A Death Note Carol


"You know the rules little ones," she cheered, her happiness reminding Light of Misa. "Number 146!" She called. Then she whispered. "Amrit!"

A little boy stood up, excitement in his eyes, and took a small yellow box with a red bow tied upon it. And this was how the game commenced. The woman would call a number, then whisper the what must have been, Light realised, the child's real name.

Bit by bit the children crawled closer to the woman, their eyes wide. It was as if they all waited with baited breath just to hear their real names. When they received their gifts, the boxes they held as if they were magic. But instead of ripping them open with fervour for what was inside, the children would gaze at the name tags instead.

"This must have been where L was raised, after being taken by the girl form the wall." He looked at the woman, Her hair was a pale blonde slowly turning in ashy white. She was still relatively young, however, and the right age to have been the same bubble-head ("no," he thought suddenly, "bubbly. She was bubbly.") that had helped Luka. The only one who had really helped Luka at all, which is why he could hardly call her names. Not only had she saved him then, but somehow she had gotten him to this place in England. This bubblehead was to be commended, whereas all the other boys and girls in the group had been so engrossed in the politics that they had forgotten the small boy.

Similar to how Light had lost sight of Sayu in his quest to become popular and how he had lost sight of the causes for which he killed as Kira.

"I will get this right." Light swore to himself, the weight of a thousand future deaths making themselves present in his mind. "I will do right by the world. That's why I started this whole thing. If I have to get rid of prejudices that cloud my judgement I will. I can do it. I can learn anything."

"230! Sarah! 450! Abeni!"

"They're so excited about their names." He thought vaguely amused. However, Light had come, in recent times, to appreciate the importance of the name. Not that he ever cared too much about his own. He preferred his Kira title. 'Light' always seemed a little too soft. It sounded like the name appropriate for a prophet or a messiah or an angel.


To bring Light into the world.

To Light the way.

Light shrugged. Kira was the name of a God. A powerful God. It suited his ego more. He could not help in wondering if his behaviour would have been different if he had gone by the name of Light?

Looking at the children he noticed that the atmosphere was slowly lessening. As if the calling of their names made them more human to themselves and each other. Even he had to admit that calling children by numbers must have been debilitating to their mental health and sense of self. Though Roger seemed hardly human himself. Light pondered on whether the man was still in his room, feeding his arachnids and insects whilst listening to opera.

Would he have been a more personable God? More lenient perhaps?

Then it was a good thing you called yourself Kira! Pronounced the Red-eyed thought .

"Maybe, but did I begin to lose myself then? In losing my name did I lose my humanity? Did I become too detached? Was it when I found the Death Note, wrote in it, or when I gave my Death Note persona a name?" Light frowned. "And L could tell when I lost and regained my memories. He could tell just by looking at my face! I must have two distinct personalities…"

But then your father and the others in the task force would have realised.

"But we know they're not as observant…"

Well there you go. L is super human observant. Of course he'd spot something like that. There is one Light Yagami, and Light is Kira also. You cannot be two people. You would have realised, you're not an idiot. Plus, the other Kira's seemed to have a pretty firm grip on who they are also.

Light decided silently to store the idea of persona's in his mind for later. With the excitable noise of the children it was too hard to concentrate. But he had a feeling that he was missing something very obvious and very vital.

Light's flaw was that he only saw what he wanted to see, regardless of his intelligence. So it was possible that something was amiss here. So he did the wisest thing he could think of. Store information and observe everything around him.

It will be useful to have the brats names if they are related to L in some way.

Light looked behind at the red-head and ghost child. "True," he answered in his head. "But I do like some of these children. I'd rather not have to threaten them in some way. Maybe I could use them as a reason for L to join my side."

Maybe you could have one killed and then take advantage of L whilst he feels vengeful. Mind, we don't know which child is his favourite. Maybe that Number One. The blond boy was jealous of him, so their numbers must mean something. Kill number one and get L to hate the villain. Number One will have to have a grim death to make it work, but you'll save all the other children.

Light frowned, not understanding his own thoughts suddenly. Something was wrong, something-

"I love L!" Cried one of the children suddenly after receiving his gift.

"Yeah I can't wait until I grow up, then I'll be an L!" Cried another child with a distinct lisp.

Light felt like his stomach had dropped lower.

These children….where they to be L's successors?

"No!" Screamed the angry, red-eyed thought suddenly.

"How can this be?" Light continued to himself. On huge advantage he always had over L was that he had more people on his side. Heck, the leader of the Investigation team was his own father! Light had always assumed that with L's death, nothing would stand in his way!

But as the children looked adoringly at their names crawled on tags he realised, L was loved, not in a personal normal manner, but he was loved by these small group of children the way Kira was loved by a number of law abiding citizens. So surely all these children would need destroying too? With the Death Note? There was no other way! He could not allow them to live. They would most assuredly go against him should L be killed. And he could not kill them by hand; moreover why would he?

He brushed his shaking hand over his face. It was alright. He'd kill them quickly and swiftly…But how many more child deaths could he be responsible for? He could handle considering Number One's demise, but even that was cause for much thought. He had already messed up a planned-out future the Fates had, how many of these children were going to grow up to be heroes? Was it worth wiping them all but for the sake of, perhaps, getting the villains? Assuming there were any?

And you, in your conceit and arrogance, are single-handedly destroying the future of man. You have withheld progress and are helping de-evolve society.

And Light knew the 'hundreds dying for thousands' argument would not justify these deaths. As the situation with the Misora-child proved, the unexpected death of a person meant a domino effect on everything else. Sure, he might of saved a girl from being raped, but how many more suffered after he had killed her attackers? But then, does that mean he should not have saved the girl? Should he just leave the Death Note and allow chaos and criminal behaviour continue to engulf the Earth? Was it not Fate that gave him the Death Note? So shouldn't he use it to do what God wasn't- namely cleansing the Earth?

"But then," Light thought suddenly. "That's what it all comes down to isn't it? I'm-I'm not God. I'm not. I should of helped the Earth within my own sphere, like L, because, I don't know what I'm doing with the Death Note. I'm possibly making things even worse!"

No Light! You are destroying Evil people. Think of all the men that would have walked out of jail. That would have been free! That's wrong! It's wrong that people die and suffer because the Fates are too busy taking things nice and slow! They don't live here on Earth and they don't know humanities pain!

"Maybe it started that way," Light replied to the red-eyed thought, "but I lost track, I lost sight. I've killed a couple, a tried to kill L. And Past was right, I did it because I was angry, there was no justice involved, not really. And now a baby girl is dead. And I may have to kill a house full of children grateful just to have names, in order to stay alive after L's death tomorrow, which cannot be helped either. It's all gone too far! I'm trying to think of a way to keep L alive tomorrow and of a way to make him join Kira, but I just can't! All of his past experiences can be turned into arguments against me and my world."

"Liiight!!" Screamed Present, sprouting out of the ground suddenly, with all the obscene cheer of a children's TV presenter. "Time to go somewhere else!!

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