A Death Note Carol


There was a clear pattern emerging.

Every time the bus halted, the passengers left for the nearest temple or church.

No one of them went home.

"I suppose all the people who have a family or want to be home would be by now." Light thought, looking into the houses along the street, all the curtains closed, and most lights being off. "People would have gone home to be with the families as soon as Kira announced himself in person." He frowned, still frustrated that his future self had made such a decision. Was he really so confident that he did not fear any assassination attempts, or accusation that he was human, not a god? The best kind of gods had an air of mystery. At this rate, Light ran the risk of going down in history as another prophet or messiah.

Light turned his mind to after he was dead. He had always hoped that his reign would have such an effect that humanity would continue its moral and social evolution after he was gone. He had imagined arranging his death with Ryuuk (who, up until this moment, he still perceived as ignorant and easy to manipulation) so that he could place certain individuals in his place as world rulers.

Light had always believed himself as an Alexander the Great kind of figure. Alexander the Great had been a great King; he was both a revolutionary and wise and bought culture and education to his people; yet he was also a fearsome and intelligent warrior; his strategies in war, invasion and occupying a foreign land, were the main reason he was so successful.

Light had to strike the correct balance of being feared and revered. As far as he could tell, too many other religions tried to make god a kindly fatherly figure; to the point where god was little more than an agony aunt in their prayers. Other's relied on god to simply 'destroy the earth' meaning they just had to wait for his actions, and do little themselves other than 'believe'. Light would be no such god; he would be living, feared, exalted and would bring a new order on an earth that already existed.

Likewise, after Alexander's short but glorious reign, he had been succeeded by four kings, none of whom matched Alexander's tenacity, wisdom or strength. Similarly, though Light would eventually die, he had once had confidence in his decisions on choosing suitable successors, though they would never truly match his genius.

However, whilst sitting, invisible, on this dreary bus, occasionally glancing to his sister at the side of him, Light now was forced to reconsider his self-confidence.

After discovering Misa had been using him as a pawn and ensnaring him further in to the relationship, Light understood that not only did he have a tendency for under estimating people (women in particular) but that he also made bad choices with his successors; Misa, Takada, Higuchi, who else had his future self picked? Light shuddered to think about it...

The bus came to a halt, the driver announcing that he could go no further.

Stepping off, Light saw the road had been blocked off by thousands of people, all ignoring the icy downpour of rain and hail. Armed guards dressed in the same uniform as the ones who had shot the children earlier, were situated about, guns at the ready. In the distance roars of "Hail Kira, Hail Kira!" could be heard. The smell of smoke permeated the atmosphere along with the slick, clammy stench of perspiration and fear. The glow of flames, undeterred by the rain, shone in the background, the shadows of burning mascots and cheering masses reminding Light of when the Berlin Wall fell. However, unlike back then...there were more unhappy people than joyous.

The people standing in front of them were silent, seemingly watching their fellow countrymen in dismay. Sayu tapped a man on the back; he turned to her, his eyes wide and vacant.

"Excuse me sir, but what is happening?"

"The Kira worshippers, they've come out in full force. They're declaring this the Era of Judgement." He gulped, Light recognising that glassy eyed look as pure, unadulterated fear. He had seen the same look in Misora and Penbar's eyes when they realised who he was. The look gave him no joy or thrill now. "They're saying we are all doomed, all those that disagreed with him..."

"I thought he only killed criminals?"

"Anyone against Kira is a criminal." He replied simply, as if she were stupid saying such a thing. "They're talking about destroying all the Shinto temples and Christian churches, for advertising false gods and prophets."

Sayu stepped back, "my God..."

She ran to a nearby guard, "excuse me, sir, I am Light Yagami's sister, please, I need to see him, it's urgent!"

"Sure you are. Do you know how many people have tried that tonight? You should be careful; liars do not get to join Kira's Kingdom."

"I'm not lying! Please, my name is Sayu Yagami! I'm twenty years old, our mother is Sachiko and our late father was Soichiro, please, I'll tell you anything, anything!"

The man stood impassive.

"Then contact Light! He'll tell you!"

After some persuasion, Sayu managed to get the frustrated guard to phone through to his superiors.

"What is your name?"

"I told you, Sayu Yagami! I have ID and I can tell you anything about our family that you need to know!"

"Alright, alright..." He grumbled before listened to the speaker on the other end of the phone. It seemed the speaker, at least, believed Sayu, as, after a curt 'yes' the guard hung up and grunted, "fine, come with me."

As he followed Sayu and the guards, Light recognised the dingy interior of L headquarters. Just as he was berating his future self for not decorating, they arrived at the higher levels, which had supplied bedrooms for L, Light and Misa.

Entering the bedroom Light had once shared with L, Light was now back in the room where he had first seen his future self, minus the TV camera's and crew. Takada and the bespectacled, dark haired man sat at either end of the room and Future Kira dominated the setting by standing in the centre. They all watched Sayu intently; like Lions observing prey. Sayu herself slowed in her steps, not recognising the cold face of Kira.

Light looked at his future closely- where his eyes more...red?

"Light...please... what is happening?" Her voice was high and tentative, the kind of voice that annoyed Light. Future Kira himself scowled. "You didn't kill those people, did you?"

"Sayu, Mello was cruel to you, wasn't he?" Light started at Future Kira's question. Who was Mello?

"Mello and his gang abused you."

Light's stomach coiled with anger; though Light had a distant relationship with his sister, she was, nonetheless, his sister. It was disgusting to think someone had dared to hurt someone that belonged to his family. And then of course, there was the shame, one again, that Light must have failed to protect her at some point in his future and in Future Kira's past.

The 'Mello' character must have been one of the boys he killed. It was probably Mihael... or Nate...

"N-no..."Sayu unconsciously stepped backwards as her brother stalked towards her, talking all the while and ignoring her weak remonstrance.

"You were so broken in spirit when you returned...I promised myself then and there," Kira leaned forward, his height towering over Sayu, his shadow consuming her, "that nothing and no one would hurt you again."

"Really?" She stopped her retreat and frowned. Had the situation not been so serious, Light would have laughed; Sayu looked just like dad when he was angry. "So it is for me that you killed those people? That the whole world is being thrown into chaos?"

"Out of chaos comes a new order..." Future Kira began to reiterate the same philosophy that Light had all night to the Spirits; the necessity of evil in creating a new world order; in pushing mankind up the evolutionary ladder.

However, Sayu was scathing...

"Oh that's nonsense Light!" Both Future Kira and Light twitched angrily at Sayu's interruption of his long practiced sermon. "Since when did you become such a casuist? Don't try and fool me Light, I know you! And I know your beliefs."

Light scowled, 'she doesn't know me,' he thought with a mixture of bitterness and superiority, 'no one does...'

"What you did out there, you did to show your power...But what I don't understand is how you can justify it! How your views and philosophy has become so warped?"

"Warped? How is it warped that I want to create a better world?"

Light's two comrades, Takada and the man in glasses, glowered at Sayu but remained silent. They were the type of companions Light had longed for- willingly submissive because they knew he was right.

"Because you used to believe in justice and fairness and loyalty," Sayu continued in her diatribe. It seemed to Light that she wasn't really taking in any of his arguments. If she did then she would understand. "The show you put on today for the world to see, that isn't what humanity is about anymore. We do not heal our anger by spilling blood, by sacrificing people!"

"It wasn't a sacrifice, it was a punishment!" Future Kira sighed angrily; she just didn't understand...

"Did they receive a trial? What were their motives behind the crimes? Who caught them? Who made the decision that their crimes were punishable by a public execution?" Sayu's eyes narrowed. "Dad would be ashamed of you right now."

"Soichiro was a limited man; he could only perceive the little picture." Future Kira looked at his sister pointedly, "I am helping the entire world, yes some people will suffer, but they are only the guilty; guilty of criminality, guilty of being so self righteous and self centred that they are not willing to save the majority!"

Light flinched at hearing the venom and disgust he had secretly held for L, the task force and the officers who went against him, verbalised so efficiently; it was ugly. And yet...a part of him was happy to hear it, happy that he was, at least in the future, being honest about his feelings towards them. It was cleansing

"Before, you would have never have justified murder! You were always so dogmatic! If anything, too dogmatic. But at least you were honest." She paused momentarily, her un-fallen tears fading in her eyes; clarity reappeared before she continued warily. "How did you do it?"

Future Kira allowed a small smile; Light wondered if it was meant to be charming or was purposely smug; he would have gone for charming his sister, but future kira seemed less sophisticated in his manipulation techniques...

"Because I am not just human anymore." He held out his arms, invoking Christ-like imagery, "I am divinity and humanity in physical form." He wrapped his arms around Sayu, engulfing her small body the same way he did Misa's during their rare embraces. "As much as I have the unfortunate task of judging, I am also a protector. My followers understand that; it's why they love me. I offer protection. But it's for you, Sayu, you and mum, that I fight everyday to remove the likes of Mello. My only apology is that it wasn't done sooner. I was too...kind." Light kissed the top of Sayu's head in a fatherly fashion. "I know dad is gone, but hopefully I will be a sort of surrogate for you," he looked at her, his eyes a warm, honey colour. They were completely at odds with his didactic, patronising speech. "Do you understand Sayu?"

"You are god? Really a god? That is how you performed those...acts?"

Light smiled softly and nodded, but his expression quickly removed itself as she put her hands to his chest and pushed herself away.

As she headed to the door she stated, "Well, Kami, I just went from agnostic to atheist. Goodbye..." she looked at him squarely, her jaw set, "Kira."

After Sayu left the room, Future Kira stood snarling for a time before ordering the man in the glasses to arrange for Sayu to be watched at all times. Takada went up to him and held his arm, but he stiffened further at her comforting.

As nondescript shadows began to drift to and fro on the wall behind them, Light decided to follow after Sayu.

As he began to walk down the long corridor, it began to stretch, the windows either side of him each showing a different time of day. "Am I walking through time?" He wondered. He preferred this method, as confusing and slightly nauseating as it, than to being carried in a rain cloud.

It was strange that his Future self seemed more honest and open about his feelings and thoughts. Light supposed that the reason he was so secretive before was because he wanted to fit in with society's expectations and morality, but now that the world was in his control, or very nearly, he did not have to worry about containing himself.

Still, what Sayu said about him being a casuist as opposed to dogmatic was true. Light was frequently breaking his own moral codes, lying to his family; murdering; misleading people into believing in a god, all with the mind of changing the world for the better. Even his future 'honesty' was only a freeing of some of Light's...less honourable attribute; his egotism and stubbornness being paramount.

He stopped for a moment and sat down. He was becoming tired with all this walking, and the end of the corridor was not in sight. The light pouring in from the windows went from white, to orange, to blue and back again as time continued to flow on at its unnatural pace.

"I have to hurry and get to the end," he thought, "or I'll miss too much." Forcing himself up, Light made himself run, ignoring his protesting limbs.

His heart leapt as he finally saw to red double doors. The corridor itself began to twist and contort, making Light feel even more travel sick and dizzy.

Bursting through the doors, he now stood in a large room, the key aspect being a large, circular table. All around it sat suited men, army officials of various races, and Future Kira.

The only one who stood was a young man presenting a slideshow.

"So, Lord Kira and honorary members of The Light, the underworld is actually brimming with crime. Young girls and boys are being sold as sex slaves and servants on the black market. And, according to police investigations, a fifty-eight per cent rise in false allegations and a forty-five per cent rise in innocents being framed for crimes of varying degrees, whether thievery or murder." The man nervously looked up, but avoided Future Kira's gaze. "The police force has lost a lot of members due to feelings of frustration and a hope that...Lord Kira...will be able to catch as well as punish these criminals." He cleared his throat nervously. "And according to our street sources, people are beginning to believe that Lord Kira is punishing them unjustly."

Future Kira stood. "I think it is time for the people to be told of another divine proof. There is indeed still wickedness being done to innocents. However, this is not my doing, but the people themselves are to blame. For they..." Future Kira paused for dramatic effect, "have bought this calamity on themselves by doubting me, and allowing place for the Devil."

"The Devil, my Lord?"

"Yes. Lucifer, otherwise known as L. I already destroyed him long ago, but he still has his own followers, and these are committing these awful crimes." He smiled benignly. "But do not worry for I have a plan."

Suddenly everything went black.

Light stood still, like a frightened and alert animal.

"What is-?"

Before he could finish his thought, a bright yellow light burst through the scene. Light yelled and fell to the floor. As he breathed heavily, the stinging in his shocked eyes slowly ebbing away, he could hear soft feminine voice around him. Opening his eyes, he was looking down on a soft blue, tiled floor. He could smell the familiar richness of coffee, and the sounds of food sizzling away. When he finally stood and looked about, he was unsurprised to find himself in a cafe.

Sayu was sitting alone in the corner, staring into her coffee. She couldn't have been that old, but her face was drawn, soft worry wrinkles showing themselves on her forehead and around her eyes. Sitting opposite her, Light felt sorry for her. Light never had thought they would fall out. He and Sayu, whilst distant at times, had always, genuinely, loved each other. In fact, some of Light's happier memories had been with Sayu- simple things, like eating ice cream in the park, being chased by dad, and then throwing up the ice cream; going to the zoo and being excited by all the exotic animals, while Light had learned and memorised all the animal facts placed on the placards outside each cage, Sayu had laughed at the monkeys flinging faeces at one another, but they still had shared that joy regardless of intellectual differences.

Looking closely at her worn out face and tired eyes, Light wondered why he had thought her plain. She wasn't, not as much as their parents. He could understand why boys would like her, she was pretty. If not intellectual, she still had a good chance of happiness. She could marry, be a good wife, a good mother.

Light smiled.

He never imagined having children himself, but he liked the idea of being an uncle. In this world she had a good chance of living an idyllic life...

Wait...no she didn't.

"Have you already forgotten what you saw but a few moments ago?" He chastised himself. There was still crime. Future Kira had invented the Devil. But what was the point? If this world still had an ultimate evil, (at least in theory) then what was the point of him making this new world? It was exactly the same as before, but with a new religion...

Another coffee was placed in front of Sayu. The friendly waitress smiled and announced, "here you are Madam! Praises to Kira!"

Sayu smiled softly, though it did not reach her eyes.

However the smile on the waitress faded away. People on the table behind Sayu turned and looked at her in shock, as if she was being exceedingly rude. Sayu blushed very faintly and muttered, "I-I am not a Follower of the Light."

The waitress gaped for a few seconds, looking like a fish on land, before walking away, apparently speechless.

Sayu began to pick up her bag and put on her coat, as people continued to stare and mutter conspiratorially. A fat man in a striped apron marched up to her. "I am the owner," he declared loudly and pretentiously. "I am unwilling to serve the likes of you."

People began to cheer and clap as Sayu replied that she was leaving anyway.

"Don't come back!" The owner called after her as she left the shop and marched down the street, keeping her head down and avoiding the accusing and bewildered stares. Surveillance camera's whirled themselves in her direction. Light was amazed, there were camera's everywhere! How had the state been able to afford it?

A young man suddenly walked into Sayu, dropping both their bags. As they scrambled to collect their belongings he whispered, "do not worry. I am not a follower of the Light either. I know you are being followed and watched, but me and my comrades know of you and your plight. We will help you." As he spoke hurriedly, he slipped a piece of paper in Sayu's handbag.

Without another word or glance, the two set off in their opposite directions.

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