A Death Note Carol


The teenage self-proclaimed God and spirit Ghost-Child of Past stood side by side in a new lands busy high street. It was freezing, colder than what it had been in Lights bedroom. Sleet fell from a cerulean sky, disrupted by grey clouds, that could not give birth to sleets more beauteous and gentle cousin snow, because of the lowness of temperature.

He could tell by the houses surrounding them that this was Europe. Judging by the Byzantine architecture of the distant churches, Light concluded that it was Eastern Europe, most likely Russia. The land seemed impoverished, peeking into the window of a butchers, Light saw that a few measly slabs of meat were on sale. A few old man looked ruminatively at them as if trying to decide which out of the sorry lot were worth them parting with their money. In the dirty streets the people's heads were low, the atmosphere was bitter and resentful. The land was almost completely silent, broken only by the youthful babble of young boys.

Turning around, Light saw two young men and a child all walking towards he and the Spirit of Past. As they came closer, he could see that they were brothers, all of them had large grey eyes and ebony hair clashing shockingly with white almost translucent skin. One of the boys was carrying a large paper of bag of what seemed to contain various canned goods. A lump was caught in Light's throat as saw the other, slightly taller brother carrying the child. The child looked like a small panda, gripping tightly to his sibling, large grey eyes surrounded by long jet-black lashes. The rest of his face was hidden by a large scarf, and a big woolly hat.

"He was always ugly," Light breathed, his words sounding empty and said out of rote. "Pale, ugly, big eyes…" He trailed off, staring as the boys walked passed him unseeingly.

"You sound like Sayu's old bully," observed Past, her voice devoid of disdain. Light snapped out of reverie and glowered at her.

"We follow the boys."

"I thought we were checking my past, not everyone else's!"

"We thought you had already spent too much of your life focusing on yourself, Yagami-Kun. Besides, have you not yet worked out that all humanity is connected? L's past is your past…"

"L barely looked older than a toddler! What could thee be to lear-" Light began to argue, but then he realised. This could be used to his advantage; in particular, learning L's name. Granted the lan with Rem was all set, but it always paid to have a back up plan, especially when L wa concerned.

Shutting his mouth abruptly, Ligh followed the brothers silently.

The boys entered a part of the neighbourhood that looked particularly ghetto. Many different races were here, it was evident sometimes by skin colour and dress, but mostly by the range of different accents and languages.

Which reminded Light;

"How can I understand anything? I don't know any eastern European languages."

"I have altered reality enough so that you will hear their Siberian in your own tongue." So, they were in Siberia. Light knew that L was in his early to mid twenties, so doing rough calculations, they were now in somewhere between the late eighties to early nineties.

This meant there the boys, namely L, were living in or just after Stalin's reign in the Cold War Period. "Well, that explains the apathy of the people and the lack of material goods," he thought to himself as the brothers entered a small apartment, and were met with a dramatic wailing.

Two men dressed in police uniforms left the building, they and the boys glancing at each other. Light noted that whilst the tallest boy smiled slightly and shyly, the second tallest scowled in barely hidden hostility. L did what he always did as an adult, he stared impassively.

In a drab sitting room on a small couch big enough for two sat a woman causing the wailing sounds. She had the beauty of an autumn leaf; her looks held a fine, delicate grasp of the glorious bloom she once had.

Thick mascara lines streamed down a thin face, running over her painted crimson lips.

"Why do they do that?" Thought Light. "Why do they plaster themselves with make-up, when they are pretty enough already. Do they not realise how whoreish they appear?"

She wore a thin vest inadequately covered by a moth eaten shroud. She wore thin-material trousers, revealing her slender body structure. She was darker skinned than her boys, but they had inherited her pitch black, southern European, almost Mediterranean hair.

"Mama!" Cried the second oldest boy, lowering the bag of goods onto the wooden floor. "What is it? What did they do?"

"Mio figilo!" She wept, grasping her son's hands. "Papa, papa is gone!"

"He's been gone since last night!" Scoffed the oldest boy, still holding L who was looking at the scene questioningly. "What were the police here for? Did he get drunk and do something stupid, again?"

"Stop bad mouthing papa!" Screamed the second boy, all commadarie between the youths disappearing. Tears were in the boys eyes and his voice was breaking. "He loves us! He fought for our country!"

Their, (Italian, Light concluded) mother wailed again.

"Non, mes enfants! Ne se battant pas! Papà, papa…papa è morto!"

(ight rolled his eyes. So was she French or Italian? He paid little attention to the drama in front of him. L would be too young to rember this, sounlike Sayu's plight, he did not see any point to it.

All three boys stared at her in horror. Even L looked affected, he let out a small whine.

"Luka, Luka!" Called their mother, holding her hands out to L. Struggling, he wriggled out of his brothers arms into his mothers embrace.


"How did he die?" Breathed the oldest son, the second born seemed to be in too much shock.

"He triec to breach the Wall!" Replied the mother in a heavy accent. "He tried to get out of here! He was caught by the guards, but began screaming about how he hated our country and leaders. They shot him. He is gone, he is gone." She wept and rocked her youngest child, who looked shell shocked and distressed.

As if his legs had given away the second son fell to the floor, "those dogs," he wept. "Those government dogs!"

Dropping L…Luka…to the side, she ran to her fallen boy and held him.

"Non, non, never say such things. I will not lose another."

She motioned for her other two sons to join her on the ground. The four of them hugged.

Past turned to Light.

"Lets skip forwards, there is nothing more to see here."

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