The Low Functioning Sociopath


So you've all heard the story about the great consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes. But have you heard the tragic story about his son, Ethan Holmes? Ethan Scott Holmes is a young man with a tragic past. He is a low functioning sociopath and is the only child of Sherlock Holmes. In his quest to find salvation, Ethan Holmes finds himself getting into deep waters as his father becomes entangled in a web of mysteries that all seem to be woven and fabricated by an insidious, and unknown individual. But unbeknownst to the young Holmes, that insidious individual seems to have developed a particular liking and interest in him and will do anything physically possible to get ahold of him. Can Ethan Holmes put his resentment for his family aside and help take down the criminal responsible for the string of crimes that have been happening throughout England, or will he find the salvation he has been craving for in the arms of that very same criminal?

Romance / Action
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The Synopsis

☞A story in which Ethan Scott Holmes the only child of Sherlock Holmes, a consulting detective.

Ethan Holmes is a 19-year-old low functioning sociopath with a tragic past. The boy is on a quest for salvation and will do anything to find it, for the youngest Holmes has grown tired of being belittled by his father, Sherlock, and his uncle Mycroft.


However, the young Holmes finds himself getting into deep water as his father becomes entangled in a web of mysteries that all appear to be fabricated by an unknown person or organisation; Moriarty.

But unknown to young Ethan Holmes, an insidious spider seems to have taken a particular liking to him and will do anything to get ahold of him, even if it brings about his fall. Every good old fashioned fairy tale needs a villain, after all.


Can the young Holmes get over the tragedies of his past and take down the criminal responsible for the string of elaborate crimes that have been frequently occurring throughout England?

Or better yet, will Ethan Holmes find the salvation he's been so desperately craving in the arms of a killer who is beyond infatuated with him?

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