A Death Note Carol

Sucker Love

Sucker Love,

I always find someone to bruise and leave behind.

All alone in Space and Time,

There's nothing here,

But what's here's mine.

(Placebo- Every You and Every Me)

As Light stood in the chaos it seemed like time slowed down. He saw each bullet as it made they made their journey across the room, ripping into people, tearing their bodies apart as they passed through. Deep red blood ran sprayed from the falling bodies, dashed against the walls like a piece of pop art and rolled across the floor running onto his bare and filthy feet.

One thing Light had learned from this supernatural night was that guns were loud. The bullets richotted around the room, people screamed and fell to the floor, many of Kira's men were dead before they could even pull out their own weapons. Light's faces became smattered with blood. He barely blinked. His sister next to him and fallen to the floor her eyes as wide as his and she had covered her ears. Unlike Light, she was unused to the amount of noise watch gun made. Kira himself was knocked down by his many body guards. Light noted that Misa was left unprotected, but this did not concern her as she too fell upon Kira in a bid to keep him safe. It was in this moment that a strange thought crossed his tired and shell-shocked mind 'does she love me or Kira...?'

He watched as Kira's two colleagues, the man with the glasses and his ex-girlfriend were torn apart by bullets. They had not been saved in time.

There was a sort of dark beauty in it all. It was tragic all these people dying. Dying for a cause that they had fought so hard for and, until their deaths, had just started to lose faith in. 'Kira hasn't lost faith,' he thought slowly, 'Kira is a fanatic, blinded to the truth.' The giggles of Ryuuk, floating overhead reached his ears. The creature seemed to be relishing the death and destruction. The cold laughter of such a creature sounded worse than the guns or the flying bullets or bodies hitting the ground. Ryuuk sounded like the embodiment of evil. Light had never ever been fond of Ryuuk, but at that moment in time, he hated him with a passion.

Outside, the helicopters continued to cause the most noise, the power of the helicopter fans blowing the Kira staff away from the windows before they could shoot at the pilots. Light could see guns were positioned on the copters, yet they had not fired. Ropes were let down and men in black climbed down them and into the building. Most of the Kira personal were dead. Then men with the guns re-loaded and went out of the door. They walked past Light not seeing him, yet Light was certain, certain that he could feel them brush up against him, as if he were corporate for a millisecond of time.

Where was Kira?

He, Misa and their entourage of body guards had escaped. Was that who the black suited gunmen were continuing to look for? Ryuuk was also gone, no doubt he had chased after behind Kira.

To Light's surprise the unarmed men who had just entered from the copters walked up to his sister, who was still crouched on the floor, and helped her stand. One of the men took off his mask. It was L's brother. It was Melor.

Without a word, he lifted up Sayu and carried her to the window where she made to climb into one of the helicopters.

Light looked about the room, his mind still a whirl of shock and horror. In the corner stood a tall black creature. It was so high that it had to bend its head at the ceiling. It stood like a large black worm. Though it had no face Light knew it was looking at him. Fear clasped around his heart. At the beginning of the night Light would have resented feeling fear. He would have turned that fear into a hatred of the creature. But now Light knew better. He knew that sometimes it paid to be afraid. He knew that he wasn't god. If anything was close to a god like being, it was these things. It was these manifestations of Time.

The Creature, Future, was standing next to the window. Time had slowed almost to a standstill. Light knew why. His time with Sayu was not over; he had to follow her into that helicopter. He moved forward anxious that he would have to walk next to that thing. However, as Light got closer to it, it moved up a little higher so that by the time he was by the window, it was up in the ceiling. It no longer looked three dimensional and solid. It had moved like a shadow, and on the ceiling it looked like many layers of thin grey veils all piled one on top of the other. They moved and flowed and pulsed consistently, the only evidence that it was alive.

As Light stepped out, he looked down. In the small space between the frozen Copter and the building was a far drop. "What would it be like," he pondered, "to just fall? To just let myself fall?" He looked in the Copter where his sister sat surrounded by men, some sitting, some standing. All armed. His sisters fists were clenched together and her knuckles were white. "Would it solve anything?"

Light stepped onto the copter and time sped up to its normal pace. One of the men called to 'fall out' and the helicopter pulled away from the building.

Sayu was looking up at Melor, pain etched into her features. "You lied to me! You said you would not hurt Light."

"My brother made that promise," he returned. Light remembered back when Melor was a young revolutionary, his voice back then was the same as it was now, low, quiet and full of repressed intensity. It sounded so much like L's voice, but it was much more sinister and dangerous. He crouched down in front of Sayu his dark, glittering eyes boring into hers. "The man you call Light is dangerous. He has ordered the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of innocents. He is a criminal, a criminal of the worst kind. Light is gone, Miss Yagami. Only Kira lives." He stood. "I am taking you to our base. I want to introduce you to someone. He isn't like my brother. He is the successor of Mello. He's the real deal, not another false prophet."

Sayu frowned in confusion but said nothing. Instead she watched L headquarters fade away anxiously as the helicopter flew away before one of the men came over and blindfolded her with some black material.

"These children that succeed L, they're like rats or cockroaches. I cannot eliminate them completely. They are a fitting metaphor for all the things I cannot rid the world of through Kira. For every positive there is a negative. For the Ying there is Yang. And besides, there was only ever so far I would be able to push things. Some things are just going to be there. Such as the darkness that exists in a man's heart. Even my heart."

It was when he had seen Kira, his future self, create the devil that Light knew his cause was a failure. A real failure. To the point where it would not be redeemed. To have a devil to blame all ills and problems on was against the entire point of Kira and his Utopia. It was what helped Light see that he was not a god, or anything close to a god, but rather a dictatorial cult leader. His Kira was no more than what the ancient Pharaohs were, dictators with an over-inflated sense of entitlement and prestige. Sure Light had the Death Note, a tool of the gods. But then the Conquistadors had guns, a god-like weapon to the natives of South America. It did not justify the murder and genocide of the South American 'pagans and heathens.'

Light's higher intellect, whilst it meant he was probably a clever dictator, did not prevent him from the foils all humanity fell to; such as greed, egotism and prejudice. The fact that he had a Death Note was no more than a coincidence. He was no more qualified to judge death than L or Aizawa or Matsuda. After Present had left him, he had decided that L would not die because the hierarchy of who he considered good and who he considered evil had changed. But now, stuck in his hellish future, Light understood that, in the grand scheme of things his hierarchy did not matter. Evil still existed, regardless of his views on it.

Light leaned out of the helicopter and watched the dull outlines of the dark city below him. The rain had started to fall again; heavy drops poured down from the ebony sky. "...To see the sun again..."

It was funny, it was strange the things Light had grown to respect during this night. To appreciate the beauty of someone unusual looking, to appreciate the different pasts that affect the present personality, to appreciate the sun and blue skies, to appreciate the humble, hardworking police officers like Matsuda and Aizawa who were not outstanding in any way. Light had grown to truly appreciate all these things.

"Really, it was immature of me to try and force the entire world to change," he decided as he turned away from the sight below and sat down opposite his sister. "The same way it's immature that all these people think that blowing up buildings and hurting people will force Kira to change his plans. The immaturity of L that I hated so much was simply a reflection of my own. How Freudian of me..." Light managed a small smile, something that was a ghost of the genuine smile he once had when he was a boy. It hadn't been as hard as he thought it would be to admit his had made an error, a big error. But now the ever nagging problem remained of, "how do I fix what I have done? How do I," he looked around the helicopter, at his sister, the men, the guns, the bloodied footprints on the floor and his own wet and sticky feet, "how do I stop this from ever happening?"

The helicopters flew right out into a mountainous region. Night was nearly over and everyone looked exhausted, especially Sayu. "Still, your night hasn't been as long or as shocking as mine," Light thought as he watched her weary face. "She's probably worrying if Kira is dead or alive. He's the only thing left of me. And so she loves him still." Light sighed and refused to think any more on that subject.

The helicopters landed deep in the woodlands, in a carefully concealed helicopter pad. From there they were bundled into military jeeps and driven into the mountain caves. Initially the caves were jet black and silent. Only the dripping of distant water could be heard. However, as they walked further in, there was the familiar hum of constant electric. Here were no guards around with guns, so Light assumed the place must have been rigged with security cameras and traps ready to be set off for any unwelcome visitors. I would be very much like one of L's successors to rely on technology rather than humans. Light wondered if he should have had a similar stance instead of relying on other humans and himself to make Kira's Utopia work. Surely an impassive, intelligent computer would be better than any human mind, eve his own? Granted he could not be god, but wasn't making the world a better place the original goal anyway? Well, there was no point wondering about that for now.

The inside of the caves looked like the sort of organised, expensive terrorist hide out shown on Hollywood films. Laptops and computers lines the walls, setting the long caverns in a deep blue shade. Light was hardly surprised it was one of L's successors. All of the students from that place seemed to have a penchant for the melodramatic and far too much money. He was surprised however to not see more people. Perhaps, like L, this person preferred a small team of colleagues and workers.

"Sayu," Melor spoke for the first time since the following night, "I want you to meet O. Codename Olivia."

Sayu and Light simultaneously turned to see a girl of around nineteen sitting behind a computer screen. She had long red hair and dark brown eyes. All around her were polystyrene heads with various, dramatic wigs on them. The girl snapped her bubblegum and brushed the hair on one of the heads as she analysed Sayu. Light felt Sayu shuffle uncomfortably beside him, but he stood still. Compared to L this girl was an amateur at intense staring. She simply looked like a teenager sneering. L managed to look like a crouched spider waiting in the dark corner of its web.

"So this is Sayu Yagami," she muttered at length. Her voice was level and she spoke in well-spoken Japanese; there wasn't a hint of an accent that could betray her origins. Looking at her physical appearance one could guess European, but in modern times race wasn't so easy and Light had a odd feeling that what he was looking at wasn't quite real.

"This isn't the first time," the girl smiled a fake smile, "you have been taken by one of us is it?"

Melor looked alarmed and stared at Sayu. Light too tensed.

Sayu nodded. "Mello took me," she responded in a tight voice. "As a hostage in exchange for a Death Note being held by my brother and his team."

Olivia shook her head and turned to Melor. "Her worth is further tarnished. It was a good idea James, but Kira is too different now."

"What do we do with her?" Melor asked, sounding disappointed and a little angry.

"I don't mind. Let her go, if you can trust her. Or kill her. Either way, we can't let out our headquarters."

Melor pressed a hand on Sayu's shoulder, ready to lead her away, but she brushed him off and stepped towards Olivia. "Why is Light different? What do you mean by that?"

Olivia turned away from her screen once more, and smiled indulgently at Sayu, as if Sayu were a small child demanding a sweetie.

"Your brother is a serial killer, Miss Yagami," the girl replied, picking up a wig and toying with it in her hands. She pulled up her legs and sat cross legged in the chair. "It's easy to chronicle the events. Just by analysing the victims of Kira we can see he advanced in the same vein every psychopathic killer does. He's really nothing special. It's only his weapon that is of interest." She put her hand to her mouth and yawned lightly, as if the very discussion of Light was dull. Light himself bristled. He was boring, ordinary, nothing special? The whole world was at his feet, how could this silly little girl say such nonsense?

As if hearing his thoughts Sayu replied quickly, "he has the entire world in his power!"

"No he doesn't," was the dismissive reply. Olivia even allowed a small sneer to grace her elfin face. "Like I said, it is his weapon that is of interest. Truth is, had your brother come across a gun he would have done the same thing he does now. He just wouldn't have been as successful. He was probably always going to go down the root he went down. It was just a matter of time. He has a superior weapon that is all. By changed I mean his descent into his more animalistic cruel nature. It happens with psychopathic serial killers. They start off with a pattern. It's all about patterns. They have a select group who are their victims. They always kill at specific times. It gets to where they feel they have to kill. That if they don't something awful will happen, to them or to the world in general. It's like a sort of OCD and it helps fuel their delusions of being almost god-like. All the time they become increasingly detached from society. Even from those that love them." She looked up at Sayu, "I bet Light was a sociopath before the whole Kira thing started. I bet he was already distant from you. He was just a good liar. But it wasn't real, and on some level you must have known that. Psychopaths are very charming you know, very charming...but they don't mean it. Really they think there is a huge gap between you and them. To them, the world exists for them and is about them. That's why they feel they can sculpt everyone and everything around a view that they approve of. They have no real concept that we are living conscious beings like them in our own right. It's why they don't really understand love or friendship. The best they can do is mimic it."

"That's not the case with Light," whispered Sayu, "he did love us. He does, deep down. He isn't evil or crazy. Not like those murderers you used to see on the news. That's why he tried to eradicate all of that, he was too good."

"No, I think he was just OCD." She grinned like a satyr. "Bet he had a clean room, huh, bet he was obsessively tidy. He just expanded that to the world. Again, it's not unusual for serial killers to have traits of OCD. Like I say, routine and pattern. They like routine and pattern. Until, of course, they inevitably begin to fall apart and lose control. Then they begin to change their MO. The victims become more haphazard and the deaths more vicious and cruel. By that point the killer is so far removed from humanity he cannot even understand or comprehend the pain and suffering he is causing. They eat them, last of all. That's where they usually end up, during their devolution. They end up cannibalizing their victims." Began to brush the hair of the wig again, "if it's any consolidation, I don't think Light is a cannibal yet.

Light began with killing criminals. Then it turned to whoever went against him, because he decided that they must all be evil as well, as opposed to simply of another point of view. See? The egotism and arrogance was there early on. Evil stopped being people who hurt other people and ended up being anyone who didn't agree with him."

"That's not completely the case," thought Light. "I thought anyone against Kira was for the criminals. It wasn't that I was egotistical. I just saw it as being black and white, right and wrong. That was why I attacked Misora and Penbar and the man I thought was L..."

"And then," the red-head continued, "as Kira began to take over he began to see that his world was not viable. It didn't work. So all he could do was keep on pushing. He started off violent and so he had to continue in violence. This sent him more out of control. A god complex whose plans are clearly failing. Next thing you know hoards of people who simply think differently, they weren't attacking him, they just felt differently, they end up being killed as if they were common criminals. We have people that bought up perfectly sensible objections, such as Kira's ability to know someone was guilty, and they were wiped out. All of us are forced to be outcast, leaving messages on radiowaves and hiding in caves. Kira created new criminals by default.

Then he killed The Children of the Light. The Whammy Children. My friends and the closest I had to family. He killed them because they had the potential of being his brand of evil, because they wouldn't submit to his brand of propaganda. Is he really all that different than Hitler," she looked up at Melor for a moment, "or Stalin? I think not. And he will end the same way."

Olivia blinked and turned away from Sayu. "We were going to use you to get closer to Kira. But it is clear that 'a', you are not that important to him. None of his family are. We have worked on his character profile and learned some interesting facts about the situations surrounding your father's death during the time you were being bought here. We are pretty certain that your father was pretty much sacrificed by Kira. And then 'b' is that you are clearly too blinded by love and admiration for your brother, despite what appalling deeds he has committed. I hypothesise that it was this over-indulgence that put Light on the path to becoming Kira.

Thank you James. Please do as you wish with her. We will track Kira's new whereabouts without her."

"What about you?" Cried Sayu as she was dragged away by the tall man. "You people are terrorists! How many have been caught up in the cross fire between you and Kira's men?"

"Yes," was Olivia's quiet reply as she disappeared from Sayu's sight. "But I have never claimed to be the epitome of Good."

"Calm down! Calm down woman!" Melor unceremoniously dumped Sayu on a rock outside of the caves. For an old man he was strong, having practically carried her out of the caves. "Just calm down for a minute. It wasn't pleasant hearing what you did, I know, I've had a few nasty home truths told to me over my lifetime." He lit up a cigarette and watched the dull dawn breaking across the landscape. There was no brilliant sunrise. Instead the dark oppressive night began to lighten to a depressed and hazy blue morning.

Light sat next to her and felt the curious urge to wrap and arm around her shaking shoulders. She looked so old and so tired, though Light knew she couldn't be too much older than thirty five. She looked older than Kira did.

"What are you going to do to me?" Her voice was rough and tired.

"I dunno. I'm not going kill you so don't worry about that."He turned and looked at her, a ghost of a smile on his lips. "I see a bit of myself in you sometimes. Old men like me, even like me, get a bit sentimental in our old age. What are you going to do when I take you home?"

"Find your brother," she responded honestly. "Does he know you work for O? I can't imagine he approves."

"He doesn't know. My brother is a little bit too mellow for my liking. He was always one to go with the tide. He's like water; he always takes the easiest path. But me, I'm fire. I'll burn and destroy whatever gets in my way. I already had a dictator ruin my childhood and steal my father. And now another one has ruined my old age and stolen my brother. Even worse, he defames him every day by calling him a devil. Can you imagine, you search and search for your brother just to find out he's dead and his memory has been soiled on?"

"Imagine trying to reach your brother and finding that he was the devil?" she answered quietly before apologising. "I wasn't competing with you. Sorry. Just...brothers...siblings and lies. Y'know?" She shook her head as if she didn't understand herself. "Poor Light, he wanted to make the world better, of that I am sure. But now he's the King of Nothing." She turned to Melor. "You still have one brother. Even if L is gone, maybe you could appreciate him more?"

"He acts as if he loved Luka more," sniffed Melor. "All this, 'I had a prophetic dream' nonsense. As if he is chosen and I am not! Luka was with me for the most part. I found him by our mother. I took him in." There was a brief pause. "I lost him."

There was silence. Sayu leaned forward and grasped his hand in her own. "L is gone," she said, "but Jude, or whatever his real name is isn't. I swear I won't tell him you are working for O. But please stay with him."

Melor finished his cigarette and dashed it into the bushes near by without a thought of keeping the base a secret. "It's suicide Sayu. My brother has this big plan. He's going to do a Martin Luther King. He and all his followers they are going to go out and do this big march right down to Kira's Tower. They want to show Kira that many disagree with the way he is running things, but, at the same time, that they are no threat to him, that they are good people and are happy to do things peaceably. They want to show him that they are people, not animals in a zoo whose lives are dictated by their masters, and that they want a say and want respect and that for this they will show the same to him."

"Oh," Sayu sounded attracted to the idea and he turned on her.

"It's suicide! Kira will not listen! What Olivia said in there, it was hard and it was maybe even cruel, but it's true! Kira will wipe you pout before you get to the Tower I know it! My brother thought that if we had you at the front, that Kira would be unable to hurt us. But that's not the case. He will hurt you and everyone else!" He calmed his voice down slightly. "If they choose to do this thing, and they will, whether you are there or not, then I can't do much about that. I have tried to reason with them, but they are blinded by faith and hope. They are Kira worshippers in their own way. But please, Sayu, little girl, do not do the same yourself."

Sayu's wide eyes brimmed with tears.

Light's heart pounded so hard it hurt. He agreed with Melor. He did not want Sayu to go because he was almost certain that Kira would hurt her. That he would kill her...

"I can't watch myself do that," he whispered, looking at the dark sky, "It's too much like a sin. A real sin. Please Future, I can't...Sayu please don't go..."

"I can't help it." She answered, her voice muffled by a stuffy nose bought on by the tears. "Like she said I am over-indulgent of Light. I think I am a worshipper, not of Kira but of Light. I think I always was. Oh god, James...what can I do? I can't help but think...but think that light can be reached..."

He turned away from her, disgust and hurt on his face.

"Think of it James! It will be worth it if Light does return to something of his former self! It will be worth it."

"I pegged you as having sense," the old man muttered, "but I was wrong. You are no different from them. The idiots at the church, the guards on the wall. I would rather be shot, trying to climb over a wall and making a break for freedom, than joining the other side with the hopes of maybe someday changing their minds just a little."

"Wha-?" Sayu began to ask, but James cut her off. "The man has a demon beside him at all times. you have seen it and yet... Never mind...time to take you home," he muttered strangely before blind folding her and refusing to say anything else for the rest of their journey.

The Church of Shadows had welcomed her back with open arms. Tea and cakes were offered to her as Jude, the crazed older brother of L whose real name Light would never learn told her of their plan and Sayu tried to look as if she had not known of it previously. True to her word she had not told Jude that James, or Melor, was working for O. But Melor was missing from all meetings with the church, so maybe they had already been told by Melor himself.

"It's a peace walk Sayu. We follow in the same footprints of Ghandi and Martin Luther King. Peace," he tapped the right side of his chest, "is what touches the heart. We will bring back your brother, Sister Sayu, piece by piece. We, together, will bring about a period of enlightenment and true peace. A real Utopia as your brother always wished! And you, my dear sweet girl, you will lead us!"

Sayu had smiled and nodded, basking in the warmth of acceptance and love. "That's right," she agreed. "Light is being haunted by something evil and terrible. But if we show him the light of humanity, how good and sensible and just we are, he may return to us. He will open his heart to humanity again and reject the demon!"

"She has been alone for so long," Light thought as he watched over the happenings with a dull kind of horror, "she just wants to be accepted. It's why she talks like them now. He knows that," he looked at Jude, "that's why he always emphasises this 'Sister Sayu' nonsense. He knows that she needs that love. The love I never gave. Not really. O was right about that. Kira won't accept their terms of a Utopia. A Utopia only works with one ruler. If there is a democracy, then people will fight. We need one overseer. Kira knows that. Besides..." he thought back to Obstinance and Cruelty, "I am too stubborn and proud to accept help. Even at my stage now I would be. I want no help. It's why I resent Misa so much. She took some of my spot light. It's why I would rather make my ex-girlfriend a goddess of sorts and leave Misa in the dark. I am jealous of the Kira she got to be even for a short time." He looked at the smiling, cheerful church goers. "They have no chance with me."

They all lined up at the street Sayu and Light had been driven down before. The market place was quiet and desolate now. The merchants sat behind their booths looking bored and weary. The rain fell from the sky, meaning there would be no tourists today. It was dark and cold. The people of the Church of Shadows looked happy. They greeted each other as they got off the bus and waited patiently for comrades. They offered each other warm drinks from their flasks and talked excitedly about mundane gossip. Sayu received many hugs and kisses.

Finally, after around twenty minutes and after getting a few stares off the merchants, Jude clapped his hands together and announced it was Time. Silence came down across the group like a wave. But there was still joy. They really believed they were making a difference, that things were going to be ok. Sayu and Jude stood at the front and began to walk forwards. At a sign from Jude they lifted up placards saying things such as 'Freedom for all!' 'We can all make a difference!' 'We all have the right to try and make things better!' and 'Work with us and not against or for us!'

It reminded Light of the night the Berlin wall fell. There was the same strange electricity in the air. The feeling of Something happening. Of things Changing through the sheer will power of ordinary men and women.

Suddenly, there was a sound of falling and a few people ear the back cried out. Light turned and saw two Shadows were lying motionless on the floor. A few of their comrades watched with wide eyes, as if not understanding.

"We keep going," called Jude. His voice sounded strong and confident but he looked suddenly strained. Everyone obeyed, including Sayu. All was silent, even the odd on-looker. People on the sidelines looked afraid.

There were more sounds of falling. Another six had dropped to the ground.

They continued to walk.

Suddenly, in a low melodious voice Jude began to sing out, "Where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. Where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom,"

And then the others began to join in, their voices taking over the sounds of placards and bodies falling at random to the ground."There is peace there is love there is joyIt is for freedom you've set us freeIt is for freedom you've set us free..."

The Tower loomed overhead, they were nearly there. Light looked behind them, something he noticed Jude and Sayu were refusing to do. The singing had quieted because many were now gone. A few followers threw down their placards and ran but it did not matter. Even running away they could not escape the will of the Death Note. They fell all the same.

"I'm free, I'm free,"

"Brother Jude, I think we sentenced everyone to death," Sayu whispered.

He looked sideways at her, "not us. Kira. But we keep going. We will walk in your freedom walk in your liberty,we will walk in your freedom walk in your liberty..."

A scream rang out, making a few drop their placards in fright. A young worshipper fell to the floor, a man, her fiancée (Light had learned through listening to gossip)dropped to his knees beside her, his half hearted singing forgotten. "Oh God, please no!" He wept, grabbing her and pulling her close to his chest. One side of her had gone numb, her right arm and leg hug limp and useless as she battled the pain in her heart. "Brother Jude, help!" The man called out, "help! Help!"

Jude continued on as did Sayu and the five left of their followers. Dozens of bodies littered the path behind them. A number of the merchants were standing in shock, and a few were being physically sick."We will dance in your freedom dance in your liberty, we will dance in your freedom dance in your liberty." The song petered out pathetically as the last five dropped one at a time. Some went quickly. Others suffered a while, clenching their hearts and crying out in pain. A few prayed, but none prayed to Mello or L, instead the old gods made a return, Kami of Japans traditional religion namely.

The two survivors stopped outside the gate of the Tower. Melor had been proven wrong. They had made it there. Inside the gates the usual guards stared forward looking impassive. Their numbers had greatly increased. Light could see renovation works being done on the Tower. The chances that kira was even in there was low. But then, he was likely watching over the live CCTV camera footage.

Sayu turned to Jude, who looked sick. "Thank you for being my brother," she whispered, before tiptoeing and kissing his cheek. He winced in pain clutched his heart and fell to the floor. It took him a long time to die, Sayu sitting with him and comforting him the best she could. The guards made no move at their plight.

Finally he died and she was alone. It was sad really. There was no epic, death speech. No melodrama. Just the horror of watching someone fail and die. They had been surrounded by their fellow Shadows at least. No one died alone.

Sayu closed Jude eyelids and stood up. Her hair stuck to her pale face.

"What now Light?" She cried out to the hundreds of CCTV camera's that spied down at her from every building. "What now? What are you going to do to me? What is my punishment?"

She picked up a plaque that demanded, 'freedom of choice for all! Equality!'

"This is what we wanted Light! This was all we wanted!" Her voice broke a little, but she did not weep. "Or are you Kira now? Are you truly Kira? Why am I still here? I am nothing to you. I am but an ant! I have no weapon, no defence, I can't even prevent you from looking at me if you so wish! I am completely at your mercy! At your judgement, just how you like it, you patronising controlling fool!"

Suddenly she grasped her chest and fell to her knees. She panted hard. Light dropped down onto his knees with her, He tried to put his hand on her back, but it just fell through. He was nothing here. He was helpless to do nothing but watch.

She laughed a little breathlessly and the last spark of light and passion died in her eyes. It was a good thing Kira had decided to finish her off this day, because Sayu was officially done. Her soul was crushed, destroyed and tossed to the wind. Slowly, alone in the rain, Sayu lay on the floor and curled up into a slight foetal position.

"You pushed me too far," whispered Light, as he realised he was crying. Again. "You pushed Kira too far with that...that truth..."

Light bent his head. She was all alone. The others had one another at least but she was all alone, in the rain, in the cold and dark.

"I'm sorry Sayu." He looked up and saw Future standing amongst the shadows. Millions of little spiders and earthy insects ran about its length.

"Did you have to do this to me?" Light muttered at it, his words coming out half formed and broken. He couldn't even speak aloud. Everything hurt. "My baby sister is dying...and I can't do anything...and it was me...it was me..."

His chest burned, but he was not in as much pain as she. Future had watched Light as impassively and as unmoved as ever. But as Light looked down he saw Sayu looking up at him. Her mouth was open as she gasped. Her wide, doe eyes showed him his own reflection. She could see him. And then Light saw what she had realised: She was not alone. She had never been alone. Her brother, her real brother, had been by her side the entire time.

Then Sayu let out one last breath and died.

Light, able to touch her for just this moment, cradled his dead baby sister in his arms and cried silently for his loss.

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