A Death Note Carol

Sex, Love and Obsession Part 2

Crouching low he crawled into the small space. It was a size Misa would have been comfortable in. He had to put a hand on the ceiling, so he could feel the cold, vinyl feel of each perverted photograph. He frowned, allowing anger to over come fear. There was no way he was going to allow himself to become afraid of Misa Misa Chan: stalker extraordinaire.

Next to the Death Note, previously unseen, there was a small wooden box which contained the odds and ends designed for making a book; the thread and needle for binding, the small subtle knife, the bits of glue for binding and so on.

He frowned and opened the Death Note. Sure, he recognised a few of these names as criminals. He flicked through. Nothing weird here. He could tell his own tidy writting in black pen (the colour seemed appropriate) compared to Misa's messy scrawl in pink jet ink. Unlike himself she had made no attempt to try to obscure her handwrtting. God she had even drawn in the odd heart shape- the fucking idiot. (Light seldom cursed, but he could forgive himself today, being under such stress.)

As he began to flick through more haphazardly, some pages fell out. They had names he did not recognise.






The list went on and on. Even worse was that these names were written meticulously paying witness that Misa had clearly paid more attention to this task. There were literally hundreds of names. And the deaths were all erratic and some were simply vile;

Minami Yamada had to claw out her open eyes before leaping out of a window.

Rika Tanaka drove out into the middle of nowhere and set herself alight.

Consistently the girls took themselves far away before commiting some sor t of gory suicide (Misora) so that no one would find them.

Some of the deaths were long standing;

'On the 13th of June, Chihiro Okada becomes addicted to heroine and dies in four months time of an overdose.

On the 4th of December Rin Ito kills herself by jamming knitting needles into her ears after writting a suicide note claiming that she had been hearing evil voices for months on end, that no one else had heard.'

Then the worst one, the one that stopped Light from reading;

On the 17th of November Kyoko Miura murders her entire family in a psychotic, unprovoked rage that she cannot explain. Is caught on the same day and later killed by Kira.

Light remembered killing that girl. Her face, just a few weeks back now, had been plastered all over the news. Japan had been disgusted. She killed her pregnant mother and father, her baby brother and elderly grandmother. There had been no reason. But what really disgusted the nation was that she was not to be executed for her heinous crime. Her lawyers had argued that she must have been mentally unstable, to do such a thing despite having no previous convictions or a history of violence. So Kira, in his all-knowing, righteous glory executed her in the name of Justice.

She had had a heart attack, a particularly vicious and painful one, in front of all the camera's. In front of the world, for the story had been international news. And no one had mourned or felt sorry for her. Quite a few people were very happy; his supporters certainly had been. They had seen it as another triumph of their god over the inept law system.

And all the while he had been Misa Misa Chans pawn.

"Just KILL Misa!! She deserves it! Then this will never happen again!!!"

"But what about REM?"


Light sunk back onto both knees ignoring the snarling animal inside his soul. "I killed a girl," he muttered. "Another innocent girl…"

"This isn't so much about that," argued Present sounding impatient. "Its not about how you feel. Look at all these names. There is a bigger picture to this Light!"

Light looked at the pages, "they are all girls names. I 'm supposing Misa was jealous. I don't recognise any of them. Were they rival models?"

Present sat next to him, his face quite sober and sensible, his turquoise eyes a darker shade, making them more human and bearable to look at.

"Some of them are. In the modelling world, Misa is getting on a bit. New teenage girls who are thinner and even prettier than her are coming in. But most of these girls are ordinary." He leaned across Light and took up another metal box very hidden in the corner.

"Pfft, she couldn't do that with the DEATH NOTE though, could she??"

Inside the box were more photographs. They had him in them, but he was not the main focus. Instead, the appreciative looks from various girls in the background were. As Present had mentioned, most of them were ordinary girls, not rival models. He saw one of Takada, her black bobbed hair and geekish glasses. How could Misa feel that this girl was a threat? Next to the Kyoko was her bown haired friend. Light gulped. All of the girls had had their eyes pricked out by what must have been a needle. There socketless smiling faces stared blankly. It was the stuff of nightmares.

"They were girls from my college, To oh." He stated more then questioned, but Present nodded anyway. "Misa was jealous. I hardly knew any of them. What about my ex-girlfriends, Shiori Akino, Kiyomi Takada?"

"They're alright. She was going to get them, but Rem talked her out of it. Rem is against the whole idea. Ryuuk, not so much."

"Rem knew I would realise and would…"

"judge Misa." Present finished for him.

"And no one has noticed this? Not L, isn't he watching Misa?"

"L is more obsessed with getting Kira number one," Present smiled. "He underestimates Misa too. Ever watched that film, The Usual Suspects?" Before Light could answer 'no' Present continued.

"They stole it from Baudelaire actually, but still; "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist" He quoted. "Misa is so cute and silly. She can do no wrong. Misa Misa speaks like a child. Misa Misa likes blond pigtails and fluffy toys. Hurray for Misa Misa Chan! Misa is not a sensible business woman. Misa is not someone ho survived traumas in her early life that would mentally destroy most people. Misa is not desperate for any kind of love or attention. NOPE, Misa is just a Silly Billy! Pay no mind to Misa!" During this Present had grabbed his hair bunching it into pig tails and was shaking his head left and right in a horrible-looking parody of Misa.

As Light recoiled, he could not help but think of the whole of Misa's persona as being some sort of caricature of the typical bubble-headed model. It didn't make sense, Present was right. Misa had dragged her way out of a horrible childhood to being one of the biggest stars in all of Japan, hell, the world even. Boys everywhere knew her or had her poster. She was huge. As young as she had been entering the industry for some as supposedly naïve as she, she had managed to retain autonomy over her life, meaning unlike a lot of over famous people she could go wherever she liked when she liked. She had all her money still.

So why had he so readily accepted her 'stupid' act?

"Ah, because I'm a misogynist," he thought grimly. "I can't even deny it anymore."

Light hated the thought. Gods cannot be biased. And here he was a misogynist, which had led to the cheapening of his ideal.

Just then, with this admittance finally told and accepted into a stubborn mind, the front door of the flat opened.

Misa was back.

Present hurriedly closed the door, plunging himself and Light into darkness.

"Lets leave Present!"


"I don't want to be here!"

"Since when did I give the impression that give a damn what you want?"

The clipped, thick wedge heels of Misa came to the door.


Then faded away again.

"Why was she just standing outside?" Light whispered.

"I don't know. She's crazy."

"Dada-dum dum dada da!"

The maddening high pitch hum of Misa's sounded out and they became quiet.

"Dadada…oh Light kuu…dum dum de- *snort* dum de-de- dum de-"

The humming went on. A little ditty Light did not know. It was probably one of hers.

"Da…da…*sob*…du…*snort* te…tum…de…"

Slowly the humming began to chock on itself.

She was…crying. No. Sobbing. She had fallen from singing into tears.

Light crawled in the limited space towards the door. What was happ-


Misa's face screamed into his all of a sudden. He actually screamed and fell back. She looked like some sort of lunatic clown, her mascara and eyeliner drooled in long black lines down her powdered white face, one eye still had a blue contact in, the other was her natural brown. Both eyes were practically bulging out of her head. Turning on the light, she shuffled into the space, paying no mind to Light or Present. (Of course not she could not see them.) She was snivelling and wiping the snot on the back of her arms. Her tiny dress (that wasn't a dress, it was just a negliche) was falling off her shoulders.

All the time, as Light breathed heavily and paniced (due to the tiny space and the terrible fright he had been given) Present was laughing hysterically. He grabbed Lights arm, "I nearly pissed myself when she busted in!" He yelled, laughing again, "oh my God, bwahaha!"

I DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU!" She gasped between heaving sobs at all the photographs of Light. "ALL I WANTED WAS ONE LOUSY DATE AND YOUR HOME WITH YOUR FAMILY IN BED!!!!" She fell onto the floor, sobs racking her body.

"That's right," he remembered. "I was meant to be on a date with Misa tonight..."

"What do I need to do Light? What? I do everything for you. More than what anyone else in your entire life has done for you and you don't even care!" She plucked one of the pictures from the ceiling, stroking it as lovingly as a parent does their new born child. "I will always be there for you. Do you not understand? How can that not matter? I would die- am going to die for you Light. I was tortured for you, I am damned in the after-life for you, I will die young for you." She put the picture to her chest. "But you keep me waiting I keep hoping that one day it'll be worth it. That you'll see me. That your eyes will light up when I am there. Not narrow in frustration." She looked at it, her eyes dark and sad. "I know that is what you do, though you hide it. They all know. Matsuda even feels sorry for me. Matsuda!" She sighed and carefully put the picture back in its original place.

She then took the bits of paper from the Death Note and carefully began to cut more pages from the book, humming slowly and sniffing now and then.

"She's making her own Death Note?" Asked Light.

"Well, she never expected you both to start swapping Death Notes and she had to keep the fact that she was killing any girl she saw as a potential threat as a secret somehow. Rem eventually gave in and told her how to do it."

"which is why Rem is so desperate to look after Misa. Misa is a Kira in her own right, not just a fool manipulated by me. So if she is caught by the task force, there is no hope for her." Light stared incredulous. "She will be executed for this. This is absolute murder."

"And what you do isn't?"

"I can still try and justify my actions! I admit they were…flawed. But they have been justified. I simply need to alter my plans a little. But this, this is something else entirely." As he watched her work with a level of concentration he would not have known possible, he thought back to the girls who bullied Sayu. Misa was another one of those really. A crazed fan girl. Someone living so much in a dream that she had lost all sense of reality.

"When did this start Present?" He asked suddenly. "I mean really start. It wasn't me was it? She was like this from the moment I met her."

He looked at the shrine to her parents.

"Lots of things happen to people," Light continued as Present remained silent, "to make them what they are as adults. Sayu grew up to be a fake dream daughter- vapid and pretty. Just like I grew up to be the fake perfect son. But both of us are unhappy. My parents are probably not in love anymore. Yet to everyone the Yagami's are perfection. Luka was abused and forgotten and grew up to be L, food obsessed, secretive and paranoid. Misa has been closely aligned to death all her life; her parents, then that stalker. In fact the only creatures that have ever loved her have been…"

"the death gods," finished Present. "She was born under a dark star it would seem."

"What am I supposed to do? What so you want from me? There is a lesson right? What? Be nicer to her? Have her locked up? What?"

"Nothing Light. Unlike Past, I simply show you what is happening now. You make any decisions. I am," he looked at Misa blankly, "indifferent."

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