A Death Note Carol

Predator and Prey

Looking at the sky and its full moon, In the back of my head I feel, The rumbling wheels, Shaking my memories.

The train is moving forward and closer,Can't stand up and walk away.Once I made my mind up so long ago,Now I can't change,It is just too bad.- Ambeon: 'Cold Metal'

On the way out Sayu was once more accosted by the happy members of sect. Each of them offered her a warm smile and asked her to join them for a meal sometime. She even got a few hugs from those who had no concept of boundaries. Light decided he hated them also.

Sayu was too exhausted to reply with her usual vigour, instead she smiled weakly but never promised to join any of them for anything.

Light hoped that she would see past their smiling faces and realise that these people were no good for her. If only Sayu was more obedient! Why couldn't she just let Light do what he had to do? Surely she must know he is the best person to bring peace to Earth? Yes, things had gone wrong. He regretted the death of so many children, and was slightly mortified that intellectual independence was being quelled in order to promote unity, but what other choice did Light have? "In time, people will understand," he thought, thinking of the Radio Host and all the 'Shadows' who were gunned down. "In time they will understand."

Outside, rain pelted down from an angry black sky.

"Is it ever warm anymore?" Light bemoaned, he felt as if he had seen almost nothing but rain since the Shadow of Future revealed itself in his mirror. Light felt a little lonely. Watching his sister choose different authority over himself was painful enough. But it was very strange having no one to speak to. For all their quirks and strangeness at least Past and Present had some semblance of humanity and at least he could talk to them. With Future, Light was fully aware of Its constant foreboding presence, but it never communicated with him. The silence of Future further emphasised Light's isolation from his family and humanity in general. It was like an angry, silent god judging him from a lofty place. Light wondered if he was feeling the same as Satan and all his minions.

Alone and in the dark.

"All this Christian imagery," he thought, "must be affecting me." He looked over to his sister traipsing through the long grass after the Taxi Driver.

"What is going to happen to her? This can't be good. None of this is any good. Those people are deluded. And their leaders, the Brother, I bet they still have an old score to settle." He remembered the younger more violent brother seething silently in the corner, looking jealousy at Jude when he described having prophetic dreams.

"They must believe what they are saying." He mused. "But I bet really, this is as personal as their politics. They pretend they are fighting a greater cause, but not really. Before they were angry about their father, that he abandoned them and that he was killed by the government. They were messed up over that. And now...now they have a score to settle with me for killing their brother. And I bet that, despite the claims of 'wisdom coming with age' they are still as competitive as before. They couldn't even work together when trying to dig up information on L. The one went to Kira's Priest, the other went undercover. Nothing has changed." He looked at his sister once more, her slightly aged face, her pale, wet skin, her tightly pinched lips. "Only now, my sister is at stake."

The taxi driver drove her back to the desecrated Shinto Shrine.

"I'm sorry I dripped water all over the back seat." She smiled, shivering profusely.

"Don't worry about it, Sister," he smiled benevolently. "My name is Haru and this is my number." He showed her an inconspicuous business card with the taxi service number scrolled across it. "Call me, whenever you need me." He pressed the card into her hand and let it linger there a little too long, his thumb pressed into her warm palm. Light felt himself bristling. He did not trust these people. He did not like what was happening. He hated that they were using her loneliness against her.

Haru looked into her scared brown eyes; a shade darker than her brothers they seemed warmer and more sincere. Which was just as well really. "We are here for you." He intoned, before smiling once more and letting her go. "I'll watch you go through the ruins of the Shrine and then I'll go."

Sayu nodded dumbly and left, lightly skipping over fallen walls and branches, giving her the agile appearance of a Giselle or a Deer. Light stayed a while observing the man he now decided he hated. As soon as Sayu had turned, Haru the Taxi Driver's genial smile faded away and was replaced by a blank watchfulness.

"Superficial." Thought Light with scathing. "Just as I had assumed." As the taxi pulled away Light stalked up to Sayu until he was in step with her. They moved in the same nimble manner, making the journey through the ruins look like an easy stroll. "I like her," he thought, glancing over to her quickly, her face though lightly lined with age and stress was still pretty. "I've always liked her. Perhaps...well...I know I haven't shown it. Maybe that is another thing I should improve on when this supernatural night is finally over." Light yawned. He felt as if he had actually been through several lifetimes in this one night.

He was looking forward to tomorrow, despite his shaken resolve in the Kira-plan. Light hated standing around watching things happen with no one noticing him or, in this case, even talking to him. Light liked to act, even if the odds were against him and the situation was hard. Not like L, who gave up easily and became depressed. Light was stronger than that. It's why Light had won.

"Luckily for L," he continued in his train of thought, "I just happen to not like this future. I don't like what I am in this place. That's the only reason I'm going to change my plans slightly. I need to find a better way. I have to find a better way..." Unfortunately, Light could not think of how he was going to steer his present self from this future. His plan had relied heavily, more heavily than he had previously realised, on issues being very black and white. Good was good. Bad was bad. Bad was punished. Good was allowed to continue to live, which was a reward in itself. Anyone against Light and Kira was bad. But now things were less simple. Everything had complicated shades of grey. Had the spirits come to him sooner, something could have been done. But at this stage...without allowing himself to die, there was little option open to him. Or at least, no option he was willing to take.

As he mused Sayu opened up the vial and looked at the piece of paper. "Crazy," muttered to herself. "This has to be...crazy."

Closing her fist around the note tightly she slammed her fists into her pockets and marched forward. Gritting her teeth firmly she staved off a small shiver. Sayu was frightened. Frightened and disturbed. The last few years had been hard on her. The supernatural had crashed into her life and she was barely coping. Light watched her for a moment before turning his attention to their surroundings.

The rain was light but persistent. It ran down the disgraced building of the Toshogu shrine; to think the shrine had survived so much over the centuries, and it was under his reign that it had been destroyed. He looked at the graffiti and dirt that surrounded it. He wondered how Tokugawa Leyasu, to whom the shrine was dedicated, would feel about its desecration. The rain dripped off the fallen images of various creatures carved into the building. They looked as if they were weeping.

As they approached the tower blocks, Sayu slowed to pull her keys out of her pockets. It was then that, out of the shadows, two sinister men in dark suits seemingly materialised. She paused before stepping back. They watched her through sunglasses. The air was still, like a prey creature trapped in the thrall of two superior predators.

"Miss Yagami," began a flat, inflection-less voice, "please come with us."

It seemed the strangeness was all too much, and Sayu reacted badly. To Light's surprise, she suddenly turned and bolted away, one hand gripping her keys, the other one the piece of paper. Light followed closely behind feeling something of her confusion at the night's events. When would it all be over?

The men were chasing after her, calling her name and promising her that they meant no harm. But Sayu was panicking. Turning off the main, well lit road, she skidded on the wet floors, losing her keys and ran down the dark alleys made up of the backs of buildings. She turned momentarily to look for her attackers, Light himself was following closely behind, that she did not see a man in front of her until she crashed into him.

She scrambled off him, apologising profusely in a shaken voice. The man initially looked angry, but then leered at her. Light eyed him with distaste; when he imagined everything wrong with humankind, it was this sort of man that came to his mind. The man reminded him of when he had been in Present, and Matsuda had tried to protect a young girl from a group of fiends. That same predatory, hungry look had been in their eyes. They also had the same air of entitlement when looking at the girl.

The man gripped Sayu's shoulders, telling her that everything was all right and that he would take her care of her. Sayu, finally snapping out of her shocked reverie thrashed about before kneeing him in the groin. She turned to run back the way she came but halted. Light turned to see the uniformed men approaching.

Sayu was trapped.

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