A Death Note Carol

Explainations of a Justified Sinner

Light seemed to have built up a resistance to the hurricane of black memories rushing around them. Though he could not be as stoic and unaffected as Past, he could now stand mostly upright, without covering his ears and without erratically flinching in irrational fear of the dark winds. But then, that was one of Light's strong points, he could grow accustomed to strange beings (L, Misa,) and supernatural (Ryuuk, the Death Note) situations. Now and then the winds parted just a little to reveal landscapes quickly twisting and changing anew. At one point the saw a large black forest, then a lit-up city, a vast, still lake, then a small humble village. Through these glimpses Light guessed they were even travelling through various countries as well as times.

Slowly they came to a halt, Light automatically brushed his windswept hair down with both hands. They were back in his night strewn, blue-toned room. He looked around. He was relieved to see that all traces of ice were gone. All his things were where he last left them. It was definitely his room in the current time line.

He turned to the Spirit. "Is that all you had to show me? Is it true the brothers died? Where did they all go after that night?"

"That was all you needed to see of the past." She answered passionlessly.

"Wasn't it risky showing me what you did?" He asked. "I know L's first name now. It would not take too much to find his records and the rest of it."

"You are planning to kill him tomorrow anyway." She replied smoothly. The body of the ghost woman smiled. "Besides, 'Luka' wasn't the name on his birth certificate. When the family moved to Russia they wanted to make sure L fitted in with the locals; the mother being gypsy and the father himself bi-racial and so having different cultures and accents they often had troubles settling in with indigenous peoples themselves. So they gave him a Russian name."

Light bit down on his tongue to withheld the urge to pull a vexed facial expression; it was just so frustrating! L always, somehow, was one step ahead…

"Another spirit will visit you soon."

"Present. Yes, Higuchi explained." Light sat at his desk and crossed his legs, regaining his composure. "If I do not obey whatever lesson you and the rest of the spirit realm are trying to teach me, I'll be doomed to Higuchi's fate, correct?"

"You know it is."

"Then, how does that make you any better than Kira? I am not a fool and tonight was not subtle. You are saying that, as Kira, I will become selfish and blind, the way I was to Sayu's suffering, and that, like those warring governments, people will suffer under my reign." He paused for a moment but she said nothing. "Well, that is not the case with me. I had little control over what happened to Sayu, granted I could have been more aware, but no one who cares about Sayu, including my parents and her teachers, have noticed anything either. And yet you would not say that they do not love or care enough, surely? You could not say that my father cannot do his job as a servant of justice? Or the teachers as protectors of their students?

Then, the governments ruling over the GDR became corrupted due to too many people getting involved. There were a multitude of different countries with individual parties and rulers in the GDR. On top of the in-fighting between governments, the individual greed or overt cruelty of certain politicians there was the on-going war with the capitalist countries, including America and western Europe, all of whom were affluent and a very real threat in regards to weapons.

However, Kira will be the only one to rule the world and it will not be in a political spectrum. Kira is the deliverer of justice. The countries can rule as they please, but any dodgy dealings, any illegal happenings and unlike now, where they can get away with it and millions of people die in pointless, victorless war- I will deliver a swift death.

Kira will rule as a God, not a King.

Neither religion or political leanings will affect my judgement. In time, all the religions in the world will become obsolete, it being obvious that Kira is the real God; already people are beginning to worship me. That is one main cause of contention between man , without crime there will be no need to lay out any new laws on morals. As for rules on the best way to live, I would be happy to use my influence to encourage certain healthier styles of living.

Earlier we saw L's mother being abused, and I said those men were criminals." His eyes flashed red. "Well, in my world they will be. People will learn to respect one another and that respect includes sexual activity. In this world, sex permeates everything. We have children dressed in clothes with the Playboy bunny symbol on them. Sex is used, sometimes more subtly than others, to sell just about any product, even unisexual ones, to the public at any time of the day. Then clothes, especially on the women, which show almost all of their breasts minus the nipples if they are feeling modest and then skirts so short you can see their backsides." He grimaced.

"You sound like your talking of Misa."

"Misa is just a product of the world she inhabits. In my world, that will change. Like Kira's ideals, she will eventually come to my way of thinking about attire without me having to ask her. A level of respect for ourselves is the beginning of being able to respect others. It cannot be denied that all these one night stand encounters have cheapened sex and undermined relationships. And things like relationships and family units make up the particles of society. Once those obliterate, society also falls into disarray. Broken homes, unhappy children, lack of sexual restraint and a lack of self respect. These elements are the problems that underpin some of the main issues with society, social exclusion and crime nowadays.

I will encourage good education, meaning people will be more well-informed and less likely to turn to crime through being too lazy to work or to try hard at any given goal. A good education will teach humanity from a young age that the best way to get ahead is through planning and determination. One good thing about L is that he understands that. Therefore, I respect him whilst disagreeing with his policies. However, Higuchi deserves no praise. He cheated into trying to get ahead. I use the Death Note to purify the world, he used it to get a raise. He could have done that on his own power, but was too lazy and so turned to crime. That is the mentality of so many criminals. It is well known that social depravation and poverty not only increase feelings of isolation and class resentment but are linked to the rise of crime, especially crimes such as burglary. So with everyone having a good reputation, religion being non existent, governments focusing on keeping society in order and less worked up on controlling people and people being better behaved towards one another, these feelings will change. Its all bout social reconstructuring.

If I had ruled as Kira in L's time, L's mother would not be in prostitution, L and his brothers would have been in education not fussing in politics. They would have met more kind people in their lives, the likes of those perverts being deleted by the Death Note, therefore meaning they all would have been happier.

However, you spirits tell me that I must do things your way, or else I will be punished. So how is that any better than a violent dictatorship? At least I have a positive goal in all this. You say the spirits are giving me this chance because my intentions were once noble. Well they still are. What are your intentions? How is what you are doing helpful?"

The ghost woman looked out of the window. The sky outside had temporarily cleared of its dark storm clouds. The moon had been granted a respite and took this time to shine down its eerie glow down to the earth and through Lights window.

"My time is coming to an end," she said. "But I should have time to answer you. First of all, you seem not to understand what it is I am showing you."

He winced at that; he hated the suggestion that he was somehow stupid.

"Ask yourself, Light-Kun, what is the link? There were many things I could have shown you tonight, but I chose those two because their stories synchronised. And while you ponder these things I can tell you know, you have not saved thousands by using the Death Note how you have. Try to understand Light, everything you do has an affect on something, which affects something else, which affects something else.

A breath becomes a storm, a whispered word becomes a tragedy, the ghost of a kiss becomes a nation.

L's history is your history as much as Sayu's is. Remember that. Remember.

Look at the body of this girl." She gestured at herself. "Do you recognise it at all?"

He narrowed his eyes, focusing on her. Her body was slim and short, hair long and black, eyes almond and a dark brown that was almost black. She was definitely Japanese. But he did not recognise her.

"No, I do not know you."

"You do not know her." The voice corrected. Light became very aware of the body and the voice being to separate entities. "I am the spirit of an eternal entity." Said the voice, becoming increasingly otherworldly. It seemed like two or three voices were speaking in harmony, like it had earlier when his name had first been called.

"Do you really think that I would be in he form of a human child. Of course not. Each spirit tonight has taken on a human form so that you can better process tonight. In 'reality'," she said the word in a way to suggest that 'reality' itself was a vague and lucid concept. "This girl is not here. And I am on a completely different plane of existence. This girl is being used as a link from where I am directly to your mind."

"So," Said Light slowly. "She is not real, just something from my mind that you are using."

"She is something that your life and fate is closely entangled with. Or, as I am Past, someone whose life was entangled with yours."

Light focused on her once more whilst she, or the spirit spoke. The dark hair, the determined expression, serious before its age, almost at odds with the understated prettiness of the face.

"Naomi Misora?" He asked. "Was this she as a child?"

"No. This was her child."

Light stared at her for a moment.

"They had a child together?" He asked desperately trying to replay his memories. "Neither of them ever mentioned…why do such a dangerous job if…?"

"Because they did not know." Past interrupted Light, embarrassing him; It was not often Light got tongue twisted.

"This child had yet to be born." She continued. "The fates had it all arranged. Three days after they were killed by you, they were meant to find out the happy news when she awoke being sick one morning. The little girl was to be born in winter. She would be, as you can see, very beautiful. She was also to be greatly intelligent. Through many hardships she would get to go to college and then later medical school. She was going to specialise in surgery for heart conditions in was going to save countless thousands, who themselves would grow up to be politicians, heroes, youth workers and volunteers, who themselves would save thousands more.

You talk of evolution, the natural progression of man, you want to force it, but us, the spirits, the fates, we know better. These things take time. Humanity is advancing quickly, but it is a fragile existence and could easily destroy itself. A gentle hand is needed to guide it on its way. There is a plan and a purpose. And you, in your conceit and arrogance, are single-handedly destroying the future of man. You have with held progress and are helping de-evolve society. But this will become apparent as time continues.

You killed two innocents. You can claim that they were detrimental to your plans, but the truth is they dared to challenge you. You were angry because L was too clever for you, so you destroyed an innocent couple instead, to help heal your wounded ego. That, in turn, killed their unborn."

The girl put both her arms out. Two crystal tears fell from her face. "What crime did I commit Light?" She asked, her voice as soft as rain. Light flinched. "That's unfair!" He cried. "Making this corpse, this reanimation talk!"

"I am the real child." The girl replied. "This was the closest I got to live and age, thanks to you."

"Is there no reincarnation?"

She shook her head slowly, "I do not know. I do not know what that is. I wasn't even born when I died."

Suddenly a thick lines of blood came down one of her legs. Her…period?

"My time is up." Both she and Past said at the same time. "I'm scared." She whispered to Light before turning without waiting for an answer and opening a window.

"Good bye Light." Whispered Past, sounding distant and tired. "Remember everything you have seen and said so far. I'm sorry I could not answer more."

During this time the light of the moon got brighter and brighter. It engulfed the girl, making her look like an angel. And with one final flash that made Light cover his eyes, the angel was gone.

He ran to the window and looked outside, the ground, the sky, down the street…

But everything, the darkness, the heavy clouds, the odd spatter of rain and chill wind...

...everything was exactly the same as it was before.

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