A Death Note Carol

Illusion Part 1

Looking around Light realised that Present must have run at super fast speeds. He scarcely had noticed them not only leaving England but arriving back in Japan. He recognised the dark and busy streets as the city area surrounding the Task Force's headquarters.

Either Present was very excited about returning to Japan, or he was very clever and actually wanted to keep the orphans location a secret.

It was miserable weather, rain drops drizzled from the black clouds.

The wind was cold. The atmosphere bitter.

"And seedy." Thought Light looking about. Whilst in the daytime the streets looked like a regular city, dirty and busy, at night it became far more shadowy and sinister. Neon lights and a few dim light posts were all that lit the dingy alleys and wet roads. Prostitutes and drunken revellers were littered along the paths. What was that old saying, 'they only come out at night?'

"They" of course being the sort of people that Light despised.

He wondered what L would think of them. He would probably watch with a vague interest, in a manner similar to Roger when he observe his bugs. Light snarled. But L would not exactly look down on them. In that way L was more inhumane than he was. At least Light saw them as human and so was appalled by the tawdry and loose behaviour. L just saw them as things.

"Or maybe," whispered his light-eyed inner teen, "maybe the fact that he was basically raised in this darkness has had an affect on him. These tawdry revellers were his neighbours, the prostitutes his depressed mother. Maybe he knows them too well. Maybe he relates. Or maybe he knows why they are the way they are." Light halted for a moment, blinking softly.

Why did people act in such a way? It could not be or their own amusement exactly? Surely it was depressing?

The drunks seem happy enough.

"I'm not sure, there is almost a desperation to be happy. Why would you need to drink so much? And then pretend to "make love" with someone you have to pay for?"

Because some people are debased, that's why. Some of them like being out of control. Like Misa, she enjoys having no responsibility in the relationship, allowing you to decide everything for her, even if it means sacrificing her autonomy. It means she never has to face up to the things she does. Not like us, we know and we accept, for the sake of the greater good.

"Yeah, greater good," thought Light morosely. He was beginning to hate that term.

He was following the buoyant Present who was bounding down the street cackling, now and then shoving his face into those of oblivious passers-by's.

They came to a halt outside a small, yet (thankfully) slightly more classy bar called, according to its purple and blue neon sign, Illusion. Inside was warm from all the body heat of what seemed mostly men in suits and ties. It was a typical after-work drinks area. Leading him to the corner of a room, nicely tucked away in their own booth, Present showed Light the Task Force, minus only his father. Light had always wondered how friendly the task force were with one another; he'd always the feeling that the Yagami's and L were isolated from the team somewhat, his father for his status as leader, and L and Light for their youth and intelligence.

He had to admit he was a little surprised Matsuda was there. Maybe he was one of those people that invited himself to things; he struck Light as the sort. Suddenly, Present looked at Light with those strange now purplish green eyes. "You think that about my favourite human," he snarled whilst keeping his face inhumanely blank, "but at least he saved Sayu when you could not." He smirked maliciously at Light's face. "Oh I know about that little failure of yours. We all know about that." He turned back to the task force and it seemed like the volume in the bar was magically turned up.

Mogi sat and joined the team carrying drinks; evidently it had been his round. All the men had standard saki except for Matsuda who had some kind of bright green substance in a large glass, complete with a strawberry, a sparkler and an umbrella on its top. "Its only because its something like what Ryuu-chan would have had," he was saying to an unimpressed Aizawa.

("My God," thought Light. "Did he just say Chan?")

"I want to be as like him as I can." Matsuda blushed. "I know I can't be as smart but…"

"Shut up Matsuda," Aizawa sighed, "its fine. We know why we're here guys, the Thirteenth Hour."

"I am unhappy about Holmes's plan," Mogi spoke up almost immediately. Light was stunned. In all the time he had known him Mogi had hardly spoken and did not seem forth coming at all. "If Narcissus or Skippy are Faustus, then Holmes may push them into action."

"Actions that may get us all killed."

Light blanched.

What. The Hell.

He glowered at Present wondering if the Spirit was playing some kind of prank on him. Present itself was grinning at the team, but noticing Light, looked at him, shook his head and grinned. This was not his doing.

"Code," thought Light. "It must be code. L categorically commanded that no one talk about the case outside of headquarters. Yet here these fools are in a public place. I suppose they have at least thought to hinder any spies. But why not just discuss this at work??

Alright, Aizawa had said, 'get us killed.' Therefore they are talking about themselves. About the case. Holmes is an unusual name and only corresponds to the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.

So Holmes must be L. That would explain why they would not talk about this in headquarters, L would just beat them down if they showed any aversion to his plan. They're discussing the Thirteenth Hour, which must be a poorly disguised Thirteenth Rule. That's good. If they're unhappy I could use this to prevent L from testing it. While he won't listen to them, with enough pressure from me and dad, he'll have no choice to give in. An that will give me more time of work on him.

What else? Right, Faust.

Faust was the Doctor who sold his soul to Satan for power and knowledge. He then abused these abilities. He was a villain whose key sins were arrogance, greed and a lack of self control. He must be Kira. Narcissus and Skippy…? Who …?" Light suddenly scowled.

"If they are Faust, we need to have a good enough argument to convince the all-wise Holmes to abort Thirteenth Hour." Remarked Aizawa.

"But Holmes will never listen to us!" Wailed Matsuda dramatically before taking a delicate sip of his luminous drink. He grunted in a 'pleasantly surprised' way.

"While I am unsure about Narcissus, I don't think Skippy is Faust." Grunted Mogi. "Skippy seems the kind of girl that does not take an interest in current affairs. At least not enough to get so actively involved."

"But her parents…"

"I know that. But, with the greatest respect to Skippy, she seems like the sort to only obsess over that one issue. We only have to see her with Narcissus to see that. It's why I was against her 'title' being Bruce. If she was Faust, why would she have become a model with no ties to the law or justice? If she was passionate against criminals she would have at least joined or set up some sort of charity. She would have been involved. Its too weird that suddenly, in her early twenties, her past would affect her so much that she would pick up the Poison Apple and become Faust."

"Posion Apple?" Light pondered, a smirk pulling on his lips. "That must be Death Note. If only they knew how fitting that term was..."

"Well, according to Holmes she is Faust the Second." Countered Aizawa. "I think your profile of her is correct. But what about Narcissus? He does have the correct background for someone who is against any kind of deviancy. He lives in a middle class suburban area, has a good school, his parents are together and have conservative values. People like that tend to live in cocoons of their own making and do not understand the behaviours of anyone unlike themselves, namely the working class. Middle class kids are the ones that volunteer in foreign countries (ironically taking jobs from the very people they aim to help.) Middle class kids tend to be the ones that will go on to be the lawyers and Judges and politicians, because they have a better education. Then you have the working class who are often isolated and bitter. Political correctness be damned, we all know that crime is higher in working class or very poor families. Narcissus not only comes from this background, but look at it more individually. His parents practically idolise him; he's barely human at times. It would not surprise me if he had a sort of god-complex, all his significent others treat him like one."

"N-no, Li- I mean, Narcissus is just very good-" Spluttered Matsuda nearly spilling his drink.

"Grow up Matsu," complained Aizawa. "The Chief could not believe that Narcissus had porn in his room. He's seventeen for Gods sake. Of course he should have a porn stash! Point is that Holmes has a reason to suspect him. And if he is Faust, then it stands to reason that a love obsessed Skippy would do whatever he asked. What is his passion, would be hers because she is so desperate to please him. Then considering her background, it is logical that she would see Faust as a god of justice as opposed to a psychopath."

"I thought that porn thing was out of character," interrupted Mogi, completely changing track and making the other two men look at him. "C'mon, the kid is dating Skippy. Skippy! A teenagers dream girl! Yet look how uninterested he is."

Matsuda looked like he was going to explode with joy, his eyes practically had stars in them, "that's because he loves Holmes!!!"

Light wanted to kill Matsuda. His fingers itched for the Death Note. "Remember, he saved Sayu," Light began to chant like a mantra in his head. "He saved Sayu, so what it was years ago!?? HesavedSayu! Kill him! HESAVEDSAYHESAVEDSAYU!!"

Mogi sighed long-sufferingly. "Even if he did...like Holmes...or anyone else, he still has expressed no sexual attraction and your average teenage boy isn't normally so reticent that you do not notice. And I would say he just doesn't like Holmes. Period."

"Narcissus is a private person," answered Aizawa reasonably. "Skippy's adoration of him might be embarrassing. They could be more loving in private."


"But it still does not eliminate that Skippy could be Faust simply through being influenced by her crush."

"But there's no proof of any of this!" Wailed Matsuda. "It's all conjecture. We have not even seen Narcissus influence her about anything. Like you just admitted, he just seems kind of uninterested." His dark brown eyes drifted into the distance. "Poor Skippy…"

"This is true. If only we had longer to watch them."

"Yeah but we're not like Holmes. There's no way I'm going to peek on these kids all the time," Mogi replied stiffly. "Its unfair, especially if they are innocent. All that happened to them so far has been horrible enough. I'm all for trying to keep ourselves and Holmes alive, but we have to try and keep Holmes in check also."

The men looked at each other in silent agreement. Light remembered all the times they argued on his behalf. He had always found it amusing to watch L's growing frustration with them, but now he wondered more at their actions and the feeling of comradeship he could have had with them, had he allowed it. They had defended him out of their sense of justice. It suddenly impressed on him that no matter how low he thought of them, they were good people. If only they could be convinced of the ways of Kira, they would actually be more useful than he once thought. They were more people that he felt he had to keep alive.

"Alright. We dismiss that theory then. There is no proof, and what we're doing is little more than gossiping on their relationship." Aizawa stated with authority.

Matsuda let out a weird and low chuckle, "I knoow!!" He grinned, then blushed on seeing his companions offended faces.

"But you both have points about the relationship between Holmes and Narcsissus." Continued Aizawa, making Mogi raise an eyebrow and pulling Matsuda out of his temporary slump of shamed sadness and making him look like a giddy puppy again. "Remember when we thought they must have fallen out or something? When Narcissus went back to loving his reflection more than all else again?"

The men nodded but Matsuda huffed, "I never appreciated that title. He doesn't look in the mirror that much…"

"Only because we don't have that many," Mogi muttered back. "And besides, there was no way we were calling him Captain Amazing or The Shonen-Ai Prince."

Matsuda pouted.

("HesavedSayu, hesavedsayu!…")

"Guys be serious," barked Aizawa. "So they were at first enemies. Always fighting. Then suddenly Narcissus became passionate in the case, where before he seemed interested, but nothing more."

"It was clinical at first."

"Exactly. In itself it is not strange that he came to care abutthe case. That happens to everyone in this industry. You become emotionally attached to the case, the victims and the team. What IS weird is that he has gone back to clinical." Aizawa sounded flabbergasted. "Not to mention that the friendship he had with Holmes has gone back to being strained. All within what must have been a few days. And it hasn't let up. Plus, its only Narcissus that changed or rather, reverted. He's gone back to being emotionally detached, pleasant but distant towards us."

"Not to mention that weird patronising undertone he has," complained Mogi.

"I think Holmes does not know that I've noticed," said Matsuda in a diminutive voice, "but he's lost even more weight. His eating habits are even more erratic. And he must be getting less sleep. The bags around his eyes look really awful."

Aizawa nodded, "it's like a Holmes-version of slowly melting down."

"I was under the impression that it as because of the case," Mogi lookeddisinterestedly into his saki which he had yet to take one sip of, "because its taking him so long to get Faust. On top of the fact that the case now involves," he sighed frustrated, "poison apples and two Mestophilis. This is beyond human capability. Even he, for all his intelligence must realise that."

Light watched quietly. The logical part of his brain translated Mestophilis. Mestophilis was from Doctor Faustus, he was the demon that offered Faust all he desired. In other owrds, the shinigami...

However, the rest of Lights divided mind were focused on the task force's genral discussion and body language.

"Maybe Faust is a god," whispered Matsuda, " a vengeful one…"

Aizawa slammed both hands onto the table.

"Ouch!" Giggled Present., "I bet that really hurt but he's holding it in."

Light said nothing. He was still paying too much attention to the men he had under estimated as inattentive and completely within his thrall. He barely registered that Present had spoken.

"It is no god," Aizawa hissed. "I'm not going to allow my children to grow up in a world where they constantly fear the wrath of some vengefultyrannical and ultimately flawed God! I don't like people preaching that I will go to Hell if I don't listen to them, I don't like people forcing any kind of guilt trip about their God or Messiah or after life on me, I don't like pamphlets through my door, I don't like them siging or preaching to me on the street!!

I believe in Freedom Matsuda. And if there is a God or Gods, then it or they must believe in Freedom too, or else we never would have been given the capability to choose our beliefs and what kind of life we want to live." He leaned in. "Faust is a tyrant, no different from Mugabe, Stalin, Mussolini or Slobodan Milosevic. They all claim to be making a pure world, and they are always prepared to create the world on the backs of everyone's corpse but their own. That's why we have to stop Faust, before he does any more damage to the make up of society."

"OK Light," whispered Kira, "maybe we should not keep them alive. They do not understand..."

"People are going crazy," shivered Matsuda. "A friend from my old HQ says there have been thousands of copy cat killings, but the police are trying to cover it up to stop the floodgates from opening. They're all fans of Faust and are trying to get his attention, but they are killing innocents on top of criminals. Or they are killing petty or retired felons. My old comrades think that some people are just using it as an excuse to kill.

There was kid, about nineteen, he killed his parents. He said that they had raped him as a child. There is no proof, but what can they do? The worst part is, as soon as his name is announced, that kid will probably be killed by Kira." He shrugged as if getting something off his shoulders. "They're all causing more harm than good. The nation of Japan is becoming a vigilante hell hole."

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