A Death Note Carol

The Storm Arrives

Light stood frozen in time.

Had he...?

He killed...?

He killed the children?

They had all been shot...shot like war criminals. It had taken some of them so long to die, the first row of kids had been ripped to shreds by the onslaught of bullets, but the ones further back had suffered longer; they had been sprayed with the blood of their friends resulting in some standing in shock whilst others fell to floor, desperately trying to cover themselves up under the bodies. The row of shooters just stood there, shooting, reloading, and shooting again until all movement had stopped, their bullets finally penetrating through and hitting a vital organ of every child. Light had seen a good few children actually drown; choking to death on their own blood. Others still died of the blood loss, of the pain, or from the shock. The faces of their killers were stoic and uniform, as if they did not even care for the atrocity they had just committed.

Light saw these children. He saw them. He saw them so happy when their presents were handed to them, happy to be acknowledged and recognised as an individual, their real names, written down and remembered. Many of these children still would have had their baby teeth. Others were covered in freckles; would they have grown out of them? Would their hair or eyes grown darker as they would have gotten older? What jobs would they have had? Would they have married, had children of their own?

No one would ever know, because they had just been slaughtered.

He had done this. Kira. Because they were his enemies. Of course, his elder self had left before the shooting began. Light felt a stinging sensation in his eyes as his fists clenched and his once shocked still heart began to pound heavily. "Of course I left! Of course I did! Because that is what I do; I judge, have enough time to gloat then leave!" Light had never really been angry with himself before. Whenever his plans had not worked or backfired, his anger was always directed at someone else; it was always someone else's fault that he had not done well. But now, his future self was not what he had envisioned, and he felt bitterly disappointed. Who else could he be mad at but himself? Besides the sheer shock he was experiencing was enough to completely throw him. His thoughts were temporarily muddled and as opposed to his usual thought out intellect, his was reacting automatically. His head bent down, he saw crystalline tears falling and disappearing into the dark, scarlet red. Blood was surprising dark and thick, not like how the films showed them...

The air smelt rank. There were a few gagging sounds...it was a few of the children, they were dead, but their bodies were still making the odd movements and sounds. Like when beheaded chickens continued to run...

Light fell to his knees retching.

The air smelt of blood and gunfire, of burnt hair and scorched skin. Nothing can prepare you for such a stink; it's so sickening it will forever stay with you, but you would never be able to describe it...

Light threw up.

"Get these bodies out of here!" Called the gruff voice of some nameless Kira follower. Light stayed looking at the floor, even though his own vomit was spreading towards his trousers. He could not move, if he did, he would see them moving the bodies with all the care the Nazi's had with the Jews.

'This has to be done,' said Kira. 'It not nice, but it has to be done. These children would die but how many would be saved?'

"They could have grown up to be an aide to society..."

'What, like L? He was happy to hire criminals in order to catch you! These children were taught to be competitive. They do not care for humanity! L is antisocial and rude- he doesn't like anyone and if he says so it's a blatant and obvious lie. Stand up!'

Shakily obeyed Kira and climbed to his feet, still not able to watch the grisly display of children's body parts being swept away. He had eliminated Penbar and Misora when they challenged him and his new world; so why should it be different with children? As Kira said, little rats grow into big rats.

The rain began to fall, washing away the blood and cleansing the atmosphere. "There has to be sacrifices at the beginning," he muttered to himself. "Human society when going through a period of evolution have sacrifices; the Industrial Revolution destroyed the countryside, people's way of life, and thousands of children were forced in to workhouses...

And I have said this all before. It's not a good enough argument...Past already defeated it..."

Light recalled when he stood with the Spirit of Past in Russia:

And sacrifices must always be made for progress," he had yelled, so full of anger and resentment at being compared to a Dictator. "Look at the Industrial Revolution, Independence for various countries and when nations first began to travel and multiculturalism was born? People died! People did not get along, people fought, but it was worth it, because whilst hundreds died, all of humanity was able to move forwards after this."

"No, sacrifices are made for deities and gods of an old superstitious world." Past's voice was flat and girlish; something he remembered with a shudder, now realising it had been using the voice of a dead foetus. "The deaths you mention in your examples were caused by the infallibility of mankind; their deaths were not necessary, but the sins of arrogance, pride and greed caused those tragedies. Just like this one..."

No! It is!" Light straightened himself, his arm resting on the wall. "Past rebuttal was pitiful, she criticised the deaths that have been caused but offered no other alternative. It was ignorance at best and damning and judgemental at worst. Yes, these kids would have grown up, possibly, to be doctors and nurses and lawyers and people that helped other people, but if Kira's world works, we won't need people like that.

"Besides, with me controlling the education of Japan's children I will make sure they get the best education possible. Plus it is much, much more likely that these children would have grown up to be Kira dissenters. They were raised on the same morals as L; I would not have killed them unless I absolutely had to. So if it's anyone's fault, it is L and the people who raised him for hypnotising these young people with their ideas." Light stood and made to straighten his tie before remembering that he had put his night clothes back on. "It's still a case of a few dying to save many. Of that I'm certain."

However, Light could not help but notice his decidedly weaker sounding conviction than what he had but a few hours ago.

Now new people were being dragged into the courtyard; they were chained and their faces were covered by black cotton bags. They were lined up the same position as the children, Kira returning with Takada. Light scowled at her; he had always admired Takada. He had never been interested romantically, but he had felt that she would be a good life partner. She was ambitious, calm, dignified and most importantly, classy. She was a world away from the gaudy, scruffy likes of Misa, Matsuda and L. But as he looked at her now, with her smug expression, fake smile, all in her fur coat and sunglasses despite it being dark, he suddenly decided that he hated her and what she stood for. Light avoided looking at his own counterpart.

Unlike before, the courtyard was now packed as all the additional bodies of newsreaders, cameramen, lighting and sound people, all clamoured in to record the up coming miracle.

The rain began to fall heavily, its dense drops pounding against the floor and causing an indecorous level of noise. Light could have huddled up underneath one of the umbrella's the news crew were holding; but he did not. Light remained a few feet from them, at the furthest point away from Kira, in a state between the news crew and the potential victims.

Takada reapplied some lipstick before standing in front of the camera lens and being counted in:

3, 2, 1...

"Welcome back, faithful followers and people of Japan. Hello, people of the world, for we know that this recording will soon be shown all over the planet. It is hopeless for anyone to try and ignore God. These people standing in the background are the enemies of Kira. They were criminals, these people wanted paedophiles and rapists and murderers protected and saved from Holy Judgement. In doing so, they have incurred the wrath of Almighty Kira."

Conveniently, at that moment lightening struck across the sky, Takada backed away from the camera, revealing Kira standing in the middle of the courtyard. Light was still a good dresser, he was no longer in a suit, but he did wear a crisp collarless shirt and black slacks. He still looked amazingly young, but that innocence had gone. Kira's eyes were sharp and a glazed red hue coloured the irises.

He actually looked unnatural. Light could not help but wonder when this transformation began to happen, when it became visible. Had L noticed? For some reason, that knowledge made Light's stomach contract and caused his breath to temporarily stop.

"I shall now call judgement down onto these criminals. Matsuda Touta!"

A hood was lifted from one victim, revealing a bewildered, and gagged, Matsuda. Light gaped. Matsuda already looked dead. His eyes were blank and sorrowful. He looked completely beaten.

Kira stared ahead for a moment; following his gaze above the heads of the camera crew, Light realised he was watching a giant digital clock placed on the side of the building. It was accurate to the point of seconds. Of course.

"I judge you with lightening!"

A blue ray of electric shot of the sky and made its jerky path towards the innocent man. Matsuda did not so much as bat an eyelid before he was thrown backwards and fell to the ground, his body twitching and burning. Matsuda, the man who had saved his sister and who had saved that young girl from being abused and possibly killed. Matsuda was nothing like Light; he was silly, gossip and celebrity obsessed, and impulsive. He was also the kind of man who put himself in the middle of action rather than orchestrating from the sidelines, he saved people as opposed to damning them, he tried to see every side of the argument, Matsuda had been the only task force member who even remotely attempted to understand what Kira had been trying to achieve. And Light had killed him horribly.

"Mihael Kheel!"

The hood was torn away, and Light recognised Number Two from the orphanage. However, this boy was older and had huge burns down one side of his face. His face was contorted with adolescent rage; it seemed number two, aka, Mihael Kheel, had not matured.

"This evil and menacing looking creature was the terrorist who assaulted Japan and threatened the President of America." Takada narrated to the camera lens, blocking the image of Kira once more. "While Almighty Kira is above politics, he hates that Kheel has threatened world peace and the people of Japan! He will be judged by lightening!"

"FUCK YOU!" The boy spat, biting through his gag and constantly fighting against his binds, "you seriously think everyone will believe this? You're insane! No God, just some rich-" He was promptly gagged, the first attempt failing as he bit his abusers hand.

"He was never suitable to join the Kira side," Light thought recalling the boy's behaviour in the church. "He was too emotional...besides he is a young man now. If he wanted to join my side he would not be getting executed. I can't feel sorry for him, the children, perhaps but only because they could have been useful. As for this boy, he clearly had no real potential..."

Nonetheless, when the lightening shot through the young, already burned body; setting it alight and throwing it backwards, Light still ended up retching again.

He noted his doppelganger had his back to his victims. For some reason it made him feel annoyed- the fact that he was having to deal with watching this horror, while the one committing it was allowed to remain distant from it.

Light realised he wasn't just angry, he actually just didn't like his future self very much because this Kira wasn't quite what he had imagined for himself. But then, he didn't like Takada either; or what he had seen of his followers. But why didn't he? What was wrong with what his future self or the kira followers were doing? Killing the children was brutal, but in order to create a utopia a mixture of idealism and pragmatism were needed. Even though the death of Misora's unborn child was undoubtedly a tragedy, these children would have grown up to be anti-kira troublemakers. And why should the cold efficiency irk him so? Why should he be uncomfortable about it?

("Earlier you challenged my decision to kill Penbar and Misora, well I'll give you an answer. Even though they were not criminals they still went against God. Therefore, they were against a perfect new world, that makes them sinners. L is one of them; despite his morbid past he would happily keep a world where something like this could happen to another child!")

If he was someone as emotive and childish as Matsuda, then he'd understand his squeamish attitude, which bought on nicely the reasons for Mihael and Matsuda being executed; they were overly emotional and also a risk to a kira society. People like Matsuda would always look at an alternative. People like Mihael would always fight against the establishment; whether it was good for him or not. As he believed, this boy, like Matsuda, had no potential...

(It may not be politically correct but some people are better than others; morally at least."

Past looked at him blankly asking in monotone, "so you would kill all who disagree with Kira's ideologies?"

"For the sake of the rest of mankind, yes.")

Looking down he saw a small brown spider scuttle through the puddles of rain and blood remains; focusing on the burning corpse that had once been a young man, Light wondered why he believed that boy had had no potential. After all, what was wrong with emotional people? Really, it didn't make much sense; Light was passionate and dedicated to his cause, he just lied well in order to give off a calmer appearance. Was that what he resented in others, that some people wore their hearts on their sleeve, as the western saying went? He had hated Matsuda for the same reason, to Light stupidity went along with overtly emotional; look at Misa...

( "...They have no class. They deserve to be exterminated. And people like L and Misora and Penbar, they are part of that weak class of human, they allow men like these to run riot."

"They are an actual different class of people?")

But then, they were just not good at lying; not like him and Takada...and Higuchi. No, they were liars and they were ruthless, certainly Light's goal was more honourable than the others, but still, it said something that the most successful people in Kira's world would be the most vicious. What would happen to the likes of Sayu? Someone who did not tend to lie, who was naive, who just went along with the masses? Would they become the new proletariat?

(People that are good; that work together; that care about our world, they are a higher evolutionary class. Those who just cause pain are lower."

"So it's a war of the classes you are waging?"

"I guess it is, Past.")

Suddenly, Light realised it was this that bothered him. The whole point of the new world was that negative people would cease to exists, starting with hardcore criminals. The new world was for people like Sayu and Sachiko to be happy and safe. But what his kingdom advocated were people like Takada and himself...or rather, his future self. Light was positive he was not that cold hearted now. If the passionate and that ridiculous liberal minded were looked down upon, would not Light world become full of the morally corrupt masquerading as good people? Was what Kira was creating nothing more than a totalitarian government? History proved that these never lasted...never lasted unless the people were so beaten down that there were seen to be no alternatives to life.

Wait, Light's world was going to be perfect, so they would not need to think of an alternative. There was no alternative for perfection other than imperfection, and who wanted an imperfect world?

So, in fact, were cold efficient and pragmatic people actually part of the 'higher class of human' he had spoken of the Past? Light was becoming harder and more ruthless as time went on, and clearly in the future he surrounded himself with like minded people. And this seemed to work; yes there were dead children, and his sister and mother would never be held with the high prestige he wanted (though they would always have the pleasure of being good citizens,) however, things were moving along nicely. This little act would be enough to terrify people around the world. Within hours of this being shown, Kira would have gained a legion of new followers.

The passionate and the immature, such as Kheel were worth sacrificing, in order to keep sane, logical people and progressing mankind.

Light, feeling much better, looked on bravely- he would be strong willed enough to face his enemies at least...

A third person had his hood removed.

"Nate River!"

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