Our Bedroom After the War//A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

Carnal Remedies and Saltine Lips

Percy's hands were on her waist now, clinging onto her, flesh on flesh.

Her lips moved aggressively on his, as both of them danced back and forth. He could almost taste her, feeling her skin become hot at his touch. She let out a small, unsuspecting gasp as his hands lingered at the hem of her dress. They both stumbled, and crashed unto the wall behind them.

It certainly wasn't something he was used to, this was an entirely new feeling on its own, overwhelming to the senses. Annabeth had always been the leader, the one to take charge for the both of them, but now... He felt her breath hitch and her grip tighten as his hands roamed the various parts of her unexposed skin. Then again, he was the one with his back against the wall as she placed long, open mouthed kisses on his lips. There was something ultimately alluring about having Annabeth mold into him, about getting a reaction almost immediately whenever he dragged his curious hands to a new spot. It was, for lack of a better word, hot and it boosted Percy's confidence like nothing else. He decided to take advantage of the situation, and turned them around, pressing her back gently against the wall.

He brushed his lips against hers, slowly, breathing in her air. Then, he traced the soft outline of her jaw with his mouth. He was completely consumed in her. Her hair, her taste, her smell, everything was addicting and he felt intoxicated. Percy traced a line of kisses down her neck, onto her collarbone, savoring each inch of skin as he left his marks. Like a trail temporarily tattooed onto her body. She ran her hands through his already ruffled hair, and threw her head back against the wall. With eyes half closed, she let her hands roam through his own body, as their breaths fastened. He could feel his own heart, pounding violently against his chest.

It felt good to touch her, to have her touch him, not necessarily in a sexual way, although he thought (or more accordingly hoped) that was where they were rapidly heading. His hands moved up her waist, through the side of her torso, until he felt the hem of her bra underneath the fabric. Layers, there were too many between them. He wanted to tear off her dress, and inhale her. He imagined her, with her dress hiked up, and her legs wrapped around his waist, rasping out his name. His blood boiled, and rushed towards all kinds of places.

Gods, he wanted her. Every single piece of her. He wanted to be tangled up in her, until neither one of them remembered where one ended and the other began. Percy felt a small whimper escape his throat. He needed this, to feel her. To know that she wasn't just a ghost in his memory, that she was there, living, breathing, concrete. That she was with him. That she too was caught up in the moment, that she too acknowledged they were burning through each other's bloodstreams like poison, devouring everything that stood in their way.

He stopped kissing her body, long enough to look at her. Annabeth's eyes were wide open, and her lips were slightly parted as her chest rose up and down with her heavy, shaky breaths. A pale light came through the small window. It barely hit either of their faces, but he knew they both must've looked the same. Sweaty, dazed, breathless. Overcome by each other's own selfish desires and yearning. In that moment, she looked older, more like a woman than his childhood friend, and by the way she was looking at him, he suspected he did too. But she was still a girl, and he was still a boy, and in the eyes of the entire universe, they were still the same kids who had been running from the world's atrocity, for years now.

There was a pause. A long moment of silence before either of them dared to say a word. They didn't remember how they had gotten to where they had, or how many things they had stumbled upon or pushed to the ground in their manic frenzy, but the truth was, it didn't really matter. She reached up, and gently touched the side of his face. A roughness met her touch, a stubble, she noticed.

"I forgot to shave." He explained as he touched his own jaw, and cupped her hand with his. His eyes darted down, before looking at her as she spoke.
He felt as if the oxygen had suddenly become scarce in the room.

"I love you." She whispered in the dark. She didn't stutter, or take her time. It was abrupt and unprecedented but he didn't care, because he understood it completely.

"I love you too. You know I do." Percy spoke lowly, as he moved in closer to her, his lips lingering on hers.

"Beth... We don't... We can just stay, if you want to. We don't have to do anything, I won't push you to do anything..." The words fell out of his mouth like a jumbled mess.
He wanted her desperately, that much was true, but he wanted her to want him too.

"No! I mean, yes... I mean.." Annabeth spoke quickly before clearing her throat, and correcting herself, steadying her breath.

"I mean, I want this... with you. I– I want to have sex with you Percy, if you want to that is..." She murmured, her gaze falling to the floor as she spoke the last words.
There was a nervous tone in her voice that matched his own, and he felt her fingers fidget in his own hands.

"You do? I mean, yeah, I do too... you know, um, have sex. With you, I mean, obviously with you, who else would I want to have sex with..." A small smile had crept onto her lips and she cut his babbling short with kiss.

He assumed his cheeks were bright red, because he felt like all the blood that had previously been on different parts of his body, was now all on his face. She moved softly against him, leaving behind a lingering taste in his mouth. The nervousness between them seemed to fade away, as their lips moved together, completely in sync. Annabeth began to undo the buttons on his shirt, exposing his bare chest, as Percy toyed with the small zipper in the back of her dress, starting to undo it, ever so slightly.

"I still have the scar." She said quietly against him, almost in a whisper.

"Hmm?" Her breathing was short and constricted. His lips had found their way to her neck, again.

"From when I took that knife. From Ethan... It never healed properly so, I'm telling you. I still have the scar." She spoke nervously and looked at him.

Her hair cascaded down one side of her face, as she self consciously twirled around with it.

"Where?" Percy asked softly, his eyes focused on hers as his hands pulled down the zipper gently, letting the black fabric fall to the ground and reveal her newly exposed body. She guided his hand, across the small of her back, up her frail body. Just underneath the side of her breast, half covered by the band of her bra, he felt the soft, rubbery skin of scar tissue.

"There are a few more, but that's the worst one, so..." She began, but his hand reached upward, over chest and pulled her into a hug.

"Gods Annabeth, you have no idea how in love I am with you, or how beautiful you are..." He whispered into her ear, and pressed his forehead against hers.
She didn't speak, but her breaths became softer and less jagged. Without breaking away from his gaze, she moved besides him, her fingers curled tightly around his. This was it, a quiet agreement passed between them as he followed her lead, a tingling sensation settling itself on his fingertips.

"Wait here for a sec..." She whispered into his ear as she brushed up against him, sending goosebumps all over his body.

Percy's followed her faint outline as she headed into the bathroom. Without turning on any of the lights, she reached down into the cabinet under the sink and took something out. He shifted uneasily on his feet, a million thoughts swirling around his head. His palms were definitely sweaty, and he felt his stomach acids burn in his gut. He tried to casually lean against the cool wall while he waited for Annabeth, but instead, stumbled awkwardly, producing a loud stump as his shoulder hit the wall.

"Are you alright?" She called out from the bathroom, looking up at him.

"Yeah, I'm good." He spoke, and silently bit his lip to keep from cursing at his clumsiness as he looked around embarrassedly.

His breathing quickened as he saw her exit the bathroom. He was suddenly very well aware of his surroundings. Of his incessant fidgeting, and the uneven tapping of his foot, and the fact that he probably needed deodorant or a shot of vodka, or something to calm down his nerves. She stood before him and Percy's eyes wandered elsewhere. He hadn't really looked at her, he hadn't dared to yet. The fact that she stood in front of him expectantly in only her underwear made Percy's hear beat that much faster. The air felt hot and heavy, and he suddenly felt all of his previous confidence seemed to drain from his body. How was he supposed to do this, when he was too embarrassed to even look at her?

"Perce?" She asked trying to get a better look at the expression on his face.

"Hm? Oh, right." He turned to face her and saw what she was handing him.
It was a small square packet, with some shiny design on it. TROJAN, it read. How fitting, he thought.

"Where did you—"

"Your mom." She spoke absentmindedly, and Percy gaped at her.

"What?" He asked horrified, which earned him a small laugh from Annabeth.

"There's actually a kind of funny story behind that, um... You were definitely right about her thinking that we were screwing." She said, a small smile playing on her lips.
Percy's cheeks turned bright red.

"Oh Gods..." He mumbled covering his face, pure embarrassment overcoming him.

"She mailed it to me, there was a note and everything–"

"Please stop" Percy said and a burst of laughter escaped Annabeth's lips.

"Ugh, no I can't even think about this right now, you're giving me a complex!" He complained, which only made her laugh more.

He smiled along as she laughed, and pulled her towards him by the waist. She was pressed against him now, and he could feel her breath trickle down his skin. A small smile still lingering on her damp, pink lips. Although some of the tension in the room had eased, he could still feel Annabeth swallow hard as her chest rose unevenly, neither of them too sure of what to do next. This was a completely uncharted territory for Percy. Should he kiss her now? Hold her hand? Take off his jeans?

He'd never had much experience when it came to girls. Besides Annabeth, he'd never really had any other serious relationship, and even though they'd been dating for more than a year, everything still felt very new to him. They'd never talked about their sexual experiences (or lack of, in his case) but he's always thought she'd assumed he was a virgin, nevertheless, he wanted to impress her, no he felt like he needed to. His ego was the one taking charge of the situation now.

He lowered his head a little, meeting her lips. His hands were now careless wanderers, taking in as much as they could. Letting go of the small packet, He traced imaginary lines through her back, and raked his fingers through her curls. His hands seemed to have minds of their own. He tried to lower her down the best way he could without breaking the kiss, however, his lips were no longer on hers, but instead began making their way down her neck and chest, as he felt her settle on top of the ruffled, silky sheets. He felt her kiss the side of his temple, and cheeks as she his naked chest. He pushed his own body upwards, letting his hair fall in his dark green eyes, and she moved with him. Rising like a wave to meet him, her body arching towards him as her thighs instinctively brushed up next his exposed hip. He let out a sharp and heavy breath into the her as she moved, brushing her lips over his jaw and towards his Adam's apple.

"Are you sure...about...this?" He breathed, a soft groan escaping his throat as he settled his hands on her hips.
She stopped to look at him, her eyes barely open.

"Gods, Percy, yes! I'm sure!" She teased, cupping his face with her hands and letting a small, mischievous smirk play on her lips.

Gods, that's sexy, Percy thought.

He bit down, into his lower lip and settled himself over her again, taking in the sight before him. Her hair was scattered all over the pillow and her eyes glazed ove, lazily, small traces of a smile still dabbling on her lips. One of her bra straps had fallen down and he could see the places he had left kisses in her body. His hand moved over to her mid back, reaching the small clasp. She must've had the same idea, because Percy felt her hands undo his belt and jeans in one swift motion. She moved quickly over his body, trailing over his lean torso, sending shocks all over his body. He fumbled around with the clasp, until he finally managed to undo it after a couple of seconds. Annabeth's breath hitched as he awkwardly tossed away the dark piece of fabric.

Her left hand instinctively went up the right side of her body to cover herself, where years ago, the war had left its last physical imprint upon her skin. A clear, white gash ran all the way from the side of her right breast, to her back. Percy still remembered how that had happened, it'd been during the battle of Manhattan. Ethan had meant to strike him, but she had gotten in the way. She'd taken a sword for him, and by doing so, she had saved Percy's life, that was just one of the many times she had done that. He ran his hand up her curves, and settled it over hers. Before she could speak, he leaned down again, and kissed the small, discolored lump of skin she was so keen on hiding.

He glanced at her and saw a quiet understanding in her eyes, an encouraging gleam passing over them. He kissed, and bit and sucked; exploring every soft corner of her body. He brushed his lips over hers, and her cheeks, wrists, chest, soft torso; his lips were rambling tourists, worshipping her body like a shrine. It was almost as if he were speaking with each caress, begging for her forgiveness, like he planned to heal each and every one of her wounds whenever he met her flesh.

She let out soft and consistent moans, as incohesive thoughts spilled out of her, most of them beginning with his name. He could almost feel her ignite herself in his arms, as his mouth continued to follow unexplored trails in her body. He felt as if an entire galaxy would form at her wake, hot and dense state full of endless possibilities. He shuffled on top of her to get a hold of the metallic package that had been left alone on the floor. What little words she spoke, came in urgent heaps of breath. In a very short amount of time, the both discarded, whatever undergarments were left on their bodies and proceeded down, perhaps the single most carnal sin.

Her fingers curled around his shoulders, engulfing him like flames in pleasure. She was a wild fire, free and light on her feet. Expanding and scorching through his body, leaving nothing behind, but the hot, burning sensations of ashes at her touch. He was hers, pure oxygen ready to be consumed, and Gods, was she dying to breathe. He, on the other hand, was like the sea. Impatient, an uncontrollable, unstoppable force of nature. He overcame and washed away. He shifted like the tides, constantly switching between giving and taking. He swept her thoughts, and words, and breath away with the current; and provided her with the washed up safety of his equally aggressive, and gentle arms. They battled each other endlessly, to see who could over power who. Saltine kisses collapsing with searing embraces. One jolting sensation followed by another. Groans and pants, and quivers and trembles engulfed them both, as a sheer layer of sweat nestled itself smoothly on their bodies. They were a horizon on the verge of explosion.

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