Chapter 2

Annabeth's POV

No one had seen Percy for 2 days. Everyone was wondering where he was, especially me. I think it might have something to do with our fight the other day over his sister Anne. Being a child of Athena, I have to know everything, and i know next to nothing about Anne. Curse my fatal flaw pride.

Suddenly, the dinner bell rang out, startling me from my thoughts of a certain son if Poseidon. My half-siblings and I filed out to the dining pavilion. I was hoping Percy would be there, but I knew it was unlikely. But still, one can always hope.

I was in for a surprise at the pavilion. At the Poseidon table sat a new boy. At least, I think he was new. A black hoodie covered his head and he wore pitch black baggy jeans with black converse peeking out from under the table. Judging from the quiet buzzing coming from around the pavilion, no one else knew who he was. And that did not make me happy, being in the dark.

Chiron finally had enough of the suspense, and went up to the boy. I just noticed that he looked to be about my age, 18 years old. My mentor said something to the boy, I couldn't hear it, and the boy raised his head to stare at Chiron. I couldn't see his face from the angle I was sitting at, but I could clearly see Chiron. It didn't seem like the boy said anything, but Chiron looked spooked and puzzled, an odd expression to have. Now I have to know who this guy is. It's killing me not to know.

After dinner, I say the boy head down to the campfire. Curious, I followed him. And no, I am not a stalker. I'm just a curious person. I mean, anyone would do that right?

The boy walked into the area surrounding the campfire and all comversation stopped. Not a peep was heard. He just ignored everyone though and casually sat down in a seat facing the fire, like he was either deep in thought or trying to block out the world. It could honestly go either way.

Chiron walked up onto the stage and gave the usual announcements about Capture the Flag next Friday and everything. After he had finished, Travis Stoll shouted out, "Do you know how Percy is?" That got everyone talking, since Percy hasn't been seen for a few days. I'm really worried about him.

Chiron didnt say anything, but he gave a nervous glance at the guy in black calming watching the fire, pointed away from everyone. He was sitting at the Possidon table today at dinner, maybe he knows something about Percy! It seems I wasn't the only one who thought that. Clarisse stood up and bravely marched over to the boy, who didn't react at all.

"Hey punk," Clarisse snarled. "You're from Possidon's cabin. Do you know how Prissy is? He hasn't been seen for a few days. What do you know punk?" The whole camp was holding their breath waiting for the boy's reply. He just simply shrugged. Clarisse started to fume.

"Do you not know Prissy? Or do you not know how he is?" Clarisse asked. Again the boy shrugged. Not even a sound escaped through his lips. Now that I think about it, he's kind of like Nico, except he doesn't talk... That can't be...

"Children, I think we should leave him alone..." Chiron tried to warn us, but no one listened. I strode up to the guy in black.

"Who the Hades are you? Who do you think you are?" I angrily asked him. In response I got a half hearted shrug. Who DOES he think he is?!

Finally, everyone had enough. "If you don't tell us who you are and what your problem is, I will rip this hood off your head and then everyone can see just who you are," I warned. He furiously shook his head no. Oh, who's begging for mercy now? He he still didn't say anything.

"1...2...3...!" I said as we all ripped his hood off to reveal a boy with straight raven black hair and strange black eyes glaring back up at us. He looked just like Nico, but... Why does he have Percy's face? I mean, Percy's hair is always messy and he has sea green eyes, not this abnormal black. But his face looks so much like Percy's...

"Who the Hades ARE you?" demanded Clarisse. Just then, Chiron walked up.

"Children, you all know him. This is none other than Perseus Jackson," he told us as Percy glared at camp then walked away. Since when does Percy have black eyes? Is it contacts? And why is he mad at everyone? And since when has he become a mute Nico?! If that was Percy Jackson, then I really don't know him after all, and neither did anyone!

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