The Blue Rose


Patrick opened his eyes and found himself standing on a street corner. He looked around and after a few moments he remembered where he was. It was Old Hakone.

He looked around and saw nothing out of the ordinary. The place looked just like it did the Sunday afternoon that he was there before. People were walking the streets and chatting with each other. Cars and buses sped by him. There was a slight breeze, and the sun was shining brightly. He was no longer wearing his plug suit but had on his regular clothes.

It's just like it was! This means that…He looked in the distance and saw the train station. He quickly ran there and found the park that was in front. In the park he searched for and found the same tree. Standing in front of the tree with her back turned to him was Rei, dressed in the outfit that Shinji had given her. He started to walk to her and as he got close she turned to face him. She tilted her head slightly and smiled at him, the wind gently blowing her azure hair. Patrick saw that she gently held the blue rose in her hands. At that moment he ran to Rei and embraced her, and she held him tightly.

Oblivious to everything that was around him, he stood there, closed his eyes, and just held her in his arms. Finally, he was home.


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