Till the Wind Sets You Free

Chapter 6

After a lesson with Professor Patil she was instructed to get another book from the library, it was to help her more fully understand how to stay in control when a vision was coming on. Quite a bit of research had went in to the book, she told her. Seers had been a mystery for centuries and so rare that conducting research was difficult. Still, they had managed to compile quite a bit in the one volume. Hopefully it would be enough that she would eventually no longer be at the mercy of her own mind.

Entering the library she slipped the pass across the desk and women narrowed her eyes. “Wait here, Miss Potter,” she instructed before spinning onto her heel and through a door into the depths of the back room.

Lily looked around and saw Hugo and Louis with a few other third years. Of course no Slytherin’s were invited. After the war the House had tried to do quite a bit to change it’s mentality, but it seemed that the rest of the world still wanted to hold pure-blood’s accountable, and by association, Slytherin’s.

“Here you go,” the librarian said as she handed her the book.

“Thank you, ma’am,” she replied with a smile on her face before heading over to the table. The boys were pouring over textbooks and scribbling furiously on parchment. She pulled over a chair and sat down. “Hello.”

“Lily,” Louis replied evenly. “Do you want something?”

“Do you need help? That essay is due on Monday.”

“I’m aware,” Hugo muttered as he looked up at her. “I thought you were rubbish at potions.”

“Scorpius has been helping me,” she answered, but regretted the words when they left her mouth. Her family members stiffened and the other boys at the table paused in their writing. “Professor Wolfe is a tough teacher and Scorpius is good at Potions.”

“I’m sure that’s not the only thing he’s good at.” It was one of the Gryffindor boys, she couldn’t quite remember his name, Jamie Finnegan?

“Hey.” Hugo threw something at the boy, Lily couldn’t tell what. “I don’t like him either, but watch it with Lily,” he said. “Now, could you give us any hints on this essay? I’m stumped and this is the third intro I’ve tried.”

“Give it here.” She snatched the parchment away from and scanned it with her eyes. Hugo was watching her intently.


“Nothing, thanks Lily.”

“It’s not a problem.” She smiled at him and set to work. They worked diligently on the essay until Hugo’s was almost complete. Louis watched her carefully, perking up when he heard something relevant and scratching it down. Eventually the other boys caught wind of what she was saying, occasionally jumping into correct her. As she did this she wondered why they never made an effort to get together before. Even Esther hadn’t caught the errors one of Hufflepuffs did and she was one of the best writers in their years, first one to get an ‘O’ on a composition in Defense Against the Dark Arts. That in it of itself was an accomplishment as the teacher was even worse that Professor Wolfe was, as soon as there was more than three errors it dropped an entire grade.

As she started to put the stuff away, Jamie pulled out his Charms and asked for help with the assignment. Lily, though, caught something out of the corner of her eye. James. James never went into the library, Fred did occasionally, but he would never walk in unless it was absolutely necessary. He looked around and then walked over to the table. “Hugo, Louis, good seeing you.” He then rested a hand on Lily’s shoulder. “Can I talk to you Lils?”

“I was…” One look from her older brother was enough to make her shrink into her chair. “Of course.” She got to her feet and followed him out of the library and into the empty corridor. James tugged her towards and alcove where he leaned against a wall. “What did you want to talk about?”

“What the hell was wrong with you yesterday?”

“Excuse me?”

“We didn’t see you all day, when we did you appeared for five minutes to yell at Malfoy and then left.”

“It was my decision,” she muttered.

“What about Albus? He looked dreadful last night. Fred tried talking to him, said he got into a fight.”

“You should talk with him instead of blaming me. I know you like to think I’m the villian of the family ever since I got sorted into--”

“This isn’t about you.”

“Is it about you?” she countered.


“Yeah, right James.” She rolled her eyes and turned around, starting to walk away. He reached for her elbow.

“I’m sorry, alright?” he murmured. “Don’t get mad at me, I just… Fred talked to me the other day. I told him that not everyone got on as well as with their siblings like him and Roxanne.” James ran a hand through his hair, a nervous tick that he seemed to have inherited from a man he never got a chance to know. “That’s why we never hear about Uncle Fred, Uncle George gets torn up over it.”

Lily raised an eyebrow, wondering how this popped up out of nowhere. “What....”

“I’m just saying that maybe I should, you--”

“James Sirius Potter saying sorry and admitting he’s wrong in the same day? Extremely rare.”

“Almost as rare as Lily Luna Potter doing it.” A crooked grin crossed his face as he patted her on the back, the closest thing to a hug he would give ever give her.

Snow gently fell at the beginning of December. It was in the middle of the lecture, when Lily looked up. There was one large window that was used to let in light, but she saw the skiff of white powder on the ground. After long most of the students were stealing glimpses at it until it caught the attention of Professor Wolfe. “Honestly, distracted by snow. It happens every Winter, it’s not some momentous event.” He rolled his eyes as he slapped down the chalk. “Eyes up front, we need to finish discussing this potion before we can begin properly brewing it…” He took the chalk again in his hand and began writing, but he too took a glance outside before reaching for his wand. He shut the curtains and then lit the candles that were around the room, giving it an eery glow. At that there was a sigh from the entire class, but they diligently copied down the notes. When a bell chimed, signalling the end of one class period, everyone got to their feet.

“Miss Potter, can I see you now?” Professor Wolfe called out.

The redhead got to her feet after slipping her satchel on her shoulder. “Yes?”

“I thought you’d be interested in seeing your essay.” He slid the parchment across his desk and she saw a large ‘A’ circled on her paper.

“Professor I worked hard on this essay, I even helped Hugo with his.”

“I know this grade may come as a shock for you, but I’m handing them out tomorrow.” He took it back. “I expect more from you Miss Potter. You’re quite skilled at Potions if you put in more effort you could excell. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you greatly struggled with this subject last year?”

She nodded.

“Now you are doing quite well and while it is clear that you are making an effort, your work does not always translate this effort. There were careless mistakes throughout the essay and points where you could have been more concise.”

Lily clenched the strap of her bag tightly while she pursed her lips.

“I recommend that you consider prioritizing your schedule. Right now it is just your third year, but you need to think long and hard about what classes you are going to need to get decent OWL scores in, what ones will beneficial for you to continue at NEWT level. This class may not be one of them and I understand that.”

She hated to admit he was right. There was two Divination books in her bag and she wasn’t even going to have the class until later this week. Hours were spent pouring over the books, in tutoring sessions and trying to understand her own mind.

“Miss Potter?”

“I’ll take what you said into consideration, have a good day sir.” She walked faster until she reached the doors. Once outside she lifted her face to the sky and watched the snowflakes dance to the ground.

It was December 20th when they were to leave for the Holidays. No one in Slytherin was staying over break, ever last student was leaving. Lily wasn’t taking her trunk, instead cast a few charms that her aunt Hermione taught. Her room was in an utter state of chaos with Simone frantically searching for articles of clothing while Daphne attempted to pack with Ophelia coming in every so often to hurry her along. Esther had left long ago and was probably sitting in the Great Hall.

Lily, for once, didn’t feel like eating. She had found some treacle fudge in her trunk that her Grandmother had sent her not too long ago as she finished packing. After bundling up she descended the stairs and then looked longingly at the boys staircase. Usually Scorpius would be ready before most everyone, he would linger in the Great Hall before heading to the courtyard when the carriages arrived.

“Lily?” It was Damon, he stopped her with a hand on her elbow.

“Score left already, didn’t he?”

“No…” The boy paused a bit. “Go ahead, I’ll stall the senior prefects.” He gave her a wink before going, but it was clear the joking was a cover up.

She walked down the hall to the fifth year boy’s door and rapped a few times before entering. Scorpius was seated at his desk and he looked to be a mess. His neatly arranged hair looked like he just got up and he wore only a jumper and jeans. “Morning, Score,” she greeted.

“Lily, what are you doing here?”

“Girls can come into the boys dormitory, just not the other way around.”

“I’m aware of that,” he snapped. Then turned to look at her after taking a deep breath. “I just meant why did you come looking for me, shouldn’t you be getting breakfast before the train ride?”

“Wasn’t hungry, I found some fudge in my trunk and ate it instead, do you want some?”

“No.” He shook his head and got to his feet while he folded a piece of parchment back into an envelope.

“What was that?”

“Nothing,” he said.

“You can’t hide anything from me Score.” Lily took a step forward and reached for it, but he tugged it away with a frown on his face. “Can you at least tell me who’s it from?”

“My grandfather,” he said as he walked to his bed to grab the small valise he had. “Come here.”

Scorpius wrapped an arm around Lily and pulled her close. She furrowed her eyebrows wondering why on earth he was the one initiating the contact. He soon pulled away and then gave her a tight lipped smile. “I want you to come to the annual Malfoy Christmas Ball, you and Albus. Bring your parents for all I care.”

“Leave James at home?”

“Please.” Scorpius then did something else peculiar, slipped an arm around her shoulder. “I mean it. You’ll even be getting an official invitation, I just...it would mean quite a bit to me if you would come.”

“Of course I will. Now, let’s get to the courtyard before the carriages leave without us.”

The train ride was uneventful, and much like when they came. Only more awkward, because there was more people with Lily, Albus, and Scorpius. One of those people was Julian Corner. The boy mostly kept quiet, but did sit beside Albus. The others were mutual friends of Albus and Scorpius, another Ravenclaw and a Hufflepuff. Lily didn’t comment on the absence of Gryffindors, because she knew that Albus didn’t have many friends in his own house.

When they arrived she grabbed her bag and everyone in the compartment quickly exited. Lily had given up long ago trying to stay with her brothers or find them as the train was always pure chaos. As she descended the steps, she quickly scanned the crowd to locate her father.

“Over there,” Scorpius said from behind her, pointing off in a direction.

Lily looked over and a smile spread across her face as she saw her father, arms crossed across his chest. She sprinted over there and wrapped her arms around him. “Merlin, I missed you.” She held tight, burrowing her face in his soft flannel shirt. “Did you not work today? I thought mum was going to pick us up.”

“Mission got called off for me, I had to work late last night.” Harry pulled away from his daughter and looked to where Scorpius was. “Your mother should be here soon, Draco had to stay at the office.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Harry just shook his head with a smile as the boy walked over. “I already invited Lily, but the Malfoy’s have a ball on the twenty-third…”

Harry just held up his hand. “Ginny and I have to go to a fundraiser for the Prophet, but Lily and Albus can go if they want to.” He looked down at his daughter and then back up. “Speaking of Albus, have you seen him? Or James?” He sighed. “Honestly those two....”

“Can you not group me with James?” It was Albus, he walked up from behind him. “I think he’s still with Fred, telling Uncle George one of their crazy schemes.”

“I better find my mother. I’ll owl you two with the details.” Scorpius motioned to move away, but he instead found Lily giving him a quick embrace. “Bye.”

“Bye.” She smiled widely before following her brother and father on a hunt for James.

Lily forgot how much she loved Shell Cottage. It was the second day of Winter Holiday when she and her mum flooed over. “Oh, my lovely Lily come here,” her aunt Fleur cooed when she saw her niece and wrapped her up in a warm hug. “Ginny, it is nice to see you.” Her accent had improved greatly, or so her mother claimed. Apparently she used to have a terrible French accent, but was much better now and she only slipped into a French if she was furious or distraught.

“It’s nice to see you too.”

“Come, come, let’s have tea and then we can have some fun.” Fleur led them into the kitchen with a sparkle in her eye as she waved her wand around to get everything on the table. Lily always loved asking her aunt Fleur for advice regarding anything remotely feminine. Quite frankly her mother was not best in that department after living with six brothers. “Dominique is the only one home. Louis is at Ron and Hermione’s, Victoire is with Teddy, and Bill is at work.”

“Aunt Ginny!” a voice exclaimed, Dominique had appeared and she took a seat next to Lily at the kitchen table. The girl looked more Weasley than Delacour, but that was only because of her red hair and freckles. She still had the blue eyes and delicate features of her mother. “Lily, I went through our dresses and I have just the one you can borrow. Are you done?” She looked down at the steaming cup of tea. “Take it with you, come along.”

Dominique led her up the stairs and down the hall to her room where she had a wardrobe flung open. Three dresses sat on her bed. “Two of them are mine and one is an old one of Victoire’s.”

Lily raised her eyebrow at the one that was clearly her older sisters. It was made of creamy silk with a deep v neck and enough fabric on the shoulders to give an illusion of modesty. “I hope your joking.” She knew it was one that could make even Teddy’s cheeks tinge pink as it clung to the curves of your body with a slit halfway up your thigh.

“It was. The green one is from a Delacour party and the purple one is from mum and dad’s anniversary.”

Both were pretty but the purple one had a beaded bodice and a tulle skirt. The emerald green was was a simple draped dress with a v-neck and a skirt that came to her knees. “This one will be perfect.”

“Try it on, I’ll see if we need to make any alterations for you.” Dominique picked it up and held it out for her. After Lily took it she turned to search through her jewelry box. “Lily…” she turned around a set of earrings in hand. “Roxie and I were talking...you and Scorpius…”

“Do you want me to wear those?” she interrupted.

“Yes.” They were large square shaped black jewels framed by silver and tiny diamonds.“Costume jewelry is great,” Dominique said. “Looks fancy and you don’t have to worry if you lose it."

“Score and I are just friends, like him and Albus.”

“I’m sure Albus would enjoy more,” she muttered.

“What did you say?” Lily’s eyebrows shot up to her hairline. “You know too?”

“Honestly, it’s not like Albus is the world’s greatest secret keeper. Even if I didn’t know you’d have to be blind to see him and Julian alone in the library and not think anything of it. Honestly he acts just like Vicky.” Dominique rolled her eyes and walked forward to asses her cousin in the dress. She cast a few simple spells, to take it in at the waist, raise the hemline a few centimeters so it hit in the right spot and fix the neckline so it didn’t droop. “Even if you and Malfoy are just friends, you’ll make those purebloods jaws drop.”

“Thanks.” Lily replied with an eyeroll as Dominique fussed over her, pulling back her locks and twisting them atop her head. “I like my hair down.” She stepped away from her cousin and let it fall back down around her.

Lily got dressed back in her own clothes and took out the earrings. Dominique helped slip it into a garment bag and shrunk it with a quick spell. When Lily lifted an eyebrow at the underage magic her cousin rolled her eyes. “Fred and George do it all the time, as long as you’re in a magical household the Ministry doesn’t notice.” Dominque's grin hadn't left her face, it was clear that she was a Weasley through and through. She tossed an arm around her cousin and the two went downstairs.

“Do you know how to tie a bow tie?” It was Albus leaning against Lily’s door as she stood in front of her mirror, pinning red locks of hair away from her face. “Last time I attempted it with the self-tying one it nearly choked me and looked--”

“James gave it to you, didn’t he?” Lily questioned as she spun around and walked forward to her brother. “This spell is much simpler, the one dad uses.” She waved her wand and whispered a few words before the ends of the tie wound itself together in the perfect bow.

“I can tell you’ve been talking to Dominique.” Albus was referring to her magic usage. “You do realize her and Roxie are ten times worse than Fred and James will ever be. Everyone expects it from them because of their names. Fred Weasley and James Potter come with a lot of weight.”

“Lily Potter doesn’t?” she questioned as she took a step back from him. Their conversation halted altogether when Ginny appeared in the doorway. “Mum,” she greeted cheerfully. “Did you want anything?”

“No, just dropping off a shawl, thought it come in handy.” She smiled. “Do you want help with your hair, Hermione has been helping me.” Ginny walked in and draped the shawl across Lily’s bed and smoothed her own dress a dark blue affair with one beaded strap. Mostly likely of her aunt Fleur or Angelina’s choosing. If she, even with the help of Aunt Hermione, picked it out, it would be much simpler and the color choice would be questionable.

“I’m about ready mum.”

“Do you want me to curl it?” She walked closer to her daughter with a smile on her face.

“I guess…”

“Albus go help your father wrangle James, he just got back from the afternoon with Fred and Uncle George and still isn’t dressed,” Ginny ordered and then accioed a chair, gently pushing her daughter down into it. In a matter of minutes her hair was manipulated into a soft ringlets. “Beautiful.”

“I look like you.”

“No.” Ginny shook her head. “Have you seen pictures of your grandmother Lily. Those eyes may be mine, but you look so much like her.” She touched the hair that was a few shades darker than her own. “Your father is waiting for me and I’m sure Albus is waiting for you. The two of you have to floo over, we’re apparating.”

“Thanks mum, I’ll see you tonight.”

“Could you wait a moment? I forget something.” She races out of the room only to appear a few minutes later. “First piece of jewelry your father ever got me. Well, after the engagement ring. I had just gotten the job at the Prophet and could wear it to work.” She passed it to her and Lily saw that it was like a snitch, a golden round ball with wings on the either side of it, a dainty chain with a clasp that resembled the Deathly Hallows symbol. “Drives me nuts to wear anything but my ring, I thought you’d like to borrow it for the night.”

“Thank you,” she said and held out her wrist. Ginny gave her a hug, quick and tight, before she exited the room to look for her husband.

Scorpius was in the parlor, pacing, as he waited for Lily and Albus to show up. He glanced down at his wrist, and then remembered he took off his watch. His grandfather wasn’t the fan of muggle objects. In fact, now he was hiding from Lucius under the guise of welcoming guests. It wasn’t entirely untrue, but Albus had been to his house before, enough to navigate on his own, and Lily had been there a handful of times.

A crack and small poof of smoke alerted him and out came Lily. She had a bit of ash on her face and a shawl that was slipping off of her shoulders. “Score,” she said, and walked over to wrap her arms tightly around him, like always.

Scorpius doesn’t complain, but returns the hug. He doesn’t hear the footsteps behind him and is surprised by the words. “I didn’t know you were so found of a Weasley.” When the two pull away and look to the doorway to see Lucius Malfoy, leaning on a cane. “Isn’t that what you are? I recognize the red hair, but you don’t look--”

“My name is Lily Potter,” she interrupts. “But my mother maiden name is Weasley.”

“Ah, Ginerva’s girl, isn’t that her name? Used to play Quidditch.” He laughs. “I found it funny that a Weasley can hide behind the grandiose reputation that comes with ‘Potter’.”

“Grandfather,” Scorpius said.

“What? It was a smart move on the Weasley girl’s part, she’ll probably do the same.” He gestures toward Lily. There’s another crack from the fireplace. “Who is that? An actual guest or another one of your friends?”

Albus appears in the fireplace before he walks out and surveys the scene. As he opens his mouth, he is cut off by someone else. “Father, Astoria is looking everywhere for you. There are some details she wishes to work out.” Draco Malfoy appeared and it was quite apparent that Scorpius was his son. The man doesn’t say much until his father leaves and then walks over, holding hand for the Potter siblings to take turns shaking. “Good to see you, Lily, Albus.” He gave them a tight smile. “I recall my son asking to invite friends, but he never clarified which ones it would be.” He sighed. “You better tell your mother I didn’t approve them.”

Scorpius nods, knowing how she feels about Lily. Albus she doesn’t mind as he his intelligent, yet knows when to hold his tongue. A trait that Lily has not yet acquired and he doesn’t know whether or not it is a blessing or curse. “Of course, I thought we’d head to the kitchen, see if they need any help.”

“Of course, of course. Just don’t stay in there too long.”

Scorpius sees Lily face, clearly puzzled by his father’s attitude. “Come on.” He holds and arm out for Lily to grab onto and gestures to Albus. “Usually you’re starving, so I thought you’d like to sneak some of the party food before it goes out.” He smiles at Lily and then turns towards Albus. “You should try the punch. My Grandfather may be a tad bit unhinged but he knows how to spike a punch bowl.”

When they reach the kitchen there is a frenzy of activity, and the three of them aren’t unwelcome. An older woman fills up three plates, the biggest for Scorpius, and floats them to the table with instructions to eat all of it, sit, and stay out of the way. Scorpius scowls at his plate and pokes at with a fork. Whenever the woman isn’t looking he slides some onto Lily’s plate, her stomach never seems to be full.

“This is good, Score, don’t keep pawning it off on my sister,” Albus said. “Dad and I swear she has a hollow leg, eats as much as Uncle Ron.”

“I’m not terribly hungry,” he responded and looks down at his wrist.

“Where’s your watch? You always wear it at school.”

“My grandfather isn’t fond of muggle things,” is all he says. “I’m glad the two of you are here.”

“It can’t be that bad,” Lily offered up, but she regrets it when two pairs of eyes fix themselves on her. “Honestly, if the two of you even tried--”

“It’s not that,” Albus snapped. His flippant tone is one that James usually employs whenever Lily gets on his nerves. “It’s hard to survive any period of time with his grandfather and the Greengrass family in the same room.”

“Wait until you meet them,” Scorpius told her.

“You’re not serious.” Albus shook his head a mixture of disbelief and fear crossing his face.

“That’s James,” Lily replied casually, pushing her empty plate away from her. Her eyes lifted from the table to her brother to see if he caught the pun.

Lily wraps the shawl tighter around her shoulders. The boys and her then decide to make their appearance, while simultaneously avoiding Scorpius’ mother. Unfortunately they aren’t so lucky. Astoria Malfoy is a striking woman with her dark hair, blue eyes and pale skin. The dress she wears is the same color as her eyes that is made of silk and floats away from her body. “Darling, why didn’t you mention inviting the Potters?” A stiff, polite smile crosses her face as she looks at Lily. “Lovely to see you again, Albus.” She holds out a hand for him to shake then focuses her attention back on his sister. “We have heard quite a bit about you, Lily.” It falters slightly as that. “But I suppose being well-behaved can be rather dull.”

“She takes after mum, and aunt Hermione,” Albus supplied. taking a step closer to his sister, wrapping a hand on his wrist, hoping to keep her temper anchored.

“Mild-mannered ladies never make the history books,” Lily retorted.

“I see.” Astoria turned to her son, her eyes speaking volumes. We will talk tonight.

“Did Grandfather ever find you? Father said you required his assistance for something.”

“Yes, I did. Could you go help at the front whenever you are...finished.” She whirls around and heads off in the direction of where the food and drinks are supposed to be set up, beginning to bark orders.

A little while later Lily is sitting at a table, taking a drink of the now un-spiked punch. Turns out that wasn’t something that Astoria approved of, big suprise. “Hey, Potter, want to dance?” It was Damon Flint, he sauntered over with a crooked grin on his face. “Or does Malfoy have your dance card filled?”

“No.” Lily set the cup down and held out a hand. He took it and guided her out to the dance floor. It was clear he attempted to do some sort of stilted, awkward sway, but she wouldn't have it. She adjusted his hands and guided him with her large movements.

“Where’d you learn how to dance?”

“My uncle Neville.” She looked up at him with a puzzled face. “Professor Longbottom, he’s been my parents friend for ages and is surprisingly good at dancing.”

Damon laughs and takes a step closer to her. “Have you seen Zabini? Him and Nott are wandering around here somewhere.”

“No, why?”

“If you’re not with Malfoy, you’re with those two.”

She shrugged, but it was hard to do when one hand was on his his shoulder and the other firmly clasped. “Well I was with Scorpius, but his mother was shooting us daggers so he cut in on Regina dancing with this guy that looked much too old to be interested in her. Albus got pulled onto the dance floor by Ophelia.”

“I see.” Damon struggled for control, but it never ended well as he would usually fumble. Lily pulled him closer and continued to lead him, counting the steps underneath her breath. “You know, you’re as good as dancing as you are flying.”

“I don’t believe that,” Lily said. “My flying is much better.” She looked around and laughed. “We aren’t even doing this correctly.”

“Too bad.” Damon said. Soon enough the song came to an end and before Damon could ask any questions, there was a hand on her shoulder.

“May I cut in?” Scorpius inquired, but didn’t wait for an answer. With a quick tug he pulled Lily away and clasped one hand together, the other resting on her waist. “Thought I would save you from bleeding feet, Damon tries but he can never succeed with dancing. Makes his mother cringe and his father laugh.”

“He let me lead.”

“There’s never a choice in letting you lead,” Scorpius murmurs, leaning in close. “But can I take control for a bit? I want to give you something.” The pair do some elaborate gliding across the dance floor until he stops and pulls her towards a pair of French doors hidden by a curtain. They lead outside to a terrace that overlooks a small garden. Snow has fallen so the entire backyard is illuminated by the twinkly lights strung up on trees. Up above the moon and the stars shine bright against the dark backdrop of the sky. “Are you cold?”

“A little but I’m fine.” She threw one end of the shawl over her shoulder and hugged herself tightly before moving closer to Scorpius. The two of them were leaning against the railing, facing the curtained window. “What did you want?”

“Your Christmas present.” He withdrew a small black box tied with a silver ribbon.

“But I....” She did buy him one but it was currently sitting on her desk, she was going to send it to him.

“The present wasn’t bought on purpose, my mother was antique shopping and…” He gestured to it.

Lily relented and pulled the ribbon before opening the box. Resting on the cushion was a small crescent moon pendant. It wasn’t solid, but rather made up of what appeared to be swirls. “Can you help me put it on?” She handed him the necklace and lifted up her curls. Scorpius did as she said, unlocking the clasp, draping the delicate chain across her neck. The coldness of the metal mixed with his warm hands made her shiver.

“The store clerk said it was a celtic moon. She says it looks dainty, but is durable.” She dropped her hair when his hands left the back of her neck. “It reminded me of you, I know how you like Luna better than Lily.”

“Thank you.” She smiled and her hand went to the moon that rested around her neck. “Should we get back? If your mother discovers that you went missing with me, she won’t be happy.”

“Merlin, you’re right.” Scorpius attempted to start walking, but Lily reached for his hand to tug him to a stop before looping her arm in his. He shook his head, a smile playing across their lips as they headed back inside.

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