A Death Note Carol


As Light listened to the quiet sobs over the jeering thugs, he scowled in disgust.

"How can, in our time, he fight Kira, when all this would be stopped under my rule?" He looked at Past.

"It would be!" He argued, though she had made no remonstrance to his question. "With people being too afraid to commit criminal actions, eventually this will filter down into people not wanting to do anything to harm one another, for fear of bringing on the wrath of God. It may sound vicious and tyrannical, but what God in any religion does not punish? Only the reason those gods are inferior to Kira is because they do not act, they just forever threaten with Doomsday, be it Harmageddon, Ragnorok or Qiyamah. Mankind can always deny their existence, or live by the creed 'eat and drink for tomorrow we die.'" He grinned in the same sinister manner his photo persona had earlier that night. "But no-one can deny Kira. And Kira will punish now!"

"Who are the criminals in the scene before us?" Asked Past.

"That paedophile for one." Grimaced Light. As soon as they got back to his time, that man was dead. "In fact…all of them. They took advantage of a broken women."

"She was paid."

"So what?? This sort of thing should not happen." Light answered his voice revealing his disgust. "I have never given into carnal desires. I have none. Partly out of self control, and partly due to nature. I would never assault a woman in this manner."

"How have they assaulted her? As I said, she was paid."

"What is wrong with you! You'd have to be morally dead to not see the problem! She hardly had a choice, they are in poverty. Not to mention she clearly was not in a healthy mind frame. They took advantage of all her weaknesses. And L has suffered." He finished particularly bitterly.

"Is that why you deserve to be God, because you are better than that; than these people?"

"Short answer: yes. Kira is dedicated to making the world full of people like me and eradicating through re-education and elimination, people like those men."

"People like you and people like them? There is such a definite difference?"

"Of course. It may not be politically correct but some people are better than others. Morally at least." He rounded onto Past. "Earlier you challenged my decision to kill Penbar and Misora, well I'll give you an answer. Even though they were not criminals they still went against God. Therefore, they were against a perfect new world, that makes them sinners. L is one of them; despite his morbid past he would happily keep a world where something like this could happen to another child!"

"So you would kill all who disagree with Kira's ideologies?"

"For the sake of the rest of mankind, yes."

Past was silent.

"These people," Light continued gesturing towards the men, "they have no class. They deserve to be exterminated. And people like L and Misora and Penbar, they are part of

that weak class of human, they allow men like these to run riot."

"They are an actual different class of people?"

"Yes they are; Past," his tone changed to pleading, his eyes took on an eager, idealistic shade. Light naturally changed his face to the one that convinced everyone of his views.

Well, everyone until he met L.

"Past, you cannot deny that these men hardly count as human. They're debased and debauched. They and their protectors need to be eliminated, if mankind is ever to move forwards in evolution.

People that are good; that work together; that care about our world, they are a higher evolutionary class. Those who just cause pain are lower."

"So it's a war of the classes you are waging?"

"I guess it is, Past."

He turned to see L being discovered by one of the men. His eyes were dark and blank, like long tunnels of misery and pain so deep they would never be lit up again.

Light was tempted to scoop the child into his arms; and he was not a sentimental man.

He marvelled a little at the child's big dark eyes and jet black hair. "He looks ugly as an adult," He thought whilst analysing the child who was looking up despondently at a group of horny sexual deviants. "But he has a certain dark beauty as a child."

He thought of Misa in her little gothic Lolita attire and sneered. The clothes never suited her, she was more suited to mainstream, conservative "cutie" clothes; plush pink sweaters and over knee socks. Her gothic attire always seemed very much as costume she put on, as opposed to an extension of her personality.

L practically was the stuff she wore; dark, unapologetic, somewhat arrogant, anti-mainstream and slightly sinister and dangerous.

Whilst he thought these, (as he thought of them,) stupid thoughts, he began to notice that their surroundings were changing. The coffee table in the sitting room suddenly changed shape and position. Simultaneously so did the television, then the stairs changed position. Beside him a family portrait twsited into a calender with a graffitied Karl Marx picture above the date. November the Ninth.

All the men disappeared and new, younger people, took their place.

Outside the windows the same dark mass that had swirled around he and Past earlier was now surrounding the entire building.

Slowly more and more people, all young, began to appear out of nowhere.

There seemed to be something akin to a party come meeting going on. He could hear yells and shouts from the new sitting room, peering in he saw several young men and women around the coffee table smeared with papers, arguing like war generals.

Notably, he could hear more German being spoken than the translated Russian.

"Are we still in Russia?" Asked Light.

"No, look outside."

Peering outside the window, Light could see they were in a bustling city.

In the not-too-far distance, Light could see the Brandenburg Gate.

"We're in Berlin."

The black mass had dissipated, and the sky revealed the time to be early evening. It was dark, winters tight grip still on the fractured land.

He sighed, and looked around the room with new eyes.

"Where is L?" He pondered.

All around them teenagers fell about and made out; drunkenness and debauchery abounding. It was as if these young men and women were going out of their way to be as decadent as they could be. As if they had something to prove. As if even this fairly private act between them all was still a valid sign of insubordination.

But to whom, or to what?

"Its nearly the end!" One boy at the round coffee table was screaming, slamming his fists on the wood surface. "Hungary have renounced communism! Erich Honecker has quit! Now is the time!"

"The wall…" Continued one girl conspiratorially, making them all lean in closer. "It's only a matter of time before it breaches! We'll be right there when history is made!"

"No way, we should have moved away to Hungary or to one of the embassy's in Warsaw or somewhere," Complained another lad with red hair. "It might all get violent here!"

"No!" Screamed the first, rather excitable, fist-thumping lad. "Who knows what the government will do if desperate enough?? Those places will be attacked first if the government get enough power again!! Hungary might be treated like Ukraine in '32!" (3)

"That isn't going to happen Igor…" One girl began to sigh before-


"Calm down," droned out a flat, calm voice.

Light felt his heart skip a bit.

To his left he saw the silhouette of a frail, pale boy with long hair. He stood in a doorway to the sitting room, the brightly lit room behind him contrasted with the red hues of the current one; making him seem lit up himself, like some sort of gothic messiah. He stepped forward revealing more of himself. His hair was shockingly black compared to his skin, like L's. Like L he wore over sized jeans. His top and jacket were scruffy and dirty. His posture was nothing like L's, it was taut and tense. And most of all was the striking a difference however was that this boys eyes were juxtaposed to his calm face, they were wide in a wild way like the eyes of a religious fanatic.

Where L could see through you, this boy seemed blind. He saw something completely different to everyone else. His eyes, Light could now see, were not as dark as L's; they were a pale grey with distinct blue tint L did not posses.

Those eyes washed over the scene.

Everyone quietened down at his commanding presence.

"Something important is on the television." He murmured, his voice reaching the low purr adult L would also have. "And we'll all know where we're going after that."

The wildness of the teenagers halted, as they all sat to watch the news. It was a press conference with the political leaders.

Just then a sniggering girl entered the room holding onto L's hand. "Look, I made him some jeans out of the spare material!" She laughed, bright blue eyes glistening.

"Shhh!" Was the general reply from the room, complete with a "SHUT UP!!" from the irate Igor.

Huffing in a manner that reminded Light of Misa, she sat on the floor, propping a compliant L next to her, grinning down at him like he was a doll. He almost looked like one, his face was devoid of any emotion.

Light felt an uncomfortable lurching in his chest at the sight of the boy; like all things that discomforted him, he tried to ignore it. But more than anything he wanted to sit by the child and brush his hands through his dark, greasy looking hair.

As the youngsters began to watch a news broadcast, the girl gave L half a bockwurst with a small, hard piece of bread. Normally, Light would have revelled in L eating anything but sweets, but as this child gobbled the food down, Light could not find any humour.

The child was starving.

His bones were jutted outwards, his eyes hollow and, Light could now see, really beginning to have those dark rings he would never be free from; almost as if they were physical scars from his past; shackles of which he would never be released.

He looked like the ghost of a child rather than a living being.

On the television a man called 'the bastard Gunter Shawbowski' according to the young viewers was announcing in a deadpan voice;

"…and therefore we have made the decision today…"

"Oh my God!" Screamed a girl prematurely. She received several hits from her comrades.

"…to institute a new regulation which permits every resident of East Germany…"

They all leaned forward.

Light was the only one watching L, who had finished the bread and sausage and was now greedily licking his fingers for the last dregs of sustenance.

"…to depart the country using any border crossing of the German Democratic Republic..."

There was no reaction from the students. They seemed to shocked. It was like looking at a still picture, only the hairs moving upwards from the static gave it away.

"As of when?" Asked a reporter.

The politician on the screen shuffled through the papers half heartedly, "this becomes active, to my knowledge…it's now…immediately."





The youngsters leapt up and began to run about the room collecting their items.

Light looked outside, people were running out of their houses with suitcases and bags.

"We get to the border now!" L's older brother was commanding to the scattering followers. "Before they have a chance to change their minds."

"It's all going to kick off!" Igor was screaming. "People will be shot in the streets!"

"Shut up you scare-mongering idiot!"

"Whatever, you Red!" He screamed at the girl in return.

As they all ran outside with their sparse belongings, L, who had been exceedingly still, was scooped up at the last second by the red-haired lad of earlier. "Can't forget you!" He joked, swinging the raven headed enigma over his shoulder.

Outside, more and more people began to join the emigrating hundreds.

"It feels like a demonstration!" Giggled the silly Misa-like girl who had looked after L earlier.

She was holding his hand now whilst walking with the red-head boy and the other girl who had argued so much with Igor.

"We're at a momentous time in our history." She replied.

"You hear that L?" Gasped the girl, looking fondly at the silent boy. "Remember, liebling, having a lot of power does not equal justice!"

After some time, they arrived at the borders at an area called Bornholmer Street. At this point, hundreds of people were waiting to leave. However, the crowds came to a standstill.

With his amazing force, L's older brother pushed his way, along with his comrades, to the front of the queue.

"What's going on?" He barked at an official, his very voice dripping disrespect.

"You can't leave."

"Why not??"

"You need a visa."


The people around began to complain loudly.

Sirens of police cars sang in the distance.

"I have a passport!" Continued L's brother. He looked around. "We all do. Let us out its our right to leave! We don't have to obey your rules!"

The crowd cheered, his comrades grinned. The guards looked nervous. They were quickly losing control.

"Look, I'm sorry," insisted the guard. "But you were giving incorrect information…"

"This is bull!!" Screamed Igor. He raised his passport over his head and turned to the crowd. "They MUST let us leave!"

The crowd roared in approval as more guards began to appear, making a human blockade.

"Attention, Attention!" Called the nasally voice of a policeman speaking through a speaker phone. "We are making an announcement regarding the possibility of travelling to West Berlin and West Germany."

The crowd turned to watch the officials.

"Dear citizens, I ask you in the interests of order and safety to leave the checkpoint..."

Immediately the crowd began to roar in protest.

"…and go to reporting stations, the existence of which have just become known to me…" The police continued to read, despite the noise and uproar.

"Order and safety?" Screamed Igor. "FUCK ORDER AND SAFETY!"

L's older brother was silent, but seething. Light shuddered at the sight of it. It was so unlike L, even in the Detectives darkest moments.

"...It is not possible to grant you travel here and now." The People's Police concluded, before the crowd became truly uncontrollable, people's anger boiling over.

"How many ridiculous cock-ups do we have to deal with?!"

"They said we could leave!!"

"The government don't even know what they are doing!"

"Another shambles, another farce!!"

"We might as well not have passports or I.D!" Cried an adult man, his voice rising over the general discontent. He stepped up onto a car. "This is the freedom my government gives me!" He screamed before setting the passport a light. All around the area people began to do the same, tearing and burning their I.D's in protest.

Igor climbed onto the car with the man. "This government don't care about us." He waved his I.D. "We are not individuals to them!!"

Suddenly, some guards grasped him. "You can leave!" They yelled. Stamping his passport they threw him through the barriers to the other side of the wall.

The crowd cheered until Igor, under L's brothers quiet command, checked his passport. "What's this stamp on my passport photo?" He asked.

"You cannot come back to the East." One of the guards replied.

As Igor gaped the crowd began to complain once more.

"You people want to leave so bad fine!" The guard shouted in response, his tone like a petulant child's. "But you will not be allowed back, ever!"

For the first time, Igor looked afraid, "my family, my mom and dad, are still on the east!" He argued. "Where will I go?"

The guards did not answer; they were too busy trying to control the crowd that were beginning to riot. Even more pressure was being added to them as legions of people were still entering Bornholmer and demanding to be allowed out of the east.

After giving a small nod of consolidation to Igor, L's brother stepped onto the car.

"It is always them telling us we cannot go here or cannot go there." He called, his low voice commanding and mature beyond his years. "I say no more! We were told we could leave! Nothing about passports and not being able to return! This is just them trapping us, again!" The crowd cheered and roared, a mist of excitable anger becoming potent in the air. "Are we not humans? Do we not have the right and the freedom to go where we choose? Freedom! Break the wall! Freedom! Break the wall!"

Freedom! Break the wall!

People began to chant, the heaving masses crushing closer and closer against the barriers.

"Don't worry Igor!" Cried the girl whom he had earlier called 'Red.' "You will be allowed to come back!"

Freedom! Break the wall!

"Don't be stupid," shouted the red-head boy whilst tearing his papers. "Who would want to come back?"

Freedom! Break the wall!

L whimpered, Light could see his face was flushed and his eyes were tired. "He's just a child, he shouldn't be here…" He thought wondering if L remembered all of this as an adult.

Behind him, the guards began to panic, unable to receive concrete instructions from their superiors.

Freedom! Break the wall!

Quickly, the whole thing was becoming a farce.


The people, now milling in their thousands, began to scream at the guards. One or two of the guards reluctantly pushing individuals back behind the white painted line on the ground.


Igor's and his friends watched each other on opposite sides of the fence.


They all began to scream


"Melor!" A person called out suddenly. L's older brother turned around, recognition those normally vacant eyes.

A young guard stepped forward. Light recognised the pale lips set in a thin line, the hard unforgiving stare of liquid black eyes. Where Melor, L's older brother, had eyes unfocused and dreamy, the oldest brother's eyes were so focused, so intense that one would not be able to withstand looking straight into them for a measure of time.

"Do not call me that! (6)" Yelled Melor, all his calmness gone within that second. "You traitor!"

"You are the traitor! I am ashamed to share the same blood as you! Betrayer of our country!"

"I love my country, I want what is best for Siberia."

"How is this," his brother gestured around, "better for us? You break down these walls and you'll destroy everything good our leaders managed to achieve. The East will crash and burn under those Imperealists!!!"

"It will flourish!""You live in a pipe dream!"

"Where is L?" Muttered Light.

"These are his memories," hummed Past. "So what we are watching, he was watching."

Looking around he saw L standing nearby, watching the brothers closely. Non one was with him, doubtless the teenagers were too drawn uo in all the drama to notice the small boy was missing.

The brothers argued politics for some time before Melor, leaping off the car and walking to his elder sibling, made it personal;

"You betrayed mama," he whispered savagely in their native tongue.

"She was a whore!" The brother retorted, eyes shifting nervously should any of his colleagues over hear his shame.

"She is dead." Stated Melor back in German.

Despite the various chants and noise and screams and sirens all raging in the background, Light could tell that for the two brothers, the world had become silent.

"The moment you left," continued Melor back in their native tongue, "just like our papa who you so despise, she slit her wrists in the bathroom." He gulped and his eyes grew sad. "I found Luka a few days later. You do not want to know where and in what condition." The vaguely blue eyes glistened with water. "I-I can barely look at him now. And it's your fault. You abandoned them just like our government abandoned us!"

"You left first!" Shouted the older, who, 'til that moment had looked the epitome of forlorn. His voice was ragged with unwept tears. "You left us to run off with your capitalist friends! You were the one who took after papa!" He paused for a moment realisation briefly lightening his obsidian eyes. "That's what this is all about, isn't it? What its always been about! The hapless excuse of a father who just walked out one night and never came back!"

"THEY killed him! Those government dogs!!"

"He killed himself!"

"Excuse me sir," a guard interrupted the petulant fighting. "The barriers are breaking." The guard hurried on, panic lacing his words. "We can't hold on, should we ust open-"

"No!" He screamed automatically, before looking at the ground, his chest heaving. "Actually, yes, open them. The superiors have not been clear. We'll be killed by the rabble in this state. Open the gates."

Immediately the guard ran off repeating the brothers orders.

"There, Melor. Now I have lost everything."

A great roar ripped out from the people as the gates opened and the guards walked away. L was swept away in the tide of people all running into the west.

"L!" Light called out, immediately feeling stupid on a Matsuda level. F course L could not hear him. The boy whimpered a little as the hoards of cheering men and women hurtled passed him, jostling him to and fro. In the end, he had to run and move with the tide to save himself from being knocked over any more.

In the west, even more people could be seen running to their eastern cousins. L ran to a building and crouched on the floor in his habitual pose. He drew his thumb to his mouth, eyes wide and darting.

A girl ran passed, the girl Light recognised as the one that reminded him of Misa.

L cried out a sort of barking noise. She heard him and Light felt his stomach unclench. Stupid she may have been, but at least she cared for L.

"Luka, Luka!" She cried hugging the boy tightly. He tentatively put his hand on her arm. "The world is no longer split in two! Don't be afraid liebling," she brushed his dark, sweaty locks from his face. "Look around, what do you see?"

Groups of people waved German flags singing old German songs (and a few new ones as well.) Everywhere people called out names, faces recognised other long-lost faces, people hugged, people wept, people were reunited.

An weeping old woman wandered up to them, her old face lit up with joy and reflecting a beauty she once had. "My children," she said in German. "Welcome to the West." She handed L a conglomeration of a few chocolate and candy pieces wrapped in a handkerchief. "I must find my son..." She murmured drifting back into the crowd.

"Danke!" The girl called after her. She turned to L who was sniffing the pieces suspiciously. " They are sweeties L. Eat them up. They're little balls of happiness! That nice lady gave you happiness to eat."

At the word 'eat' L eagerly shoved two candy pieces in his mouth.

His eyes widened an inordinate amount.

He looked at the girl quickly, his face amazed.

She laughed and confirmed, "they're all yours!"

L smiled. "Danke." He barely whispered, his voice hoarse through lack of use.

The girl froze before drawing him into a tense hug.

Light realised that L must not have spoken in a long time. In fact, during this whole flashback, when had he heard L say anything?

"Its what your brothers don't understand." The girl whispered, her chin lightly resting on his head. "Good and bad, justice and injustice, they are not so simple. They are not rules screamed by a dictator, the demands of the bully. Its not about everything going your way and everything belonging to you. Its all to do with love, L. Having enough love for your fellow man to do what is right for them but not yourself." She kissed the crown of his head as they watched a mother and her daughter having a tearful reunion. The crowd applauded.

Light shifted uncomfortably under the girls words. What did she know? She was just another Misa-type personality, but someone had indoctrinated her with vague, unrealistic, hippy ideals rather than the sensible ones Misa had thanks to him.

Suddenly the red-head boy ran up to them, "Gala! It's Melor, he's dead!" He became silent on seeing L. Gala, the Misa-type, glowered at him. "The brothers fought," he stammered on, glancing now and then at L. "There were gun shots…" He shrugged.

And just then, the black swirling mass began to spin once more.

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