Neon Genesis Evangelion: Forever Intertwined


My variation of a second season of Neon Genesis Evangelion. I will include O.C. Characters that may or may not steal the show. Just thought I should warn you. Enjoy.

Action / Fantasy
Mikey Rivera
Age Rating:

Episode 1: Starting Over From Near Destruction

The scene starts with Shinji still on top of Asuka as he continues crying. Asuka currently has her right hand, which is the hand that's heavily bandaged, on his left cheek. Everything around them has been destroyed and right behind Shinji is the lake of blood that was created from the cutting of the giant Rei's head, which half of the face is still showing on the surface of the bloody lake as the small cross that Misato had given Shinji is nailed to a piece of wood sticking out from the ground nearby. Disturbingly enough, it looks like the giant head is staring directly at Shinji with a creepy expression. At that exact moment, a giant splash is heard and it appears that Eva Unit 01 has crashed into the bloody lake while still in a fossilized-like state. It slowly sinks to the bottom as Shinji and Asuka don't react to it.

Shinji keeps crying while having his head down with his eyes closed as he thinks, "What the hell am I doing?! I chose to come back, but like an idiot, I'm trying to kill Asuka! What the hell's wrong with me?!"

Asuka looks at Shinji with an emotionless expression and says with a bland tone, "I feel sick, Idiot. And you sitting on me isn't helping."

Shinji instantly opens his eyes while quite surprised. He then gazes up at Asuka and suddenly smiles while faintly saying, "I'm sorry." He gets off of her and sits to her left. After, the 3rd Child looks towards the bloody lake as the giant Rei head is slowly sinking under the lake's surface and then thinks with a light smile, "That was so typical of her. She had to make a comment like that for me to finally snap out of it." Shinji chuckles to himself while closing his eyes.

Asuka turns her head to focus on him with a hint of irritation due to Shinji's sudden laughter. "What's so funny?" She slowly sits up while staring at him and says with annoyance in her voice, "I said I don't feel good and all you do is laugh! What the hell, you idiot?!"

Shinji throws his head back while laughing as he thinks, "This is one of the reasons why I came back! How could I have possibly had imagine my life without her insulting me like this!"

Asuka gets even more irritated because of Shinji laughing again as she glares at him until realizing that her left eye is bandaged and touches it with her right hand with confusion brimming. "How the hell is my eye bandaged?!" She then puts her hand down while looking at it and makes a surprised expression. "And my right hand too!"

Shinji stops laughing and makes a concerned expression while turning his head to her. "I don't know. You were like that when I came back."

Asuka looks at Shinji with confusion still noted on her face. "When you came back?"

Shinji nods while making a plain expression before directing his attention towards the bloody lake as he curls up into a ball and lies his head on his arms. "Yeah. I came back... Because I want to stay here with everyone. Even though I've been through a lot of pain, I'm willing to go through that pain to keep what's important to me."

Asuka's surprised again as she doesn't veer her attention away from him. The red then gets very annoyed while looking at their surroundings. "But there's no one else left." She looks at him again with an upset expression. "Because of you, there's no one left!" Asuka shakes her head while closing her eyes before returning her attention to s "No! Because of us, there's no one left! We failed, Shinji!"

Having said that, Asuka places her right hand on her chest and says with a distraught tone, "I lost to those damn Evas after I worked so hard to beat them!" She then points at him with her right hand while giving Shinji an intense glare. "And all you did was just come back after letting everything get destroyed!" Asuka puts her hand down while leaning towards Shinji with a distraught expression. "We let everyone down and now we're the only ones still alive!"

Rei slowly walks up from behind them out of nowhere while wearing her school uniform as she says with a bland tone, "That is not true."

Asuka's startled due to hearing Rei's voice and looks at her with a shocked expression. "First! You're alive!"

Shinji sets his sights on Rei while surprised to see her and quickly gets up while turning towards her. "But, how are you alive?! I thought you were gone like everyone else?!"

Rei makes a light smile while locking eyes with Shinji. "Do you not remember, Ikari? You made a choice and it was based on your desire to be with everyone. What would have been the point if you and Soryu were the only ones to have returned?"

Both Shinji and Asuka look at each other while amazed at what Rei said. They then both revert their attention to Rei while asking simultaneously, "Then that means...?!"

Rei nods while still having a light smile on her face prior to turning around and calmly says, "They will be waiting for us at Central Dogma. We should not keep them waiting too long."

Asuka quickly gets up and stands next to Shinji while still a bit surprised. "Are you sure?!"

Rei nods her head again in response while not looking at Asuka.

Asuka hurriedly gazes at Shinji with an upbeat grin. "Then let's go!" The red-head looks forward and then starts running towards the direction of the NERV facility.

Shinji watches Asuka run as he walks up next to Rei with an amazed expression. "I can't believe it...!"

Rei looks at Shinji with a content smirk. "It is true, Ikari. You saved everyone. Now let us go be with them." She then focuse forward and starts to run as well.

Shinji continues to be amazed for a moment, but suddenly smiles and says to himself, "Alright." He then runs after them while yelling out, "Wait up!"

The three children continue on their way towards NERV while at the same time, in Central Dogma, everyone is lying on the floor at first. Then, one by one, they all awaken and slowly get up. Meanwhile, at a lower level, Misato regains consciousness and rises from the floor and looks around out of disbelief due to her not believing that she's alive, let alone that her injuries have miraculously healed. She then regains her focus and rushes off to Central Dogma, in the hope of everyone being alright. Concurrently, Gendo and Ritsuko have also woken up while still residing in the room that once held Lilith.

Gendo gets up as he's looking around with a serious expression until placing his gaze onto the giant cross that Lilith used to be pinned up against and says with a disappointed tone, "It seems like my efforts have failed. I couldn't be with my Yui again, even after everything I was willing to sacrifice." He looks down at the floor. "Maybe it's for the best I take this as a sign to give up on being with Yui, and become a better father."

Ritsuko laughs while pointing the gun that's in her right hand at him and displays determination on her person. "As if that could ever happen. How could you expect anyone to believe that you could care for someone other than yourself and your selfish desires?"

Gendo looks at Ritsuko with no real emotion while turning to face her. "Because I had made a promise to Yui." He briefly pauses while peering up towards the ceiling. "And I plan on finally keeping that promise." He then directs his attention to Ritsuko with a slightly apologetic expression. "For what it's worth, I'm sorry."

Ritsuko's surprised by Gendo's apology while pulling back a bit until getting very irritated while the hand that's holding the gun shakes as she thinks, "This man makes me sick! I should just shoot him! That's what I wanted for so long after he tossed me aside! But..." She then suddenly drops the gun and turns around with anger filling her person and says without looking at him while having a harsh tone, "Just be sure you don't screw up again, Commander!" Ritsuko starts walking away while adding, "Because next time I won't be so nice!"

Gendo watches Ritsuko leave for a moment. After a few seconds pass, he turns towards the giant cross while saying to himself in a low volume, "I'll be sure to keep that in mind." Gendo smiles, turns around and starts to walk away from the giant cross.

They both head towards Central Dogma while not saying another word to each other. Meanwhile, the children have made it inside the NERV facility and are about to reach Central Dogma until they end up running into Misato.

Asuka sees Misato first and yells out of joy, "Misato!"

Shinji joins with happiness noted. "Misato! You're alive!"

Misato faces them while quite surprised. She then smiles as her eyes begin to water and runs towards the children while spreading out her arms. "Asuka! Shinji!"

In response, both Shinji and Asuka enter into Misato's embrace and hug her while trying not to cry from the joy they're feeling. Concurrent Misato embraces both of them while trying to hold back her tears as she's looking at them. "I'm so glad that you guys are alright!"

Rei stands behind her fellow pilots while watching them and thinks, "It must be nice to have someone who cares so much and to be able to be that close." She makes a sad expression while lowering her head.

Misato's smiling at first, but then looks up and sees Rei. She becomes a bit concerned after seeing Rei's posture while letting go of Asuka and Shinji. "Rei?"

Rei suddenly looks up with curiosity rising from within. "Yes, Colonel Katsuragi?"

Shinji and Asuka both back away from Misato to look at Rei with a bit of curiosity showing on their face.

Misato giggles, and with her left hand, she motions Rei to come towards her. "You don't have to act like an outcast. Now, come over here because I'm glad that you're alright too." She smiles at Rei while closing her eyes.

Rei's surprised by what Misato just said while taking a step back. She then looks down at the floor and says in a hesitant way while blushing a little. "R-Really...?"

Asuka gets a little annoyed while placing her right hand on her hip. "If Misato says it then it's true!" She then points at Rei with the other hand while motioning her to come as she says with a commanding tone, "Now don't make me drag you over here because it's obvious that Misato wants to give you a hug!" She then puts her hand down that she was pointing with while still being a bit annoyed.

Rei makes another surprised expression while looking up at Asuka. She then makes a slightly smile as she slowly walks up to Misato and looks at her while making a nervous expression. Misato just looks at her while still smiling. She then slowly extends her arms out and hugs Rei while closing her eyes. This causes Rei to blush again while having a shocked expression as she thinks to herself. "So this is what a hug feels like." She slowly moves her arms and wraps them around Misato's waist to hug her. Once she does, she smiles while closing her eyes and thinks again. "It feels so warm."

Shinji watches on while smiling and thinks, "I definitely made the right choice." His smile suddenly disappears as he looks towards the right side and keeps thinking while having an emotionless expression. "Because if I had chosen to live in a world that I could control everything then nothing would have been real."

Asuka's smiling while watching Rei and Misato hug each other. She then notices Shinji's expression and becomes a bit concerned as she turns her head to look at him and thinks to herself. "He still hasn't changed. He's still that spineless idiot, who I've come to..." She then blushes before finishing that thought and rapidly shakes her head with her eyes closed. She then stops while making a determined expression and yells out as she's looking at Shinji. "Hey, idiot! What's with the face?!"

Shinji suddenly looks at her while having a surprised expression. Both Misato and Rei look at Asuka as well while letting go of each other and they both have a surprised expression. Asuka then makes a serious expression while glaring at Shinji as she puts both her hands on her hips. "Well whatever is bothering you, get over it! You just saved the world for Christ's sake, so stop being so depressing all the time!"

After hearing Asuka's words, Shinji keeps looking at her while still being quite surprised. He then suddenly makes a slight smile at her while saying, "You're right, Asuka. Thank you."

Asuka smiles while making a confident expression and nods. "Of course I'm right! Did you forget who I am?!"

Shinji chuckles while shaking his head. "Never. I would never forget who you are, Asuka."

Misato giggles while taking a step forward. "Now that we have been reunited and expressed our happiness, I think it's time for us to go check on everyone else, don't you think?" All three children look at her and nod in agreement. Misato then smiles while nodding and says with a lot of enthusiasm as she does a fist-pump with her right hand. "Then let's go!"

They all then head towards Central Dogma and soon get there. Maya, Hyuga and Aoba are all standing together at Maya's post while Fuyutsuki is standing where he and Gendo are always at during an angel attack.

Maya sees Misato and the pilots. She then yells out of joy and rushes to them. "You're all alright! I'm so relieved!"

Asuka nods with confidence. "Of course! You didn't think that I would let it end like that!"

Rei responds to Asuka's boasting with a plain tone while having an emotionless expression as she's looking away from her. "But it was Shinji who saved everyone."

Asuka becomes quite annoyed as she looks at Rei with an intense glare. "Yeah, but he didn't have to fight against NINE Evas! And I was owning those bastards until they cheated!"

Rei looks at Asuka while maintaining the same expression from before. "That sounds like an excuse, Soryu."

Asuka gets even more annoyed and yells out while closing her good eye as she clenches her hands. "At least I did something!" She then looks at her with a serious glare while pointing at Rei with her left hand. "What did you do?!

Rei responds plainly, "I helped Ikari return."

Asuka becomes annoyed again while pointing her finger down and thinks to herself, "Damn... Did I just lose that argument?"

Shinji suddenly walks up to Asuka while having an apologetic expression as he's looking at her. "I'm sorry, Asuka."

Asuka looks at Shinji with surprise briefly appearing before getting very irritated while giving him a fierce glare and asks, "Why are you apologizing again?!"

Shinji looks down at the floor while making a sad expression. "If I wasn't so pathetic, I would have figured out a way to get out there sooner and prevented what happened to you."

Asuka keeps looking at him as she continues to be a bit irritated. She then sighs and pushes his right shoulder with her left hand, which causes him to look up at her while somewhat surprised. Asuka then says with a sincere smile, "Don't worry about it, Stupid Shinji. You can't change the past, so let's just get over it and move on."

Shinji stares at Asuka while still surprised and then nods with a smile surfacing. "Okay."

Misato's smiling while watching the pilots until noticing out of the corner of her left eye that Ritsuko and Gendo have just arrived. This results in her yelling out of joy after turning to look directly at her. "Ritsuko!"

Maya turns to look at Ritsuko while very surprised to see her. She then thinks to herself with a light grin as tears start to form under her eyes. "Thank goodness she's alright. I'm so happy."

Ritsuko sees Misato and smiles at her as she stops walking before calmly responding. "It's good to see that you're alright, Katsuragi."

Misato rushes to Ritsuko and grabs onto Ritsuko's hands to show how happy she is to see that she's alright. "Same here! I was actually wondering where you

were, but that doesn't matter anymore because you're obviously alright!" She smiles for a moment, but then notices Gendo. This causes her to instantly become quite nervous while letting go of Ritsuko's hands. "Commander! You're alright as well!" She then salutes him with her right hand while trying to look professional.

Gendo smirks as he looks at Misato. "There's no need for that. Right now being formal isn't that important." He looks at Asuka with seriousness taking over. "What is important is that we have the 2nd Child checked on. Those wounds may be bandaged, but they could still have permanent effects." He looks at Ritsuko to let her know that she needs to check on Asuka.

Ritsuko sees that he's looking at her and nods in response while making a plain expression. She then looks at Asuka with a smile. "Come on, Asuka." She then turns around and starts to walk away from the others. As she does that, Asuka nods while smiling and starts to follow Ritsuko. Shinji then suddenly stops right in front of Asuka while making a nervous expression as he's looking down at the floor.

Asuka makes a confused expression due to Shinji standing in her way as she looks at him. She then puts her left hand on her hip while asking with curiosity in her voice, "What is it, Shinji?"

Shinji hesitates for a moment while still looking at the floor. He then looks up at Asuka while still being a bit nervous. "Is it alright that I go with you?"

Asuka's surprised at Shinji's sudden request while blushing a little bit. She then looks away while trying to regain her composure and says with an exasperated tone. "Do what you want!" She then marches right passed Shinji while trying to catch up to Ritsuko. Shinji then turns around to watch Asuka walk away and makes a faint smile as he follows her.

Misato raises her left eyebrow as she thinks to herself while being slightly surprised, "That's a first. I would have never thought Shinji would have been so bold to show he wants to go to the clinic for Asuka's sake." She smiles while thinking, "I guess Shinji wants to show Asuka how much he cares. And I think that it would be for the best for Asuka to realize that there's actually someone who does care about her."

Fuyutsuki watches on from the same spot while smiling. Then, the phone that's connected to that area suddenly rings. This causes him to look at it with a bit of concern as he thinks to himself. "Who could that possibly be?" He then answers the phone and places it on his right ear while holding it with his right hand and calmly says, "Fuyutsuki."

Kaji's voice comes through while having a content tone. "It's good to hear that you're alive. That must mean Instrumentality failed."

Fuyutsuki's eyes widen from surprise as he's looking down at the floor and says in a whisper, "This couldn't be...!"

Kaji laughs while he's standing in the room that he was killed in as he's holding his cellular to his left ear with his shoulder. "It is. I'm back."

Fuyutsuki makes an expression of disbelief while looking up towards the ceiling and is unable to control his volume when saying, "But how?! You're suppose to be dead!" Due to Fuyutsuki's outburst being quite loud, Misato overhears it and looks at him with concern.

Kaji smiles while leaning up against the wall with a big fan on it and holds his cellular with his left hand. "The only thing I can come up with is that I was brought back by whoever had control during the 3rd Impact. Or at least that person gave me the option to come back." He pauses for a moment as he looks to his right while slowly opening it and closing it as he's still smiling. He then stops while putting his hand down and asks with curiosity showing on his face. "By the way, is Misato there?"

Fuyutsuki looks towards Misato, who's still looking at him with curiosity, and then he says with a plain tone, "Yes. Obviously, you want to let her know that you're back."

Kaji keeps on smiling while looking up at the ceiling. "I would really appreciate that, if you don't mind."

Fuyutsuki nods to himself while saying, "Alright." He then moves the phone away from his ear and with his left hand; he motions Misato to come to him. "There's someone who would like to talk to you, Colonel."

That causes Misato to be a bit confused as she then walks up to Fuyutsuki and takes the phone from him. After Fuyutsuki gives her the phone, he walks pass her and goes to Gendo while making a slightly serious expression. Once he reaches Gendo, he stands next to him and says to him while looking at Misato, "You would never guess who's on the phone."

Gendo makes a serious expression while looking at Fuyutsuki out of the corner of his left eye. "Is that so?"

Misato holds up the phone to her right ear while being a bit confused at who could want to talk to her. "Katsuragi here."

Kaji chuckles to himself while still looking up at the ceiling. "I never thought I would hear your beautiful voice again."

Misato's in shock as she slowly drops the phone while looking in front of her. At the same time, she thinks to herself in disbelief, "No way! It couldn't be him!"

Kaji's voice comes from the phone while sounding a bit concerned. "Misato! Hey, Misato! Are you still there?! I heard a thump!"

Misato starts to panic while trying to pick up the phone. She then places the phone on her left ear while hyperventilating a little bit. "Is it really you?!"

Kaji responds with a caring tone. "Yes, Misato. It's me."

Misato tries to hold back her tears while covering her mouth with her right hand as she thinks to herself. "Oh my God! He's back! I can't believe it" She then closes her eyes while still thinking to herself. "I don't know how, but thank God he's back!"

Kaji looks down at the floor. "Misato. I'll be there as soon as possible. There's a lot I want to talk to you about, and there's a lot of things I want to tell you."

Misato puts her hand down and smiles as she opens her eyes while saying, "I look forward to it."

Rei watches Misato with no real emotion being displayed and thinks to herself. "If I'm correct, due to Ikari's desire to be with everyone and to remain in this world, people who had even died before the 3rd Impact have returned. But that depends on how much time has passed since their death." She then pauses for a moment while looking towards the opposite direction and thinks, "Unfortunately, some unwanted people have returned as well."

Maya's looking at her computer while being very surprised and yells out, "This is unbelievable! The JSSDF are alive as well, but it seems like they're all leaving!"

Aoba walks up to Maya and looks at her with an expression of disbelief. "But why would they just leave? If they wanted to, they could attack us and finish us off."

Fuyutsuki looks at Maya and Aoba for a moment. He then looks at Gendo while crossing his arms with seriousness noted. "What do you think, Ikari?"

Gendo glances at Fuyutsuki while being quite serious. "I have a good idea who could be behind this. After all, if we're back, that means they're back as well."

The focus suddenly changes and we now see that SEELE has also returned. Chairmen Keel stands in front of a desk while being surrounded by the 11 black Monoliths that says "Sound Only". These Monoliths obviously represent that every member of SEELE has returned. All members are currently in the same dark room that they have been when confronting Gendo and Fuyutsuki prior to the 3rd Impact, and this is the same room they were in during the 3rd Impact.

Keel has a serious expression as he looks down at his body and thinks, "I'm a full-fledged human again..." He then peers at his fellow members with his hands behind his back. "I have notified the Governor of Japan that NERV is no longer a threat, and to have the JSSDF pull out from there."

SEELE 03 responds with a stern tone. "Are you sure that was wise?"

SEELE 08 adds with a stern tone as well. "He's right. Wouldn't it have been better to have the JSSDF finish them off?"

Keel shakes his head. "No." He then starts to pace back and forth while keeping his hands behind his back. "Without them, it would be nearly impossible to try Instrumentality again. We will need them while at the same time we'll be using our ace in the hole."

SEELE 06 calmly states, "If you think that's the only choice then we have to do it."

SEELE 02 adds while sounding a bit annoyed. "But I hate the thought of having to rely on our ace."

Keel stops pacing and turns to look at SEELE 02 due to his monolith being towards the left of Keel. "Well fortunately, I found out that an old friend of ours is also back. He's on his way to the 4th Branch as we speak." He smirks while he looks at the other members. "Also, we still have a few tricks up our sleeves, but first, we have to leave this facility and leave nothing here to give them any hints to where we're going."

SEELE 12 responds with concern. "So does that mean we will be leaving Japan?"

Keel turns his head towards the left to look at SEELE 12 from behind him and nods. "Of course. Ikari most likely knows that we're still alive. It would be too much of a risk to stay here when he already knows our current location."

SEELE 09 says with an arrogant tone, "It doesn't matter that much that we have to leave. Either way, we will get everything together and make our move soon."

Keel nods in agreement while looking at SEELE 09, who's to his right. "That's exactly what we will do."

SEELE 05 then asks with a concern tone. "By the way, will we be using our ace right from the beginning or for the end?"

Keel makes an emotionless expression while looking up at the ceiling. "Don't worry about it. I'll handle everything involving our ace." He then smirks.

With that said, the focus changes to Asuka , who's being examined by Ritsuko as Shinji is waiting out in the hallway while sitting on a bench. Asuka's going through an entire body check up to see if there are any other injuries as she's completely naked. She's sitting down on the clinic's bed and she's covering her breasts with her left arm while crossing her legs. Her right arm has new bandages on and so does her left eye.

Ritsuko looks at her with a smile while holding up a clipboard and a pen. "Why are you covering up?"

Asuka gives Ritsuko an irritated look and says, "Because that pervert is outside and he could peep in here at any moment!"

Ritsuko laughs while closing her eyes and says happily, "Well it's good that the ordeal you went through hasn't changed you."

Asuka frowns while looking towards the left out of the corner of her eyes. "True, but everything I did was pointless. I wanted to beat those bastards and yet I failed once again as a pilot."

Ritsuko's smile disappears due to what Asuka said while she opens her eyes to look at her with sadness in her eyes. "I know you went through hell, but if it wasn't for all your hard effort, we would had been defeated much sooner and Shinji probably wouldn't have been able to do anything."

Asuka gives out a short laugh and looks up at Ritsuko. "You know. Now that I think about it, Shinji had done something disgusting while I was in a coma. I should still be mad at him."

Ritsuko makes a confused expression while putting the hand that's holding the pen, which is the left hand, on her hip. "How would you know that if you were in a coma?"

Asuka keeps looking at her with a hint of sadness rising. "I saw a vision of it during 3rd Impact." She laughs lightly and puts her head down. "But I'm actually over it. After going through what I went through, something like what Shinji did just confirms that he likes my body, that's all." She giggles.

Ritsuko keeps looking at her while still being a bit confused and thinks to herself, "What the hell exactly happened between those two?! I never thought Asuka would forgive Shinji for something that he did that she even says was disgusting!"

At the same time, Shinji's revealed to be standing behind the clinic's door while having his right ear against the door. He's currently crying softly to himself with his eyes closed while thinking to himself, "Thank you, Asuka!" He then clenches his right fist while he places it on the door and whispers to himself, "I'll be sure to make it up to you."

Asuka looks up at Ritsuko with a bit of concern brimming. "So how am I?"

Ritsuko looks at a table and places the clipboard and pen down on it. She then looks at Asuka with a smile. "You're alright. You'll have to keep the bandages on for about a month since you did receive physical damage from the high sync ratio with your Eva."

Asuka sighs out of relief while pointing her head upward and yells out joyfully, "Thank goodness!" She then stands up while having her good eye closed as she's still covering herself. She then opens her eye and turns around. "Now I can put on some clothes before that pervert decides to peep."

Ritsuko giggles. "You mean gown. I was notified while you were taking your plugsuit off that your clothes that were in the locker room were destroyed. You can thank the JSSDF for that."

Asuka makes a surprised expression while turning to look at Ritsuko. "You can't be serious?! I don't want to wear a fucking gown!"

Ritsuko giggles again. "It's either that or you go home naked."

Asuka turns back around with irritation taking over and yells out, "Gown it is!" She pauses for a moment while looking up at the ceiling and then says with curiosity, "By the way, where am I, Shinji and Misato going to live? I doubt any place in Tokyo-03 is intact."

Ritsuko looks at her with a plain expression. "Don't worry about that. There are actually a lot of housings in the Geofront in case for NERV Personnel. It's actually in the lower levels, so I doubt that they are destroyed or were even affected."

Asuka turns her head to look at her. "I guess we'll be living there from now on, huh?"

Ritsuko shrugs while smiling. "Maybe. We'll have to hear what the Commander has to say about that."

Asuka shrugs also as she turns her head to look forward and walks towards the closet that has the gown. "Alright."

Shinji moves his ear away from the door and leans up against it while looking at the floor as he spaces out. "I guess in a way, we will be starting over." He then looks up at the ceiling. "There's no helping it." He smiles. "This will be my second chance. I better not waste it."

The scene then changes back to focus on a conversation between Misato, Gendo, Fuyutsuki and everyone else who's currently in Central Dogma.

Misato makes a slightly concerned expression while looking at Gendo. "So what are we going to do? Right now, Tokyo-03 is in a vulnerable state. We should make the plans to repair the city and the Geofront as soon as possible.

Gendo nods while looking at her with seriousness being displayed. "You are correct, Colonel. But first, Fuyutsuki and I will go see the Governor of Japan to talk about our current situation." He looks at Fuyutsuki while saying, "Hopefully, they don't abandon us just like they did with Old Tokyo." He then looks at Maya, Hyuga and Aoba. "You all will notify Tokyo-02 that everyone over here is alive and that it's safe to return to help with reconstruction."

Maya makes a confused expression while looking towards Gendo. "Tokyo-02? Who's in Tokyo-02?"

Misato calmly looks at her while crossing her arms. "I'm not surprised that you didn't know. The thing is that when the civilians left Tokyo-03, they were told to go to Tokyo-02 so they would have a moderately safe place to stay for a short period of time." She then glances up towards the ceiling while making a curious expression as she thinks to herself. "Now that I think about it, I can contact the Horoki family and get Pen-Pen back." She then smiles to herself.

Hyuga looks at Gendo with concern showing. "How have they been living there, Commander? I thought the power supply to Tokyo-02 was disconnected."

Gendo looks at Hyuga while still being serious. "Indeed it was disconnected, but we had it reconnected for them to live there. Although, it's only temporary due to Tokyo-02 not having much supplies for them. This is why you all need to notify them to return because with some of their help and hopefully the help from the government, we can rebuild Tokyo-03." He then looks at everyone. "Also, once reconstruction of the city is finished, we will rebuild the Evas." Due to him saying that last part, everyone in Central Dogma gasp while being quite surprised.

Misato takes a step towards Gendo with surprise being noted on her face as she uncrossed her arms. "What?! But why would we need to rebuild the Evas?!"

Gendo looks at Misato. "Because if we are alive then that means SEELE is also alive."

That answer from Gendo causes Misato to be in shock for a moment while taking a step backwards. Hyuga then makes a slightly concerned expression after seeing Misato's reaction and asks with a curious tone, "Who's SEELE?"

Misato becomes very irritated as she looks at the floor while clenching her fists and says with a serious tone, "They're the ones who are responsible for this." Hyuga softly gasps after hearing what Misato had just said while being stunned. Misato then continues to say while still in the same position, "They most likely were pulling the strings of the JSSDF to attack us. They are the ones to blame for all of this."

Fuyutsuki looks at Misato with a serious stare. "This is why myself and Commander Ikari will talk to the Governor. We need to make him understand that SEELE was manipulating the entire government and the JSSDF to create 3rd Impact." He pauses for a moment while sighing and then continues to say, "Let's just hope that he will give us the time of day and believe us."

Gendo looks at Fuyutsuki with confidence. "Don't worry. I'm fairly confident he will. Once I tell him everything then he AND the government will not want anything to do with SEELE ever again." He then suddenly becomes concerned while looking away from Fuyutsuki by turning his head towards the left. "Although, we need to find out what happened to Unit 01, so we can get it running again."

Misato makes an expression of realization while saying, "Oh, that's right. I forgot to tell you that Unit 01 is in the lake that's full of blood." She then composes herself while saying, "The children told me it had crashed in there when we were reunited, but that it's in a sort of fossilized state." She gets a bit worried as she says that last part."

Gendo looks at her with a slightly surprised expression for a brief second. He then quickly gets serious again as he nods. "At least we still have it. As soon as we get the help of the Government, we will work on restoring Unit 01."

Suddenly, Ritsuko, Shinji and Asuka walk in and the two pilots immediately go to Misato while Ritsuko goes and stands next to Maya, who's still at her post.

Misato looks at Asuka with concern. "What did Ritsuko say about your injuries?"

Asuka smiles while pointing at herself with her left thumb with confidence brimming. "That I'll be alright after I let my wounds heal for a month!" She then yells out happily while extending out her left arm towards the left side with her hand open to make a pose. "You see! Nothing can stop me!" As a result of hearing how proudly Asuka said that, everyone else laughs while watching.

Misato smiles, but then becomes concerned again when she notices Shinji. She then says to him, "How about you?"

Shinji gives her a light smile while looking a bit nervous. "Well... Dr. Akagi didn't check me, but it's because there's nothing physically wrong with me."

Misato gets a bit irritated and looks at Ritsuko. "But what about something mental?! Why didn't you examine if he's alright mentally?!"

Ritsuko makes a plain expression while being slightly irritated at Misato's outburst. "Because it doesn't seem like he has any mental issues. Anyway, if there are some problems with Shinji's mentality later on, he can come and see me." She then looks at Shinji with a faint smile. "Right, Shinji?"

Shinji smiles at her and nods while being a little confident. Gendo then calmly looks at Shinji and thinks, "I'm really sorry for putting you through so much Shinji." He suddenly makes an expression out of realization for a moment and then calmly looks at Misato while saying to her, "You can take the pilots to one of the apartments we have in the lower level, Colonel."

Misato looks at him and nods while smiling. "That's what I was planning on doing soon." She then looks at Shinji and Asuka while saying to Gendo, "They're obviously tired."

Rei makes a concerned expression as she watches them. Gendo then notices Rei's expression and makes a light smile while saying, "Rei. You'll be going with them." Him saying that causes the children to look at him while being very surprised that he just said that. Gendo then looks at Misato while being quite serious. "As long as it's alright with you, Colonel."

Misato smiles again while looking at him. "That's fine by me." She then looks at Asuka and Shinji while saying with slightly curiosity in her voice, "You guys are alright with that, right?" Shinji and Asuka then look at each other while still being a bit surprised. They both then look at Misato and nod while smiling.

Rei's surprised even more as she sees her fellow pilots response and then looks back at Gendo while being concerned. "Are you sure?"

Gendo looks at her and nods. "Yes. You all will live in the biggest apartment that we have and once Mr. Kaji returns, he'll obviously join you all." Everyone except Misato and Fuyutsuki then gasp while being surprised by what Gendo just said.

Asuka quickly turns to look at Misato and screams out in disbelief. "Kaji's alive?!"

Misato looks at her with a smile and nods at her while trying not to cry from joy. "Yes. He's back." This causes Asuka to scream out of joy while holding back tears as well. Shinji continues to be surprised as he looks at Misato and Asuka.

Rei suddenly walks up in front of Shinji and smiles at him while calmly saying, "It's because of your desire to return to be with everyone that he's back as well."

Shinji looks at her with an expression of disbelief. "Really?!"

Misato suddenly runs up to Shinji and hugs him. She holds him tightly while smiling as a few tears go down her face and whispers, "Thank you, Shinji. Thank you for bringing him back."

Shinji's stunned for a moment, but then smiles and says in a low volume, "You're welcome, Misato."

Asuka makes a concern expression as she watches them and thinks, "So Misato missed him just as much as I did." She then pauses for moment while looking at the floor and keeps thinking. "No... I'm wrong. She missed him even more because she truly loves him. What I have for Kaji is an immature crush that I thought was love, but..." She then looks up and stares at Misato while smiling. "She truly loves him with all her heart."

That special moment soon ends and then Misato and the children all head to the apartment that they were given. Once they get there, they don't even think about doing anything but change their clothes and go to bed. Even without thinking about taking a shower or even eating since they are all so exhausted. They'll leave any thoughts of making the apartment officially their home for tomorrow and hopefully they will see all their friends and Kaji very soon. At the same time, Gendo and Fuyutsuki make their plan to go see the Governor and with that, the day that they thought would never end, let alone end happily, indeed did end on a bit of a happy note.

To Be Continued...

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