Our Bedroom After the War//A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

Morning Sun and Raven Hope

Percy made his way out of Annabeth's bed as quietly as possible.

She was still sleeping, her curls plastered all around the pillow. Outside, grey clouds tinged with orange filled the sky, but that didn't stop the city that never sleeps from rustling. He sat upright, as his eyes scanned the room for his clothes. He saw them, the small pile by the bathroom door, where they'd been left the night before. A small rush of blood flowed to his cheeks when he remembered everything that had happened in vivid detail. A small smile crept on to his lips as he admired the gorgeous blonde that rested on the bed besides him. Percy leaned in and softly kissed her cheek.

"I love you." He whispered into her still dreaming ear.

He wondered if this was what an entire future with her would look like. If waking up next to her would always feel like waking up from a dream. There were so many things he wanted to say, all the stupid little things he'd imagined them having in a faraway future. He wanted to whisper them in her ear, to tell her about the house they'd have by the oceanside somewhere, someday; dark blue with a white rimming, and a beautiful porch. He wanted to tell her how the first thing he was going to do was get a dog, a normal one, because he'd never lived in a place long enough to own one, but that house on the oceanside, that was permanent. She was permanent. He wanted to tell her that he knew they were seventeen and it was crazy to think this way but he wanted this, all of it, with her forever. That he loved the way she smelled like lemons, and how he wished he could stay, but he knew his mom would kill him if he didn't show up in his bedroom. There were many things Percy wished he had said, and maybe he would someday he would, but that morning, he kept quiet.

He stealthily got up from the mattress, grabbing his boxers from besides him and put them on. The room's cold air hit his back as he left the comfort of the warm bed, and went to get the rest of his clothing. He first grabbed his pants and then his shirt, which had only been a few feet away from the jeans. Percy pulled the navy blue shirt over his shoulder, and pulled up his jeans, before actually doing either of them. He heard a small voice come from behind him, as he zipped up his pants.

"You're leaving?" Annabeth whispered, still half-asleep, her eyes still fixed on him.

"I have to, my mom..."

"I understand," She whispered as she held the sheets closer to her chest. "I just wish we had more time."

Her voice was a soft knife that pierced through the air and stuck to him. He stopped buttoning his shirt midway and turned to her, walking slowly. She was sitting on the mattress, covering up everything the white sheet, except for her naked shoulders. Her hair was pushed to the side, and although she gave him a small smile, her eyes were a brewing storm, grey clouds moving hastily on the horizon. He approached her, and kneeled, meeting her eyes.

"We will, we'll have all the time in the world, I promise you that." He mumbled looking at her, his hand softly touching the side of her face.
She ran her hand over his, and held it for a few seconds before whispering,

"Go, your mom's gonna kill us both if you don't get to your house before she wakes up." A small smile played on her lips, she gave him a soft kiss before letting him go.

He smiled at her, and grabbed his remaining possessions before heading towards the door. He could begin to see the sky begin to change color as the first traces of the sun appeared. He headed to the door, halfway out before he heard Annabeth speak again.

"Oh and Percy, I love you too."

Percy climbed up the thin metal stairs that lead the way into his bedroom, as innocuously as he could.

He wiped his hands on his jeans, getting rid of the small layer of rust he had collected as he'd made his way up. The harsh wind hit his back, sending shivers all over his body. He mentally slapped himself for leaving his jacket at Annabeth's place. He could see his bedroom window, a small rectangular opening about 20 feet above him now. Percy grabbed the next metal railing and hauled himself up, his fingers tightening around the frosty, iron handle. Once up, he decided to take another break in order to warm his numb fingers. For some reason, climbing back up into his room felt twice as difficult as he remembered it being only a few months back. He wondered wether he was simply out of practice or if his jeans were to blame, after a very thorough analysis, he decided it was the jeans. He was about to grab the next railing, when he heard a rustling behind him.

Percy jumped back, almost plummeting 30 feet into his death. He grabbed on to the rails, as his heart thumped in his chest. He turned around quickly, scanning his surroundings, his hand moving to his pocket and taking a hold of Riptide. Out of the corner of his eyes he spotted some movement, a shadow at the very end of the platform. In one swift action, Percy uncapped Riptide, and pointed it towards the intruder. Inches aways from the blade's pointed tip, stood a small, black and white feline.

"Meow" It replied, looking straight at the boy with the sword, almost as if saying, Wow dude, Chill.
Percy let out a small breath in relief, and drew away his weapon.

"Seriously, you can't sneak up on people like that." He said to the cat, who in return wrapped itself around Percy's legs, letting out a small purr.

"Yeah, okay, that's sweet buddy but I have to go." He said, but the cat didn't seem to listen. Percy smiled, before stepping away from the small creature, and making his way up the next railing to his room.

He stood stood in front of his window, as the cars zoomed through the streets below him. He slid the window up, as quietly as possible. The last thing he wanted was his parents finding him sneaking into his bedroom again. Before he'd gone back to bed with Annabeth, he'd sent a text to his mom, telling her not to wait up for him, cause he wasn't sure at what time he'd be getting back from the party. (He usually never lied to his mom, but this had certainly counted as a special 'circumstance'). She'd replied "Okay", with a heart emoji; a skill she had only recently acquired. Percy hoped she'd assumed he'd gotten back late and not that he'd spent the night with his girlfriend. No matter how close he was with his mother, this was definitely not a conversation he was having with her.

He opened the window slightly and peeked inside the room, through the blinds. It was in the exact condition he had left it in the precious night, which only meant neither of his parents had set foot inside it during the night. He made a silent prayer to Poseidon as he duck his head, and placed his left foot through the opening. He almost felt like he was in a James Bond movie; except he wasn't, and he was Percy, so naturally something was bound to go wrong.

As soon he placed his second foot on the floor, he sensed something was going to go badly. His shirt collar had gotten stuck on one of the blinds, making him quickly lose his balance. Everything had been going smoothly, until he came crashing down to the floor, the blinds plummeting down with him. He silently cursed, under his breath, laying motionless on the ground.

"So much for that prayer, dad." He whispered to himself.

He got up slowly, fixing the blinds behind him and inspected the room. Everything seemed to be the same way he'd left them the night before, which meant that neither Paul nor Sally had stepped into his room since the previous night. Kicking off his shoes, Percy stepped closer to the bed and glanced at the old alarm clock by his bedside table.

5:45 AM, it flashed in bright red colored lettering. He ran his hand through his hair before plopping himself on the bed. He laid on the dark blue sheets, motionless, staring at the celling, his eyes heavy with sleep. He could hear his own heart beat echoing through the walls, as thoughts made their way into his consciousness. He though about the last couple of months, how he'd laid down on that same bed, staring at that same celling, with that same unprecedented introspection he was doing now. It was the same story, over and over again, but this time it felt different. Things were changing, he could feel it within him. It was as quick, and sudden as a bird's fluttering wings, a passing moment, but it was there. Something he'd seemed to have forgotten about during the last few months of his life, a flickering flame left to die, only to find it burning as hot and bright as the moment you had left it. Hope.

A small smile made its way into his lips, eyes still heavy with sleep, but unable to close. His mind wandered along the lines of of the walls, and frames that decorated the room. He knew his few seconds of clarity weren't life changing. He wasn't magically fixed, or entirely okay. He was still the same troubled kid he'd been, even before he ever knew the truth about himself, but for now things seemed a little better. This was his silver lining, splattered over the walls covered in memories stored away in his mind. As his eyelids closed, Percy wondered what would've happened to him, had things played out differently. Had the fates, or the gods, or whatever ultimate force out there had chosen a different path for him. Had he been alone all this time, would he still be here at all? The question swirled around his mind, unanswered; but as he drifted off into unconsciousness a single image flashed in his mind, before sleep took over.

A boy, with raven-like hair and onyx colored eyes, and frail body that shook uncontrollably whenever the wind blew, and Percy wondered why after all this time, he was only now thinking about the boy whose bones were a graveyard left to rot.

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