole body was draped around hers, legs entwining, arms tight around her stomach, hands draped over her upper-torso and fingers spread over her mark. His head tucked into the nape of her neck, breathing in her hair and scent as he slept soundly, his lips upturned slightly, his face soft with very little frown lines or crinkles, he was content even in his sleep. It had been a late and long night after-all.

After watching him a little while, like a baby, or puppy, so peaceful and adorable in a deep slumber, it suddenly dawned on her that this is probably the most and uninterrupted sleep he’s had for a long time, no worries, no foreseeable death threats in this moment in time. She also realises how calm she feels too, all residual stress and worry she’s had about everything, about school and friends and him, has gone. It must be the bond, how close they’ve been through the night, it literally is like some sort of remedy. She pondered her thoughts for a while longer, matching her breaths with his, steady and deep, then slowly started to kiss him awake, peppering light kisses between his brows, his nose, his cheeks, his jaw, his chin until her lips with caught with his and she opened her eyes to find him blinking at her sleepily, his lips moving against hers as if it’s the next most important thing to do after breathing.

They greeted each other a very special ‘good morning’ for the next hour or so until they tumbled into the shower together, then eventually downstairs. They danced around each other in the kitchen, he prepared the coffee pot and set places at the breakfast counter whilst she poached the eggs and grilled the bacon, he would grab her on her way past to the fridge and she would tickle his spine whilst he reached up to grab the right mugs from the shelf. Like the ‘dates’ they’d been on the past week this was no different, it was awfully sweet and perfect and felt like it had leapt right from the screen of a typical romantic comedy. It was hard to not forget the old Klaus, the Klaus that was capable of so much destruction and distress, it was hard to believe right now they were the same person. This Klaus showed promise and so much humanity and hope, hope for the future, hope for change.

Whilst eating breakfast they talked about everything and nothing, they ignored their phones that were probably lying somewhere in the house un-charged and full of missed calls and messages. Caroline thanked him for last night, and he responded with a slight nod of the head, this was new, Klaus had to learn how to except praise and good comments, he was so used to pushing people away he didn’t know how react when he was given positive interaction, like a toddler learning the rules of the naughty step and rewards chart. Caroline really was thankful though, things could have gone a lot worse.

When Bonnie and Elena had appeared in the doorway last night with, as Klaus had said no sense of good timing what-so-ever, Caroline was pretty sure everything had just got 100% worse. Bonnie had obviously talked Elena into coming back to talk things out and seeing that then having to listen to Klaus’s not so helpful comments certainly didn’t help. But then Klaus did something that was becoming familiar to Caroline, he surprised her, with a hearty chuckle he got up and headed towards the front hall, he stood in front of the two girls as Caroline sat up and rearranged her self in the blanket she had wrapped around herself. He grinned at them, his eyes twinkling mischief and brushed a hand through his messy hair, showing off his mark perfectly and proudly, it was hard to miss Elena’s eye’s widening as she caught a glimpse. Bonnie just rolled her eyes, trying to hide her own smirk and pulled Elena to the side with her to let him past.

“You ladies have one hour” He shouted as he sauntered through the front door, letting it close lazily behind him. Caroline just kept still and quiet until the girls came and joined her, finding seats in the living room, she had no doubt that Klaus would stick to his word and the girls obviously thought better of arguing with him too, at least some sort of understanding was starting to form between the four of them.

So the girls talked and cried and laughed and talked some more, and coming to the conclusion that Klaus and Caroline were going to work on becoming an established couple, she thinks. They cleared up all the fake cover stories and who knew and who didn’t and that she and Klaus would tell people and show off their marks in their own time, preferably starting with her mom on Sunday, though she suspects she may have a problem keeping Klaus in line and not parading their bond for everyone to see at every waking moment. The hour was almost up and Bonnie hugged her friend goodnight, they still had more to talk over and gossip about but the most important thing was that Caroline knew she had her friend’s support no matter what she did. Elena was still quiet and slightly distant, but they apologised to each other, hugged it out and changed the subject quickly. Caroline knew it was just have to take a little time for Elena to get used to seeing them together, she couldn’t blame her, time heals all.

It was getting late and as promised Klaus breezed in just as the girls were leaving, they bid farewells and just as the door clicked and locked into place Caroline was upstairs on her bed before she knew it.

After breakfast they talked and teased and ended up on the sofa, then back upstairs, then back in the bathroom then back to the bed while Caroline did some ‘Soul Mate’ research as Klaus lazily drew invisible lines in her skin with his fingers.

And now they were here again, Caroline could happily imagine spending her Saturdays like this, all of her Saturdays like this, forever.

“What was that you were saying pretty soulma..”

They were cut off by the door bell ringing downstairs and an incessant banging on the front door, Caroline felt the low rumble of Klaus’s growl vibrate against her chest but thought nothing of it, aren’t all men the same when interrupted?

“Arrggh if that’s Bonnie I said I’d text her, or maybe it’s the mail man.” She mumbled quietly to herself as Klaus rolled off of her to allow her to get up, she pulled a silk robe around her shoulders and headed for the stairs, very much aware of his heavy, protective presence mere inches behind her. The banging got louder and faster but as Caroline reached the bottom, Klaus hung back at the top of the steps, watching down, like a hawk.

“I’m coming, I’m coming...god…” She reached the door, unlocked the chain and pulled it open quickly towards her.

“Wh…Oh my god…Tyler?”


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