A Death Note Carol

Illusion Part 2

"Thus why we need to get rid of any doubts," Pushed Mogi. "God knows if we die this will spread all over the world! It will be unstoppable, the very foundations of civilisation will be shook. It will be like when Christianity first went all over the planet."

"Yeah," sneered Aizawa. "And Christianity's key figure talked about love and understanding, yet look at the carnage it caused! The Holy Wars, the destruction of the pagans and their culture, the slave trade, even now in our so called enlightned world there is all this anti-homosexuality and anti-multi-culturalism caused by self-righteous demonising and bible bashing- it just goes on and on! How much worse will an openly murderous God whose name is a pun on the English word Killer, how much worse will those repercussions be??"

"Then Narcissus will know this!" Matsuda almost screamed. A few people in the bar looked at him, making him blush and settle back in his seat. "Seriously, surely Narcissus would understand that the ways of Faust are causing chaos. There are a lot of similarities between Narcissus and Faust but there are differences too. Faust is almost animalistic, that was shown by Lind L Taylor, he kills compulsively and out of spite. But Light is very methodical. He does not seem prone to outbursts of anger and jealousy. I'm not being a fan boy!" He cried answering the looks on their faces. "Even if Light was angry with someone, as we have seen with his fights with L, its only after his been pushed very far and even then the anger seems to dissipate quickly. He is just too calm and collected to be Faust. Besides," Matsuda continued emotively. "Narcissus loves his family. He loves his father. Can any of us doubt this? He knows that what Faust is doing and what he stands is abhorrent to his family. If he was Faust, it would destroy them. If it had not been for Holmes's suspicions we would not even be having this discussion! I think we're doing a disservice to Light and his intelligence."

There was a momentary silence of contemplation. It looked strange, this motionless men discussing matters of life and death, while all around them revellers drank and sang and danced. The burden of the few to rescue the majority.

"Matsuda is correct," muttered Mogi. "Narcissus," he emphasised the title at Matsuda, who had slipped up earlier in his fit of passion, "has under gone a lot of stressful situations due to unfounded suspicions. We just," he paused, his voice strained, "we just don't know enough…"

"Because they never let us in," growled Aizawa, bitterness deeply engrained into his tone. "It's gotten to the stage where Holmes has no choice and so neither do we." He took in a deep breath. "There's only one thing for it." They looked at him. "We go home and enjoy being with our families. We all knew what we were signing up for when we stuck with Holmes. So lets suck it up." He patted Matsuda on the back, joviality in his voice, lessening the tension. "You convinced us Matsu. Maybe you're more like Holmes than you think."

The men finished their drinks, conversation turning to their wives and children, or in Matsuda's case a girl he met last night and the baby cousins he had to baby sit next weekend. It was self consciously frivolous. Each man was facing impending death. Each man facing the possibility that if they were wrong not only could they die, but they would have the blood of their colleagues on their hands also.

Light felt shaken at their suspicion. Matsuda had convinced them for now, but it was a poor argument. What about when L died tomorrow? Would not their suspicions increase? And the fact that they had been watching him so closely! He thought only L had been observing him like a bug in a glass cage, not the entire task force. This meant that their loyalty (aside form Matsuda) was based on nothing. They would all need to be killed at some stage, because, Light realised, they would eventually work out he was Kira. How could they not? In the burning intelligence L radiated, he had forgotten that these men (even Matsuda) were investigators themselves. Very brave ones too. In the face of their enemy, they were soldiers waging a Holy War.

On top of that was his fans. Light had always thought that his followers would be like Misa, simply obeying his orders and relying on him to do all the killing for him. He was god after all, not them. It was his burden, his curse. That's why he was also a martyr on top of god not unlike Jesus. He would have no choice but to order the vigilante killings to stop through the media. But then, that would make the task force more suspicious of him if just after they had this discussion, such a proclaimation was made. "Yes, but not enough for them to really do anything about it. Any one of Kira's spies could be eavesdropping right now." Light thought. "Actually I could use this. I wanted them to suspect me just a little in order to hold off the Thirteen Rule Test. Using the proclamation I can kill two birds with one stone."

The men finished up and left the bar, bidding one another good night. A smirking Present began to follow Matsuda, so Light silently trailed after him, still deep in disturbed thoughts.

It was only when he noticed the dimming light and quietening sounds that he took notice of his environment. Matsuda was going past a series of dark alleys towards some tall apartment buildings.

The lamp posts let off white beams of light, narrowly lighting a small circumference around themselves. They made the shadows on the land and Matsuda more pronounced. The world became monochrome. The rain distorted the atmosphere, making it appear grainy like an old film. Matsuda looked like the hero of a film noir detective story. If only he could see himself…

Suddenly, a shrill scream tore through the dim atmosphere. Matsuda froze, but not in a cowardly manner; it reminded Light of a wild cat. Matsuda suddenly had tensed for a fight, his hands were up, his back lowered. He stood very still in this pose. The sound of clicking heels hitting a tarmac floor and breathless running became louder.

The sound seemed to echo all around, the tall buildings and rain distorting the acoustics. Now and then Matsuda turned his head, trying to gage where the sounds were coming from. Suddenly, he shot across the road, his body still low, like a soldier running through No Mans Land. Slamming his back to a slimy brick wall he inched nearer an alley way entrance. He breathed heavily and with a forced steadiness, little ghosts of white breaths leaving his body and entering the haunted atmosphere.

A shrill shriek echoed once more.




Pattered the heels on the ground.

"No gun dammit," he heard Matsuda barely mutter.




Heavy boots echoed the clacks of heels. She was being chased.

"Come on," he muttered, peeking round the corner, "don't make me go in."

Suddenly the silhouette of a woman appeared through the fog in the distance. It quickly morphed into a pretty young girl, all dressed up for a night out. Her cheeks were red, her eyes puffy from tears, her throat was hoarse from heavy breathing and screaming. As soon as she passed Matsuda he grabbed her a pulled her to himself. She immediately raised her fits to fight him but pulling her into a tight bear hug, he retrained her arms. "Its alright, I'm an officer." He whispered in her ear. She slackened and he released her. Putting his finger to his lips he motioned for her to move further away.





There was still another apparition to appear. This time in the form of a brutish man and potential rapist or thief.

As soon as the man appeared, Light saw he was not a typical thug, with dyed blond hair and piercings, but a well dressed man (not unlike himself) who looked like he would be quite affluent.

Light immediately began to wonder f there was more to this situation than there seemed.(He could not quite help it, Lights world was burdened with crass stereotypes.) Matsuda had no such doubts. Grabbing the passing mans arm he twisted it round, pinning it against the mans back. The man screamed and fell to his knees allowing Matsuda to lean his whole upper body onto his back.

"Don't move," ordered Matsuda in a commanding voice Light had never heard before. "That applies to you to," he ordered the girl. She nodded, looking afraid and lost. Hitching some cuffs out of his pocket, Matsuda incapacitated the man and sat him forcibly onto the ground, the whole time talking. "I'm Matsuda Touta, a member of the Japanese police force."

He kneeled down looking the man in the face. "Would you both like to tell me why you are causing this ruckus?"

The girl began to sob, protectively pulling down on her short dress, "he-he tried to…please!"

Matsuda softened temporarily, his saccharine personality revealing for a moment. But it was gone as soon as the man spoke. "I'm sure Mr Touta, that something can be worked out. I'm a very important man. And me and this girl merely had a misunderstanding."

She shook her head, eyes wide and pleading.

"I'm going to have to take you both in," muttered Matsuda, flashing a quick smile to the girl.

(Light huffed, that man really could not resist a pretty young face.)

"Well, unfortunately for you," the cuffed man smirked, getting painfully to his feet. "I don't want to…"

"Back down!" Commanded Matsuda, but it was too late. From each corner, different men began to appear. Most of them were in business suits. They all seemed like the sort of men Light would trust, even relate a little to, in the day time. But in this dark, colourless landscape, they all seemed threatening and animalistic, stalking forwards as they did. The girl ran to Matsuda, whose face was resolute.

"That underage bitch dressed like a slut and came into my club and her dumb-fuck drunk friends left her behind," the smug man continued. "If I have to deal with getting her a taxi and sending her home because she's too stupid, then I have the right to do whatever I want with her beforehand. And you Mr Officer, have no gun. So what are you going to do?"

Matsuda merely gritted his teeth, looking round at all the men. He was counting them.

"I tell you what you're going to do. You're going to un-cuff me and keep walking. If your lucky you won't be hit by any of my gang members." The man laughed.

Matsuda swung the girl round and punched the laughing man squarely in his face. He then did all he could do, he ran right into where several gang members were standing. Throwing the girl forward he called out "run!!" Just as the members grabbed him and dragged him back. The girl faltered for a moment before obeying him.

Matsuda began to be kicked from every side. Swinging his legs ina manner reminiscent of L, he made several men ungracefully fall. With a few slams in their faces with his elbow, he ran forward before the other members could react, they being too busy trying to stem the bleeding from their irate boss's nose and mouth.

Pain etched on his face, Matsuda ran forward. His life depended on it.


"God, shut up!" Thought Light desperately running with Present to keep up with Matsuda. "Not now, I can't think about that kind of thing now!"

Matsuda stopped so suddenly that Light passed through him. It was the strangest thing he ever experienced. In that split second he felt all of Matsuda's bones, flesh, blood and tissue. Even more disturbingly, Matsuda's entire life flashed though his mind. His father calling him homophobic names for being no good at sports, his defending a bullied boy at school, only to have not only the bullies turn on him, but the very kid he tried to help, so desperate was that child for acceptance, it was that that led to Matsuda wanting to work in the police force. He felt how lonely Matsuda was, his constant feelings of ineptitude, of knowing he was a joke, of knowing that no matter how hard he studied he would never be clever and that he would never be handsome. Yet Light also encountered something else in that millisecond, the feelings that resided in Matsuda's very blood, and pumped through his heart. It was like what could only be described as a very small but intense ball of glowing light.

"Dear God," he thought, "had that been his soul?"

And that light held out hope; a hope that if he kept trying and kept doing good, that even if it did not come back to him, that at least the world would be a bit brighter, and so his own life a little brighter for it. It was only this that prevented him from being jealous of Lights looks and brains, of his loving and accepting family, of his pretty, adoring girlfriend.

Light barely had time to even process all of this and much more, before being forced by Present to pay attention to what was happening. "I cannot rewind time for you!" Present was screaming at him. "So watch and learn!!"

Matsuda had stopped because he had seen the girl. She was hiding behind some bins. Grabbing her, they resumed running. They could hear the footfalls of angry men coming after them. The girl had taken of her heels, thank God, and so at least could move now, making up for the few seconds they had lost as she had cowered.

But where would they go? The best option would have been the main road where hundreds of people still milled about and where police cars constantly trawled. But that was in the opposite direction.

The tall black towers of apartments, so ugly in the day, now looked like the sanctuary of a great Gothic Church, the lights of individual flats shinning out like a hundred little beacons. Suddenly something nipped past Matsuda's ear. He yelped and leapt. Another sung past the girl.

"God they're shooting at us!" She cried.

"Not long now." He replied, reaching into his pocket. They entered the parking lot of the ebony towers. He punched in a code, opening the doors, and flung in the girl after himself.

Tempted to slump by the door, but he refrained, Matsuda dragged the girl up the stairs and into his apartment. He was bleeding and bruised. But he smiled with all his cheeky, bordering on obnoxious, joy.

"It's ok." He told her. "I'm getting the police now. We'll get the guys that tried to hurt us. Do you need to go to hospital?"

"Time for us," said the second Matsuda turning to a breathless Light. "To leave this place. There is so much, and we are nearly out of time."

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