A Death Note Carol

A Storm Approaches

Light opened his eyes.

At first he thought he was in a place of Nothingness which had almost made him panicked; his thoughts returning to Mu and Higuchi's terrified face. However, with self control typical of Light, he began to force himself to remain calm. He was not surrounded by nothing- he was surrounded by black. There was no sense of space; all Light could tell was that he was on the ground as his feet were firmly planted on the floor. If weren't for that, he could have been suspended in outer space- no that was incorrect. The everlasting darkness of outer space offered a peaceful, unadulterated, free feeling; where this blackness felt heavy and claustrophobic.

His senses sharpening, Light realised the surrounding black was all....moving. Suddenly the echoed sound of a thousand tiny legs scuttling about assaulted his ears. Though there wasn't enough light to see, he began to realise that he was in a large room surrounded by millions of spiders. He could feel their hairy bodies brushing across his bare feet. He sorely regretted getting undressed into pyjamas and going back into bed. He clenched his fists tightly whilst gritting his teeth; he had to keep in control. He could even smell the musty, strange smell the spiders were giving off which was making his nose tingle unpleasantly. Luckily, the spiders were not climbing up his body or invading his mouth anymore. Light would forever be scarred by that incident...

Suddenly, a thin stream of light shot through the teeming darkness making the spiders scatter away from its path. It seemed to give the black space some kind of depth automatically making it less frightening; though Light was perturbed by the fact that the light seemed to shoot off into the far distance. He certainly was not in his room anymore/.

Wadding through the ambling creatures, he reached the lights source. There was a small keyhole of white light sullied occasionally by a long spider leg occasionally brushing across it, marring its beam. Bending down, Light tried to ignore how close his face had to get towards the spiders in order to look through the keyhole. The light dimmed a little to reveal a scene; Light stood laughing freely (if not a little manically) over several dead bodies. Light was not completely sure, the scene being far off, but some of them looked like task force members. To his side was an elegant man with jet black hair, a tailored suit and a smug smirk.

Light smiled- this must be the future! And he has won! Standing upright, Light bore the horror of feeling around the constantly moving spiders in order to find the door knob. He pulled it open and was immersed in a blinding white light.

Light was standing in his room at L headquarters. However, it was now filled out with various luxuries and an elaborate and expensive security camera system. Light could watch every aspect inside and outside of the building. Light had the power of L. Even more noticeable was Lights expression; it had been a long time since Light had seen himself looking so at ease and relaxed. There was a knock on the door;

"Come in."

An anxious young man entered asking if 'Kira-san' was ready for his unveiling. Light watched as his doppelganger agreed, and the room was flooded with journalists, the most dashing and beautiful being Lights ex-girlfriend, Takada. Light frowned, why was Takada with him? She was wrapping her arm around his waist and pulled him in for a quick polite kiss on the cheek. Light had to admit that he always preferred Takada's more dignified expressions of affection over Misa's sexual harassment. He must have gotten rid of Misa and joined with Takada instead. Well good. Misa was crazed and completely untrustworthy. Besides, having a charming journalist like Takada as a partner was more beneficial than a flaky pop idol in that it gave him an insider's link to the media and would mean he would be taken more seriously by the world leaders (God forbid what kind of humiliation Misa's antics would put him through.)

After everything was set up, silence reigned whilst the cameraman counted down until they were on air.

"People of Japan, law abiding citizens," announced Takada. "I am here to put an end to the rumours. The evil doer and protector of criminals L is dead! Our glorious Lord and Saviour, our living god, has removed L from his position of devil. Now we are free to live in paradise- free from criminals and fear. I know will pass you onto the Messiah, the human embodiment of God, Kira."

Future Light straightened himself even more, and allowed a light smile to play on his lips, but not reach his eyes.

"Faithful followers," he began, Light noting how his future counterparts voice was slightly more baritone than his own; it seemed that seventeen year old Lights voice had not completely broken yet. "I am Kira, the human embodiment of the one true God. Never again will you fear that I do not care or do not exist. I do care, I do exist, I am here, living, for you all to see, and furthermore I am protecting you from all the evil doers. And to any criminals that are still free, be assured that I am well aware of you and your whereabouts. Consider this day to redeem yourselves- turn yourselves in to the local police and confess your sins. If you do not, I will kill you; it has only been my mercy that has kept some of you alive.

Now I have an important message to all those who are harbouring criminals; you too are under my gaze. Now is the time for you, as citizens, to stand up. The people of Japan deserve to be free, their chains burst asunder. For the first time in history, we will make Japan the Commander of her soul and Mistress of her destiny, together with those who wish for Japan to be clean of criminality and injustice. All those harbouring criminals will also be dealt the same fate as the ones they are protecting. Don't be misled into thinking you can fight a disease without killing the carrier, without destroying the bacillus. If we are to keep Japan clean of criminal contamination, the poisonous criminal must be banished, eradicated, destroyed. My faithful worshippers are all over Japan undercover; if you are a criminal, think of your friends and colleagues. I assure you that at least one will be my follower. Defeat is imminent. Today you will redeem yourselves by going to your local police station and turning yourselves in. If you do not comply, Japan and God will spit you out.

I know some of you are watching and doubting me, so I am choosing to display my strength. In exactly half an hour, a great storm I have called will come over this area. I shall command the lightening to eliminate the last remnants of L's followers.

This is to be a warning to all of Japans enemies, the other nations and the enemies who dwell within.

Remember I am Kira. I am Justice."

The camera's quite rolling and Light smiled softly at an unresponsive Takada. It was not a comforting smile. It was as if this Light had no humanity left in him but this cheap imitation. The younger Yagami had also noticed how differently his future self spoke; certainly his voice was a little deeper and as well spoken as always, but it seemed more robotic now. Not quite like L, who always seemed detached (Light was certain L used that inflectionless voice on purpose, as a way of further isolating himself.) But Lights future voice seemed harder and swifter-almost hard edged. It was a strict voice. Light assumed it was only natural he would speak like that, having to God and all. He could not sound like sweet, angel face teen Light like he did now. But still, there was something wrong with it. Like the smile, his voice seemed unreal and forced; like there was nothing kind and caring and sympathetic in there anymore.

'Hah, stop being such a child! You're thinking the way the spirits want you to!" Spat his Kira thought, eyes red and narrowed. 'You are over thinking about stupid things. The point is, you have won, and this plan is a good one. With the storm it will definitely look like you are a God and not just a boy with special powers.'

Light took in a deep breath. Kira was right. He was worrying too much about silly things.

The cameramen and staff left, leaving a few suited men and Takada with Light. "I want the Whammy kids separated. Any children who are under five years old need to be sent to Misa. Have all the others bound, gagged and sent to the courtyard."

The men all barked an affirmative, and marched out to do his bidding. Getting up, and reluctantly holding Takada's hand, they went downstairs. Light followed, completely alone. It seemed Future was not going to stand and explain anything, which suited Light just fine. As much as he hated to admit it, he was very afraid of the shadowy monster. Takada was smiling in a way that fascinated Light; not romantically of course. To say Takada was smiling wasn't really correct, it was more like a horrible sneer crossed with a grimace; like someone engaging in something they did not want to do, but had to convince everyone else that she was happy. There was a strange smugness to it also. It was, simply put, a contradictory smirk. Moreover, it looked horrible. Takada actually looked evil. With a jolt in his heartbeat, Light realised he recognised the smirk; it was the one Past put on all his photographs as he walked downstairs to see Higuchi; that horrible, sinister, ugly grin that did not belong to him at all! Was it foreshadowing then? To a time when he would always see that grimace?

Light followed the couple to a square outdoor area at the back of the L ('not L- Kira') headquarters. Light felt his throat tighten. There were at least twelve rows containing twenty or so children. The oldest of them could only be in their mid teens where the youngest all looked around seven or eight. Many of them were holding hands. This was the only sign of fear or discomfort they gave out. All of them stood stock still and stared resolutely forward. Their eyes were completely blank; just like a certain detectives...

"Do you still deny the sovereignty of our God and Redeemer, Almighty Kira?" A man with long black hair and glasses shouted out. Light recognised him as the man he had seen standing by his side as, what looked like, Task force members lay dead and dying at his feet. Light wondered if he had really killed Aizawa, Mogi and Matsuda.

If he had written their names down and watched them die. He had been laughing. Laughing... Light shifted on his feet, uncertain of how he felt about that before his natural stoicism came into play, and he began to observe carefullythe events happening in front of him.

The children remained silent. Light felt his previous unease rise up quickly once more; all the children were facing Future Light and his cronies (Light could not think of any other way to describe the people his counterpart was allied to.) Surely they would not hurt the children? Light was no pushover, but surely the children could be taught in the ways of Kira?

The man leaned to Light, "Kami-sama, will you destroy these rebels with your powers?"

'But you considered killing children,' began that red-eyed thought to Light, 'back when you found out those children were the successors of L, you thought of killing them. The little rats of today become big rats in the future, surely it's better to deal with them while they are small and weak?'

"Its immoral," Light thought bluntly. "We've been through this already. Killing children possibly means bringing more future suffering than relief. Besides they're children, they can't be classed in the same light as dangerous criminals. It's absurd.

"No," Future Light replied curtly, watching the children closely, making his young teenage self breathe a sigh of relief. "They are not worthy of my time. Shoot them."

Light shouted out in horror before he could stop himself, "God! No!"

But even if they could have heard him, his scream would have drowned out by the bullets and thuds of small bodies hitting the ground.

His older doppelganger walked calmly away, his bobbed brunette Goddess at his side, as the blood of slowly dying and screaming children spread across the courtyard.

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