What To Do

By mandancie


Chapter 2: First Day of School

Sam walked into homeroom. He sat down at the desk in the back of the class. He watched as the other kids streamed in and sat down.

"Hi," a boy sitting next to Sam said.

"Hey," Sam said looking over at him.

"My name is Josh."

"Sam. Nice to meet you," Sam said.

"You too. You new around here?"

"Yeah, my brother and I just moved here."

"He the one in the car?"

"Yeah," Sam said with a smile. "That's him."

"Wow, that's so cool."


When the final bell rang, the teacher walked in. A man, who didn't look much older than Dean, strolled to the front of the class to calm the kids down so he could begin his lessons.

"Okay everybody, quiet down now. My name is Mr. Baxter. This is your homeroom class. This is the class that determines if you get detention or not. Do not be late for my class. Do not miss my class. If you miss this class or are late, you will be considered absent for the entire day and you will spend the day in in-school suspension when you do come in. Is that understood?"

The day went uneventful, Sam and Josh found out they had most of their classes together. They both became fast friends. At lunch they sat in the far corner of the cafeteria and just talked about anything and everything. At the end of the day, when students were returning to their homeroom classes, a school announcement came on over the ancient PA system. The principal reminded the students about upholding the school rules, etc. etc. Then the Homecoming dance was brought up. Another teacher, a Mrs. Brewster, was having a meeting for people who wanted to be on the committee. Josh and Sam were in the back of the class talking quietly so that their teacher wouldn't be able to hear them. When the end-of-day bell rang, Sam and Josh began walking out with the rest of their class.

"Mr. Winchester," Mr. Baxter said, startling the boy, "I want to talk to you."

"Yes, sir," Sam said, his heart beating nervously. Great, it was his first day at a new school and he had already done something to screw up!

"I'll wait for you," Josh promised and squeezed out the door between a couple of girls giggling over the BackStreet Boys.

"Mr. Winchester, I know you are new here but you will not talk while announcements are on. Do you understand me?" Mr. Baxter asked.

"Yes sir," Sam said. "Sorry, sir."

"I don't want to have this conversation, again. Understand."

"Yes sir," Sam said with his head down.

"Go. I'll see you tomorrow." Mr. Baxter said. "Get out of here."

Sam trudged out of the room. He'd never been held after class. It was a weird feeling. Josh was standing by Sam's locker.

"Hey, is everything okay," Josh asked, concern for his new friend clear on his face.

"Yeah," Sam said. "Everything is fine. You ready to go?"

"'Yeah," Josh said and hitched his backpack up on his shoulders.

Josh and Sam walked side-by-side out of the school. They were back to talking about anything and everything. Sam saw the Impala parked in the same place as it had been that morning, as though Dean had never left. Sam said his goodbyes to Josh and walked towards the Impala when he felt a push from behind. He fell hard onto his hands and knees. He heard the familiar creak of the classic Chevy's door and Dean stepped out of the vehicle

"See you next fall, runt," Dustin- a bully in Sam's own grade- sneered, looking proud of himself.

Sam looked up and saw that Dean was already making his way towards him. He quickly stood up and brushed his hands together, wincing slightly at his scraped palms.

"HEY!" Dean yelled, glaring at the bully. Dustin looked up and saw an angry guy staring at him. He was definitely not in high school. He was clearly the new kid's older brother. The look on Dean's face scared Dustin and everyone who was in a ten foot radius. "Is there a problem here?"

Dean walked over to Sam. Josh helped Sam gather his backpack and books that had fallen on the ground. Sam saw the look on Dean's face, knew what it meant, and positioned himself in front of his brother.

"Dean," Sam said almost desperately, "It's fine."

"No," Dustin answered somewhat nervously, "No problem." Dustin realized that his actions towards Sam would be a wrong idea when his brother showed up. Dustin walked off with his friends. Dean still upset with the boy that had the audacity to put is his hands on his brother.

"Get in the car," Dean said tersely. It was harsh but it wasn't directed towards Sam. Sam got his things from Josh, said his goodbyes and walked to the car and got in the passenger seat.

Dean looked at Josh and asked if he needed a ride. Josh declined telling him that he could walk home. Dean nodded and turned his attention to his priority: Sam.

Dean got in the car and looked at his brother.

"Are you okay?" Dean said sitting with his back to the door, facing Sam. His voice is a lot calmer than it was a few seconds ago, now that the threat was gone.

"I'm fine, Dean." Sam repeated. He just wanted Dean to drop it. He didn't need his big brother coming to the rescue after every playground scuffle; he wasn't a little kid.

"Is there anything I need to know?" Dean pressed.

Sam knew that seeing him get pushed to the ground had sent Dean's big brother's senses into over-drive, so he decided to let his nerves down easy.

"Dustin was just being a jerk," Sam said, smiling, trying to ease the tension that was in the car. "I have a class with him and he was bothering Josh earlier and I stood up to him. That's all."

Dean looked at Sam. "That's all?"

"Yeah," Sam answered. "It's fine. It's nothing to worry about. Can we go now?"

Dean straightened up in the seat, turned the ignition and drove off.

Mr. Baxter was standing in the window looking out to the front of the school. He saw the entire incident with Sam, Josh and Dustin. I guess we have a discipline problem that he would have to deal with, Mr. Baxter thought. He walked back to his classroom.


Dean drove to the apartment and parked the Impala.

"Hey, Dean?" Sam said not moving from his seat.

"Yeah," Dean asked, pausing in with his hand on the door handle.

"Are you going to tell Dad about this?"

"Why?" Dean asked. "Why should I tell Dad? Nothing happened, right? There's nothing I should know, right."

"No, there's nothing."

"Then there is nothing to tell Dad." Dean got out of the car. Sam followed Dean out of the car and they both walked into the apartment. Even though they had an eventful afternoon, the evening went off without a hitch. Sam did his homework and Dean made dinner. After dinner they watched a movie and Sam went to bed.

The phone rang.

"Hello... Hey Dad... yeah everything's fine... No, no problems... everything went fine... sounds good... How did your hunt go?... Good... No, it's alright... Just fixing cars... Well I had plenty of practice on the Impala... Nothing I can't handle..."

Sam was sitting on the top of the steps. He knew Dean was talking to their Dad. He could hear Dean asking about the hunt he was on. He knew that Dean really wanted to go, but couldn't because he was here with him.

"Yeah... Don't worry Dad... I got it under control... Alright... Good night," Dean hung up the phone. He got up and walked over to the steps and saw Sam sitting at the top.

"What's wrong?" Dean asked walking up the steps.

"I'm sorry," Sam apologized.

"What?" Dean asked, stopping in mid-step. "What are you talking about?"

"I know how much you love hunting, and I am taking you away from it."

"Sammy, shut up." Dean said. Sam's brow creased in confusion. "Sam, you're not making me do anything that I don't want to do. I'm doing what I do best. Which is...?" Dean stopped expecting Sam to finish his statement.

"Looking out for you pain in the ass little brother."

"Right, so why would you be taking me from that? Go to bed. I'll talk to you in the morning."

Sam smiled and got up and walked back into his room.

"Goodnight, Dean."

"Goodnight, Sammy.

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