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Sam gets to stay in one school for the entire year. Will everything work out or will the Winchester luck win out. Protective!Dean Hurt!Sam

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Chapter 1: A Dream Come True

What was Sam going to do? If he told Dean what was happening, he was sure his brother wouldn't believe him. It was his fault. He had told Sam if he told his brother he would take him away from Dean. Sam was so scared of losing his brother over this. So he just let it happen. As long as Dean didn't find out, he would be fine. Sam loved his brother and he didn't want anything to happen to him. Dean has done so much and sacrificed so much so that Sam could have the stability of a real life, and he didn't want to jeopardize that. He knew how much Dean missed hunting. He knew Dean missed the thrill behind the chase. And Sam didn't want his brother to blame him for taking that away. What was Sam going to do?

Six Months Earlier

A day like any other. The boys got up and prepared for another day. They knew that with the end of this hunt that they would be moving again. John was just coming home- which is another motel- from a quick salt and burn. When John stepped inside the motel room he saw his sons already eating breakfast.

"Hey dad," Dean mumbled, putting a spoonful of cereal in his mouth.

"Hey," John said sitting down on one end of the couch.

"How did it go?" Dean asked curiously.

"It's finished. You boys finish up and pack your things. We're leaving in a couple of hours." John said before standing up and walking towards the bathroom.

Sam looked at Dean as if he was expecting Dean to say something. Dean and Sam always had a way of talking to each other without saying a word. John came out of the bathroom and saw his sons looking at each other. It always amazed him that the two of them could do that. He knew there was something going on since they were still sitting at the table and neither of them had finished their cereal.

"Okay," John said slowly, walking towards the table, startling both Sam and Dean a little, and sat down. "What's going on?"

"Dad," Dean started, his voice cautious.

"Can't we stay? Please," Sam blurted out. Dean looked at Sam like I told you I would tell him. And Sam returned the look I'm sorry. Sam put his head down.

"Dad," Dean continued, "Sam's starting Junior year of high school wants to stay in the same school. This year is really important for Sam. We can stay. I'll look after him. I can find a job. You can still hunt, we will be fine here."

John sat back in the chair. He looked over at Sam, who had his head down, waiting for his answer. Dean was 20 and John knew that he was more than capable of taking care of Sam. He knew that deep down that Sam always hated having to change schools so much. As much as it pained John to know that his sons really didn't need him around that much, he knew they were growing into wonderful men. So he thought why not, what could possibly go wrong?

"Well," John started to say. He could see Sam tensing up knowing what the answer was going to be. "That sounds fine to me."

Sam's head ducked down a little but then when he realized what his Dad had said, his head popped up and looked at his father with a surprised look on his face. Dean smiled.

"Really," Sam said. "You're serious. We can stay?"

"Yes, you boys can stay," John said. "But I have a few rules that you must follow. If I find out there is a problem or if my rules get broken I'll be back and we will be moving around again. Understand. If your going to be staying in one school, I do not want your grades dropping. If I find out your grades are slipping, the deal is off. You're back with me."

"Yes, sir," Sam said. He could hardly contain his excitement. Dean shook his head laughing at his baby brother.

"If you're going to be staying in town," John started. "Then it would be best if you boys get an apartment, rather than stay here at the motel. I'll pay for the first couple of months, but Dean you'll have to find a job to keep it up, okay."

"Yes, sir," Dean answered.

"I don't want you drawing attention to yourselves. Keep the doors and windows locked and salted. If there is a problem, you call me. I'll let Bobby and Jim know that you'll be staying here, so if you can't for some reason get me I want you to call them. If there is any problem, any at all, Dean, I want you to pack up and head for either Jim or Bobby's place. You understand me?"

"Yes sir."

"Thank you Dad," Sam said getting up from the table.

John waited for Sam to leave before he finished telling Dean the rules.

"Dean, I know how much this means to Sammy, but you know I am not really comfortable with this. I want you to watch out for him."

"You know I will."

"I know, I know. But if there is something that goes down here, and there is a hunt, I don't want you going after it. Call me or Bobby and we will take care of it. You're just going to be a regular 9-5 while you're here."

"Yes, sir" Dean said smiling.

"If anything goes wrong, call me."

"I will dad," Dean said getting up. "Don't worry. I can take care of the runt."

"I know you can," John said. "I'm just not entirely comfortable with leaving you boys here."

"We'll be fine, dad," Dean said. "I got it."

John watched Dean walk out of kitchen and headed for the back room where Sam was. John shook his head. He knew his rules were not needed, but being a father, he still had to say them. He knew Dean could handle anything that would come up with no problem. It still didn't make it any easier that he was leaving his boys for the good part of a year. He knew that he still could come back and check on them when he was between a hunt. Why not? They needed to have a stable home for once. John sat back and smiled.


Dean walked into the shared room and saw Sam was sitting on the bed looking through the school registration forms. Dean could see his brother beaming with joy. Dean shook his head.

"Hey, kiddo," Dean said sitting across from Sam on his own bed.

"He said yes," Sam said looking at Dean.

"Yeah," Dean said nodding his head. "I told you. Just present him with a winning argument and he'll listen."

"Thanks, Dean," Sam said. "I know how much you love hunting. You're giving that up."

"Hey," Dean said. "Don't even think on it. We're going to have fun, okay."


"Give me those papers so I can fill them out and get Dad to sign them before we get started."

Sam handed over the papers and watched as Dean walked over to the door.

"Hey, go pack up your stuff. After we get you registered in a school we have to find a place to stay."

Sam got up and started packing.

The day continued as uneventfully as a day could with a boy being utterly excited that he would actually be staying at one school for an entire year. Sam was registered and while he and Dean were having lunch, John went and got them an apartment. John found an already furnished place just a few miles from the school. He paid for the first three month's rent. He went to the power company to get power in the place and again paid for the first and second's month. It would be enough time for Dean to be able to find a job and some money saved. Before John met up with the boys at the diner, he decided to go grocery shopping so that they would already have food and wouldn't go hungry. He knew they would be fine but he just couldn't leave knowing that they didn't have food or shelter. When John finally showed up at the diner Sam and Dean were just lounging at the table- they had already finished eating- but stayed where they were so they would be able to meet their Dad as soon as he came home.

"Hey dad," Dean said. "What took so long?"

"Oh I had to make sure everything was okay, didn't I."

Dean knew what he meant and smiled.

"Dad, we are going to be fine."

"I know. You boys ready to go?"

"Yeah," Sam said getting up from the booth.

They arrived the apartment and looked at it. It was really nice. It had two bedrooms, which meant each boy could have his own room. Sam liked that. They've never had their own room before. Sam was just on cloud nine the whole day. He didn't have to move away again. He got to spend the rest of the semester at one school. And now he had his own room. Sam was beaming. Dean smiled at him. He always loved to see his brother happy.

The next day, early in the morning, John came into Dean's room and woke him up.

"Dean," John said shaking his shoulder. "Dean, wake up."

"Dad," Dean groggy said. "What's wrong?"

"There's a case, I got a call from Bobby. He's going to meet me." Dean got up from the bed out of pure habit. "No, I just came in to tell you I was leaving."

"Dad," Dean asked. "You sure? School doesn't start for another two weeks."

"No," John smiled. "Remember what I said. Take care of your brother. I'll be back in a few months." John walked over to Dean and hugged him. Before Dean could say anything else John walked out of the room and closed the door with Dean still standing there.

John then walked over to Sam's room and opened the door. Sam was asleep. He didn't have the heart to wake him up. He walked over to his sleeping son and sat on the bed next to him. John moved the hair out of Sam's eyes and put his hand on his forehead. Sam didn't wake up, but leaned into the touch. John got up and walked towards the door. "Take care, son."

"Love you dad," Sam said not even opening his eyes.

"Love you too, son. Go back to sleep."

Sam's breathing evened back out and was asleep in no time. John looked at his son again and then closed the door.

John heading towards the front door and saw Dean sitting on the couch.

"Dad," Dean said.

"One more thing, Dean."

"Dad, we'll be fine. I'll call if there is a problem." Dean didn't say it, but he was starting to get annoyed with his Dad repeating his instructions over and over; as though he thought his words were just going in one ear and out the other.

"I know you will. I know this place is close to the school but I don't want Sammy walking to school, alright?"


John looked at his son. He knew deep down Dean could handle anything. He would take care of Sam with no problem. It was just so hard for John to let go. It was different from just going on a hunt. He would always be coming back. This time he knew it would be a long time before he would be in this part of the country. Even though it was time that Dean was on his own, it still hurt like hell to leave his sons behind. John walked out of the apartment and went to his truck. A tear fell from his eyes as he drove away from his children.


The next morning Sam woke up to find Dean in the kitchen making breakfast.

"Wow, where did all this come from?" Sam asked sitting down at the table.

"Dad," Dean said putting the eggs he just made on the plate. "He went shopping for food before he came to the diner yesterday." Dean put the plate in front of Sam.

"Cool," Sam said started eating his breakfast.

"Listen, when you get finished, get cleaned up. We got some things to do today. I want to get this over with."

"Oh okay," Sam said with a mouthful of eggs. "Where are we going?"

"Well, we need to get you some supplies for school and need to get you a few new clothes."

"Really?" Sam said swallowing the eggs. "I'm getting new clothes."

"Yeah," Dean said leaning against the counter. "I can't have you going to school in old hand-me-downs."

"Christo," Sam whispered, putting his fork down.

"Shut up, it's me."

"I'm not sure. I'm getting a lot of things."

"Don't be a bitch. I just thought you might want some new clothes."

"I do. It's just usually I don't get this much of a fuss over."

"Yes you do. Stop that. Finish your breakfast."

Sam finished his eggs and left and got cleaned up and dressed. Dean was waiting for Sam in the living room.

"You ready," Dean said looking at him.

"Yeah," Sam said.

"Good. Let's go." Dean said getting up from the couch heading for the door.

They spent the day getting new clothes for Sam. He got his supplies for school. They even went to see a movie. They had a good time just spending the day with each other. Dean also found himself a job at the local mechanic shop working on cars and small engines. Dean had charmed his way into only working during the day. He told the owner that he had to be home in time for his brother to get home from school. They assumed that his brother was in elementary school when he said that, and Dean didn't correct them. Besides with the fact that Sam was still short for his age just made the owner's assumption more viable. Sam was annoyed by it, but also didn't complain, because he too, didn't want to come home from school to an empty apartment. Dean got what he wanted. He got a job that would let him work the times Sam was in school and he would be home with him at night so that Sam didn't have to be home alone.

The day was going wonderfully. That evening they decided to rent some movies and get some take-out and enjoy the rest of the night. Dean would start his job the next day. While Dean was at work, Sam stayed in town with him. He would mostly go to the library or just hung around the shop with Dean while he worked. The owner didn't care as long as Sam didn't get into any trouble. But Sam was a good kid and Dean knew if he was told to stay put he usually did. Unless he wanted to help Dean out.

The next fortnight went by so fast. Sam was so excited about his first day at school. He got up early and was dressed by the time Dean came downstairs.

"Getting ready a little early, aren't we?" Dean asked.

"Hey, I can't help it. It's the first day of school and I know that I am going to be at this school for the whole school year." Sam beamed.

Dean shook his head at his geeky little brother.

"You're such a nerd," Dean said.

"Whatever," Sam retorted.

Dean dropped Sam off at the front door of the school.

"I'll be here when you get out okay," Dean said.

"Okay," Sam said getting out of the car. "See you later."

Most of the kids were looking in awe at the vintage Chevy that Sam walked out of. Sam always loved the looks that he received when he got to school. So many 'Cool car' and 'who's car is that'. Sam walked into the school with a small smile on his face. Today was starting out to be a wonderful day. Sam looked down at his registration paper to see where his homeroom was. English 2210, which meant that he would have to go across to the other side of the school. He walked in the room and found a seat at the back of the class. Keeping a low profile, a habit that had been engrained in him by his Dad and brother so often that it had become second nature.

Dean drove off when he saw Sam walk in the school. On his way to work, his phone rang.

Can't be Sam already, Dean thought, school's only just stated. He flipped open his cell and answered.

"Hello? Hey Dad... yeah, I just dropped him off... I did... He's fine... I'm about to head to work...There's an old mechanic shop in town not far from the school that I am working at... yeah that place... Don't worry... Fine... Don't worry... I get off when Sam gets out of school...Because I got it like that... Dad, it's fine... We'll be fine...Yes, sir... I know... I will... I always do." Dean hung up, shaking his head in exasperation and headed into work. Dean walked through the doorway just as the owner, Gus, was coming out of the back room. They both nodded their good mornings and Dean made a beeline into the back to finish up on the car he had been working on for the past couple of days. Keeping a low profile; some things just never change for either of the boys.

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