Chapter 3

Percy's POV

After my now ex-girlfriend Annabeth accused me of cheating on my dead sister, I decided I couldn't take it. I mean, that day had been Anne's birthday. One of her favorite days of the year, and my favorite. When Annabeth broke up with my because she thought I was dating Anne, I lost it. Think about it though. If someone fell into Tartarus with his girlfriend, you would think she would love him back. And you know, maybe she wouldn't go postal on him and break up with him after hearing his story. Just a thought.

The sad part though, is that I don't only hate Annabeth (hate is still a strong word. That's why I'm using it!), but I also hate the rest of camp. Not to act arrogant or anything, but when someone is protesting something on the beach, especially the double Hero of Olympus, you might want to see what they're doing. Or at least talk to them, keep them company, something. But no, everyone was avoiding me. If I felt welcome, I might not have become the guy I became after Anne's death, whom everyone- but me- liked to call Wrath.

A word about my alter-ego Wrath. He came to be because I was so wrathful after Anne left and took my fury out on everyone and everything. And that was on a good day. On a bad day, if you so much looked at me the wrong way, I would beat you to a pulp, smashing your head against the sidewalk or a wall. Either that or I'd scream insults and swears at you. And sometimes if I was neither in a good mood nor bad mood, I'd go sit in my bedroom for a week- or more- drinking tap water from the bathroom sink and eating granola bars. And that's just the way Wrath acted. Plus, when I was Wrath the first time, I wouldn't respond to anyone calling me by my name or nicknames. I only responded to Wrath.

Wrath also liked to wear black. Everything in my closet for three years (yes I was Wrath for three whole years before I became Percy again. Fun times. Sarcasm.) was a dark color. It was mostly black, but sometimes just to please my mom, I'd wear navy blue, dark red like almost dried up blood, or brown. The one thing that never changed though was the hoodie Anne was planning to give me for my birthday. She left the day before my 7th birthday. On my birthday, I was sitting in her room when I saw a package sitting on her computer chair. It had my name on it so I opened it. Inside was the pitch black hoodie that I wore every single day for three years. Other than that, Wrath always wore long jeans and a t-shirt. Can't forget the hoodie either.

Oh and there's just one more thing to know about Wrath. Sure, he'll beat you up without question, smash your head into a wall, won't hesitate to yell swears at you... But unless he's swearing at you or saying something important, Wrath doesn't talk. In fact, he's usually silent. Doesn't even laugh, or smile even, unless it's an evil laugh or smile. He- I- we're good at those. Creepily enough.

Just one one more fact about Wrath; he loves to sing. Yeah I know what you're thinking "wait what?!" And yeah, that was my first impression. When I'm Wrath, it's almost like I'm an entirely different person. Seriously. By the way, I (Percy) am a terrible singer. But Wrath is amazing! He sounds like Apollo, but more emotional, yet not too emotional, just enough to make it sound good.

Anyways, after the fight with Annabeth and I have poured all my feelings out to her, I raced back to my cabin. No one knew about Wrath here at camp, and I had to work hard to keep him away. He's always there, waiting to takeover. Every time this year I have to work extra hard, and that little episode with my ex had loosed my grip. Not too much, but just enough to let Wrath escape. Oh no.

Once I reached my closet in my cabin, I stretched my hand deep into the back, past all the bloody t-shirts and muddy jeans. Hey, you never know when they might come in handy! Finally, my fingers brushed against familiar fabric. My hoodie. Thank the gods it's ok.

After I put the black hoodie on over my orange camp shirt, I dug through my drawers trying to find something else. There they are, my black jeans. Quickly, I pulled them on. A little snug, I'll have to get some more pairs. Oh well, what can you do?

Next, I ran to the personal bathroom I have attached to my cabin. I looked around around in the cabinets before I found my little black box in the back. I'm so glad I brought these to camp. I opened the box and found my special black contacts. I knew an eye doctor who made them for me, so everyone could tell the difference between Percy and Wrath. Not like it was that hard if you knew me, but it's the thought that counts right? Anyways, these contacts are specially made not to show any sea green eye color that Annabeth loves- I mean had loved.

After getting ready, I walked over to the mirror to make sure I got everything. Black hoodie and black jeans, check. Black eyes, up, check. iPod with rock music... No check. Great, where'd I put it?

Under the bed, no. In the closet, no. On the dresser, no. In my bed, no. On any of the beds, no. I started getting worried, so I began to play with Riptide in my pocket. When I reached in there, my fingertips brushed again something cool. I pulled it out and face-palmed. Of course. My iPod was in my pocket the entire time. Idiot.

After sitting in my bed for an hour to two, I decided to go visit mom and Paul and tell them that Wrath was back. Well, in Paul's case introduce him to Wrath, who I guess is me. Complicated life I lead isn't it?

Quietly, I snuck out of camp. It was dinner time and everyone was at the pavilion. Easy. I sprinted past Thalia's Tree and raced towards New York City. Sorry about this happening again mom. You too Anne. I've already broken my promise.

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