A Death Note Carol

The Trials of an uninteresting Yagami

Light was interested to note that at first Sayu skipped happily through the school gates but then as soon as Younger Light would not have been able to see her, Sayu's entire demeanour changed. Her shoulders slumped and her head became bowed; she looked like the Patron Saint of Humility.

She cut a lonely figure her obnoxious pink coat and woolly hat, complete with dark hair pulled into pig-tails walking in the almost colourless landscape.

It was as if she had entered The Void.

All that was used to decorate the sight was some trees either side of the path she walked. Whilst dead and bare, their bark a pale grey-brown, a few fairy lights had been precariously wrapped around the branches, in a poor attempt of holiday cheer. Regardless of these efforts, the trees were foreboding, all of them towering over the little girl, their long branches stretched out monstrously reminded Light of story book pictures where the witch or the monster loomed and leered over the small child they were going to capture and eat.

"What is wrong with her?" He asked the Spirit of Past, but she did not respond. She did not need to as Sayu visibly cringed at the sight of a gang of approaching girls.

All of them had nasty smug expression except for one girl leading them; her face was the very epitome of malice. The girls crowded around Sayu, all of them were tall and so they could all look down distastefully at her, like a mimic of the trees, glowering at Sayu as if she was something disgusting. Such was the difference in size that they must have been older than she; some of them may have even been teenagers.

"What," spat the leader, "did I tell you about coming to school with him?"

"H-he's my brother!" Stammered Sayu, "I have to walk with him because mum makes me, I can't suddenly stop."

Light winced as Sayu was suddenly punched in her stomach, making her fall to her knees, her face distorted in pain.

"Don't lie you bitch!" The leader swore venomously. Light could not believe a young girl could be so vicious. The other girls began to snigger as the leader grabbed Sayu's pig tails and hauled her up whilst commanding, "off your ass when I'm speaking to you! You know the rules! No girls walk with Yagami-Kun, especially ugly girls! You don't have the right to share the same air as him!"

Sayu began to shiver, making one of the lackey girls sneer, "eww," the lackey groaned, "stop snivelling! God, you're such a child."

The girls halted as they began to hear the laughter of more school students reaching the main gates. Her chest heaving with the exertion of anger, the leader dragged Sayu away from the group, making Sayu lose all control and burst into tears. The group of girls cheered and giggled waving goodbye to their victim.

Sayu was dragged round the back of the janitors small wooden hut where no one would see them. The girl slammed the smaller female against the wall. "Make Light notice me!" She hissed, desperation evident despite the sinister snarl. Light flinched at the personal manner in which she used his name without any suffix.

"I try!" Wept Sayu. "I talk about you to him but," Sayu paused and looked away as if embarrassed. "But he doesn't really listen to me."

"You're his sister!"

Sayu shrugged despondantly.

The girl turned her face towards the school where Light attended and evidently letting her guard down for in that moment she looked like she might cry. Sayu noticed it and, a look of genuine concern in her eyes, crawled to her tormentor.

"Please don't be sad." The brunette girl begged. "Light is very much in his own world. Mama says that he's so clever that his mind lives in the heavens, not on Earth, with us." She looked a little sad again. "That's why Light is so hard to catch any attention from. But you are super pretty..."

Indeed the girl in question was physically attractive, being both tall, slender and fair, an ideal girl in their community. "I'm in all the same classes as him," the girl muttered through clenched teeth. "I always talk to him but he doesn't even know my name!"

Suddenly Light had a series of flashbacks. That girl had been in the same classes as him for years. He remembered her only as someone who was mildly annoying but another pawn in the sea of adoring faces. She had always laughed at his wit, cooed over his beauty and awed over his intelligence. She had asked him out, no, she had asked him out several times! All the times he could recall in his head meant that she must have propositioned him at least twice every year in middle school. She had been an annoyance, certainly, but nothing too bothersome, just a cog in the wheel of the society of idiots he dealt with everyday. He still could not recall her name. To think, that minor annoyance to him had been the bane of his sister's life.

Meanwhile, said Bane of Sayu frowned as if deep in thought:

"He must have noticed me," she said, more to herself than anyone. She rounded back onto Sayu. "It's you, you little simpering piece of scum! You must have bad-mouthed about me to him! There is no other explanation!" She suddenly became calm. "You know what this means Sayu." She spoke ominously and slowly, almost as if she felt bad for the 'simpering piece of scum.' "You have to be punished."

"I swear, I swear!" Cried Sayu, her crystal tears falling once more, each glistening drop reflecting the brightness of the snow. She looked quite beautiful. Her pleas where cut off by a sharp slap around her face.

Light flinched; that slap must have stung the perpetrators hand as much as it did Sayu's small, chubby face.

"Do as you are told."

Sayu nodded dully and, to Lights extreme horror, pulled down her school skirt and woollen tights. The girl looked her up and down, measuring her up. "You're so ugly," was her conclusion. "No, not ugly. That would at least make you unique or individual."


"No, you're just plain." She continued her vitriol. "What's it like Sayu, getting up every day seeing Light in all his glory and then seeing you in the mirror?"

Whilst she had been speaking she was searching in her satchel. Finally with a smile she bought out a small, thin box. It was metal, but painted pink with blue bows on it/. It was one of those inexplicable feminine things that girls loved to have. Light always assumed they kept make up or shiny things in them. This girl did have a shiny thing in it, but it wasn't particularly cutesy.

Sayu shuddered as the girl bought out one of the blades and handed it to her. "You know what to do, Sayu."

Sayu looked at the blade and shivered but not from the cold.

"I'll make it worse," sighed her tormentor nonchalantly, looking as if she were already bored. She lifted her sleeve, reavealing criss cross network of barely healed slashes. "I suffer, you suffer."

Adult Light stepped forward analysing Sayu's chubby, pale legs, numerous pink and white scars were barely visible on them.

He began to shake with anger, his murderous Kira expression morphing onto his face. He turned to the bully; this pretty girl was torturing Sayu, all because he rejected her! How long had Sayu endured this bullying? She had never mentioned a thing! She had always seemed so happy, like a silly puppy...

With a shaking hand, Sayu sliced the blade thinly over one of her thighs. The blood immediately began to pour, the crimson substance striking against the pale skin and white, innocent snow.

Sayu looked up at her questioningly.

"Again," said the cruel girl. "Yes, it must be hard, being nothing. I bet your parents were so disappointed after having you. Light lit up there world, all of our world! And then there's Sayu. Even your name is plain and boring.


What does it even mean?

Stop now."

She looked at the three slashes Sayu had made. "Very good," answered the girl like a school mistress. "You did well obeying me. But, if Light ignores me tomorrow, I'll give you the ultimate punishment anyway." She put on a fake voice of concern. "' Mr Yagami, I think Sayu is hurting herself! Maybe she is jealose of Light-Kun!'" She stopped pretending and smirked at the small child she'd just humiliated. "They'd lock you up in the looney bin!"

The school bell rang out and the bully silently left.

Sayu was left alone, bleeding and weeping, in the whiteness.

The sounds of greetings and laughter by children slowly faded in the background.

After a few moments of controlled heavy breathing that halted her tears, Sayu brushed her hands over her face. Light was disturbed to recognise the look on it; it was an expression only adults (should) have; it was the look of impending defeat met with grim determination; it was the look of 'sucking it up.'

Crouching slightly Sayu swung her back pack off her back and reached inside, grabbing some bandages and plasters.

Again, Light flashed back. He remembered his mother putting the plasters in Sayu's bag.

"Sayu is so clumsy!"

"I know mama! I'm so sorry," Sayu had been laughing. Laughing. "Sorry for making you wait, big brother, I won't be long!"

Watching the same laughing girl now inexpertly wrapping the wounds, Light turned angrily to Past.

"Why did she not simply tell anyone?"

As Past looked at him with the same blank expression as L


He noticed she was now taller, standing, her curly black hair reaching her shoulders. She had grown and now looked like a seven year old. A very beautiful seven year old with a face wise beyond its years. Had Light been asked half an hour beforehand, he would have said that adult like wisdom in her face was the sign that she was a Spirit, not a girl child. However, seeing Sayu, one of the silliest and vapid (though likeable) girls he had ever known with that look, he now had to re-calculate his feelings on the scope, power and depths of feminine emotions.

However, he bypassed mentioning the spirits change, Sayu being foremost in his mind.

"Sayu has her reasons, Yagami-kun."

"What? What could be worse than making someone cut themselves?" He looked at Sayu, who was now pulling up her tights and straightening out her skirt, his face bitter. "Always a victim..."

"Are you angry with the bully or Sayu-Chan?" Questioned the spirit, but Light did not answer.

The victim in question now gave a small smile, that now Light recognised as fake and walked stiffly towards school. It was a tall grey building that looked black in the glory of the yet unmarried snow. Ugly and modern, it was nothing more than a giant concrete rectangle dumped on the flat and ordered land.

Flakes began to dance down from the uniform grey sky. Sayu looked up and smiled a genuine smile; such a childish pleasure.

The footsteps on the pathway alerted both Yagami's that Sayu was behind her peers. It was too painful to run, but Sayu quickened her pace as much as she could to reach her home room.

"You're late Yagami-San!" Barked the teacher as Sayu opened the door, breathlessly apologising.

"Sayu," sighed her teacher in a long suffering manner. "You will never match your brother's achievements with this attitude. I know the snow is very pretty, but you mustn't let pretty things distract you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Miss."

"Are you certain?"

"Yes I promise."

Light bit his tongue in frustration; this condescending teacher had no idea! Unfortunately Light had to deal, like his sister, with a full day of Sayu being repeatedly patronised. The teachers repeatedly compared her to Light making it evident that Sayu had been thrown in Lights long shadow. How could she compete to someone so clever, so good and so attractive? She was just a normal school girl!

The students were not much better. Aside from a small group of friends similar to herself and so unhelpful in fending off the legion of bullies, all the students mocked and took advantage of her. As if her being kind made her gullible and her being forgiving made her stupid!

She was made to get lunch for an intimidating group of boys.

She was forced to give away her own lunch money to another boy who was threatening to attack Light, who had bested him the day before at a game of tennis (like the girl before, Light barely remembered this boy, he had been such a non-entity.)

Lights fan club from the middle and lower middle schools both interrogated Sayu about her brother and what Sayu had told him of them. Suddenly Light understood Sayu's insistent chatter on what 'Sakura-chan or Rika-San' or whatever other female, had been doing that day and what these girls opinions on anything were. These idiot fan girls had turned Sayu, his little sister, into their own walking, talking personalised ad.

That lunchtime, due to her incompetance at dealing with bullies, Sayu had dined on a fine meal of nothing before being commandeered by another gaggle of girls.

"Listen, we need a clip of Light-Kun's hair!" Squealed one of the fan girls with an obscene enthusiasm that was reminiscent of Misa. Light was sure she was as old as fourteen, she was definitely older than his younger counterpart in this time period.

For the first time that day, Sayu frowned. "I-I cannot do that..."

"Just get us a lock." Demanded the fan, she looked at the other starry-eyed girls. "It'll belong to me though, because I'm the leader."

The girls began to groan in complaint;

'It was not fair, Light Kun belonged to everyone!'

"Light won't let me near his hair," Sayu insisted, ignoring their noise.

"Then cut it while he sleeps."

Sayu looked appalled, but hid it quickly (but not quickly enough for Light not to notice. He wondered if this was what his facial expressions were like to L;


well made but not fast enough for him to know they were false.)

"I won't cut my brothers hair," stated Sayu. Light blinked in surprise at her forwardness. During this day, he had gotten the impression that she was a push over; a weakling.

However, the fans seemed less surprised, just angry at her insolence.

"We'll make you pay if you don't do as you are told Sayu, know your place!!"

Sayu shook her head resolutely, her knees in-turned and her body shaking a little. The bell rang, break was over. The girls shoved her, "after school, we're going to make you suffer!"

As she sadly made her way back to class, Light sighed heavily, his head lowered exactly the same was as Sayu's, as he turned to Past. "Alright Spirit, I understand," he emphasised. "Sayu suffered because of people jealous of me. But I don't understand, am I meant to feel bad? I feel sorry for her, but I can't help what I did not know. If she had told me, I could have prevented all of this. I love my family." He finished.

Past merely nodded before walking inside after Sayu. He grimaced. He was sick of this day already!

Sayu was in her maths class. Light leaned over and looked at her work. It was all neat and correct! "But she's terrible at maths," he thought. "Had she been lying all this time, the same way she had with being bullied?"

The class had been silently working, but then the teacher spoke up. "Alright class, you know what to do, swap and check each others work, then work together on the answers you individually got wrong."

Lights stomach tightened and by the look on her face, so had Sayu's.

He could here sniggering of the other school children.

Suddenly, Light felt the ground slip underneath him. A bright light flashed and suddenly he was in the air once more, over looking the school grounds. Time must have leapt forward to the end of the school day, for he could see Sayu's small figure running. She was being chased by the pack of girls.

Younger Light would still be studying at school, as he did extra courses. Sayu was stuck fending for herself.

She ran like her life depended on it. Light was appalled to see none of the adults on the street try and help her, though it was clear what was happening.

That was until Sayu fell into a boy. He was older than her, a teenager. Light instantly recognised him as that fool Matsuda.

"I'm so sorry!" Cried Sayu, looking behind her in fear of the approaching mob.

"Ah- oh, erm, no, no, its alright!" Stammered Matsuda uselessly. "Are you in tro-?"

But Sayu's fear over took her usual politeness and she ran away. Matsuda watched her until the gang of girls caught up. He stood in their way.

"Stop! Now I s-suggest you all go home..."

They glared at him. Light was embarrassed to relate to Matsuda's obvious fear; these girls were scary!

Why did he always attract such weird people?


Or rather, violent people?

"We do not need to see this," the Spirit finally spoke.

"Wait, I want to see how Matsuda does. He saved Sayu."

"Matsuda get beaten up. Its a pretty sad thing to watch. Sayu gets home because they are too busy beating him."

"Ah," Light figured that as Matsuda had saved his sister, he'd do him the honour of not watching him get attacked by a gaggle of hormonal teenage girls.

Again the area seemed to spin and churn, as if time were being distorted. A sudden feeling of nausea over took his senses and a second later they were in Light's room. Younger Light was sitting at his desk reading up on Stalin. Outside was snowy and dark.

"Is this still the same day?" asked Light. Past merely nodded. She had grown again. This time she looked like she was on the cusp of adolescence, her dress had changed from white to a pale pink. Light still did not enquire into her transformation; he figured that it was to do with the 'short amount of time' she mentioned happening. The older she got, the closer they got to the end of this travel down history.

There was a polite knock on the bedroom door.

Younger Light held in an annoyed sigh at being interrupted. "What is it?" He called cheerfully, his tone inconsistent with his face.

"Big brother," called Sayu's breathy, whiny voice. "Can you help me with my maths please?"

"Of course," Younger Light rolled his eyes. "Come in Sayu."

Light could already predict what was happening or hat was about to happen. He watched glumly as Younger Light carefully told Sayu what Older Light now knew she already could do.

He watched as Sayu left the room smiling and happy.

He watched her in the hallway, smile gone.

He watched her in the bedroom as she opened her maths book on the last few pages.

On them, in various handwriting was:


and in big, bold letters:


"She tried to tell me," he murmured, more to himself than the spirit. "Always asking for help with maths. God I just thought she was..."


"And then asking for plasters...How was I supposed to know?" He turned to the spirit.

"Thank you for alerting Past." He almost smiled at her incredulous look. "I mean it. I'm going to take good care of Sayu when I return to my normal time."

"No, you won't," the dreamy adult voice returned. He looked at the Spirit in shock.

"I love my family! Sayu has proven loyal I-"

" Sayu is always the one that receives punishment for your sins. Did you ever wonder how you were so blessed? The world is always in balance For everyone blessed there is another who is cursed. Sayu has been very strong all her life. A long suffering strength you have never needed to posses, but I swear one day she will have your punishment and it will break her. Break her irretrievably."

"I'll make sure that will not happen!"

Past looked at him. "Because you are God, right?"

Shifting a little uncomfortably, Light affirmed her assumption. She smiled indulgently. "Enough of your childhood; lets move on, shall we?"

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