Chapter 4

Percy/ Wrath's POV

I ran the whole way to the city, then strolled down the sidewalk until I reached my mom's apartment. The doorman waved hello to me, but I doubt he knew who I was. He was new and didn't know about Wrath yet, just the Percy I pretend to be; cheerful, happy, stupid Percy. That's who everyone but a few people thought I was. Not even Poseidon knows the real me. If you think about it, that's actually pretty sad. I'm not even sure my mom knows the real me, who's neither Wrath nor Percy.

Quickly, I hopped into the elevator, hoping no one I knew or knew Wrath saw me. I rode up to my mom's apartment and knocked on the door.

"Coming!" Called a man's voice, Paul. I stood there waiting for him to open the door.

Once Paul saw who I was, he looked confused. "Do we know you?" He asked me. I nodded. "Sally, someone's at the door. I'm not sure who he is, but he says he knows us." That's kind of harsh. Even Paul doesn't know me. For long at least.

My my mom came to the door. "Hello? Oh no, don't tell me it happened again!" My mom asked sadly. I nodded. "Well, you should come in. Let's exclaim it to Paul so he understands."

"Who is this Sally?" Paul asked confused.

"We'll explain in a moment Paul. Why don't you get us some iced tea? That's still your favorite isn't it?" She questioned, turning to me. I nodded again.

All three of us walked into the comfy apartment, and as my mom and I sat down on the couch and a chair respectfully, Paul went to the kitchen to get everyone iced tea.

Soon, my step-dad came back and my mom started the explanation. "Well, Paul, you kind of know this boy right here. His name right now is Wrath, but you know him as-"

"Percy," I cut in, speaking for the first time since I had become Wrath. Paul's eyes widened like a cartoon on TV. If it wasn't in my nature now to laugh, I would laughed out laugh at Paul's face. Instead, I settled for low chuckling on the inside.

"But you don't look like my step-son. Sure you sound like him and your features look the same a little bit, but you don't act like him! Percy is ADHD and can't sit still. He doesn't wear all black and he is always talking! You can't be Percy..." Paul exclaimed confused.

"Ah, but I am not merely Perseus Jackson." Even though I'm the one who said it, I still flinched at the use of my full name.

"But I thought you said..."

"I did say that, didn't i? I am actually known as Wrath. I bet my lovely mother would like to explain the story to you. If you'd please excuse me, I'd like to get something from my room. Thank you," I spoke calmly, more calmly than is ever normal for Wrath. I think I was trying to tone it down since this was my mom and Paul I was in front of.

"Oh, of course honey," my mom said startled. "Everything you probably want is either where you left it, or in the back of the closet and your bottom drawer." I nodded, then walked off to my room, allowing my mom to explain to Paul. I'll have to thank her once I'm Percy again. Whenever that is.

Once i was safely inside my room, I sunk down to the bed and started to punch my pillows. Wrath as anger issues I think. We never checked it out, because Wrath didn't take kindly to people telling him he has issues. We learned that after a few people got viscously beat up.

After my silent tantrum (most things are silent around Wrath, other than the occasional scream of mercy from is victims), I looked in my bottom drawer where I kept all the things that Wrath wanted to wear that would still fit me. Plenty of black jeans were there. I took a pair out and left the ones I was currently wearing on the floor. After that, I strode out of my room confidently and plunked down on the sane chair I was sitting in before.

The first thing I noticed once I returned into the living room, was the thick tension in the air. I couldn't cut it up with Riptide if I wanted to and sent it down to Tartarus. The next thing I noticed was my mom and Paul's faces. My mom had a look of worry and uncertainty etched on her face and Paul's was simply disbelieving.

"So, you don't talk that much Percy- I mean Wrath?" Paul asked, attempting to break the silence. I shook my head. Without a verbal response, that should probably answer his question.

"Honey, you would you like to spend the night? You don't have to, I don't want to force anything upon you or anything-" my mom rambled nervously. I shook my head no "Are you sure? It would be no trouble right Paul?"

"Yeah, it'd be fine," he encouraged.

"I'd love to, but I cannot. I snuck out of camp to visit and tell you the news. They are probably worried. I'll head back there as soon as you wish," I replied.

"You can go anytime you want Wrath," my mom told me. Wow, they really do want me to leave. Knew it. I nodded.

"If you two don't mind, I think I'll leave now. If that's fine with you," I spoke.

"Are you sure? You could always stay longer!" Paul said. I nodded.

"Alright! Be careful Wrath! Watch out for monsters!" My mom shouted after me. I nodded as I walked towards the door.

Right before I closed the door behind me, I heard Paul whisper to my mom, "Wow Sally, that really isn't Percy." If only they knew who I really was, not just Wrath and the Percy I pretend to be everyday. They'd all be in for a surprise. Wonder when that day will come. I doubt it will ever come. It's as likely as Leo not telling jokes anymore! (Like that'd ever happen!)

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