A Death Note Carol

Big Brother

Sayu walked quickly through a rundown area in central Japan. Again, Light could not help but notice the high level of CCTV. It had only been a few years since Light had announced himself to the world as Kira, Light was certain of that by the fact that Future Light and his sister only looked in their thirties. Therefore, how on Earth had Kira been able to afford all of these cameras? Japan was not a poor country by any means, but the sheer level of surveillance was astounding when compared to his time.

In Light's real time, Japan had a low crime level, and apart from trains (mostly due to the growing amount of complaints of young women being groped) and some obvious public areas and shops, CCTV had been very low compared to many Western European countries. During his brisk walk next to Sayu, Light wondered if Japan now actually had more CCTV than Britain. The deeper they went into the downtown, dirty area, the more cameras' had been torn down from their roost, the words 'surveillance society!' scribbled on the free surfaces of blank brick walls and iron fence gates.

She entered into one of the huge blocks of flats*, an eyesore of Japan as, in an attempt to deal with the overpopulation of the city, were hastily built during the eighties, crammed into small areas and were concordantly heavily claustrophobic

For the first time, Light noticed Sayu's clothes were not designer. It had taken a while to notice because they were still tidy and demure (one thing he loved about his sister was the knowledge that she would never, ever dress like Misa Amane.) but on closer inspection he saw the badly sewed seams and that they were somewhat thin and faded with age. Their parents had been financially secure, thanks to the hard work of their father and patience of their mother, and both parents had always made sure their children had the best education, the latest toys and gadgets and wore the best clothes. What had happened to Sayu? He supposed that their mother could not offer Sayu any money for clothes, as she was now a widow (and probably jobless, due to never having worked in her life, and having few qualifications.) then, if the last argument and the scene in the coffee shop was anything to go by, he and Sayu were not on speaking terms. In other words, no one was there to look after her anymore.

"Good," he thought to him, "without help, maybe she will realise that she needs me. Even if my Kira is somewhat flawed," (he pushed away memories of the rain and children's blood,) "I'm still the only person who could have made the Kira idea work for this long and so well. She probably didn't do that well in college; she needs a supportive husband and brother. People in this world," he looked up at one of the many security cameras, "needs to accept me. Then life for them would improve."

In the clean but run down flat, Light saw Sayu's university degree certificate on the wall; contrary to his assertion, she had done very well academically... as well as him, in fact. This caused him to frown, he had always been the intelligent one in the family! Thinking back to when he first moved out of home to stay with L, Light remembered that Sayu's grades had remained consistently positive. Before he had always assumed that she only got good grades because he helped her so much but it had been shown by Past that Sayu had always been quite adept at maths, but was it possible that, without Light, Sayu had gone on to do better? Going by her grades as a teenager, Sayu should have been an average student, but to do as well as him? What did that mean?

However, Light had been right about her not having a job; and he soon saw why. As she sat down and pondered through the various application forms, he noticed she had filled out every section but one page;

Please note your race, ethnicity and religious denomination on the lines below:

Sayu kept putting the biro to the page, before leaving it off again. After some contemplation she finally put 'native Japanese.' The second line was even harder. She was breathing rhythmically and deeply. Light had worked out her issue, it was obvious. Being a kira worshipper meant acceptance; Sayu proudly announcing herself a full score atheist meant she was no longer a respectable member of society. She probably was not even seen as rational and sane, considering that kira was clearly very real.

However, he was more puzzled by the fact that she had hesitated before writing 'native Japanese.' The fact that the application forms were asking (as opposed to requesting) her ethnicity was slightly strange, but her reluctance and description were even odder. Sayu, like the rest of the family, had always been proud of her country but not overtly nationalistic (it was an unofficial belief in their home that such behaviour and attitude was crass and belonged only to the lower class and those with extremist tendencies; one thing all the Yagami's did well was dignity.) But there was nothing undignified about simply stating your ethnicity!

Her shame could have been that, with Kira as ruler, she had become ashamed of her race. But in that case, why hadn't Sayu left the country? Also, Japan had as many 'bad' people from its history as it did 'good', that hadn't made Sayu any less patriotic. Instead, Sayu's shame coupled with the fact that the application asked for her ethnicity as standard, meant that there must be a lot of non-Japanese in Japan, and that, possibly these were unfairly getting or not getting work; hence Sayu was ashamed to put that she was a 'native' and possibly unfairly being put ahead of a someone else to get work, or she was reluctant to write so in case it lessened her chance of getting an interview.

What was strange about the question was that it asked for 'race'as well as her 'ethnicity', which meant that people who were not born in Japan, were now being separated from those who were. Before had, naturalised foreigners (often people, such as the Brazillians and Cantonese, with Japanese roots) were accepted as part of Japanese ethnicity; completely different to most other countries, which only counted those born in their country, along with a relatively long heritage in that country, as part of their 'ethnicity.'

However, it seemed that now Japan was following suit. Had future Kira decided to follow the U.N more closely? Was there a rush of Kira-worshiping immigrants putting a strain on the country? Or was Japan becoming more globalised, as part of Kira's wish to rule not just Japan but the entire planet? Unfortunately at this stage there was no way of knowing how the influx was affecting the Japanese economy and people, but it certainly was affecting them in a way significant enough for Sayu to dally over marking her race almost as much as she did writing her religious denomination.

The fact that she was hesitating meant that part of her wanted to put 'Kira worshipper'; that partly made Light happy, and partly made him feel ashamed. He would rather his sister and mother support him because they believed and understood what he was doing; not because they felt pressured and harassed. He wondered how his mother was doing in this world; her daughter restrained from her, what kind of son was future Light being to her? He had always hoped that his mother would have his father and sister to lean on, as he always imagined himself too busy creating and maintaining the new world.

However, his plans had been so far scuppered.

He wondered what had killed his father. Had it been himself? Or had dad died in the line of duty? If he had killed his own father, the spirits were malicious enough that they would have shown it. So maybe he didn't. Maybe dad died peacefully. And maybe his mother was happy, the Messiah and Ruler of the world was her own son. Why wouldn't she be happy with that? It far exceeded even her high hopes for her first born.

So, it would just be Sayu who was suffering. And it was due to her stubbornness that she was.

His sister turned on the radio, whist pouring a glass of water from the sink, the second line of her application forms lying empty and waiting.

"So, fellow Shadows, that was Li Jungs report from southern Korea." The DJ sounded slightly tired, and the signal was poor. Light remembered how, when they were young, Sayu hated listening to DJ's talking, to radio news, or static messing up the signal. She often infuriated him by switching the radio stations repeatedly when on long, family drives. How his parents just dealt with it, despite not having his level of patience, was beyond him. However, it seemed his adult sister was quite different to the Sayu he knew. The radio remained on and the DJ continued to speak. "You are tuned in to anti- Kira radio station, the last free media outlet in the entire Eastern world, if you found our new radio wave for this week well done, but we'll be changing again soon. Kira's dogs are always on the hunt...

Now we go on to our fellow Shadows in America. As usual we cannot give the specific state, but we're tuning in now for a live sermon"-

Ah, of course, Sayu really was quite the rebel now wasn't she? Light smirked, a bitter feeling swirling in his stomach. He hated people going against him; especially people like Sayu (and L) who should know better, or at least know their place...

"For TOO long, we fought one another!" an ecclesiastical voice suddenly screeched out in English, the static of the radio even more prominent and irritating. "And in doing so, the real enemy, the real demon lord, he got in and usurped God! Our holy temples have been destroyed, our places of worship burned to the ground! All manner of Evil is now a form of 'good'; people governing themselves instead of obeying God! Everyone is lying to themselves and one another! The news keeps saying that crime is gone, that we are free- but is that true Shadows?"

"No!" roared the crowd in reply, who had been inconsistently yelling and shouting throughout the crazed sermon.

"No it isn't true! We are still being robbed and murdered and raped, and the key criminal, is Kira! The self appointed god! And he is no god, not really. In reality he is Light Yagami, an intelligent and privileged child of middle class Japan. He has fooled the common people, all those that were too impatient to wait for the True Lords day! Mah fellow Shadows!" The drawl of the man's voice hinted that he was from Middle America, probably somewhere in the infamous Bible-Belt region... Light looked at Sayu, worried about her listening to such vitriolic nonsense, but she had her back to him.

"This reminds me of a Bible account! Of when the freed Israelites and Egyptians were in the wilderness after being set free from their captivity and their Great Leader Moses climbed up Mount Sinai to collect the commandments of God. And when he came back down, what were the people doing?"

The crowd began to roar answers- words lost in the din, but the angry, indignant tone stayed intact.

"That's right! They were worshipping a false god! A calf made out of gold! FOOLS GOLD! And God, quite rightfully condemned them to DEATH! Do you see the connection? DO YOU SEE THE CONNECTION MAH BROTHERS! It's happening again! They could not wait for the real God, instead we fought each other, broke off into faction, cherry picked from the Good Book, and now look! We have a false prophet, a false goddess and a false god in our midst! I do not know how Light Yagami" he stressed the name, twisting it obscenely due to enraged pronunciation, "is murdering all these people; the undesirables, the dissenters, but I do know this- he is not doing it with the power of God, but with the power of the Devil!"

The crazed cheering descended into some sort of religious song and prayer before it finally ended.

Sayu sighed in relief and, turning back towards Light and the radio, allowed herself to role her eyes; Light visibly relaxed; the idea that his little sister may have been taken in by such religious fanatical ranting had concerned him.

"Well that was Brother Malory," said the radio presenter in a somewhat dead pan voice. "But now it's onto the news. The real news, that is... In the last few months, we've noticed a surge of ethnic minorities joining the Anti-Kira campaign. And not just in Japan, but all over the world. In England there has been a huge rise in Polish and Middle Eastern followers; in Italy a rise in Gypsy support; in America many more Hispanic and African-Americans. Why? We sent out our Shadow reporters to question these people and all of them answered the same; they feel that Kira is targeting there races personally."

Light scowled, what was this propaganda? He was no racist! (If anything he was misanthropic and slightly misogynistic.) And even if he was racist, why would he target a group in one country but not another? What would be the point?


"Now, as much as we despise Kira," the voice twittered on, a slight Bangkok accent colouring it, "we had a hard time understanding why he would suddenly become racist or prejudiced against certain groups of people and only when in certain countries. Then we realised something crucial. People pay attention." Sayu stopped watering her small plants, and walked up to the radio. She did not turn it up, which would have only exasperated the static even more and would have alerted neighbours to what she was listening to, but leant down to it, sitting crossed legged on the floor.

"Kira is not in control!" the presenter intoned, "he is being manipulated by what various governments are putting on the news. For years we have argued that Kira is killing people that could have been innocent that may have been caught in a set up due to our brutal police force but now governments have been getting involved. We believe that there is a conspiracy in governments where only certain races of people are shown on the news as being criminal. They are of course, judged by Kira. What this means is kira is, unintentionally perhaps, committing genocide or ethnic cleansing on behalf of various governments."

Sayu covered her mouth with her hands, her eyes wide...unbeknownst to her, her former teenaged brother sat invisible in her chair, his eyes as wide and as stunned as hers.

Light's face was immobile, but inside his heart was throbbing so quickly it hurt, and his thoughts were screaming in rage. There was no way, NO WAY, that Light would be so stupid to allow himself to be manipulated in such a way! Who else but Kira, he, could pull of such a stunt as this? He had outwitted L, outwitted his successors, how could the measly minds of ordinary men have beaten him? Surely this radio report was nothing but propaganda and slander against him!

'Ah,' said a sly nasty thought, interrupting his internal Kira-like rant. 'But you were killing criminals that the news had reported as being guilty without actually investigating those criminals yourself. There was no absolute proof that all of them were guilty. There could have been a miscarriage of justice. You were influenced by the media back then...'

"No, it wasn't me being influenced." Light fought back, his anger being pushed down to a lower level so that he could concentrate and reason his feelings and doubts out. "I judged people that had gotten out of court for technicalities, technicalities often meaning things as simple as the accused not being read his rights properly. It didn't matter that the evidence proved the accused was guilty, stupid reasons like that meant they walked free, ready to kill or rape or maim again." Light felt the familiar feeling of righteous indignation broiling inside. He often had felt it as a child, listening to his exhausted father complain that a criminal he and his team had worked months on to catch, was let free because pone person in the team had lost a piece of evidence, or tampered with something. A normal, human mistake could destroy an entire case. It just wasn't right. "Or the criminals had clearly bribed the jury. I made decisions that were sensible and based on high probability that the accused was in fact guilty."

'You may have done that at the beginning,' the nasty voice that was beginning to sound like L continued, 'but after a few months, what was your routine? You would come home, watch the news, write a list of criminals, in the Death Note, and then go have dinner. You have written hundreds of names, and we both know that you did not inspect all those cases. You say you 'judge' but after a few weeks of being Kira, you wasn't judging, you were killing., and you were killing people based on the judgement of the media and how they were portrayed. Think about your Future self, he is over confident- announcing himself as Kira and showing himself to the whole world was an act of stupid arrogance. Even L, as vain as he was, wasn't that dumb. And then, your future self was nearly bested by Sayu in an argument. All that 'I am the Messiah, the Chosen One,' has gone to your head. You really believe it, you, the once level-headed, atheist cynic, are now the same as an extreme religious cult leader, and as a result, your senses have lowered.'

Light grit his teeth and forced himself to remember Future Kira killing the children and successors with lightening. It was a ridiculous way to kill someone, but he had believed there was a method in the madness; nature inspires awe and reverence. By judging with lightening, Future Kira had made himself an equal to the gods. But had he, his future self, had he began to believe he really was a god? It was true that, in some ways, Light thought of himself as a god. He was as good as anyway, but he always maintained that he was still, at the end of it all, an extremely clever human. Had his Future self lost sight of his own humanity? When had Light become a serial killer with a god-complex, instead of a sound and unbiased Judge? It started with Light losing his name, and gaining one which, in the most basic sense, described a serial murderer and the worst type of criminal.



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