A Death Note Carol

Sex, Love and Obsession Part 1

The next place they arrived at was a very spruced up apartment. They smashed through a window to get inside; or rather Present hurtled through the window, dragging Light like a rag doll behind him.

The apartment was painted all white and would have been swanky only the decor ruined it. And Light vaguely recognised the taste of decor as belonging to the one and only-

"Oh my gawd!!" Screamed Present, "she actually has a gigantic picture of herself??!!"

Misa Amane.

Indeed she did have a large wall size portrait of herself with a microphone in her hand, her mouth was wide open as if singing her heart out (it also looked provocative ad sexy, but Misa Misa would deny all knowledge of ts sexy nature- she was pure and innocent after all,) and strobe lighting lit up the background. It was her best selling picture, boys all over the world had it in poster form in their bedrooms. Except Light of course, Light hadn't really known who she was before the whole Kira business, being completely uninterested in popular culture, in particular popular music. Since dating her he had not bothered listening to any of her music. If her speaking voice was anything to go by then her music would be less than soothing to the soul.

Leaving Present in an ecstasy of incredulity, Light wondered around the apartment bored. What could he learn from Misa? Of course, he was aware that he had thought the same of Sayu, but he did not see Sayu as much as Misa anymore and plus, he held Sayu in much higher graces than Miss Amane.

The apartment was very clean and 'girlish'; it had clearly been designed to be minimalist, but Misa had filled it with dolls and doilies, garlands of flowers not to mention various photos of herself in various poses and outfits, a few of her in 'everyday clothes' such as jeans and t-shirts (apparently to make her more relatable to her fans,) there was even one of her in Africa hugging a starving black orphan she had 'adopted,' (as in she (i.e. her representatives) sent him money for school, food and clothes every month.) It had been a fad for a while, whatever Madonna did, Misa did better. Whilst the child look completely blank as she held him, (he did not bother hugging back) she was grinning as if being starved in the stifling heat of your war-torn country was the best thing ever.

There was also one of her and Light together. It had been taken on campus. She had her usual full toothed grin, ("like a shark…. or a crocodile" he thought vaguely,) but it was his own smirk that alarmed him. For that is what it was, a smirk. Light could barely believe the sardonic venom that one snide facial expression contained. It made him look so ugly; not L ugly but truly ugly, as in physically twisted.

"I do not look like that!" He thought angrily, and was immediately reminded of earlier in the evening before Higuchi was found in his living room. In the hallway upstairs, in all his family photos he had sported that same ugly smirk. He hated it!

"Present!" He barked, "something is wrong, I do not smile like-" but turning back round to the picture he saw that his face had smoothed and the smile was back to perfect. It had that Light Yagami charm that had taken him so far in life.

Only he could see (well, maybe L would also, had he been shown it,) that in the picture his eyes were too strained and he was holding Misa's shoulder a little too hard; he hated being around her. It was degrading. He never loved his ex-girlfriend, Takada, but at least she was something of a kindred spirit. She was intelligent and had drive, not to mention sensibly attractive and with a good, practical hairstyle (as opposed to pig tails, good god…) They had looked good together. But he and Misa? They did not sync on any level. It had to be only about his looks. Misa would not be so obsessive about him otherwise because looks were all he had to offer her; she hardly wanted him for his witty repertoire or intense debating skills. Takada had wanted him because she recognised that those skills would get him far in life, and with her as his fiancée and then wife, she would progress also. The fact that he was good looking was a bonus in her case. To Light, that reasoning for a relationship was more honourable than Misa's.

It wasn't that Light did not believe in love, there is plenty of evidence in the world of love, but romantic love involves passion, obsession and dedication, none of which Light wanted to invest in a relationship that probably would not last anyway. Love can die out or fade, the other partner can let you down, or die but a reputation lasts forever, even after death. A good reputation could even be passed down through the generations. "Besides my passion is to saving the world. I would rather die knowing I did good for everyone than lived selfishly for me and perhaps one other person." He glowered at Misa's picture. That's what he really disliked about her. He actually considered her a bad person. She was not Kira out of good intentions, she was Kira because she wanted him to have sex with her. It was sickening, And him being with her debased him. Still, he had no choice. And at least she had the excuse of being an imbecile, he could forgive her wantonness as it was simply part of her id-like childishness.

Suddenly a finger traced down his neck making him jump around, grabbing his neck as if he had been burnt. Present stood there, his finger still in the air, grinning. His now fully turquoise eyes looked wrong. Like a photo had been taken of Matsuda, but then someone had used the Paint Programme on a computer to change his eyes into the wrong colour. They looked flat and not a part of the rest of the body. And that weird grin it had….

No. Light definitely did not like Present.

Lowering his arm, Present controlled his grin into a smile and lowered his head slightly, so he was looking up at Light. "Did you not like that?" He asked seductively making Light freeze up. "Me and the guys had a theory about you." Present twisted his head slightly to the right, Matsuda's fluffy black hair flicking along with the movement. "Maybe we were wrong…" Light frowned, but before he could say anything, Present regained his manic grin and excitable, fast paced talk. "OOOOH my gawd!! I forgot!" His eyes grew wide. "Ryuuk, the bastard, told me a big secret about Misa Misa chaaaan! D'you wanna know what it is? Huh, huh? I'll tell you because…." He ran forward once more with that horrible unnatural speed, like a spider, so that he was face to face with Light. They were close enough to kiss. "I'll tell you," he whispered, "because Light is my first ever friend." Light gasped at L's words being reiterated and Present licked the tip of Light's nose, before jumping backwards, laughing all the while.

Light rubbed his nose - disgusting- whilst trying not to look too angry. It would only encourage the stupid creature. "You want to show me," he told it. "So just show me."

Present nodded, not even trying to pretend otherwise. "Go to the big green thing in the pot,"

"….the plant?"

"whatever it is. Behind there is a door." Present smiled and became quiet as Light did as he was told. Opening the door led to a small room enveloped in darkness. It must have only been made to be a small storage space. He felt across the wall and turned on the light. Dim yellow that had the same faded decadence of Luka's old apartment lit the room. It contained a sort of shrine on which a photograph of her parents stood, surrounded by petals, two semi-melted un lit candles on either side of the frame. A small, sqaure matt was laid out on the floor, faded and worn.

There lay the Death Note, out in the open.

But Light was not angry about that, the fact that it had barely been hidden in such an obvious place, he could not be angry at that when all over the wall and veiling were pictures of himself. Him going to work, him shopping with his family, him looking out of his university classroom looking elegantly bored.

God, there were pictures everywhere all taken without his notice.

He nearly fell over; he felt sick, he felt violated.

What the hell was wrong with Misa?

He knew she was weirdly obsessed, but this? THIS???

"You underestimate women Light." Murmured Present behind him, sounding uncharacteristically sober. "It is just one of your main flaws- closely connected to your growing arrogance." He looked around the room as Light shakily went down on his knees trying to breath steadily. "You should of just had sex with her. This is a bit weird mate. Oh -" he looked down on Light, "but this isn't the surprise that amuses Ryuuk so much." He tried to smile, Light could see he had tried to do his strange grin, but even Present could not, it simply became a grimace. What was so awful that even Present did not find it amusing?

The spirit pointed to the Death Note. "That is."

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