Till the Wind Sets You Free

Chapter 8

Two weeks later Lily found herself in the Divination classroom, the last one finishing a test. Professor Patil had a policy that once you were finished you were permitted to leave. She believed that nervous energy created a negative testing environment. Lily’s mind, though, was racing through things as she tried to recall the answers to the test. She may have loved Divinations, but she despised tea leaf reading. With a sigh she scrawled the last answer down and took the piece of parchment up to the Professor.

“Thank you.” Professor Patil gave her a smile as Lily motioned to leave. “Wait, I got your message about cancelling the lesson.”

“Good.” Lily said and froze.

“This is the third lesson you cancelled.”

“I’ve been busy,” she said. “Quidditch is starting to practice again now that the snow’s let up.”

“Honestly, if you want to stop the lessons then tell me. They are for your benefit, not mine. You won’t hurt my feelings if you stop them altogether.”

“I don’t want to stop them...It’s just that Professor Wolfe talked to me before winter holiday about prioritizing my time. I got to thinking that maybe he was right. You helped me a lot and now they don’t take hold of me like they used. As much as I want to keep on trying I have to think about my OWLs and NEWTs.”

“Miss Potter you are in your third year.”

“I know, but I have to start thinking now. As much as I love Divinations how is it going to get me a career? I mean I could be a teacher or work in the Department of Mysteries, but that’s about it.”

Professor Patil took a deep breath and shut her eyes for a few seconds. “I understood what you are saying, but listen to me when I tell you this. Make your decisions based on what his best for you, not what is best for a test score three years down the line. Alright?”

Lily just nods as she backs up a few steps and then turns around to grab her bag. She doesn’t say anything more to the Professor as the words she said still float around into her mind. Wouldn’t it be easy to just try and forget about that part of her? Different scenarios ran through her mind, but she was pulled out of her thoughts when she heard someone calling her name. When she turned around she saw Damon heading straight for her. “Potter, oy, didn’t you hear me?”

“Sorry,” she muttered. “Just thinking.”

“I managed to book the Pitch for when classes are finished, right before dinner. Regina gave me some new plays that she worked out and they’re fantastic. Gryffindor is going to rue the day they step foot on that pitch.”

“That’s good.”

“Come on, Potter get pumped.” He flashed her a wide grin. “Did Regina get to you with all her lectures about Slytherin pride and decorum? I like my team a little bit crazy.”

“I will try to act a bit more excited.”

“Are you nervous about playing against your family? Because you are one of the best Chasers I’ve seen in a while, especially for a third year.” He placed a hand on her shoulder and shook it a bit. “Besides, It’s a shame Albus isn’t on the pitch anymore, that kid had talent. Gryffindor is still recovering from the loss of their Seeker. James gets too full of himself, that’s where their real problem lies. Well, that and the combination of Dom and Fred.” He shuddered and loosened his grip and patted it. “The point is we’re going to do great. So, where you headed? I have a free period and I need to put off my studying for a bit.”


“Well, I’d be enchanted to go with you.” He looped his arm through her’s and continued to ramble on about Quidditch. Lily rolled her eyes and made snarky comments under breath. Damon never even raised an eyebrow, he’s pause, chuckle and then keep on talking. Soon enough they arrived at Charms and split up. Suddenly, Lily was thinking about Quidditch and no longer consumed with worries. She suspected it was something that Damon intended to do as soon as he saw her.

They won against Gryffindor. It was a hard fought battle that they were slowly losing, until Slytherin’s Seeker caught sight of the Snitch. Gryffindor’s was out in left field, literally. When the annoucer, yelled, “FLINT HAS CAUGHT THE SNITCH. SLYTHERIN HAS WON.”

Lily remembered letting out a scream of joy when someone caught her from behind. It wasn’t Scorpius, sure he would smile and say ‘job well done’, but that was about it. Damon was behind her, face split open in that familiar grin. “Told you we could do it.”

She could have just smiled back, but instead she hugged him. It was a difficult feat with both of them still holding brooms and she wasn’t quite sure what came over her. Perhaps it was the emotions of the game, but she did it. Damon froze for a split second, not quite sure what to do. Lily bit her lip as she pulled away. “I’m going to find my brother.” She spun on her heel and pushed her way through the crowd. Scorpius was talking with Regina and another boy, both subtly showing their house spirit. “Hey.” She stood next to Scorpius. “Great game.”

“The plays need work.” Regina crossed her arms over her chest. “That’s my fault though, but the simple ones need to be like second nature. More practice will fix that.”

“You were good, Gryffindor beater’s are brutal.” Scorpius’ hand went to her shoulder, a finger rubbed small circles.

“Sure…” Regina fixed him with a look. The look she was given all the time. The eye roll without the eye ever moving. One that was most likely a Greengrass trait that Scorpius inherited from his mother. “Was there something you wanted? You probably should head back to the locker room, Flint will probably want to have one of his speeches.” At Flint she flicked her hair over her shoulder and raised her eyebrows ever so slightly.

“Actually I was going to look for my brother. Albus that is.” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“I saw him leaving not long ago. He’s probably heading back to the castle with Roxie and Dom to try to mitigate some of James’ anger.” Scorpius looked between Regina and Lily, wondering what their back and forth was about.

Lily left though, stepping away from Scorpius arm and walking hurridly to the shed where she tossed in her broom. She really did want to see her brother, they only saw each across the Great Hall or in passing, so she ran. Professor Wolfe would be displeased, but she didn’t care. Up ahead she saw her brother with someone else, it wasn’t Roxie or Dominique...Julian. They walked close, shoulders accidently brushing. “Al!” she shouted, giving them warning before she rushed over, grabbing his arm. “Hey, Julian.” She gave him a smile, but he didn’t return it, kept his face neutral.

“Slytherin’s seeker is pretty good,” Julian said as they came to a halt. “Gryffindor’s chasers are better though.”

“Lily’s brand new and Slytherin has a young team all around. Their captain is only a fourth year.” Albus detached his arm from his sister.

“Still…” Julian said, and was going to go further into detail, but Albus gave him a look. “Looks like your brother is displeased, so I am going to tell you job well done before he gets angry. Although, it is rather humorous to watch Al get angry so I am sorely tempted to continue trying.”

Lily smiled, her brother who looked greatly offended that the two of them were talking like he wasn’t there. She could tolerate Julian, he was better than some of the winners she’d seen James with .

“Lily is there anything you wanted?”

“No. I just hadn’t seen you in a while.” She wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug and he stiffened. “What’s wrong? You’re not turning into James.”

Albus just pushed her away and wrinkled his nose. “You need a shower.”

“This is the smell of victory,” she said with a tone of mock hurt. “But I bet it’s one that you don’t get to smell often,” she teased. Albus lunged at her, but Julian caught his arm.

“Let’s go, leave your sister alone.” Julian tone was soft. “It was nice to talk to you this time.” He was referencing that day she caught them in Hogsmeade. “But Al and I have some studying we want to get in before dinner.”

Albus took a step back and cleared his throat, then adjusted his glasses. “Yeah, we have a big test coming up...I will see you around.”

Once they left Lily let out a laugh and walked back down to where the girl’s locker rooms were. Albus was right, she did need a shower and to get out of these Quidditch robes. She wouldn’t have the opportunity once she got to the Common Room. The entire House would be proud of the victory and not hesitate to show it.

Lily’s third year at Hogwarts was coming to a close all too soon. After the Quidditch game against Gryffindor, everything seemed to pass by in a rush. She was busy with classes, Quidditch, and extra lessons as she decided to ignore what Professor Wolfe told her. Actually, Scorpius told her it would probably be best to ignore what he told her. He always got worried when he found her on the sofa in the Common Room early in the morning. Although, he didn’t say anything when they saw her the morning they were leaving as she sat with her trunk beside her.

“Simone and Daphne are little scary when they’re packing,” was the only explanation she offered, Scorpius sat down beside without one word. “Excited to head back?”

He shrugged.

“You better come over this summer. James is probably going to be working with Fred at Uncle George’s shop the entire time. So it will just be me and Albus and--”

“You can come over to my house.”

Lily wrinkled her nose. “Only if your mother is missing, she doesn’t like me.”

“She’ll come around.” Scorpius offered up one of his polite smiles. “I like you and so does my father, so eventually she will have to cave in.”

Lily made a face, not quite believing him. After they spent some time talking they were forced to go through the motions of leaving the dorm for the last time that year. Eventually they were loaded onto the carriages and taken to Hogsmeade to board the train. It was a long and tedious process for all of the younger students. For the seventh years, and a few of the sixth years that had to say goodbye to their friends, it was a difficult time and many of them were tearing up as they boarded the train for the last time.

The train ride seemed much longer than normal, but she was glad at the end of it her dad would be there. Her mom was working on an important assignment for the Prophet, there was an unexpected upset in the Quidditch bracket, so she was sent to cover an pivotal game. Her father managed to get off, but he was working in the field less and less, most of his time was spent in the office, he could do quite a bit of the work from home. “Lily, we’re here.” Scorpius laid a hand on her shoulder to pull her out of her thoughts. “Do you want to wake those two up or should I?” He gestured in the direction of Julian and Albus. The former was leaned against the wall, while the latter was pushed against him, most likely in the last turn the train took. Lily picked up a wrapper from the pumpkin pasties she bought and threw it at her brother. He popped up immediately.

“Was that necessary?”

“Just wake up Julian, I’m going to find dad.” She followed Scorpius out of the compartment and into the mass of people. Like she did at Winter Break she scanned the crowd for her father, but found him much easier this time. Her greeting was no different and neither was his reaction.

Scorpius watched in silence as they embraced tightly, Harry running his fingers through Lily’s hair that was mess from sleeping. When they pulled apart the two of them had wide smiles and Harry waved him over. “How are you doing Scorpius?”

“Fine, sir,” he responded.

“How old do I look?” he glanced down at his daughter. “Honestly, the guys have work have been calling me the same thing, either that or ‘Mr. Potter’.” He sighed and shook his head. “Could you just humor me?”

Scorpius quirked an eyebrow and looked at Lily. She shrugged and stood on her tiptoes. “There’s Albus.”

“Who’s that boy with him?” Harry asked. “I haven’t seen him before.”

“Julian Corner, he’s a Ravenclaw,” Scorpius explained and then looked around. “I see my mother.”

Lily stepped away from her father and wrapped her arms tightly around him. He accepted the hug, seemed to have stopped objecting like he did at the train station at the beginning of the year. “Lily Luna, I have to leave,” he whispered.

“Fine,” she muttered, but smiled as she pulled away. He tried to turn around, but a grip on his arm stopped him. “Remember to at least owl.”

“I will.”

She let go and took a step back, just now noticing that James had returned. He was talking animatedly with their father as Albus stood rolling his eyes. It was good to be back.

Two weeks into summer and Harry was stuck at his desk filling at paperwork. Being Head Auror had it’s perks, but it also came with quite a bit of hassle. That meant staying in the office instead of actually being out in the field. It made Ginny happy, but he always told her it was payback from when she played for the Holyhead Harpies. It wasn’t anything like Quidditch at Hogwarts, she always ended up bruised and battered, occasionally a concussion.

“Oy, Potter, here’s the reports you wanted.” Draco Malfoy walked in and placed the file folder on his desk that was labeled: Improper Use of Magic Office.

“Repeat offenders?” he questioned as he pushed his glasses up his nose and scanned the names of those he saw, the list was getting smaller. “Why didn’t you have one of your assistants run it over?”

“I’m leaving for a week with Astoria, I know you’re busy here, but can you keep an eye out? Ever since Catherine was promoted things have been falling apart.”

“Just Astoria, isn’t Scorpius coming?”

“It’s a business trip for me and Astoria will be having meetings the entire time.”

Harry nodded, aware of his wife’s job at a design studio. She usually bought antique furniture, not caring if it was magical or muggle. He’d heard horror stories from Draco about her shopping trips, something that Scorpius would not want to be subjected to. “Why doesn’t he stay with me? If I’m guessing right he’ll either be alone in that drafty manor of yours or with your parents.”

Draco quirked an eyebrow and crossed his arms over his chest. “Astoria would love that.”

“It’d make Lily happy. Besides, if James and Albus are alone long enough something’s bound to happen. With Scorpius there he can help Lily diffuse the situation before a report ends up in your department.”

“I’ll ask him, but are you positive that having a fourth teenager at your house would be fine ?”

“More the merrier, it’s kind of quiet with Teddy not coming over as much.” Harry glanced over the files and reached for his wand to float his history over to cross check it.

“Quiet? Salazar, you really have lost your mind.” Draco shook his head. “If Scorpius comes over can you promise not to corrupt him?”

“Corrupt?” Harry gave him a confused look. “I won’t be doing any of that, but if you spent any time at all with my daughter--”

“She’s...enchanting, a little…” He gestured in the air searching for a word.

“Well, Scorpius seems to think she’s enchanting too. You’re lucky I like your kid or I’d be threatening him.”

Draco rolled his eyes. “Just get that filed and see to it that Aurors are dispatched to the appropriate places. The last thing we want is a couple of rogue wizards exposing our world because they’re careless around muggles.”

Harry nodded and nodded and got to work. Draco left the office as silently as he came in.

“Lily? James? Albus?” he shouted when he got into the door. Ginny wouldn’t be home until around six, he wasn’t scheduled off until five, but he finished everything up early. One of the assistants told him to go home, that they had everything squared away and a half an hour wouldn’t hurt the department, he made it up with weekends and early mornings anyway. Still, it was eery to come home to silence. Relative silence. He heard fumbling from upstairs, had they not heard him? James wasn’t supposed to be home, he was closing George’s Diagon Alley shop with Fred. Lily mentioned something about going over to Shell Cottage, Dominique was having Roxie over and she got along well with those two. Albus...what had Albus asked him this morning?

Harry put away his briefcase and hung up his outer robe before heading to his bedroom to change into casual clothing, then he’d investigate. As he went up the stairs he head music playing, it was loud and he was pretty sure he would have noticed it earlier. He walked to Albus’ room, all the other doors were wide open, and knocked. The music was probably too loud for him to hear over so he opened the door and popped his head inside, only to immediately reverse the action. Albus was there, sure enough, but so was the boy from the train station. He thought Teddy and Victoire was bad, but this was worse. Lily caught the two of them when his godson was a seventh year and his niece a sixth year. Albus was fifth year! At least they were clothed, if not in an compromising position.

The music turned off so cracked the door open just far enough so his voice wouldn’t be muffled. “Al, do you want to come talk with me in the kitchen? You’re...friend is welcome to accompany you.” Why couldn’t Ginny have caught them?

He sat down at the table and poured himself a glass of water even though he thought he’d need something a bit stronger. It was his own fault, he talked with James when the kid was turning fifteen, mostly because Teddy told him that he was asking questions.

“Dad, hey, what did you want to talk about?” Albus’ hair was a mess and clothes rumpled, but he looked mostly calm as he sat across from Harry.

“I don’t know, lovely weather we’re having.” He took a drink of the water and glanced at his son. Albus groaned.

“Is this going to be one of those lectures were you’re all calm, but then mom talks with me later and she loses it. Or is it going to be one of those ‘talks’ where you get all--”

“Albus.” Harry rubbed his temples. “You’re not in trouble, I...I just want you to know that the same rules apply to you and...Julian, was it?”

Albus nodded.

“As Teddy or James. I’d really appreciate if you don’t wait until you’re home alone to sneak your...to sneak Julian in and--”

“I asked you this morning if he could come over,” Albus interrupted.

“I knew it, sorry work was hectic.” He shook his head head. “Just remember the open door policy, for everyone’s sake.”

“Dad are you really that old fashioned it’s not like I’ll get knocked up.”

“Merlin, Al, just...yes, let me play the role of the villain as your old fashioned father that doesn’t want you to have sex before you’re even of age.” He threw his hands up into the air at that.

“We were just snogging, you and mum probably--”

“Don’t finish that sentence, we are talking about you. My sixteen year old son I found snogging while he was laying on his bed with...Merlin, are the two of you dating or--”

“Not technically,” a voice came from around the corner. “Sorry, Mr. Potter, Al told me to wait, but I was worried that…” He didn’t finish, just looked down at his feet.

“He’s not angry, he’s just standing on a soapbox,” Albus said. “And no, we’re not dating. Julian wanted us to wait until we told our parents. I was going to tell you and mum soon.”

“No, it’s much more pleasant walking in on you and your potential boyfriend than finding out through a civil conversation.”

If it was anybody else, Albus would think that they were angry at him. Julian probably did think that Harry was angry, but sarcasm had lately become his forte when dealing with things that stressed him out or made him nervous.

“Al, your mum and I had very different experience at school, some of which even Julian can guess from the stories he heard. Just whatever you do, be careful.” Then he turned to Julian. “Please, do not reiterate Al’s famous words ‘it’s not like I can get knocked up’. I am getting older and I do not want any heart problems.”

“Sure thing,” Julian said and then turned to Al. “I should be getting home.”

Albus got his feet and obviously looked a tad uncomfortable with someone else there. Harry walked away and murmured an excuse, when he turned back around he saw his son wrap his arms around Julian. The two didn’t pull away until a few moments later, in less than a minute the other boy was in the fireplace and gone.

Harry had forgot all about the invitation he had extended to Draco for his son until him and his family were sitting down at the table for dinner. It was just after six and Ginny was eager to tell everyone about the story she was covering. James was hanging on her every word, he usually did this whenever she started to talk about Quidditch. When she finished she turned to Harry. “Push any exciting papers today?” she teased.

“Funny,” he said and pushed a piece of chicken around the plate. “No, finished up early and had a talk with Draco. He’s leaving on a business trip with his wife soon and I told him that Scorpius could stay here if he wanted to.”

“That’s fine,” Ginny said. “It’s quiet without Teddy around.” He hadn’t been around in years, though, since he was in Hogwarts.

“Score is coming?” Lily asked excitedly. Beside her, her oldest brother groaned.

“Where will he sleep?” Albus asked. That earned him odd looks from everybody around the table, except his father. His father stabbed a potato and shook his head. “What it’s a legitimate question? You said that the rules that applied to Teddy and James applied to me. I mean you wouldn’t let a girl sleep in James’ room, are you going to let a boy sleep in mine?” he challenged.

“Al, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Ginny started, “It’s you and Scorpius, of course he’ll be allowed in your room, James would probably try to strangle him in his sleep.”

“Hey!” the older boy objected.

“It’s the truth,” Harry muttered, “and I’ll talk with you after dinner Ginny.”

“Dad you don’t have to be secretive, I’m not Uncle Ron, I know what’s going on,” James said. “You’re talking about him and Julian, right?”

“Al, is terrible at keeping secrets, I thought you would have known by now,” Lily said.

At this point Harry turned to his wife who shrugged. “There was never a big hullabaloo over James and his first girlfriend, I thought you would have figured it out. Haven’t you read the letters they send? Full of hints.” Ginny took a bit of chicken and smiled at him.

Albus just looked down at his plate and then up at his family. “Am I really that terrible at hiding things?”

Everyone around the table nodded their head, except for Harry. Ginny just laughed and leaned over to pat him on the shoulder.

Scorpius accepted, much to the dislike of his mother. Although, it was kind of humorous to see her with pursed lips standing in the doorway. “Are you sure you don’t want help packing?” she questioned.

“I am positive I can manage.” He turned around and saw her with her arms crossed. “Is there something you wanted to talk about.”

“Yes, actually, can I sit down?” Astoria did not wait for an invitation, but instead walked over to his desk chair and perched herself on it. He sat down on his school trunk that had made permanent residence at the foot of his bed. “So, how nice that you’re going to be with the Potters.” She did that sigh and then flicked her hair over her shoulder. It eerily reminded him of Regina. “That Lily girl will be there.”

“So will Albus and James.”

“Right. So back to Lily, at Christmas when you went antique shopping with me you bought a necklace for her. I see the two of you at Kings Cross hugging and now--”

“Astoria?” Draco called.

She sighed dramatically and crossed her legs as her husband walked through the door. “Darling, can you please not shout? Scorpius and I both have wonderful hearing and we’d like to keep it that way.”

“Did I interrupt something?”

“Mother is trying to practice the art of subtlety on me, and it’s not working,” Scorpius replied.

“Be respectful to your mother,” Draco said.

“I am merely stating the obvious, I don’t understand how that’s not subtle.”

“He gets this from you,” Astoria huffed and got to her feet. “All I wanted to do was have a little talk.” She waved her hands and walked out of the room.

“What was that all about?” Draco questioned.

“Lily, mother isn’t too keen on the idea of having a Potter in the family.” He shook his head. “I don’t know where she got the idea.” Scorpius got to his feet and grabbed a book of his shelf to place in the bag he was taking. “Anyone with eyes would see that--” He shook his head. “Never mind. I wish you luck with your trip.”

“You mean your mother.”

“She is going to be buying for the shop, isn’t she?”

Draco took a deep breath and then reached out to touch his son on the shoulder. “Finish up here, you’re mother wants an early start and I’m sure a certain Potter would be delighted to see you.”

The Potter house was chaos to say the least. Not to mention it was cluttered, not in messy way, but in the lived in way. Blankets were folded on the couch, books were stacked on an end table, shoes were lined up by the door...artifacts of their life on display for everyone to see. When he walked in he was immediately greeted by Albus who shouted to his father about an open door policy, Harry rolled his eyes and told him not to push it before intercepting Ginny and Astoria. A pair that was very much like the early days of Ginny and Fleur.

“Do I want to know what that was about?” Scorpius asked as he followed Albus up the stairs.

“Just giving my dad a hard time.” Albus cheeks tinged a bit red. “He sort of found out about Julian and I.”

“Left one of your notebooks out?” Scorpius teased.

“No,” he muttered. “We were…” He gestured in the air.

“I don’t need the details I am pretty sure I can form my own picture, thank you very much.” He set his bag down and was about to walk out of the room when a small figure raced in. “Hello, Lily,” he greeted.

“If you want to see something entertaining, you should come downstairs.” She had a mischievous glint in her eye. “Remember how Uncle Bill said that mum and Aunt Fleur never got along, well…” She grinned. “It’s worse than when Rose and Dom get at it, accept a lot more polite.”

“My mother for you,” Scorpius said. “She believes in the philosophy, ‘kill them with thinly veiled criticism disguised as kindness’.”

“It’s okay.” Lily reached for Scorpius hand to pull him out. “Let’s give you the tour while they’re downstairs.”

Every inch of the house was like what experienced when he came downstairs. He’d only been over a handful of times, but he was still surprised at the sharp contrast there was here. Lily led him into her bedroom. “This is the best part, come on.” She walked over to her window and opened it up.

“No, you are absolutely insane.”

She rolled her eyes. “You play Quidditch, you’re not afraid of heights, come on.” Out the window she went onto the rough. Scorpius leaned out of it to see her scaling it. Had she always been his fearless? Or perhaps reckless was the better term.

“You better come in,” he shouted when he heard footsteps on the stairs. He hoped it was James and would find it all very humerous. “Hello, Mr. Potter,” he said when the older man appeared in the doorway.

“Is there any particular reason you’re standing in Lily’s bedroom.”

“Well, you see I lent her a book and--”

“You’re a lousy liar for being Malfoy’s son.” He walked across the room and leaned his head out the window. “Lily Luna, how many times have I told you to stop climbing on the roof?”

“Dad,” he heard her distinct voice whine. Scorpius let out a laugh.

“Just like Ginny,” he said when he pulled his head back in. “I wanted to warn you, Hermione and Ron will be coming over for dinner, so will Rose and Hugo. Maybe Teddy and Victoire, we haven’t heard back from them yet.”

“Don’t scare him, dad.” Lily climbed back through the window, her hair tousled from the wind. “Pleasant surprises are so much better than telling him ahead of time.” She tried to smooth her locks as she moved a glint of silver caught the sun. She was still wearing the necklace he got her. “Did you tell him Friday night dinners are at Grandpa and Grandma’s?” She crossed the room as her father was walking out. “After staying with us you’ll pretty much be an official Potter, won’t that please your mother?”

“I’m going to find Albus.”

“Remember to the keep the door open!” she teased.

Scorpius turned around and fixed her with his famous look. “You are lucky I am a gentleman otherwise I would find something and throw it at you.”

Lily rolled her eyes and picked up a jumper, aiming it at the door. Scorpius retreated, laughter echoing behind him.

Scorpius was seated with Albus and Lily watching a muggle movie on their television set. Albus was watching with rapt attention, Scorpius was reading, and Lily was...no one was quite sure what Lily was doing. But somehow she was managing to cross check two rather large books, write down notes and still manage to make snarky comments.

“School is over,” James said when he walked through the door, tossing aside his Wizard Wheezes vest, ruffling his sister’s hair and pushing her into Scorpius to make room on the couch. “Better hide those before Rosie comes over, she won’t want to be upstaged.”

“If you call her ‘Rosie’ then she won’t pay any mind to what I’m doing.”

“Can the two of you shut up?” Albus asked. “I’m trying to watch the movie.”

“You’ve already watched this a dozen times,” James complained.

“Then why are you here?” Lily questioned. When he didn’t answer she huffed and continued her work.

Silence in the Potter house, Scorpius noticed, was much different than his own house. First off, it was never quiet. There was always a tea kettle going off, voices calling out to one another, radio or tv going...If by some miracle the family itself was quiet they seemed perfectly fine. Honestly, he never thought he’d see the day Lily Potter was comfortable sitting next to three people and not attempting a conversation.

“Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione will be here in ten, wrap it up,” Harry called from the kitchen.

“James it’s your turn to set the table,” Ginny added.

“Put your wand away, I don’t care if you’re of age, you don’t need a wand for everything.”

That earned a groan from the seventeen year old as he got to his feet. “Dad, come on,” he shouted back. Harry appeared in the doorway and shook his head, gesturing to a cupboard where the dishes were. Albus shut off the tv and Lily started collecting her things only to deposit them on the bookshelf. The only reason it seemed odd, because about thirty seconds later the front door opened.

“Harry!” It was Ron when everyone got up they saw him embracing Harry.

“Hello,” a softer voice said. Hermione did the same thing. Hugs were exchanged between most everyone before everyone was inside the door. Rose wandered over to James and started straightening the silverware he put on the table, Hugo made his way over to Lily.

“Let’s see how long it takes for Uncle Ron to notice Score, any bets?” Lily whispered to Albus.

“I heard that,” Scorpius said, “I’m pretty sure he already saw me.”

“No, dad’s pretty oblivious,” Hugo told them. “Mum’s the one who catches everything. Look.” Hermione was making her way over, a bright smile on her face.

“You’re Scorpius, I’m guessing. You look so much like your father, as much as Albus looks like Harry. I’m Hermione, but I’m sure you’ve already guessed.” She held out a hand and Scorpius took. She didn’t stop with a handshake, instead patted him on the shoulder. “Ignore whatever my husband says, Ronald can’t always let go of things.”

She then turned to her niece and nephew, wrapping them up in hugs as well. As she spoke with Lily about work she tried to fix Albus’ hair, but it never laid down flat. Soon enough, Ginny shouted that dinner was ready and they all squeezed around the circular table. Scorpius suspected that Ginny had probably enlarged it to accommodate everyone comfortably.

“How was work today?” Harry asked Ron. The second man had recently resigned from the auror department to help out his brother in the joke shop. Less stress, more chance of coming home alive.

“George’s books are a mess. Never thought I’d be the one to help someone get organized.” He shook his head and then looked across the table. “When did you get a new kid?” He gestured to Scorpius.

“I’m staying with them while my father’s on a business trip,” Scorpius elaborated.

“Have you seen his house? I wouldn’t want to be there for a week alone,” Lily said as she looked up at her friend, but her smile paused when she saw her Uncle gripping his fork tightly, knuckles turning white.

“Yeah, I’ve seen it,” he said. Beside him Hermione reached for his arm and whispered something that seemed to calm him down.

“Did I tell you I’m going to have to take my own photographs for the upcoming match?” Ginny said. “There was some scandal with the Prophet’s sports photographer, he missed up the proof before it was sent to the printers…”

“Owl Dennis Creevey, you know he’s taken it up as a hobby lately. He stopped by my office a few weeks ago to talk to me, had some business to take care of in another department.”

“Good idea, I’m rubbish with a camera. I was going to swindle one of the interns into doing it.”

The rest of dinner passed in a similar manner as Ginny’s distraction. Conversation was easy and flowed nicely. Even Rose was surprisingly pleasant, a side that Scorpius hadn’t seen since the end of his third year.

By the time they said goodbye to Ron, Hermione, Hugo, and Rose, it was late. The only light outside came from the moon overhead. Lily stood outside after they left, longer than everyone else, and Scorpius had a sneaking suspicion of where she’d end up that night.

Scorpius had been at the Potter house for a few days when he got up in the middle of night for a glass of water. He hadn’t been able to sleep and it was unreasonably hot for Godric’s Hollow, even in the end of June. By the time he reached the living room he saw Lily sprawled out across the couch. It was a tad strange, but she appeared to be sleeping peacefully. He grabbed a glass out of the cupboard and filled it up leaning against the counter. Downstairs it was a tad cooler, but not by much. Still he placed the glass in the sink and headed in the direction of the stairs.

“Score, do you want to stay down here? I’m bored.”

He paused at Lily’s voice and turned to see her looking very much like all those mornings he stumbled down the stairs early. Her eyes were half-lidded and her voice sounded drunk with sleep. “Try sleeping, I hear it is rather interesting.”

“Who sleeps?”

“You about three minutes ago.” He walked in and sat down on the only edge of the couch that Lily’s body wasn’t taking up. “What are you doing out here?”

She eyed him and sat up until she was pressed close to him. “I didn’t feel like sleeping so I came down here after everyone went to bed and read for a bit, then I went outside to see the full moon. If you thought it was beautiful the night aunt Hermione came, you should see it tonight.” Her eyes widened at that and she reached for his hand. For a split second he thought she was going to lead him to the front door, but instead she lead him to the window and opened it so the panes weren’t obstructing anything. “The moon is gorgeous, but look at the stars.” He followed the direction of her finger to a familiar looking cluster. “Firenze pointed that constellation out to me...It’s called Scorpius.” She turned to face him. “But I’m sure you know that.”

“Yeah.” He placed a hand on her shoulder. Lily can feel the heat through her thin shirt and it’s presence relaxes her. Her mind never stops, especially at night, but Scorpius can bring silence to it in a mere moment. “We should probably head back to bed. If your dad catches us asleep on the couch after what happened with Albus his reaction will probably pale in comparison to Professor Wolfe when he found us.”

Lily just nods and steps away from him. Scorpius follows behind her, mimicking her footsteps so he doesn’t step someplace that will make a loud noise. She ducks into her bedroom and he heads back to Albus’.

His father will be back on Sunday, but first Scorpius had to survive through Friday. Or rather, Scorpius had to survive through Friday night dinners with the entire Weasley family. It was a tradition started a few years ago and only happened during the summer, although Molly and Arthur usually saw there kids at least once a week at some point. Well, most of their kids. Bill was on trips for Gringotts quite a bit and Charlie hardly ever left Romania. That’s why he felt mostly calm about the entire dinner when Albus said that it most likely just be his Uncle Ron’s family and there's with Teddy thrown in. It was much more than that. The entire Burrow seemed to have a person coming from somewhere. Upon further inspection all the people weren’t Weasleys, there was Professor Longbottom with his wife and daughter, along with the Luna Scamander, her husband and the twins…

“Al, why did you lie to me?”

“Usually not everyone comes,” he replied with a shrug. “Friday night dinners are an open invitation for everyone my Grandma considers family.”

“I’m sure she’ll love you,” Lily said as she came up behind the two of them. One of the Scamander twins was next to her. “You’re almost as skinny as Lorcan!”

“Molly's catchphrase is ‘you look so thin, you need to eat more’,” Lorcan explained. “Lysander and I have been getting that for years.” He passed Scorpius a lazy smile, but the boy didn’t get a chance to respond. Lorcan was pulled away by a very excited girl--Molly II Albus explained--towards one of the emptier corners of the room.

“Is it always like this?” he questioned.

“Why don’t we get some air, you looked overwhelmed.” Lily grabbed his hand and pulled him away from her brother. The pair went outside, sitting down on on the bench in the garden. “Our family is a bit crazy.”

“A bit?” he questioned. “Merlin, it’s like a circus in there. I swear the Great Hall has less people.” Scorpius, though, realized he was getting a bit flustered and took a deep breath before sitting up a bit straighter. “My family is a bit more...restrained.”

“I’ve met Regina and your mother, I can tell.” Lily closed her eyes. “Just relax a bit before we go back in there. Can you hear that?”



Scorpius felt a bit ridiculous closing his eyes, but he did. At first all he could hear was silence, then Lily’s breathing, then the light breeze...As he relaxed the delicate sounds washed over him, the Burrow was really out in the middle of nowhere.

“Do you feel better?” Lily whispered. When he opened his eyes he saw his friend sitting facing him. “We should probably go back inside, I think Uncle Percy’s been watching us.” She pointed to the window. “He’s a stickler for rules. He’s declared that Molly and Lucy can’t start dating until their 17.” She laughed. “But they’ve sort of already broken that rule, as illustrated by tonight.”

“Is it a big conspiracy to have Weasleys marry family friends?” he asked. “I mean there’s Teddy and Victoire, Molly and Lorcan…”

“The only for sure couple is Teddy and Victoire, they’ve been attached at the hip since she was born.”

“Grace Longbottom will probably end up with Louis, have you seen the two of them?”

“Is Scorpius Malfoy gossiping?” Lily feigned shock, holding a hand up to cover her mouth. “You’re practically made for this family.”

Scorpius just shrugged. “The members certainly are a bonus.” He gave her a smile, a true smile. One that reached all the way to his eyes, not one of those stupid polite smiles he had affixed to his face whenever he spoke with someone. “Okay, you’re uncle is giving me a glare.”

Lily waves and then gets to her feet, roughly grabbing his arm. The force jerks him forward more than he expected and he gets to his feet. The pair goes inside to the kitchen right when Percy has Harry cornered. They hear something about ‘boundaries’.

“Someone should definitely let slip what happened with Al. I think it’d give Uncle Percy a coronary.”

He just shakes his head, that same smile still playing across his face. Now, though, he’s painfully aware that Lily and him are not alone. Molly is watching them and so are a few others from the living room. “Can I have some help from the two of you?”

“Of course, grandma,” Lily replied and walks over. Molly doesn’t say anything to Scorpius because he’s right behind her, hands out ready to take whatever platter or bowl will be placed there. He doesn’t ask why she’s not floating them out herself, because soon enough more people take dishes as they gather around the long table in the backyard. Any remaining dishes Molly does float out.

The dinner was easier than the first one he had at the Potter house. There were enough people that there never was a lull in conversation, never an awkward silence. He sat between Lily and Albus, across from him were Harry and Ginny, so he was surrounded by members of the family that he at least knew. Albus, though, was in a conversation with Teddy, his godbrother, almost the entire time. Lily whispered sarcastic comments and jokes about her family under her breath until she made him laugh. It was something she used to do all the time at dinner or during study hall. If she did during study hall Professor Wolfe would be livid, facing his wrath wouldn’t exactly be pleasant, especially since he would be especially harsh due to the fact Scorpius was a prefect. Professor Slughorn would have been amused--he adored Lily and was pleased with his work in potions--and told them to keep it down.

“Are you alright? You seem out of it.” Lily eyes were now fixed on him.

“Of course.”

“Eat something else before my grandma starts giving you a lecture on why you should gain weight.” With those words she grabbed a serving platter and thrust it into his hands. He would have protested, if hadn’t realized it was dessert she was offering him. Grabbing two cookies he looked up and saw Lily’s parents. Harry and Ginny were leaning against each other. The display of affection wasn’t so blatantly obvious that it made everyone at the table uncomfortable. Beside him Lily passed the platter across the table to James causing their legs to bump into one another. How could an action that had been repeated so many times before feel so different now? The answer evaded him, but one thing that did not was the emotions he felt in that moment for Lily Luna. Hope and fear welled inside his chest when he noticed she was wearing the moon pendant he gave her for Christmas. Maybe it was everyone else’s suspicion, questions, and curious glances, but Scorpius Malfoy swore that he loved her. And that terrified him.

“Is there a reason you’re mad at me?” Scorpius asked as he sat down across from Lily in library. She had a stack of textbooks next to her and a piece of parchment in front of her. Her eyebrows were furrowed and hair pulled back tightly. “I know you have a Potions essay due, let me help--”

“No,” she snapped and tugged away her parchment before he could lean over the table to attempt to read it upside down.

“Alright, then.” He pulled out his own work in silence. The assignment was difficult, but he was easily distracted by the girl across from him. She now had a Charms book out, a quill laying across the desk with her wand poised. Every time he had seen her with a wand her actions had been steady and purposeful, her hand was shaking. “Lily?”

“I can’t…” She looked up at him, her brown eyes wide. With one quick movement she slammed her wand against the table.

Scorpius was painfully aware of people’s eyes fixed on them. A table full of Ravenclaw’s was intensely working and the librarian had been glaring at them since they started talking. “We shouldn’t talk here.”

“I don’t want to talk with you,” she hissed and began to gather up her things. “Besides, it’s not like you would tell me the truth anyway.”

He wasn’t going to follow her out, usually it was best to let her work things out on her own. When she got this angry there was no talking her out of it. She was like her brother and he’d seen it before with Albus after an argument with James. However, that statement aroused curiosity in him and he followed close on her heels. The girl rushed out of the library and then headed outside. It wasn’t very late, but dusk was settling outside.

“Lily!” he shouted. The volume was enough to cause the girl to turn to face him. In all the time she’d known him this year, he’d never raised his voice. “What did I do?”

“We’re talking about the Wizarding Wars in class today, you knew didn’t you? Did Al tell you not to tell me? Thought it would be better until I heard it in class.” She held tightly to the strap of her bag.

“It’s hard to hear about.”

“It’s hard to hear about?” Her voice rose a few octaves. “Is that all you can say? When I hold my wand I just think…” She bit her lip and looked at the ground, trying to push the thoughts out of her head. “I knew I was named after my grandma, but I…I didn’t know how she died.”

“How much did your parents tell you?”

“Enough so there wasn’t too many questions asked. I wasn’t stupid enough to think the only reason they didn’t leave my family alone was because my mum played for the Holyhead Harpies. I knew my dad fought in the war with Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione. I knew the war was how Teddy’s parents died. I didn’t know it had to had to with muggles and blood superiority.”

Scorpius inhaled a deep breath and gestured towards one of the benches in the distance. Lily followed him over and they both sat down, not saying a word for a while. “At the beginning of the year, Al asked me to keep an eye on you.”

“Great, just great.” She gets to her feet swinging her bag over her shoulder as she heads off.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m not that desperate to take one of my brother’s pity friends. I’d rather play nice with the girls in my dorm.” She huffed at that. It was no secret that she didn’t exactly get along with the other first years in her room.

“Do you think if I was only doing this for Al’s sake I would have stayed downstairs with you that first night? Or sit next to you at practically every meal? Or listen to Regina’s snide remarks every time I spend my free hour with you? Honestly, unless Al was blackmailing me I wouldn’t put up with you if it wasn’t my choice.”


“Not whatever.” His tone was clipped and it made Lily halt to turn to face him. “I know why you’re upset, I understand. My dad didn’t hide the war from me, he told me the story piece by piece as soon as I could understand it.” He looked away from and swallowed harshly. “That feeling you felt today when you picked up her wand after your lesson, I have felt that since I was in Ollivander’s shop.”


“No. You can be angry at your parents for not being completely truthful, but if you saw my father’s face when told me about the war...I have never seen him cry, it’s the closest he’s came. My mother doesn’t talk about, she leaves the room when my dad tells me. She was younger than him when it happened, but looking back she resents it.”

Lily is now biting her lip and blinking rapidly. “I know it upsets them to talk about it, but I feel like I know to deserve the truth. If we don’t know the past, then how can we keep it from repeating?”

Scorpius has a small smile that plays across his lips as he looks over her. “He has faith in you. Faith that you’re like grandmother and your mum and him. Evil is not a character trait you possess.”

“It’s not one you have either.” She steps forward until they are a few centimeters apart. “But faith and trust in a person isn’t enough. What good is saying that mudblood is a bad word, if you don’t know why?”

Scorpius fixes her with a look. Even in a serious conversation where it’s intention is not malicious it would get her in serious trouble with even the most lenient teacher. He doesn’t want to answer her question, the word tugs at the back of his mind and makes him sick to his stomach. So he goes back to the safer topic. “Have you ever thought that maybe your father wants to protect you?”

“I don’t need protected!”

Scorpius bites back a response as images flash through his mind, her Holyhead Harpies t-shirt and butterfly clips at the train station, her tear-stained face because of her brother’s taunts.

“You say that now.” He would be angry too if he found out his father liec, but how he wished he could live in ignorance for at least a day.

“Hey…” Lily wraps her arms around him. “You’re not your father.”

“I am, though,” he responded.

“Then maybe you’re the person your father wanted to be,” she whispers and feels him return the embrace. In that moment she is glad that she has Scorpius, even though their friendship started out under the instruction of her brother. They pull away a few moments later and she ducks her head from his view. Does she have a crush on Scorpius Malfoy? This is probably the first she’s ever had that’s actually real. Well, besides Teddy, but what Weasley girl didn’t love Teddy Lupin? It was his color changing hair and mischievous sense of humor. But with Scorpius it was something more. All she knew is that for now she was glad to call him her friend.

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