Traveling Through your Heart: The Strings of Fate


He looked down at me in nothing but a towel. " Would you still like me if you knew what I did to get to here" When you're meant to be with someone you know it in your heart and in your mind. You can try to fight it but fate has a way of bringing you together. No matter how much time you spend apart. The strings of fate like to play games are you ready?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Five years... Five years of training all lead up to this moment. The moment when I walk out on that stage and show the world that love isn’t something that can’t be defined by race. I will show the world that Korea is just as much a part of me and who I am as America.

We had been standing behind the curtains. When the MC announced us to come on the stage this was are preliminary running. We all had a lot of pressure on our shoulders. We all knew that as long as this performance went well we would be debuting officially. I started to shake at the thought. We walked onto the stage I was the tallest out of the group but since I didn’t wear heels I looked like the smallest. Not that anyone had noticed just yet the light had been shut off we tapped our feet along to our song playing in the back. I was the lead vocal so as soon as the uptone part of are soundtrack came I began singing the intro

Inside and outside of my heart


you played me ghost

I know what you know

O. The light went on as of cue. One light, two lights.

"inside and out my heart”

~ My ~

“You played me ghost”

“I know what you know”

The light turned back on in sync. And the colored lights set in. I saw some people’s shocked faces as I continued to sing others were smiling and laughing. Siyon started to Rap the chorus As I Walked to the edge of the stage.

“I’m over the games~~

So done with you...

everything you say

everything you need you know I got it”

“Working all day playing all night.

All we do is fight.

Baby don’t deny that

wrong is wrong


what’s right is right”

Hands had started to reach out for me. I took someone’s hand. It was a little girl she smiled at me as I smiled back. There were a few who had a snobbish grin on her face as we brought dour formation back together. I stood in the middle as we made a star shape. I was proud and I remember the face of the little girl who I saw before as I try to end this off with a high note. The song ended and All we heard what clapping, and people yelling and cheering for more we all bowed.

My blood was rushing as we walked off the stage. I could feel the adrenaline that had been pumping take a turn and start to cool off. I felt like I was just on top of the world. I looked down at the ground in an attempt to calm myself. I close my eyes trying to do the breathing exercise we had learned earlier. I lifted my head up breathe in and out. When I opened my eyes all I saw was them. Nothing and no one else. It was them, all seven of the most beautiful creatures on earth. I had seen them practicing before but seeing them up close was enough to drive me crazy. I looked them up and down until I stopped on Jungkook he was the baby of the group. I took comfort in the fact that he had such a bright career, such a young age. I must have been staring too intensely because V who had been beside him had turned around, and faced me with blue contacts in his eyes. They were an icy blue. The coldness in his eyes only made his serious face look even more intense.

I quivered at his sight that is until I saw RM grab him by his shoulder and said: “Try not to scare her too much she’s still a newbie” with a slight smile.

I made an attempt to smile back but got dragged away by our manager. I could hear them speaking as I got pulled away” I was just wondering why she was still there plus she couldn’t hold my stare it was funny” I continued on as I heard them all laugh. That was the first time I got scolded by our manager but I got to see them. The guys that inspired me to become who I was today. So, it was worth it. To be even that close to them. But of course, I didn’t tell our manager that.

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