Doctor Who: Life with Theta

The Divine Carousel

Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.

At last, the long sleep had done with. The TimeStation was whirring to monstrous life at the center of Mutter’s Stellian Spiral Galaxy.

Soon. Soon. Soon.

Soon the Milky Way would be transformed into a gigantic satellite dish, irradiating the Universe in a wave of Anti-Time that would destroy what remained of the temporal balance the Time Lords had worked so hard to establish through quadrillions of years of discovery and planning.

Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.

Soon, so very soon now, existence would be nothing left but pre-memory, until that too faded into the Before. What then would remain? Nothing would. And once the wave of Anti-Time struck the boundaries of Creation and reflected back upon itself, what then?

That could not be. It must not be.

If that were to happen... possibly even the Universes before could be affected. Perhaps they could even be destroyed. And what of Angels and Demons then? What of anything? What If?

What If? What If? What If? What If? What If?




What If? What If? What If? What If? What If? What If? What If? What If? What If?

What If What?

The question ruminated in the darkness, like a new-lit flame in the night. As it spun, reflecting itself, the darkness drank in the light of the question and became The Darkness. And The Darkness looked upon itself, striving to move. Striving to achieve that which it could not remember. Slowly, so very slowly, like an ache in the chest, the question began to build on itself within The Darkness’ mind, growing, constructing, forming shapes that would reflect even more light upon itself. It -The Darkness- wanted to Know. It hungered to feed on knowledge, as others hungered for power. Suddenly, The Darkness realized that there were others. It had remembered something? When? Instantaneously, realization flooded it. The moment was not important, not so important perhaps as the fact that it existed at all.

So, it thought to itself. There were Others... were they like itself? The soft sound of whirring interrupted its murmuring processes, and it Moved, caught in the throes of something that was not so much fear as simple surprise. There was a girl staring at it. A blonde creature. Nameless colors spoke to the Darkness about the girl, their words to it carried on a derelict, shining wind that howled. It remembered the name of that wind, as it Turned to stare at the girl who stared up at it in equal unsurprise. The name of the wind was Rose.



... Rose.

Two more questions Began in The Darkness. The first had caught so much light that it had attracted them. One, Two, Three. And now they pulled at each other, spiraling together like tiny globules of plasma.

The Second Question was: His Rose?

The Third: Where Was a Banana When You Needed One?

The Darkness remembered Rose. The golden child. Love’s Power fluttered through It in golden veins like streaks of ore trapped in the rock wall of a cave. The Darkness had died in a cavern, once. Death? Interesting. But what was a banana? And would His Rose know? Contemplation ensued then, as more questions appeared and caught on themselves, floating, building, focusing more light into The Darkness. It could see again, at least, when the mass of light had grown beyond the confines of the Planck Scale.

Planck Scale, Planck Scale... Planck Scale! Wait, what was that? Planck Scale... The Darkness had no idea. It blinked, feeling the swirl of fluid around its body. Its body. When had It had a body? It couldn’t recall. But it had one now. What could be done with such a thing? It wondered, stretching reflexively within the confines of its new form. There was a void within It, however. A Void that once had been filled with Life. Life. A title came, bidden and wispy. Life’s Champion. Yes. He had carried life with himself. Three Lives. But where had they gone, these three? Suddenly he felt the weight of feathers on his back. His Back. Suddenly he remembered the mole that had been there. Intriguing, even...fascinating. What else was his? This thought, in turn -The Darkness found to his great delight- spawned yet another Question. This Question was larger than the rest, full with light like the seedful ovary of a ripe fruit. Images swirled across its form, as though it were a ball of water. He reached out to touch it, and felt the cool liquid of calm rush through his newfound flesh. But he could not see clearly. Had he not opened his eyes? He seemed to recall engaging his will toward the action, though now it seemed his vision was refusing to obey, or at the very least was sluggish. Once more he tried to move forward, and gasped as he felt new breath enter his well-formed lungs, burning him in its freshness, its clarity of presence. Then he was no longer The Darkness. He was blind. And wet. And cold. His new body was... lying on the metal of a... grating? Yes. The grating of The Ship.

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