Till the Wind Sets You Free

Chapter 10

Lily didn’t remember the train ride. No, it was all a blur compared to when she saw her father standing on the platform looking exactly the same as when she had seen him August. His hair was still messy, glasses still smudged, with bright eyes, and a gentle smile. She wrapped her arms tightly around him, burying her head in his chest as he gripped her equally as tight. “See Bud, I told you I was fine,” he whispered to her, one hand on the back of her head, the other rubbing circles in between her shoulder blades.

“Merlin, I’ve missed you…” she responded. Pulling away she gave him a smile, her eyes a bit watery. “Is mum around?”

“Yeah, she got stopped by Luna, but she’s around here somewhere.” He looked around and then back at her. “Where are your brothers?”

“James is with Fred and Albus is saying goodbye to Julian.”

“What about Scorpius?” There was a teasing tone to his voice, as he was not quite accustomed to see Lily come off the train alone.

“Salazar!” she exclaimed. “I forget to say goodbye to him, I was excited to see you.” She stood on her tiptoes, head whipping around in search for her friend.

“Unless also want a conversation with Astoria, I would advise not going over.” He gestured to where Scorpius greeted his mother, the small woman scrutinizing him and already beginning an interrogation. “You’ll be seeing him soon enough, someone mentioned that he would coming with you to Teddy’s wedding,” he said, throwing an arm over her shoulder as he scanned the crowd. James and Fred appeared out of seemingly nowhere as Angelina stood between them, a hand on each of their respective shoulders. George was holding back laughter. “Oh, no,” he muttered, shaking his head.

“Al’s coming.” Lily gestured to her brother who stood not far from his boyfriend. Albus clapped him on the shoulder and passed him a smile. Julian, though, kept his mouth in a straight line and nodded along while he spoke. The plan to tell his parents had apparently not gone over well.

“Lily, Harry!” a voice exclaimed, it was Ginny who now had a grip on her son’s arm as she pulled him away from Fred. “Can we hurry it up? It’s freezing out here.” She released James’ arm and gave her daughter a side hug. “Good to see you.” It was then she released her daughter and gestured to Albus that was already coming in their direction. “Vicky is going to be over soon, so is Fleur, it’ll be about the wedding.”

“We’ll go over to Andromeda's to talk with Teddy about it,” Harry said as he walked his family in the direction of the car.

“Vicky’s coming over tonight?” Lily questioned. “Can I send her an owl when I get home? I need a dress for the ball.”

“Malfoy’s ball?” Albus questioned, quirking his eyebrow up.

“Are you his date?” James teased. “I didn’t think Flint would want to share his girl and I didn’t know you were the cheating type.”

“James,” Ginny cautioned. “What on earth are you talking about?”

“Ask Lily,” he admitted as they crossed through the barrier.

“Flint and I broke up, it was mutual,” she huffed. “Not like it matters, Scorpius is my friend. Even if I was dating him, I would still go.”

“What he’d do?” Albus asked as they left the station and headed outside and down the street.

“Nothing.” She crossed her arms over her chest. “Can we stop talking about this?”

“Please,” Ginny added as they got to the car and unlocked it. She knew full good and well how painful it was talk about relationships with brothers. It was hard enough getting Ron to accept her dating Harry, let alone a complete stranger. Once in, the three Potter kids squeezed in the back and Harry pulled out of the parking spot.

“Lily, I don’t care if you date, but please notify me in a simple manner, don’t let me stumble across it.” He sat up straighter and looked in the mirror at Albus. “Besides, I don’t like the sound of the boy you were dating. What was his name, Flint? Isn’t that the bloke that James complains about?”

“James complains about everyone and besides Damon’s the Slytherin Quidditch captain.” Lily settled back against the seat and glared at her oldest brother who was pressed against her as she was sitting in the middle. She turned toward Albus and looked out the window. It was a long car ride and even after she spoke there was still banter between her father and James.

Once home she managed to avoid her brothers by heading to her room with some excuse. She heard goodbyes and the floo before her mother appeared in the doorway, leaning against the jam. “Do you want tea? I’m starving.”

“Yeah.” Lily got up from her desk and followed Ginny out of the room, and down the stairs into the kitchen. She had already put the kettle on and there was a box of biscuits one the table along with a tin of what Lily assumed her her grandmother’s first batch of sweets for that year.

“Here you go.” Ginny passed her a cup of tea, black, as she poured in milk to hers and sat across from her daughter. “I know you probably don’t want to talk with me about this, but I know exactly what situation you’re in, but remember that I had six older brothers, three of which were at school with me when I started dating.”

“But dad’s Uncle Ron’s best friend.” Lily took a drink as she saw her mother’s smile tightened as she looked in the cup. “You gave that look to dad when you know he’s not saying everything that happened at work.”

Ginny didn’t say anything, but sat up a little straighter when they heard the rumble of the floo. “That should be Vicky and Fleur, you owled her about borrowing a dress for the Malfoy’s Christmas ball, right? It was nice of Scorpius to invite you again.”

Lily doesn’t have a chance to answer as Victoire floats in, garment bags dangling from her hand. “Lily, it’s been ages.” She drapes them over an empty chair and waits for her cousin to get to her feet before giving her a side hug. “I thought this dress would be the best, it’s navy blue and simple.” She unzips the bag on top and pulls out a strapless, floor length gown that has an overlay of flowy fabric. “This one is your dress for the wedding.” She zips up the one bag and pulls out the next. It’s adorable, something that Lily should have expected Victoire to pick out. The dress appears knee length, the skirt has a bit of a volume, but the bodice looks tight with short, lace cap sleeves. The color is ice blue, which Lily knows will compliment Teddy’s blue hair, Victoire’s favorite of all his shifting appearances.

“You, Dom, and Roxie are bridesmaids,” Fleur explains. “James, Albus, and Fred are Teddy’s.”

“Keeping it in the family.”

“It’s what we can do on short notice.” Victoire’s tone of voice is soft, she crosses her arms over her chest and Lily notices that the shirt she is wearing is billowy. She’s has to be four months pregnant now and she can only imagine that it will be getting harder to hide. “Do you want to try on the dress?”

“I can.” Lily grabs both of them, clutching the bag tightly as she heads up to her room. Her mind is filling with all sorts of questions, and she doesn’t notice her cousin following her. She doesn’t say a word to her until they get to her room where Victoire shuts the door and casts a silencing charm. As she does this, Lily steps into the evening gown, holding up her hair as a signal for Victoire to zip it up.

“Did he tell you?” she whispers.

“Yes,” Lily answers, dropping her hair once she pulls away. “Why aren’t you telling anyone?”

“I’m sure they know.”

“Do they know you’re already married?”

Victoire raised her eyebrows, but then lets out a small laugh and shakes his head. “Sometimes it is surprising that Harry isn’t Teddy’s father. I mean, he turned out exactly like Albus, terrible at keeping secrets.”

“He did it to get my mind off of my dad, that bad auror mission.”

“I know.” Victoire let out a sigh. “My job is just research, I can do it until a few weeks before the baby is born. Teddy…” She bit her lip. “His job is why I was hesitant to even consider a child, and why I finally agreed to marry him.”

“It may be a dangerous jobs, but it’s different from when his father…”

Victoire took in a deep breath and appraised Lily. “Leave your hair down for the ball, curl it though and put on some lipstick…” She reached out to arrange her hair and gave her a smile. “I have some shoes in my bag. They should be your size, I just assumed that you wouldn’t have any to go with your dress.” Her eyes flitted over to the corner of her room where her sturdy black school shoes sat beside a pair of muddy trainers. “But you look nice Lily, you really do.”

“Thanks.” The girl stared in the mirror and smoothed the dress as she shifted to look at it from different angles.

“Are you doing this as a favor for a friend or do you have other motivations.”

Lily sighed. “Why does everyone see Scorpius and I as…” The sound she makes is a low grumble.

“I know what you mean. Before Teddy and I started dating I felt the same way. He was my best friend, the first friend I had that wasn’t related to me.” She stepped forward to stand beside her cousin in front of the mirror. It was amazing how similar the two looked with pale skin, ghosts of freckles dotting across a button nose. Their hair and eyes were different: Lily with a vibrant hue and warm eyes, while Victoire looked like ice with nearly white hair and clear blue eyes. “Why are you so frustrated?”

“It’s nothing, really…” Lily reached behind her to unzip, fumbling a bit before the gown puddled on the floor. She crossed the room to withdraw the bridesmaid dress from the bag and was not surprised it fit. Victoire and her may have been similar in facial features, but the part veela was lithe and tall whereas Lily was petite. However, Dominique and her were built similarly, both wearing the same size.

“I’m going to take a shot in the dark, but I’m going to guess that your friendship with Scorpius got in the way of someone else.”

“Kind of.” Lily looked down at the dress, it wasn’t bad, but the waist had a sash that tied with a bow in the back, along with a small flower on the front. The entire thing was overtly feminine, not in the least way subtle. She tried to get it to lay down and adjust it, but it wasn’t working. “Not really, it’s just…” She didn’t finish and despite the fact it was Victoire, she still couldn’t bring herself to talk about Damon.

“You don’t need to say anything.” Victoire laughed. “You hate me for making you wear that dress, don’t you?”

“No…” Lily picked up the overskirt revealing the layer of tulle underneath. “Maybe a little.”

“I can live with that.”

Two days later Lily was getting ready for the ball, sitting at a chair in front of the vanity as Ginny used a charm to curl her hair. “You’re lucky I’ve gotten better, I used to burn myself. I even resorted to using the muggle device.”

She looked in the mirror, seeing the perfectly formed ringlets frame her face. Her makeup was simple, mascara and a deep red lipstick. Her mother let her borrow a gold shawl that she typically only wore for business dinners or charity balls for the Prophet.

“Thanks, mum,” Lily said.

“Well, even if your father was here, I’m sure he would be hopeless with this.” She reached over to tuck a curl behind Lily’s here. “Are you meeting Scorpius there or is he coming over?”

“I insisted to just come over, but he just wants out of his house.” Lily got up from her seat and looked at her mum. She was wearing a Holyhead Harpies sweatshirt along with a pair of what she assumed was her father’s sweatpants. Dressed so casually with her hair thrown into a bun, she looked about ten years younger.

“I think that’s the floo. You better go on down.”

“Really, mum, thank you for everything.” She wraps her arms around her mother, tightly before pulling away and going out the door and down the stairs. Scorpius looks uncomfortable as always, standing straight with his hands in his pockets. His robes are classic: black with a white shirt, and a black bow tie. “Good evening,” she greets with a hint of teasing in his voice.

“Lily,” he says. “It’s nice to see you.”

“I meant to say goodbye at the station, I really did.” She crosses the room quickly and wraps her arms around him.

When she pulls away from him, Scorpius sees something around her neck glint in the light. It makes him smile to see her wearing the small silver moon around her neck. She’s worn it quite a bit since he gave it to her. “I should thank you for that, my mother probably wouldn’t have been happy.”

“Let’s go before we make her even more unhappy by being late.” She looped her arms through his and walks toward the fireplace. “Side-along floo?” Lily asked and then didn’t wait for Scorpius to answer, just reached for a handful of powder and shouted their destination. In no time they were stumbling out of the Malfoy’s fireplace and into what she assumed as Draco’s study. The man was sitting at a desk, intently looking at a document.

“Scorpius, there you are, your mother was looking for you, she said something about Ophelia…” He then looked up and saw Lily clutching Scorpius’ arm as they stood just outside the fireplace. “Lily, how nice to see you, isn’t this a pleasant surprise?” Draco got to his feet with one of the those brittle smiles crossing his face as he turned to Scorpius.

Lily bit her lip as she realized what was happening, apparently silent conversations were popular with all the Malfoys, not just Scorpius and his mother. She imagined what Draco was saying, Why didn’t you warn me? Your mother told me about Ophelia, not Lily.

Scorpius’ face didn’t show any hints to what he was thinking. “Lily gratiously agreed to come with me, but I do admit that it was a bit of compromise, as she wishes me to accompany her to Teddy Lupin’s wedding.”

“I heard about that.” Draco looked them over, analyzing the way they stood, how Lily hadn’t let go. “I suppose we should go see to where your mother went. She won’t be happy if we go missing on her.”

“Of course,” Scorpius murmured, leading Lily out of the room. As he did this, she surmised that things were about to get a whole lot more complicated.

Scorpius had been forced to abandon Lily about halfway in. She retreated to an empty corner and nursed a glass of punch. Despite some of his older cousin’s best attempts, it still remained unspiked. Across the room she did see her supposed date, looking uncomfortable as he danced with Ophelia. Lily thought he had to be crazy to not like her. She wasn’t like her sister, even if she was friends with Regina. Plus she was good at Quidditch, smart, and fairly attractive. Well, at least Lily thought she was with her dark hair and eyes. She was a bit a jealous with the fact she could pull off a pink dress and not look horrendous in it.

“What are you doing all alone, Potter?”

She turned around and saw Jordi Zabini standing in front of her with a big grin on his face. “Want to dance? I may have two left feet, but I do promise intriguing conversation.”

“Deal.” She set the glass down and latched on to him as a new song started. “I was beginning to think I was the only one here that was under thirty and not a Malfoy or Greengrass.”

“You’re pretty damn close,” he said with a smirk. “Where is the lovely Scorpius? Usually it’s like someone cast a permanent sticking charm on the two of you.”

“His mother is determined to set him up with Ophelia,” she answered. They switched hands and began to move in the opposite direction. Lily honestly had no clue what was going on, but Jordi seemed to be pretty with it, and she guessed he lied about having two left feet.

“There are worse women in the world.” At that his hands went to her waist and she was lifted off of the ground.

“Whoa…” Lily said as she tried to set her back down and start dancing again, she stumbled forward, hands bracing herself on his shoulders.

“Hey, you can’t skip straight to second base.”

“How in Merlin’s name do you know that?” Lily questioned. James barely understood what it meant, he forced some poor half-muggle to explain it to him after he heard some muggle borns talking.

“Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer too.” He pulled away from her and was going to say something when Lily felt a hand on her arm.

“May I cut in?” Turning around she saw Damon Flint standing there with his hand extended. “You looked like you were finished, if not I can leave.”

“It’s fine.” Lily swallowed and took his hand, he was careful to rest it on her waist, not lingering to low. She didn’t say anything, but waited for him to talk. “I’m not going to apologize and I hardly think it’s appropriate to be having a discussion here of all places.”

“Maybe I didn’t want to talk.”

“I’m not stupid.”

“Fine. I did want to talk, but only because you are the master at avoidance. I swear, the only time I see you is on the Quidditch pitch.” His hand grips hers a bit tighter and tilts his head just so she’s forced to look him into the eye. “You have to do a lot to scare me away.”

Lily let out a forced laugh and pulled free from the dance. She was going to go outside, but it was the middle of December. Instead she turned and marched out of the ballroom into the labyrinth of corridors that was Malfoy manor. It was dark and she didn’t have her wand, so she paused and felt her way using the wall into one of the empty rooms.

“Lily, can we please talk? Honestly, I can’t understand your dramatics.”

“Dramatics?” Her voice raised an octave. “I don’t want to talk to you, don’t you understand?”

“You never want to talk, you never want to tell me anything!”

“Damon, honestly, you expect me to tell you every detail--”

“Every detail? Is that what you want to call wondering why the hell you go missing for three hours and you expect me to believe its lessons? Or the fact that you’re up at dawn every morning and don’t go to your room until midnight?”

“Can you just shut up?”

“Me? You won’t even let me do my job as Captain.”

“You were running the team into the ground.”

“Does everything with you have to be a battle?” he questioned. “Honestly, I don’t see how Scorpius puts up with you.”

She opened her mouth but then bit her lip. “This conversation is finished.”

“Lily you have to see where I’m coming from.”

“No.” She turned around. “I’m sorry that...I just don’t feel comfortable telling you everything and you need to respect that. Listen, maybe I should be more open and maybe I should give you more of a break, but you need to give a little too. I like being with you. I like playing Quidditch and sneaking out, but...I can’t give you more than that.” Lily pulled her shawl tighter around her shoulders as she left the room and walked out. She avoided the ball room, but instead went outside despite the cold and stood in the garden, looking up at the bright lights of the ballroom. Outside, though, it was even more stunning. Every inch of the garden was covered in snow that sparkled in the moonlight. In the middle of wizarding houses, there was no light pollution and the sky was a magnificent shade of dark blue with glittering stars. She waited, taking in a breath of air that was so cold it hurt her lungs.

Damon didn’t come again. When she heard footsteps she thought it would be him, but it was Scorpius descending the stairs to accompany her. “Lily, what…” He walked forward, already shrugging out of his over robe. “It’s freezing, you’re going to catch your death.” He placed it over her shoulders and then wrapped one arm around her. “Are you alright?” he asked. “Let’s go back inside.”

“I want to stay out here.” She looked up. “It’s beautiful out here. Even in Godric’s Hollow it doesn’t look like this and the Burrow is too close to Muggle Towns.” She sighed. “Look at the stars.”

He bit back a smile.

“You can go back inside, I’m sure your mother would appreciate if you danced with Ophelia again.”

“I’d rather dance with you.”

“I’d rather be out here.”

As if on cue Scorpius held out his hand for her to take. “Then let’s dance out here.”

Lily gave him a grin, but took it, pressing herself close to his chest. They didn’t dance, but instead he held her tight in one arm, while their hands remained clasped. “Thank you.” She laid her head against him.


“Hmm?” She didn’t move, just let herself melt into his arms, enjoying his warmth.

“Scorpius?” A femine voice called out. It was Ophelia, holding the hem of her dusty pink dress to keep from dragging on the ground. Lily took in the way she looked at Scorpius and then felt her own cheeks color pink. She shrugged out of his jacket and gave it back to her friend. How could she be so stupid? Scorpius was her friend, nothing more. Besides, why should she get in the way of someone who had actual interest in him. How could she compete with Ophelia? She was his age, witty and demure. The elegance she had was something Lily would never possess. “Your mother noticed that you were gone and…” She swallowed. “I’ll go back inside.”

“No. I’m going.” Lily heard her name be called by Scorpius, but she walked faster, into the ballroom where a wave of heat hit her. Music was still playing, people still dancing...everything was the same. A wave of emotions hit her. This hadn’t happened even the day after Damon broke up with her. She pushed through the crowd, and Jordi came into view. She grabbed his arm. “Tell Scorpius I’m leaving.”

“Hey, Lily…”

“I’m fine, really. I just want to get home.” With those words she practically ran to the study and stepped into the fireplace to floo home. The clock was striking eleven by the time she stumbled in, her mother was sitting in the living room, curled up on the sofa.

“Lily…” Ginny got to her feet with her arms out. “Come on.” She pulled Lily over to the couch and the next thing she knew she got an armful of her daughter. There was a moment of shock, but then she reciprocated the action. Harry dealt with Lily, he was so much better at this. “What happened?”

“It was a mistake to go.” She pulled away and wiped at her eyes. The mascara she applied earlier was beginning to smear, leaving small tracks on her cheeks. “How could I be so stupid?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Tonight. I talked with Damon and we started fighting, I walked away and Scorpius found me. I thought...everyone always asks about us, but then Ophelia found us and she...He’s just my friend.”

Ginny gave her daughter a tight hug. “Why don’t you go get out of that dress, I’ll put the kettle on and we can talk about it, stay up until your dad comes home.”

“Yeah.” Lily got to her feet. “Where’s James and Albus?”

“The both of them are staying with George tonight.” Ginny walked away from her daughter, towards the kitchen.

Lily went up the stairs and as soon as she was in her room she wiggled her way out of it, letting it pool around her feet before she changed into a flannel pants and a huge t-shirt. She sighed at the clothes before she hung the dress up, figuring that Victoire wouldn’t appreciate it getting all wrinkled. As she was getting ready to head downstairs she heard the fireplace again. Her father usually apparated home from the Ministry this late unless he was injured. “Mrs. Potter…”

The soft voice was familiar and Lily wondered what on earth Scorpius was doing here at this hour. The ball usually went until twelve. Still, she went into the bathroom to splash cold water on her face, getting rid of the traces of makeup and redness from the tears. Downstairs she saw Scorpius still in his dress robes leaning against the counter as her mother made tea.

“What are you doing here?”

“You left so quickly, I looked for you, but Jordi told me you went home.”

“I just…” Lily looked to where her mother stood. Ginny took the kettle off the stove and left the room quickly. “Why did you come?”

“I’ve been wanting to talk to you since summer.”

“About what?”

“Lily, I…” Scorpius had rare moment where he was out of control. His cheeks colored, he bit his lip and ran his hand through his otherwise neat hair. “You are my best friend, but I can’t help but wonder if we could do more than that.”

“I just thought that Ophelia…”

“For a seer you are awfully bad at predicting people’s actions.”

“I can’t pull visions out of thin air.”

“My mother wants me to get with Ophelia and Ophelia wants her parents to stop pestering her about being antisocial. There was a reason I invited you to the ball tonight, I reason I agreed to go to the wedding with you. Salazar, there’s even a reason I help you with your potions. Do you honestly think I do because I love the subject or out of the goodness of my heart?”


“Lily Luna Potter I have been your friend since the first day you sat with me at breakfast. That is never going to change, but I...I have known that I loved you since that night I went to your grandparents house for dinner.”

She stood there in front of him, hesitating and processing before she crossed the short distance between them and enveloped him tightly in her arms. No words were exchanged, but they pulled apart when they heard footsteps. “I hate to break this up, but do your parents know where you went?”

“I told my father I was going to find Lily and then go to bed.”

“I don’t want you flooing back and forth all night.” Ginny came in the rest of the way and looked between him. “Albus wouldn’t mind you staying in his room, grab some clothes, there should be a laundry basket in the hallway.”


Ginny had turned on her heel and Lily looked up at him. “I wouldn’t argue with her. Please, only she’ll know that you stay and I’m sure your dad will cover for you. He seems to tolerate me.”

“Fine, my mother will be gone in the morning anyway, so she won’t even notice that I was gone.”

It was around nine when Lily stumbled down the stairs. Her father was sitting at the kitchen table, talking with his mother over cups of tea. “Bud, sorry I didn’t come home last night. Ron let me stay at his house, neither of us were in any condition to travel.”

“You’re home now.” Lily wrapped her arms around her father again. “Last night went well?”

“Yeah, I mean, as good as could be expected.” He sighed. “I can’t tell you much yet, other than we completed our mission.”

Lily grabbed a mug from the cupboard and then poured herself a cup of tea before sitting at the table with her parents. She didn’t tell him about last night, but instead let him talk, telling him stories. Ginny had started attempting to cook breakfast as she told them about her recent assignment for the Prophet. When she started to crack eggs into the pan Harry didn’t notice, or didn’t comment, the fact that she was making enough eggs for at least four people.

“Morning,” a voice called. Harry looked up from his tea to see Scorpius standing in the doorway wearing his son’s pyjamas. All sorts of scenarios ran through his mind, but he was fairly sure that Albus was at George’s house. “Mr. Potter, you’re home.”

“I stayed at Ron’s house,” he answered.

“I invited Scorpius to stay the night. He accompanied Lily home last night and ended up staying late. He looked dead on his feet, so I thought he could stay here and I could deal with Draco.” She stirred the eggs around in the pan before turning around. “I owled her father already, and I assumed he was fine with it since we didn’t get any surprise appearances. Do you want tea? Pumpkin juice?”

“No thank you,” he answered, taking a seat next to Lily. Harry floated four plates to the table and Ginny brought over the pan, levitating it as she dished out equal amounts into each plate. “Toast?” she questioned, as she said this she summoned a plate of toast that she must have made at the same as the eggs. Lily grabbed two, setting one on Scorpius’ plate with a defiant glint in her eye.

“Your coming to the wedding, right?” Harry asked. “It should be a fun time, it’ll be at the Burrow, like her mum’s.”

“Hopefully it will go better.”

“I don’t think we’ll have any death eaters show up, I mean half of the family is aurors.”

Scorpius about spit out the mouthful of food he was chewing. “Death eaters? At a wedding?”

“Fleur and Bill’s. Harry and my family weren’t exactly popular during the War,” Ginny explained.

“I’m not a fugitive anymore,” Harry teased, but the look in his eye said the casual manner he was addressing it with was hard to do. “So what is the real story with how you ended up here? I don’t your mum would be too happy with you spending a night here during Winter Holiday.”

“I came to see if Lily was alright, she left my house suddenly… Mrs. Potter insisted that I stayed because it was so late.” At that he stared back down at his plate of food, picking at it.

“How late were you here?”

“Don’t act like Ronald,” Ginny admonished, fixing her husband with a stern look. “He slept in Al’s room so there was nothing going on.”

The rest of breakfast was spent with quiet conversation and Lily attempting to make people laugh as Scorpius sat in silence, not quite used to the commotion that came along with a Potter breakfast. The dishes were in the sink and he was heading out of the room when he ran into the Potter brothers.

“Score! What are you doing in here?” Albus asked. James brushed him off, heading into the kitchen to talk to his father. “Why are you in my pyjamas?”

“Long story,” Lily interrupted, standing beside the two boys. “Blame mum.”

“I should be going, but I’ll see you at the wedding.” It was then he turned to her, wrapping her in his arms, tightly.

As she reciprocated the action, Lily felt as if her face would break from how much she was smiling. A hug like this from Scorpius was rare, especially when it wasn’t for comfort and he hardly ever instigated him. It was then any doubt for the night before left her mind for good.

Scorpius looked in the mirror of his bedroom, adjusting his suit as best he could with shaking hands. No matter how much he tried, he could not rationalize the wedding into tiny parts to calm himself down. He could handle hundreds of purebloods, angry ones too, but the thought of a Weasley wedding terrified him to no end.

His parents were invited, yes, because Teddy Lupin was the grandson of a Black. Blacks were of course family, even if most of them said their branch ‘went astray’. No, it wasn’t some rubbish about blood purity, but the fact that they did not act like correctly. And, as much as Scorpius mocked them for it, was the reason he himself was terrified of this wedding. He barely made it through a family dinner, but how could he handle the entire Weasley clan under one roof?

The only thing that would remotely make it alright was the fact that Lily would be there. Lily who seemed to prefer solitude, but could simultaneously thrive in chaos. On Christmas, he gave her nothing, but a bracelet that he helped to create with a few charms. She gave him a letter and a warm scarf, saying that her grandmother was trying to teach her to knit and that she thought he needed her first creation. Of all the things he received, that was the best present.

Finally, he steeled himself enough to enter the floo. His parents couldn’t go to the wedding. His mother promised her sister ages ago that she would visit at their house after Christmas and his father was forced to work since half of the Magical Law Enforcement Office would be a the wedding. Still, he slipped his thick jacket on over his dress robes and stepped into the fireplace before announcing, “The Weasley’s Burrow,” clearly. It was no time before he was stumbling into the warm house. Immediately, he was met with a face equally strange and familiar. It had to be Lily, but she looked ethereal with dewy skin that was eerily pale and a cascade of curls down one shoulder.

“Where have you been?” she demanded as she walked forward, hand latching tightly onto his arm. “Merlin, I’ve had to put up with my family for a good hour and a half, I thought you’d be here ages ago.” She rolled her eyes, then appraised him. “What are you wearing?”

Scorpius looked down at his dress robes. He’d chosen the less formal ones, the ones that were dove grey in color with a light colored shirt and skinny black tie. He’d thought it’d be appropriate for an late morning/early afternoon wedding, especially one in the winter. “You never told me the dress code, I assumed it would be semi formal.”

“At a Weasley wedding?” she questioned. “It’s our Teddy! He’d show up in trainers and have the wedding on the Quidditch pitch if it wasn’t for Victoire!”

“Lily, relax.” He pulled his arm free from her. “Are you even supposed to be here? Aren’t you supposed to be helping Victoire?”

“Pictures, they want us to take more pictures.”

“That is precisely why I left,” a voice called from the doorway. There stood Teddy Lupin in a grey vest with a blue shirt and dark blue bow tie. “Hello, Scorpius, nice to see someone from my mum’s family made it. Even if your motives weren’t entirely pure…” His eyes lingered on Lily. “Al told me everything, honestly it’s about time.” He chuckled, but then stepped forward. “Except the two of you better not pull the same stunts Vicky and I did.”

“Teddy, why don’t you go back?”

“I was nominated to come get you, like I said, photos. Vicky wants more of the bridal party.”

Lily groaned, but marched off into some other area of the house. Teddy watched her go and laughed. “Listen, I know all about you and Lily, but I was joking earlier. It’s up to her and you what you do on your own time, I’m no saint, but you hurt Lily and you’re going to answer to me after you face her wrath.” He laughed and clapped Teddy on the shoulder.

“I think it’s more likely that Lily will hurt me.”

“That’s what you get for falling for one of the Weasley girls, “ he said. “And don’t tell me that she’s only half, because as much as Lily hates to admit it, she’s like her mum and I’ve known Ginny for a long time. Hell, they about raised me along with my grandma.”

Scorpius was about to respond when someone shouted at him. Soon after two heads popped into the doorway, one was James and the other Fred. They didn’t give him a second glimpse, but rather grabbed Teddy and pulled him away.

After Teddy and Lily left him he wasn’t alone long. An older woman with frizzy hair and a blue dress wandered in, hands on your hips. “Hello, dearie,” she greeted. “What are you doing in here? Most of the other guests are meeting in the backyard.”


“Come now,” she urged, gesturing for him to follow. It was clear to him where Lily had gotten her habits form.

It was nearly an hour of waiting and Scorpius found himself awkwardly situated between Lily’s mum and Professor Longbottom. As he looked around at everyone else it was clear that he was overdressed, everyone else dressed warmly and fairly casually. He did admit, though, that they had done a good job of the venue. When he heard it was in the backyard, he was wary, until he saw the large tent that was fortified with various spells that included heating charms. Without any warning, music started and everyone got to their feet. At the entrance of the tent stood Lily, smiling as she held on tightly to Albus’ arm. Soon followed the rest of the wedding party, then Teddy came in from the side and looked to the front row where his grandmother and Harry were seated. All of a sudden a gust of wind blew through the entrance door, carrying in flower petals, it was then Victoire emerged with her father. Her gown wasn’t white, that was the first thing Scorpius noticed, it was an odd shade of extremely pale blue, tied off with a dark blue sash just under her bust. From the sash there was a skirt composed of multiple layers of tulle, her small body was swallowed in the layers of fabric. Teddy was focused on her and Bill had to keep Victoire from walking too fast.

As he watched the ceremony Lily caught his eye, not even pretending to watch the ceremony, just clutching her bouquet and trying to hold a conversation with him. It was all he could do to keep from laughing and barely even noticed when the newlyweds shared their first kiss.

Lily found him easily after the ceremony when she was supposed to be mingling. “You’re lucky Victoire is over the moon with Teddy or she wouldn’t have been very happy with you not paying attention to the ceremony,” she teased.

“She wouldn’t be happy with you trying to steal the show.”

“Me? Come on, no one was going to look at me with those two in the center of attention.”

“I did.”

Lily shook her head with a smirk and then she reached for his hand and tugged him back out into the backyard. All of the guests were crammed into the transfigured downstairs as it was too cold to try and hold the reception outside with night settling in fast. She, though, didn’t care. “I wanted to talk to you before we head back to school and I thought this would be the best time.”

Scorpius just nodded and tugged her over to the same bench they sat on that summer.

“What you told me the night of the ball…”

“I meant every word, truly.”

“Where do you want to go from here? You’re my best friend and no matter how much couples say that they're going to remain amiable in case of a breakup, they never do.”

“If you don’t want to try to go any further, we can stay friend. And if you want to wait even longer before we start dating we can.”

“I want you now.” Lily leaned in closer to him, until they shoulders and knees were bumping into each other and their face was a fractional distance apart.

“Then I promise you that I will do everything in my power to not only move this forward, but to remain friends.”

“Sounds good to me.” Lily’s hand drifted to her shoulder. “Can I try something that I’ve wanted to do?” she whispered, before Scorpius could respond she leaned in and pressed her lips against his. The feeling was different than with Damon. There were no fireworks, but it felt right. She gripped his jacket tightly and pulled away from him. “Was that alright?”

“Perfect.” He leaned and kissed her back, not caring that anyone could see them if they looked out the window. In that moment, he realized that their were two promises sealed with kisses made that night. Scorpius only hoped that there’s could remain unbroken as long as the first.

They kept their relationship mostly private. That is until it was splashed across the cover of a tabloid magazine. Lily was in the middle of reading her divinations textbook when Scorpius touched her arm, she looked at him, and then followed his gaze to what he was looking at.

“Thanks for telling me the truth.” It was Damon. “Why the hell couldn’t you tell me instead feeding me those lies about me not respecting you?”

Lily grabbed at the magazine and stared at the picture. It was of two teenagers kissing, the girl had dark red hair and the boy had light blonde hair. She could tell it wasn't them, the girls hair was stick straight and she had a Hufflepuff scarf around her neck. The boy’s hair was shaggy and the way he bent over to kiss the girl was not something Scorpius would do.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The tagline was ridiculous and she when she flipped to the page to skim through the article it focused on their father’s school feud. It talked about Scorpius defying stereotypes, and possibly long held tradition, while Lily was viewed as the rebellious daughter of the wizarding world’s golden boy.

“You can’t actually believe this rubbish.” Lily rolled her eyes and tossed it back at them.

“You and Potter aren’t dating then?” he asked Scorpius.

“We are,” he answered.

“It started during winter holiday, but it’s not like we need people’s approval.” Lily then took the opportunity to curl against Scorpius’ side. Damon’s lips curled into a grimace as he marched away and it was then she let out a forced chuckle.

“I am glad you are amused.” Scorpius tone was even and he no longer seemed to welcome how tight Lily held on to him.

“What’s the matter with you?”

He raised an eyebrow and gestured to the tabloid paper that rested in the middle of the table, and then around the Hall where people were giving them sideways glances. “Please don’t tell me you think it’s appropriate for a relationship to be put on display like this.”

“It happened. Besides, it’s Molly and Lorcan, anyone could tell you that. Look, the girl is wearing a Hufflepuff scarf and there is no way that boy is you, look at him.” She pointed her finger at his hair, then at scruffy looking jumpers and beat-up trainers.

“It doesn’t matter who it is, it matters who people think it is.” With those words he got up. Lily looked down at the picture and sighed. The figures moved, but their faces never once showed to the camera. Before long she couldn’t stand being in there any long so she crumpled the newspaper up and threw it into a rubbish bin on her way out.

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