Doctor Who: Life with Theta

And how Exactly did the Beggar Acquire that Horse?

“... what do you mean you left him out there? He needs medical attention!”

But Jack Harkness had fled to another room, away from the console area, and away from them. There was no answer over the comm.

“Wait, Martha,” Grace said, cracking her neck from side to side and looking around in a toss of dirty blonde hair, “... they had a reason. You know these men, think it through.”

“But he’s out there with the Master!”

“Ah, I hate to interrupt, but aren’t you forgetting someone?” the albino interjected, tossing silver eyes at both the women, who were staring at him.

Martha blinked, staring at the pill pack on the grates. Grace followed her with a gasp when she saw what else was on the floor. “Oh god. He’s given birth. Did the TARDIS do something to us? I don’t remember anything since Jack collapsed on the vestibule.”

“Me either. The only thing I see is... a lot of old blood and something like post-pregnancy discharge, among other things. How was he when you left him, Jack?”

Dark hands dragged in the drying liquid on the grates, thumbing the thickened remains of an obvious afterbirth.

Grace was at her shoulder, anxiety clenching her slender hands into fists as she stared at the discard.

“I agree. There’s far too much blood here. Could some of it be Jenny’s? I mean, she isn’t here. Out there then? Two guesses as to how that happened.”

A fresh glare shaded the albino through her spectacles.

“I do not take any responsibility for Miss Jenny’s whereabouts at the current time. But, that may be a moot point. Look behind you, Doctor Holloway.”

And there was Jenny, peeking out from beneath the console.

“Hullo! I woke up before you two did. Thought I’d do a bit of tinkering to clear my head.”

“Like father like daughter, I suppose,” said Grace, scrubbing a hand through her straggling ponytail.

At this a triumphant smirk crawled so swiftly across the agent’s face Martha could have sworn she’d imagined it.

“And what was that for, Mister? You know something about what’s going on! You’ve been out there. Both of you have. I need to treat him! Let me go!”

“I second the notion,” Doctor Holloway said from the ground where she crouched, her tennis shoes crunching softly in the dry crust of the Doctor’s birth-blood.

“So what will it be, Agent Pendergast? We both know you’re a gentleman, so... ”

Martha’s hand was on her kit. Grace’s arm was still wrapped around the books she’d brought from the TARDIS infirmary.

“Doctors, please... professionalism abounds. Although, I fear I really must insist.”

He turned to the Doctor’s daughter, who had what resembled a glinting, pen-sized socket wrench in her hand. “Jenny? Perhaps you can convince them. You yourself know best that the course of action for us in this situation is no action at all. Dear Martha and Grace appear to be in fervent disagreement with my argument. And,” he added, just baring his pristine white teeth in the somber line of a delicate half-smile, “... it would be wise to prove your point now, as this is, perhaps, the last moment of calm before the oncoming storm.”


Both women turned to her in unison, anxious to have some news in light of the genteel and immoveable southern-born agent.

The blond girl stiffened, raising up to height beneath those anxious gazes.

She said, “I apologize. But this was the only way to distract them while Captain Harkness and Agent Pendergast brought my non-autonomous functions back on-line. The Master is outside, with Theta and his daughter, whose form I borrowed in order to facilitate the ruse. I nearly failed him in my selfishness.”

Martha gaped. She knew who this was, as did Grace Holloway. They both turned then, for Jenny had begun to glow golden in the dark of the still-shadowed circular, and the streams of crisp light given off by her body were more than enough to hold the peripheral attention of two confused Homo sapiens.

Pendergast nodded acceptance, as he was wont, and the shining being who stood before them dimmed. Then the lights flicked on in the console room, and everything was clear.

“Well, now, ladies... ” said the agent, crossing one leg over the other while he eased his lean frame against the double doors and shot them both a grin.

“I don’t believe you’ve met the TARDIS.”

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