Till the Wind Sets You Free

Chapter 3

The next days followed much like the first had. Scorpius savored the hour or so he had in the rosy hours of the morning with Lily. Nothing was more wonderful than a drowsy Lily, drunk with dreams, that never had the chance of crossing her mind. They never discussed why she didn’t sleep, but Lily didn’t need questions and Scorpius didn’t need answers.

They had been back at school for a week when he found her with her knees pulled up to her chest leaning against the arm of the coach where a large textbook was perched. Upon further inspection he saw a muggle legal pad and pen placed inside the pages.

“Studying?” he asked.

“I wish,” she muttered. By the sound of her voice and her appearance he wondered if she even went to bed. Her uniform was overly wrinkled, hair thrown into a messy knot atop her head and the makeup she wore appeared to be leftover smudges from the night before.

“Lily, have you slept?”

“Of course.” Though the words were an acceptable answer, he could tell she wasn’t really listening when she shook her head and scratched something down on the pad. When she glanced back up he was looking at her with great concern. “I promise Score.” Lily gave him a smile. “I just had a bad dream and…”

Scorpius doesn’t say anything, but instead sat down beside her and began to rub small circles in between her shoulderblades. He may be rather stingy with affection, but he knows how tactile Lily is. At his touch her body relaxed and a smile reached her eyes. “Do you want to head down to breakfast early? No one should be there yet and we can talk.”

“I can’t, I look like a disaster.” She pulls the legal pad out and shuts the book before throwing it into her book bag.

“Who cares?”

“Did you just say that?” She raised an eyebrow and twisted her body away from him. His hand dropped and he smirked.

“Yes, but if Regina or the Senior Prefect questions why I let you down dressed like that I will deny everything.”

Lily lead the way down and in the dining hall loads up her plate before coaxing Scorpius to grab a slice toast and glass of pumpkin juice. She doesn’t even speak until her plate is filled with seconds. Once that is done she snags his glass and takes a sip before handing it back to him. By then others have filtered in, but only a few Slytherins sit at the opposite end of the table.. The only members of her family there is Hugo who is always eager to eat and make a new friend. Dominque and Roxanne are sitting together talking in low tones, probably gossipping. They were the strangest pair out of all of their family as Dominque was every bit a Delacour and there was no denying who Roxanne’s parent’s were.

“Something felt off last night. My stomach was all in knots and my brain wouldn’t stop working. Everytime I shut my eyes...it’s hard to describe. It felt like I was falling…” She shook her head. “Do I sound barmy? I’m think I’m losing my head.”


“Mum gets terrified if I tell her, so don’t tell Al. He tells her practically everything.” She rolled her eyes and speared a sausage. “But I tell dad everything, so I suppose it’s fair.”

“Why do you try to hide it?”

“They're just nightmares,” she responds.

Scorpius just raises his eyebrows as he leans forward ever so slightly. Whatever you want to call what she has, he knows it is much more than just nightmares. Last year she would go weeks with just sleeping a few hours each night. At breakfast she would fall asleep in her porridge, at dinner she would slump over a plate too exhausted to eat. He most definitely didn’t want a repeat of that.

The dining room was filled with all sorts of commotion. Granted, most of it was coming from the Gryffindor table. Tonight, all the Weasley-Potter-Skamander-Longbottom group congregated there for whatever reason. The twins--Lorcan and Lysander--had their Ravenclaw ties confiscated by James and Fred who wore them around their heads, their own Gryffindor ties lost weeks prior after a particularly detailed prank. Louis Weasley sat next to Hugo, relishing the fact he got to sit next his Gryffindor cousin and best friend, whom he never saw as he was in Ravenclaw. Molly Weasley even moved from Hufflepuff to join in all the chaos. The Professor’s and Prefects let them have this dinner, mostly because they weren’t doing any real harm and it was much too entertaining to watch.

“Why don’t you go join them?” Scorpius inquired, looking down at Lily. The second year was centimeters away from landing her face in her Shepherd's pie.

“What?” She straightened her posture slightly, from across the hall she saw a pair of bright green eyes staring at her. Albus’ look of concern was probably enough to influence Scorpius. “It wouldn’t be a good idea.”

“It’s not my place, but…”

“You’re right, it’s not.”

That night events unfolded very much like the first night he met Lily. He had stayed up late to finish a Transfiguration essay, like all the other boys in his fourth year dormitory. He remembered he left his uniform jacket downstairs when they were working in front of the fire earlier and decided it would be better for him if he looked for it now. If another prefect found it they would give him a good tongue lashing. When he made his way downstairs, he caught the sight of a flickering light. Craning his neck he saw Lily curled up in one of the alcoves, a blanket clutched tightly around her body.

“Lily…” he whispered as he moved closer. Her head was turned away, he thought that she had fallen asleep, but at the sound of his voice she turned. Usually her warm brown eyes lit up with mischief, but tonight they were red and covered with tears. “What’s wrong?’

“Nothing,” she said quickly, pulling herself up to a sitting position. She was dressed in pyjamas, which for her meant mismatched articles of clothing that she stole from her brothers.

Scorpius didn’t say anything, but sat down on the edge of the cushioned, positioning himself so he didn’t brush against her.

“I don’t remember, alright?” Her voice sounded much like when she talked with James.

“I came down here to get my jacket, but you should probably head back upstairs.”

“No.” Lily shook her head so fast strands of hair came loose. “They’ve complained about me for the last few nights, but I just can’t sleep and when I do it’s bad. My silencing spells aren’t very good.”

“Silencing spells?” He looked at her with a scrunched up face, confused by the statement. “Why would you need that?”

“I just do…” She bit her lip and grabbed handfuls of the blanket. “I just want it to stop.”


“I have these bad dreams I can’t remember by the time I wake up.”

“Bad dreams, do you mean nightmares?”

“No...they aren’t even dreams, they feel so real...When I wake up I feel more exhausted than if I was to stay up. I know it sounds peculiar, but…”

“No. Listen if you want to…” He rubs the back of his neck and frowns a bit. “Of all my strengths, speaking openly is not one of them. I am a particularly good listener, however.” He twitches the corner of his lips into an odd smile. It makes Lily laugh, a welcomed sound that brings some of the brightness back into her eyes. Without warning she leans forward to embrace him, he stiffens a bit then wraps his arms around her.

The two stay in silence for a bit, then he rises and walks over to the boys staircases. Before he goes up, he turns around and says, “don’t tell anyone about this.”

She just laughs. The next morning he realizes he forgot his jacket, but when he sees Lily she hands it to him, unwrinkled, presumably with a well executed spell. They eat together and then split off for their morning classes. At the end of Charms he goes to put his wand in his jacket pocket but finds a small piece of parchment. Thank you, who knew those two words written in Lily’s looped writing could mean so much.

“You need to do something to get this under control.” He says this after they’ve sat in silence for quite some time, both picking at their food.

She makes a pained expression. “Maybe I don’t want to control it.”

“Lily Luna.” His tone is harsh, critical even. He says so much with those two words, making it clear that he is not happy with this self-destructive behavior.

“Professor Patil says that I…” She looks around, leans closer and lowers her voice even more. “That I’m a good student. She told me that you can excel in a Divinitions class, but not have what it takes, you know?” She shakes her head and looks away, to signal she is not interested in hearing his answer.“I have to get to class.”

“Most of our house is just getting here.”

“I have Potions. I like being twenty minutes early, it makes Professor Wolfe happy. Besides, he said if I come in before class he’d go over my homework with me to make sure I got it. We’re making the Girding potion today so it’s important.” Her words are fast, strung together and a little higher than normal. “See you at lunch.” She throws her bag over her shoulder and walks out of the room, never looking back, even though Scorpius’ eyes aren’t the only ones trained on her. James has his arm thrown around a Gryffindor’s girl’s shoulder, she appears to be babbling and is looking directly at him, he’s staring at the doorway, though, eyebrows furrowed.

An hour later a cauldron is bubbling and Lily is wielding a knife to cut potion ingredients as her partner stirs the cauldron. “Lily, are those about done?”

“Yeah…” She grips the knife tightly, stops cutting and uses her free hand to brace herself against the counter. The edges around her vision get fuzzy.

“We need to add them soon. The potion is starting to change color…”

Lily closed her eyes and white noise began to fill her ears. She dropped the knife and tried to focus on her breathing.

“Lily?” Her partner’s back was to her, but now she turned to face her. Watching as the redhead began to crumple to the ground. The Hufflepuff let out a scream.

“Can you contain yourself?” Professor Wolfe questioned, approaching their table, assuming the Hufflepuff was overreacting to something or another.

“I…” She knelt beside Lily, the girl’s mouth was moving now and her eyes opened. “What are you saying?”

“They’re coming.” She said, pulling herself into a sitting position. “The others have to get out...Three will….”

“Miss Potter, get off the floor this instance.” Professor Wolfe marched over. “Miss Edgar do not humor her, she is just like her older brother, always drawing attention to himself.”

“I don’t know she just fell and then started mumbling these crazy things…”

Lily had fallen back against the stone floor, hitting it harder this time. By now, the class had paid attention to what was happening in the middle of the classroom, a few started to move towards them, but Professor Wolfe held out a hand to stop them. “Continue on with your work. Miss Edgar pull yourself together and finish your potion or take it off the heat. The last thing I need is toxic fumes floating about my classroom.”

He knelt beside Lily and took her in, quickly assessing her. “Did something happen?”

“No, she just...fell.” The Hufflepuff’s voice was shaky as she added the rest of the ingredients to the cauldron. By the time it was mostly complete Lily had came too with the help of the professor.

“What’s going on?” She asked, resting a hand on her head.

“I think it would be prudent if you were to go to the hospital wing.”

“I’m fine professor, really,” she insisted.

“It’s procedure to have you visit the medical wing. During my study period the room is always open.”

Lily slowly got to her feet, still a bit uneasy. “Fine,” she muttered and walked over to her station, throwing her things in the bag. “Can Zabini come with me?”

“No.” The disdain was close to creeping within his voice. “Miss Edgar, can you escort her?”

Lily rolled her eyes and walked towards the door as the Hufflepuff scrambled to catch up. There was still quite a bit of time left in class, and she wanted to get to the Hospital Wing quick enough the Madame Pomfrey couldn’t try to keep her during Divinations.

“What were you talking about?” The girl finally asked, when they were getting close to the Wing. Lily wished that she could remember her first name, but she had never even spoken to the girl before they got placed as partners.

“I really don’t remember what I was saying before I fell.” She refused to say fainted. Fainted was something that those were weak or overly dramatic did. A quick flashback made her recall Dominique crumbling after Teddy got spliced when he first attempted to apparate.

“No, you sat up and had your eyes open and started going off about--”

Lily halted and looked at her. “What exactly did I say?” By now the door was within sight.

“That someone was coming and something would happen to three people...I couldn’t really tell and the Professor--”

“That’s fine.” Lily spun on her heel, but the Hufflepuff caught her arm. “Can’t you just lie to Professor Wolfe? Nothing is wrong with me, but I need to talk with Professor Patil.”

“No.” The girl’s voice was surprisingly forceful and unfortunately loud.

“Miss Potter?” It was Madame Pomfrey coming out with her hands on her hips. She sighed.

“She fainted, Professor Wolfe wanted me to bring her to you.”

Lily glared at the traitor, silently vowing to enact some sort of revenge on her. The last thing she needed was to be coddled.

“Come along dearie, and don’t you dare argue with me.”

Lily tore her arm away from the Hufflepuff and complied, hoping that this examination would be over soon so she could make her way to Professor Patil and discuss this newest revelation.

Word had spread like wildfire by the time dinner had come around. Lily had convinced Madame Pomfrey that she fainted because she skipped breakfast, so after filling her up with muffins and teas she sent her to Divinations. Lily spent her entire lunch hour talking with Madame Patil and then rushed to her next classes.

At dinner she hadn’t even made it to the Great Hall when someone grabbed at her. “Al, I’m fine.” She saw her brother looking her over.

“Lils, come on. James talked to me today, told me that he was worried about you at breakfast. I caught Scorpius during class and he--”

She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. The last thing she wanted was another lecture, especially one from Albus. Albus was like Scorpius in some respects, didn’t see the point in speaking when you could say more with a well pointed look and just simple phrase.

“At least tell mum and dad, they’ll want to know.”

“Don’t you dare.” She scowled at him.

“They could--”

“Dad is stressed out and you know mum wouldn’t react well.” She’d about had a panic attack when Harry came home with his arm in a sling after Lily, two hours earlier, burst into tears suddenly blabbering about her father. “I need to eat.”

“Why do you do this?” he asked.

“Al, honestly you’re more dramatic than Dom.” She rolled her eyes yet again and moved her hands to her hips.


Lily lost her never to go into the room and turned on her heel in retreat. She was practically running away from the dining hall when she ran straight into someone. At first she thought it was Scorpius, because the person was tall and thin. There was a double take, though, because the tall figure had blonde hair, but their uniform was disheveled and had a Ravenclaw tie.

“Are the Heliopaths after you?” The boy teased, brushing his hair from his face with one hand and catching her with the others.


“There are a fire spirit my mum believes--”

“Lorcan, please…”

The boy’s forehead wrinkled as he shook his head. “How can you do that?”

“Tell you Lysander apart? I’ve known you two for ages.” She pulled away from him. “And no, there are no Heliopaths after me. I just want to get away from everyone.”

“Oh, do I count as everyone?” he questioned, bouncing on his heels. “Because Fred and James taught me how to sneak into the kitchens…” He tilted his head to gauge her response and frowned. “But you’d rather skip. Could you tell Scorpius to meet me during our study period?”

Lily opened her mouth, but the held up a hand.

“I’m not blind. The two of you are always together, either him or those two third year blokes, but you look happier with Scorpius.”

Lily just looked at him, but then stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Lorcan. He was practically family anyway, but she didn’t know why he made her feel so much better. “Don’t be afraid to accept from others, because you give so much more than you think you do.” Lorcan never pulled away before you did, he knew when you needed a hug. He said no more when she backed away from him and headed back towards the Slytherin dungeon.

It was late at night when Lily made her way to the Astronomy tower. The nights added a chill to the air, even in her thick cloak, trousers and jumper the cold still reached her. “Hello?” she called out as she made her way up the stairs. As she got closer she heard the familiar footsteps of Professor Firenze. Upon seeing her the Centaur smiled and waved her over. “Hello, what do I owe the pleasure?” he questioned.

“Firenze,” Lily greeted, waving as she got closer. “Professor Patil wanted me to talk with you.”

“Ah…” he nodded knowingly. Firenze had taken over for Sybill Trelawney’s Divinations class years ago, but switched over to Astronomy when Aurora Sinistra had to quit. After Hogwarts, Parvati Patil’s sight had slowly began to develop. She was by no means a gifted seer, but she had a good handle on the basics which made her a perfect candidate for being a professor. “What do you wish to know?”

Lily walked over to where the stone was cut out for viewing purposes and sat on the edge. “How do you know if you have the sight?”

“It’s a rare gift, especially for one so young.” He walked closer to her, and tilted his head to look her over. “It can be different for each person, often it manifests itself in a dream first, that is when your mind is the most vulnerable.” Firenze narrowed his eyes. “I suppose that’s already happened.”

She nodded.”

“Have you had visions?”

“Not really. Occasionally they would happen when I was younger, I would get a chill or see something or tell my mum peculiar things...but it didn’t seem out of the ordinary. Today…” She bit her lip. “I fainted in Potions.”

“I heard about that. I recall something similar happening last year.”

Lily nodded, not wanting to remember it. Luckily, she had been visiting Professor Slughorn during his office hours. The man was perceptive enough to know not to send her to the Hospital Wing after she fainted. He was the first person that she told everything to. Scorpius, Albus, her dad, and her mum each only had bits and pieces of the stories.

“Horace told you to come to me, did he not?”


“I think it would beneficial if you came to Parvati or I when these things happen, so we can monitor your progress.” He gauged her reactions and sighed. “I hate to provide this as an option, but there are way to suppress this. Mild sleep draughts can be utilized for your dreams, during the day we can help you learn to control it.”

“By control it...what do you mean?”

“You can never truly stop them, but there--”

“I don’t even know if...you know.”

“Don’t doubt your intuition. These instances, do you honestly believe they are coincides? That you are not capable of making predictions or prophecies? Parvati tells me that even if you do not have the sight you are incredibly perceptive, one of the best students she seen in years.”

Lily looked out at the sky. The moon was a fat crescent and brighter than normal. Stars glittered alongside it, but a group in a particular caught her attention. She didn’t even realize that she got distracted until Firenze lightly touched her arm.

“The Scorpius constellation, home to many of the brightest stars and easily recognizable,” he commented. “I find the mythology most interesting behind as their are many stories. In all of them, though, he kills Orion the Hunter because of his arrogance or wrongdoings.”

Lily didn’t know what else to say, but turned to look at the Centaur. “It’s part me, my sight. I don’t want to control it, but that doesn’t mean I’m not terrified.”

“Your fear speaks great volumes.” He smiled at her. “You are more like your father than even you know.”

Lily furrowed her eyebrows, when had her father ever been scared? He may claim to be, but she never saw him as anything other than calm and collected. “It’s late, I should head back to my dorm before your class gets here. Thank you.”

“My door is always open to you.”

Lily jumped down and gave him a small smile before exiting the room. That last thing she needed was to be caught out this late. Professor Wolfe would be eager to lay down the law again and Quidditch tryouts were soon, something that she did not want to miss. She hurried as she heard the clock chime eleven, but jumped when someone grabbed at her arm. Lily drew her wand, but when she turned around she saw the familiar face of Fred.

“Lils, what are you doing out of bed this late?” he asked. Even in the dim light she could see the mischief and carefree joy written across his face.

“Yeah? Albie or choirboy might catch you.” Another familiar figure came into view. James. He leaned against the wall. “I suppose you don’t have any problems you have the both of them wrapped around your little finger, poor Lysander too.”

“You mean Scorpius and Lorcan?” Lily questioned, confused by the nickname thinking back to earlier today.

“Yeah.” He looked her over. “Are you alright?” His arrogance faded from his features into what appeared to be genuine concern. “Fred, you can head back to our room. I’ll take Lils down to the snake pit.”

“I can make it there myself.”

“I’ll leave you two…” Fred backed away, sensing the inevitable conflict and already becoming uncomfortable. James’ way of confrontation was much different than his or his families. He laughed in the face of anger, joked in the face of fear. James always thought the louder the voice he had, the better.

“Come on.” He went to slip an arm around her, but she pushed away.

“Get off of me. You’ve made me feel miserable about myself and my friends the entire time I’ve been at Hogwarts.”

“You’re my sister,” he said.

“You have a funny way of showing it. Scorpius has been more supportive than you ever have.” She hoped the jab would work. A while ago she surmised that he hated Scorpius because he was jealous of him, for whatever reason. James wasn’t always the easiest person to get along with.

“I know, but...I heard what happened today and I saw you this morning...Let’s get you back to your room.”

“I don’t need help,” she muttered.

“You don’t know the shortcuts and hidden passages like I do.” He winked and looped his arm through hers. She relented and let him guide her while he babbled. James could ramble for ages if you let him. The two were about at the dungeons when they heard footsteps. James pulled her close to the wall.

“Why don’t you have the cloak?”

“Shh…” He placed a hand over her mouth, because out strode Regina Greengrass and Rose Weasley. “Busted,” he said and dropped it, taking a step back.

“James Sirius,” Rose hissed. “What on earth are you and--”

“Lily?” Regina finished. “Honestly, if you aren’t with my cousin it’s impossible for you to stay out of trouble. I guess it runs in the family.”

“Not my side, it doesn’t,” Rose objected, planting her hands on her hips, looking every bit her mother at the moment in time.

“Are you talking bad about my father?”

“I never said anything about Uncle Harry. I was just saying that you lot are always up to something.”

“Get off your high horse,” James said. “Either bust me or let us go.”

“Don’t worry, I’m going to make sure Uncle Neville hears about this.”

“I’m shaking,” James drawls. “Want to escort me back? I’m real sorry you don’t have handcuffs, Fiona Finnegan does and--”

“You’re a pig,” Regina says. “Rose make sure he gets back to his room. I’ll go back with Lily.” The attractive blonde watched them walk away before gesturing for Lily to follow her. “Because I just so happen to like you and a little birdy told me that you’re trying out for Quidditch I won’t tell Professor Wolfe.”

“There’s a ‘but’, isn’t there?”

“First, you’re going to tell me why you and your brother were out so late. Then, you’re going to promise me never to pull a stunt like this again.” Regina crossed her arms over her chest, studying Lily’s face. “I know you and Scorpius are always up with the sun, but you don’t leave the Common Room so you don’t break any rules. At least that I know of.” She waggled her eyebrows and let out a laugh.

Lily rolled her eyes. “I didn’t even ask why James and Fred were out, I don’t really want to know. I was talking to Professor Firenze about a part of my Divination assignment because I was late to Professor Patil’s office hours. I knew he’d be there because he has a midnight astronomy class.”

“Fair enough, but you better not be lying to me. Come on, Potter.” She let out another laugh and the two went to the girl’s dormitories.

That night Lily slept into bed in her normal clothes, anticipating getting up in a few hours anyway. However, she shut her eyes and actually fell into deep sleep, constellations filling her dreams.

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