Chapter 10

Here it is! The final chapter! Done is Done! I was so excited that I finished that I have not edited it yet, so apologies for that but I hope you enjoy.

A beautiful pink haired woman wakes up drowsily, sitting up slowly, raking her fingers through her tresses, looking over at her alarm clock that flashes 11:00 am at her. A sigh escapes the woman as she slowly gets out of her comfortable bed. Her feet make a sticking noise on the wood floor of the bedroom as she makes her way to the adjoining bathroom. The pinkette blinks as she spots something on the bathroom counter. She quickly makes her way to the sink and picks up the envelope, with her name written in neat bold letters, that she recognizes immediately.

Sakura tares the letter open and reads the contents quickly a happy smile lighting her tired features. A sharp knock on the front door distracts the fuchsia haired woman as she sighs tiredly at the prospect of having to make the journey down the stairs of her home and down a, what seemed to the pinkette, never ending hallway, to get the front door. However, the young medic is saved as she reaches the top of the stairs and her best friend's voice carries up the stairs from the other end of the hallway telling her to not bother coming down, which the pinkette happily agrees to do and makes her way back to her room, awaiting her blonde haired, best friends arrival.

"Forehead, don't you look just peachy this morning. Neji told me to come by later in the morning, because you have been exhausted lately." Ino says as she hugs her pink haired friend who smiles at the mention of her loving spouse.

"Yeah, I have just not had any energy lately, I even had to stop doing shifts at the hospital now too, but that's not why you're here…I just read this." Sakura says pausing as she holds up the envelope she had just read, "Neji really planned this out if you are here."

"He did indeed. Happy anniversary by the way. Two years today, it has just flown by." Ino grins as she pulls out an envelope from the bag she is carrying.

"Here forehead. This is your second letter, but get ready first because we are going on a spa day. Then I am going to get you ready for your date tonight." Ino states as the pinkette takes the envelope from her, her green eyes shining in glee at the thought of a spa day.

"Good, cause I have had a hard time getting through a shower lately. Also, would you mind helping me get dressed, I can't really bend anymore. Neji has had to help me get dressed every morning." Sakura speaks a look of chagrin marring her usually cheerful face as she places her hands on her huge round belly, a tiny smile forming as she feels a small kick against her palm.

"Of course, that's why I am here. I am really glad you were the first of us to have a kid cause, I do not think I could go through what you are going through without knowing what to expect. Besides if and when I do have a kid, you will be there to help me get dressed, and besides it gives me an excuse to touch my little nephew." Ino speaks happily a content smile on her face as she places her hands beside Sakura's on here large belly, the kicking of the child increasing. Ino's ocean eyes lighting up every time the child kicks.

"Why does everyone think it's a boy?" Sakura questions a loving smile never leaving her lips.

"Sakura, just except that everyone just wants to see Neji's face when a pink haired little boy is born." Ino sassily states the two women breaking into raucous laughter. The laughter fades though and the two women are soon exiting the two-story home.

"So what did the letter say?" Ino asks after the walk for a few minutes, the blonde taking a slower pace to allow the very pregnant pinkette to keep up.

"Oh, just some ridiculously romantic stuff, he also gave me a hint to find my next gift. Which was Sunflowers in a beautiful vase on the dining room table." Sakura replies a loving smile on her lips as she thinks on how Neji remembered that she loved Sunflowers. The reason he even found out about the fuchsia haired woman's love of the bright flowers, which did not grow easily in the fire nation, was an incident a week before their wedding. The pinkette had almost lost her mind from nerves as the wedding approached.

Sakura had been panicking ever since she had returned from her training with Konan. Her pink locks had begun to grow some from the herbal formula that the blue haired woman had given her, along with the many experiments that her female friends had tried on her hair. However the kunoichi was swamped with hospital duties, as well as many people pestering her about her newly released Kekkei Genkai. Then there was also her wedding plans that were not quite finished as the guest list kept growing in leaps and bounds by the day. The pinkette was stressed to say the least; she was even debating asking Neji if he would be up for eloping.

The stressed that weighed the young woman down was killing her. It made Sakura miss her parents her father in particular. Now do not think that Sakura did not love and appreciate Kakashi and Tsunade's places as her surrogate parents, but the pinkette missed all the wonderful times with her parents. Her father for instance would always bring her sunflowers and a box of handmade white chocolate fudge from his business trips, he would even occasionally order her some, even though it was expensive to have the flowers and chocolates delivered to the Leaf village. Her father always knew exactly when she needed to receive something special.

Sakura distinctly remembers one day in the Academy, when she had had and unusually bad day, her father had taken one look at her as she entered the kitchen and known immediately what she needed. He had ordered his young pink haired daughter to get cleaned up and put on her nicest dress. The two had then gone out to the nicest restaurant in the village and Sakura spilled out her small teenage heart to her dad.

Sakura missed her mom too. Her mom though was a different kind of comfort for Sakura; she was how Sakura learned to bake, which is where her nervous cooking habit came from. The two women would have the house overflowing with baked goods if either of them were stressed or nervous. Right after Sasuke had left Sakura had went on a cooking spree as she planned to ask Tsunade if she could be her student, her mother had not questioned her in the least and came into the kitchen smiled and cooked right alongside her daughter.

Sakura missed them and the fact they were not going to see her get married saddened the pinkette immensely. However, Sakura had never told anyone much about her parents. Many knew her parents, but the cherry blossom after their death never really spoke of those small, yet significant parts of her parents that she missed so much. Kakashi and Tsunade were all Sakura could ever ask for, but it was just different. Kakashi knew when his adopted daughter was stressed, but he usually provided her with a laugh, a smile, an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. Tsunade while she took great care of Sakura, she was never the nurturing type with the young medic. They were different and Sakura would not trade them for anything.

However, during that week before the pink haired woman's wedding, she had broken down crying several times, as the pain from missing her parents became unbearable. The kunoichi had hidden her pain well, for Neji was unaware of the sadness over taking his fiancée for almost the whole week. The day Neji realized that there was a problem he found Sakura in her office at the hospital, the door had initially been locked, and the Hyuuga was simply going to leave, but at the sound of movement in the office, he had used his Byakugan to see into the room. The man had been quick in picking the lock and softly closing the door behind him as he came to see his lovely fiancée sitting in the corner of the office, her knees brought up to her chest, her forehead resting against her legs, the pink tresses guarding her face from view. However soft sniffles could be heard coming from the small figure, shoulders shaking ever so slightly.

Neji had sat down beside Sakura, the woman not moving to look up, wrapped a strong arm around her shoulders and waited. After a few moments glassy veranda eyes glance up at the pearl eyed man through strands of petal pink tresses. Sakura's small rose lips quivered as she looked into the man she loves compassionate and loving gaze. The young woman had begun to sob, causing Neji's arm to tighten around her petite shoulders. It did not take long though for the kunoichi to change positions, her knees dropping lower as she turns toward the man beside her, burying her face in his shoulder, wrapping an arm around his waist as her tears continue to come.

Eventually Sakura was wrapped in Neji's arms completely, her tears slowing. Once the pinkette had adequately pulled herself together, she had explained the reason for her tears. The young woman had spilled out how much she still missed her parents. The couple sat there for almost two hours as Neji listened intently to Sakura talk about all the things she missed about her parents. The pinkette occasionally burst into tears, but the whited eyed man would simply pull her close and let her cry.

The fact that Neji had remembered that discussion and knew that Sunflowers were exactly what would brighten up the pregnant woman, just made the pinkette fall even more in love with the man. The last two years had been the happiest the young medic had ever experienced. The wedding had been everything she ever dreamt it would be, the Hyuuga clan being the most helpful in the last minute plans. Hinata and Hanabi had been quick in the week before the wedding to quickly and quietly deal with any disasters, keeping the pinkette as calm as possible for her final few days as a single woman. Sakura of course suspected Neji had something to do with how smoothly the wedding had gone, but she could never get anyone to tell her if he had done much of the wedding planning in those last few days. However, the kunoichi had very strong suspicions that the white eyed man was responsible for putting out many detrimental situations.

For instance, Sakura heavily suspected that when Naruto and Sasuke had been delayed on a mission two days before the wedding, Neji had gotten them out of it. Of course that was mostly because he had come into to her home that day to find his lovely fiancée pacing her home, with all her friends trying to console her. Kakashi had attempted to joke the issue away, saying that the two knuckleheads wouldn't dare miss Sakura's wedding, she would put them in the ground if they did. Nevertheless, nothing anyone said would calm the distraught woman down. Sakura had even said several times in the course of the day that she couldn't imagine getting married without Naruto and Sasuke there.

Neji of course had heard Sakura was upset, since he was off missions for the next few weeks he was doing office work, when a scared young chunni scurried into his office relaying a message from Ino about the panicking pinkette. That of course causes the man to quickly appear in front of Sakura's home. The pearl eyed man found the woman just as panicked and stressed as the blonde woman had informed him. Neji had walked up to Sakura kissed her on the cheek told her he loved her and that everything would be fine. Oddly enough and to everyone presents surprised the brown haired man's words calmed the kunoichi immediately and she went back to her planning mode.

Sakura though after Neji had reassured her, did not see her fiancé for the entire next day, which while she would have barely had time to even say hi to him, she found strange. The couple always saw each other every day, unless they were on missions, and even if it was a quick encounter, it would happen without fail.

One time the couple had been so busy, that they had gone an entire week almost without saying a word to each other. The two had made appearances though, in one form or another. Sakura had come to an anbu meeting, that she was not technically required to come to, but since Neji was leading it she had shown up just to see him, her bright smile in place, which had put the man in a better mood. Also, Neji brought Sakura lunch at various times during the week. The pair though had very different schedules, which never allowed the couple to really interact, but a loving smile or chaste kiss was always the exchange.

So the fact that Sakura had gone a full day filled with stress and had not seen her fiancé, had worried the young woman. Although that night before the wedding, when Sakura received word that Naruto and Sasuke had made it back to the village, it relieved the woman. The medic had no doubt that her significant other had either gone to great lengths to get the two men back to the village, or had gone out himself and brought the two back. The pinkette never did find out, and she never did ask Neji or her teammates about, she had just been so happy to see them that the events of the wedding drown out the details of their return.

The wedding of course went off without a hitch. Sakura looked stunning in her beautiful strapless pearl dress, her sapphire necklace accenting beautifully against her elegant but simple attire. Sakura's hair had grown a few inches during the last two weeks before the wedding and was loosely curled, framing her heart shaped face. Kakashi had proudly walked the lovely young woman down the aisle and himself along with Tsunade had given her away. Naruto stood beside Neji a fox grin on his face and Sasuke and Sai had been in the crowd genuine smiles alighting their features at the sight of the pinkette as she walked down the aisle. The 'I Dos' were said and pictures were taken. The following celebration had been a village wide event, starting at the Hyuuga mansion and spreading out from there. The newlyweds had then been escorted away to there week long honeymoon at a beautiful spa/resort. The entire thing had been perfect.

The fuchsia haired woman often thought back on the wedding day and smiled, while it was a bit of a blur, she always remembered with perfect clarity the look of utter love and adoration that Neji had bestowed on her that day. The look that she had continued to receive since that day. Sakura had been utterly and completely content with her life over the past two years.

However, one of the highlights for the cherry blossom, had to have been finding out she was pregnant and the events of telling Neji the news. It had taken the young medic four months to realize she might be pregnant; she had simply written it off as a mild cold and did not think much about her missed periods. Also, it hadn't helped that the woman had been on a two month long mission right before she figured it out.

When the young woman had figured it out, she had immediately gone into medic mode, making sure the child was fine. The realization had at first terrified Sakura, as the mission she had been on had been rather hard on her chakra reserves and she had not eaten much of anything, due to a famine in the area she was in with her team. The pinkette though quickly marched into the Tsunade's office, interrupting a meeting the powerful woman was in. The stubborn pinkette though was quick in asserting the urgency of the situation, her panicked features clearly conveying her need for the pigtailed woman's full attention, which was soon given with the dismissal of those in her office.

The kunoichi had immediately asked the Hokage to do a medical exam on her, baffling the blonde woman. The Hokage had started to become angry, as her best student was asking for such a ridiculous request until the pinkette quickly explained the situation. The young medic had burst in to tears by the end of her short explanation though. The pinkette, while she had checked herself over immediately at the knowledge of her pregnancy, knew that she may not have seen something that an outsider could. Also, the fact that her poor nutrition and harsh treatment to her body over the last months, could have harmed the fetus in some way disrupting the natural growing process of the child.

Tsunade though had turned unusually soft as she swiftly and efficiently did an exam of her surrogate daughter. The blonde woman had been speedy in ordering the cherry blossom to start taking vitamins immediately and to refrain from any strenuous activity, for the child was fine, but the fetus was thinner than normal, which she believed was from Sakura's chakra exhaustion and malnutrition. The Hokage had then ordered Sakura to go home and inform her husband and then come back the next day for an ultra sound and another exam to verify that the baby was fine.

Tsunade had given the cherry blossom an ear full for not realizing the situation sooner, saying several times that Sakura was a "medic for goodness sakes." Sakura of course had given the blonde her best kicked puppy look, which eventually cracked the busty blond, who had smiled and congratulated the pinkette, secretly extremely excited to have a grandbaby to spoil.

Sakura had left the Hokage's office a bit of pep in her step, excited to tell her husband that they were going to be parents. However, the pinkette was stopped outside Hokage tower by the rest of Team 7, even Kakashi, in effort to welcome her home from her mission. Of course the exuberant pinkette was unable to keep her news to herself….in her defense she had made a glorious effort that had ended in Kakashi asking why she looked so happy in her exhausted state. Usually the kunoichi would have stormed past the men and gone home to rest, but this time she stayed and never once punched Naruto.

The cherry blossom had simply blurted out her news excitedly, but then gone through the complication that her chakra exhaustion may have caused, all four men listening intently each displaying their happiness for the pinkette. Of course after Sakura's abrupt announcement, she glared at them harshly and ordered the four men to speak of it to no one until she had a chance to tell Neji, which the four agreed to, with Kakashi promising to keep Naruto quiet.

So the overly exuberant pinkette had gone home, ready to burst with joy. The glowing woman even chose to ignore the overprotective men attempting to secretly follow her home, Sakura knew they were just trying to make sure she was safe and she was far too happy to be irritated and simply too excited to get to her husband to even care. However, once the expectant mother had reached her home her husband was nowhere to be found, even though it was his day off. The kunoichi had shrugged it off, thinking her pearl eyed husband was probably at the Hyuuga compound.

The newlyweds had decided to live outside the compound for several reasons. First the lack of privacy at the Hyuuga clans compound, with so many people running around, most of which could see through walls both Sakura and Neji had thought it best that they not live on the clan's grounds. So they had sold Sakura's place, which the pinkette had deemed too small since the couple had of coursed talked about having a family one day, and bought a bigger house that was separated some from the chaos of the center of the city.

Also, Sakura already knew that the Hyuuga compound saw enough of Naruto since Hinata lived there, and she was not about to make it a hundred times worse for the poor unsuspecting Hyuuga clan. The loving woman loved her blonde teammate but she had to admit that he spent twice as much time in her home than in even his own. The blonde ate at and slept in Sakura's home at least three times a week. Neji however, saw that the issue of Naruto appearing whenever he wanted was solved, how the kunoichi did not know, but she did know that Sasuke had been receiving more visits from the blonde after her marriage. Now it did not stop the energetic man from turning up occasionally, and it also helped that there was a mandatory team 7 nights that Sakura set in place every month at her home. Neji understood and even occasionally asked over the rest of the rookie 9 along with Tenten and Lee.

One thing Sakura was always sure of though is that Neji was always one of the first people she saw when she was home from a mission, especially such a long mission. So once her husband had failed to show up later that night the cherry blossom had begun to worry. She had called Hiashi, who had said he hadn't seen Neji since early that morning, which then sent the hormonal woman into panic mode. Sakura had then called Kakashi, who went out in search of the man, which when he wasn't immediately found induced the emerald eyed woman to send out the Calvary by calling on Naruto, Sasuke and Sai. However, the hormones clearly got the best of her because she had somehow wound up on the phone with every member of the rookie nine, who all of course went searching for the missing Hyuuga.

All of the women had come over to the pinkette's home, reassurance on their lips. The three women's presence had eased Sakura some, but it also brought back her excitement about her pregnancy which she valiantly attempted to keep to herself, but then sort of just slipped out. The women had been unbelievably excited, each putting their hands on Sarkura's belly and telling the new addition that they would be the best aunties in the world. The sight had brought tears to Sakura's eyes and she again began to worry about her husband who was now one of her only specially people that did not know she was pregnant.

So with nerves and hormones in a flurry the beautiful kunoichi had begun to cook, however unlike her nervous cooking, in which she usually did not partake in the food, she devoured the foods she made. Tenten, Hinata and Ino gladly helped her and enjoyed some of the food along with the pinkette.

There was one thing the pinkette was distracted by that night even if only for a few minutes; Tenten opened up about her relationship with Sasuke. The brunette had revealed that she was indeed in love with the raven haired man and that they had been talking about marriage some over the last few weeks. The weapons mistress couldn't wait for when Sasuke finally asked her to marry him. The three women listening to the love sick woman had been elated and had gone into plans for a wedding, mostly due to a very loud blonde woman, who couldn't believe that someone had captured the Uchiha's heart.

The women's discussion Sasuke and Tenten's love life though was cut short when all of team 7 along with a very ruffled Hyuuga appeared in the living room. The appearance of the five men had sent instant relief through the medic followed closely by an intense rage. The women beside the pinkette immediately recognized the look and had each grabbed one of the men and ushered them out the door, Kakashi had disappeared instantly at the flare that appeared in Sakura's jade eyes signaling her wrath would soon be bestowed on someone. The ruffled Hyuuga saw her change in mood as well and was across the room in seconds, wrapping strong arms around the petite woman and taking her lips with his in a heart stopping kiss.

Sakura became very pliant following the intense and loving kiss. Neji had pulled away slightly leaving an inch of space between them, resting his forehead against hers as he commenced in an apology.

"Sakura I am sorry that I wasn't her when you returned, I didn't think you would be home till tomorrow. I was in the vaults beneath the Hokage tower looking through some of Itachi's things. I found some interesting material on the Sharingan that you might want to read." Neji says watching Sakura's eyes soften as he leans in an chastely kisses her pink lips, Sakura humming in response as she relaxes in his arms, the pinkette was so happy to be home.

"There was really no need to panic; I have been known to be capable of taking care of myself." Neji jokes as pushes some locks of bright pink hair away from Sakura's heart shaped face, placing a tender kiss on her forehead.

"Hmmm, yes well I had a minor panic attack earlier that may have contributed and the news I have to tell you is exceptionally important." Sakura says content to stay in the confines of her husband's arms, which is short lived as he pulls her away from himself.

"What happened?" Neji demands concern etched into his well sculpted features. The pinkette sighs moving toward the couch pulling the pearl eyed man behind her.

"Well, you know about my mission I have been on the last two months right?" Sakura asks getting a swift affirmation from her attentive husband as she continues, " well it was really hard on my body, and it has never been this rough before on me, and I realized why when I got back today…" Sakura pauses biting her lip, as she sees the worried expression on Neji's face, the cherry blossom continues through giving the good news "I am fine of course Tsunade checked me out and everything is fine. The only thing you need to know is that I am pregnant."

Sakura watches carefully as Neji processes her words, a grin over taking her pink lips as a heart wrenching smile appears on his handsome face. Jade eyes water as she receives that adoring and loving looked multiplied twice over. Soon a tender kiss is shared between the couple and they had then proceeded to celebrate in their own way.

The fuschia haired woman remembers that night fondly and she knew that her child would have the best father in the world. Sakura grins as she thinks again of how she would be bringing a life into the world in less than a month.

"Oh Forehead, just so you know Hinata, Tenten and even Karin are going to be at the spa with us. Temari was going to come in with Shikamaru but she was delayed because there little girl was sick. Shika almost didn't come back, but apparently something urgent occurred and the Hokage ordered him back." Ino speaks shaking Sakura from her thoughts as she gives a smile to the blonde.

"Yeah there was a breach on one of the borders and no one could figure out how the breach occurred. I hope their little girl isn't too sick, some virus has been going around the children here." Sakura answers running a petite hand through her pale pink locks as her other hand rubs small circles over her swollen belly.

"Oh its nothing serious, Shika assured me of that. Temari could have left her in Gaara and Kankaruo's care and she would have gotten better just as fast. I think it's just some kind of mama bear syndrome, you will soon have first-hand experience with it." The blonde teases her sky blue eyes shining.

"Yeah I guess I will, but I bet Neji will be way worse than me, especially if it's a girl. You know though Gaara is so good with his niece, she is only a year and he got her to talk to him and walk to him by the time she was nine months old, he would have taken really good care of her. Actually I think Temari has been sick too, her last letter to me wasn't as animated or as long as usual." Sakura asserts as the two make their way through the streets of Konoha.

"Hmmm, yeah I think I remember Chouji mentioning something like that a month or so ago, oohhh maybe she's pregnant again. Then my little nephew will have a new friend to play with." Ino speaks rubbing Sakura's belly affectionately earning a bell like laugh from the woman.

"You know that actually could be a possibility. I'll have to mention it in my next letter to her. Oh, but you know who I think might be pregnant?" Sakura asks her veranda eyes sparkling as she watches her friends face morph into astonishment.

"How could you know if anyone was pregnant, you aren't working anymore? Who do think it is though?" Ino says rolling her blue eyes attempting to be uninterested.

"Oh well I am a medic still and besides going through this whole pregnancy hoopla has just given me a keen eye for these things. I'll give you a hint, the couple has only been married for ten months." Sakura quips a smirk upon her face as a look of realization appears on the blondes face.

"No way! How far along do you think she is?"

"Oh maybe three months, but I can't be sure."

"Well there is a sure fire way to find out…" Ino trails off a conniving smile on her lips as they reach the spa and are greeted by three women. Hugs are shared before the women enter the spa and are escorted to their area and are treated to several spa treatments. To end the spa treatment the women are shown to the hot springs. The five lovely women are soon situated and commence a discussion on various topics.

"So Hinata have you still been feeling sick?" Sakura probes a looking of concern gracing her features, until she shares a knowing look with her blonde best friend.

"Well, I think had food poisoning on top of a cold. Naruto took me to a new restaurant and it didn't sit well with either of us." The pearl eyed woman answers a smile on her thin lips.

"Hmm, have you been unusually tired lately, even though you get enough sleep?"

"Well yes, I guess so. I have just been exhausted, but I have been training and doing a lot of clan business."

"Sakura what are you thinking? You only question people like this when you think you know what the problem is. " Karin speaks finally her eyebrows pulling together as she runs her left hand through her maroon locks, a diamond ring surrounded by rubies catching on a piece of hair, which she easily detangles.

"Oh well I felt the exact same way right before I found out I was pregnant." Sakura states letting that thought sink in, which it soon does as Hinata quickly stands to her feet her eyes wide and a look of surprise marring her features.

"Woah now don't jump to conclusions yet. Hinata have you missed any periods?" Tenten interjects as the other three women look on with smiles.

"I forgot. Oh my gosh." Hinata whispers her eyes glazing over as she pulls a fluffy white towel around her now cool body.

"I can verify for sure if you want Hinata." Sakura offers holding her hands up a small layer of green chakra surrounding them for emphasis.

"Oh no you shouldn't they had you stop doing your hospital rounds." Hinata stutters her face a pale white.

"That was just because the stress was bad for me; this won't hurt me at all." Sakura states hoisting herself up as she wades toward the distressed woman. Sakura soon reaches her and places her glowing palms on Hinata's flat stomach, then after a minute removes her hands.

"So is she pregnant?" Ino bellows impatiently.

"Yes Hinata Uzumaki is indeed pregnant. And the baby looks as healthy as could be." Sakura says proudly, her affirmation of health easing the dark haired woman's mind, allowing a excited smile to slip onto her now blushing face. The women then proceed into congratulations and ponderings on the reaction the over exuberant father would have, as he is soon to take over as Hokage.

"So Sakura have you and Neji decided on a name for the baby? I know you both decided to wait to find out the sex until the birth, but have you decided a name for either gender?" Tenten asks finally interrupting the excitement.

"Yes we have, but it will depend on eye color, because of the Kekkei Genkai. If it is a boy with regular eyes, we decided on Itachi Sakumo Hyuuga and if it's a boy with Byakugan then we want it to be Hizashi Kizashi Hyuuga. If it is a girl Saki Mebuki Hyuuga." Sakura explains a vibrant smile on her pale lips.

"Hmmm, well I'm banking on a pink haired little boy with the Byakugan, so let's hope for Hizashi Sakumo!" Karin cheers grinning as Sakura splashes her and the other women laugh.

"Yeah yeah yeah. You guys know that my baby is going to be so cute that he or she will just put all other children to shame." Sakura giggles sticking her tongue out.

"I am with you Forehead, my little nephew is just going to make everyone speechless at his cuteness, none shall ever compare." Ino giggles out.

"What about if you have a baby someday Ino?" Tenten asks her eyes sparkling as the blonde freezes in place, not answering the question.

"Ino doesn't think she will ever get children. She is in love with Sai, but we all know he is a bit slow on the up take and has barely got the hang of the whole dating thing, let alone the thought of marriage." Sakura explains rolling her veranda eyes.

"I am happy with Sai and now I will have a nephew to spoil so who needs a child of my own."

"I don't think you two give Sai enough credit, I have heard him talk to Naruto about you Ino and I think he just might be closer to the whole marriage thing then you give him credit for." Hinata chimes in her face still radiating happiness from her pregnancy news. The four other women are silent and simply stare at the Hyuuga as though she was from another planet.

"What does he talk to Naruto about? If it's anything like how Suigetsu and Sasuke talk you might just be imagining it." Karin asks interest clear on her face.

"Actually, Sasuke told me that Suigetsu asked his opinion on the ring and how to propose to you Karin, so there might be more to this. I mean you absolutely loved your ring and were blown away by his proposal." Tenten interjects

"Wait, are you saying that Sai might actually want to marry me?" Ino questions her Azul orbs wide as her back straitens as she stares at the women around her.

"I believe so." Hinata states, which is echoed by the other two women.

"Well that would explain why he came to the house to see Neji on day last week." Sakura confesses a thoughtful smile gracing her features as her blonde best friend squeals excitedly and does a little happy dance.

"You know we all got really great men. All of them are going to be great fathers." Sakura speaks once everyone calms down, each of the women echoing their assent to the statement.

"Naruto is going to be over the moon about the baby. He had names picked out before we were even married." Hinata laughs

"Yeah, well I can almost guarantee that Sasuke wants a son, just for the simple fact that he wants to name him Itachi to honor his brother." Tenten declares a grin on her lips

"That would explain why he is hoping I have a girl." Sakura chortles, but stops suddenly and exits the water and wrapping a towel around herself. The pinkette takes a deep breath as she looks into four concerned sets of eyes.

"Sakura are you ok?" Ino asks exiting the water, followed by all of the other women.

"Yeah, I just think I am going into labor." The words escape pale lips followed by a sharp gasp as the woman's water breaks, fluid pooling around her feet, which sends her four friends into action. The women are dressed in less than two minutes and are helping the pinkette out of the building where the blonde sees fit to begin issuing orders.

"Hinata get Neji. Tenten get the guys. Karin, you and I are going to have to carry her to the hospital, but we need to be fast and careful." Ino orders each woman disappearing as their orders are given, the blonde and red head then take hold of the pregnant kunoichi and are off. The women reach the hospital in minutes and at the sight of the pink haired medic, nurses immediately jump into action removing Sakura from her friend's arms and putting her into a wheel chair and whisking her away. Ino follows close behind, telling Karin to wait for the others to arrive.

Sakura had a plan in place for her labor and everyone in the hospital was aware of the protocol that would take place when the head of the hospital went in to labor. The nurse take her to a clean sterile birthing suit and within five minutes Shizune is in assessing Sakura's condition, the pinkette still taking deep breaths, while Ino cringes as her hand is squeezed almost too tightly.

"Well, Sakura this is it. You are progressing rather quickly so I will check in every few minutes and once you are close to being fully dilated I will call for Tsunade and she will deliver your baby." The black haired woman soothingly speaks a smile in place, as she receives a strained smile in return.

The pinkette relaxes as the contractions stop for a moment, and she releases Ino's hand apologizing as she sees the look of pain on the blondes face. However, the women are interrupted as the door swings open and a rather flustered Neji enters with Kakashi in tow. The brunette man is quickly at his wife's side placing a kiss on her forehead as she smiles at him. Veranda eyes soon find the silver haired man on her other side and she happily greets him, but the happiness is cut short as more contractions assail the young woman. After, the contractions subside and the two men get their now bruised hands back Kakashi speaks.

"I know you only wanted Neji in here for this part, but I was sent to inform you that the entire village is waiting on your child to be born. It has not even been an hour since you went in to labor but crowds are forming outside the hospital. The have only allowed in close family and friends into the hospital." Kakashi speaks his lone eye crinkling as he smiles through his mask.

Sakura sighs but smiles as she thanks her surrogate father for the information, she hadn't know how crazy people would be about this, but after the fiasco with people crowding around her following her wedding the pinkette had set Kakashi in charge of crowd control and security at the hospital. The copy-nin smiles and takes his leave Ino following soon after.

Pearl eyes stare lovingly down into emerald ones, as a chaste kiss is shared. The couple share a few sweet moments before another set of contractions befall the pinkette. Neji retrieves a wet rag and ice for Sakura following her contractions and wipes the beading sweat from her forehead.

"I'm sorry we aren't going to get to have our anniversary dinner tonight, I know you planned everything out. I even got you something." Sakura says after a moment of silence, earning a slight roll of the eyes from her husband.

"This is the best anniversary present I could ask for." Neji murmurs as his lips press against her temple, earning a loving smile from his wife. The tender moment is interrupted by the entrance of Shizune, who now has a frightened look on her face, which elicits anxious looks from the couple.

"Sakura have you by any chance been checking on your pregnancy yourself?" Shizune asks her words coming with ease while her stance and features are as nervous as can be.

"No, we didn't want to know the sex of the baby so I forced myself not to check. Why?" Sakura answers her green orbs staring nervously at the dark haired woman.

"Well, it would seem that Tsunade has kept something from the both of you throughout the pregnancy." Shizune explains while her uneasiness doubles, making the couple anxious. Sakura however is taken from her nerves by another set of contractions, which Shizune quickly comes over to assess how far along the pinkette is.

"Is something wrong?" Neji questions his white eyes penetrating once Sakura gets through the set of contractions, causing the medic to swallow heavily.

"No, nothing is wrong. Sakura is healthy and the babies are healthy." Shizune exclaims

"BABIES?!" Sakura screeches her eyes wide as she catches what the dark haired woman had said.

"Yes, it would seem that Tsunade wanted it to be a surprise. You are having fraternal twins." The woman clarifies taking a step back from the young cherry blossom, who cracks the railing of the bed frame in her small hand. Sakura looks over at Neji, who while surprised looks rather proud. After a few moments the pinkette returns the smile her husband was sending her and she takes a deep breath before looking over at Shizune.

"Sakura, if you do not deliver the twins in the next hour or two we will need to take you in for a c section, we do not want to endanger either of the twins, so I have already called in Tsunade and she will be in shortly once we see whether you can do the natural birth." Shizune speaks the tension gone as she sees the pinkette is not angry anymore.

Sakura smiles in understanding, and quietly discusses the situation with Neji as Shizune checks how far Sakura is dilated. Shizune smiles and exits the room as she watches the couple share a moment. Sakura is soon in another intense bout of contractions, which continue for the next hour, until a tall pig tailed blonde enters the room.

"Do not give me any crap, you are going to deliver these babies in the next ten minutes, we don't have time for it." The Hokage asserts as she sees the glare from the sweaty woman.

"We have to get a whole other set of baby things and stuff for the nursery." Sakura chokes out between contractions, earning a chuckle from her husband.

"I took care of that, I already purchased all the extra items you will need, with the gender in mind. Ok Sakura you are almost there, I need three more big pushes." Tsunade speaks glancing at Neji who smirks nodding as he turns her pale eyes back on his wife. Shizune comes over to Tsunade's side a blanket at the ready as Sakura pushes, sweat dripping from her forehead. After another few minutes a deafening wale overshadows Sakura's cries.

"It's a boy." Tsunade says happily as she cuts the cord and hands the small child to Shizune to get cleaned up. Sakura smiles as Neji places a kiss on her cheek, a grin on his normally stoic features. The happiness is soon forgotten by Sakura, who sinks into another painful bout of contractions. Within a minute another squalling child emerges and the busty blonde woman grins as she cuts the cord wrapping the small child in a towel.

"Another boy." The blonde announces as she takes the wailing infant to get cleaned up. After twenty more minutes Tsunade returns with two bundles wrapped in blue blankets, placing the cooing babies into a tired but beaming pinkette's arms.

"How do you know which is which?" Sakura questions staring down at the two slipping boys that both have dark brown locks matted to their tiny heads. Neji looks to Tsunade as well his eyebrows knitting together.

"Oh that is easy, the two little monsters have different eyes." The blonde woman explains a grin on her face as she receives looks of shock from the couple.

"How can you know that? They shouldn't have been able to open their eyes yet." Sakura exclaims looking at her teacher in confusion.

"Yes normally but it would seem your boys wanted to see each other, because when they were next each other they both opened their eyes. The oldest has the Hyuuga eyes and the younger has beautiful green eyes, but until they decide to keep their eyes open the older has the red wrist band on." Tsunade speaks pausing as the couple looks lovingly at their sons, "I'll give you two a few minutes and then I will bring Kakashi and Hiashi in then release the flood of well-wishers on you."

The couple talks in hushed tones as they admire their children. The opening of the door catches the pair's attention as a silver haired man and a brunette man enter the room. Sakura happily greets the men along with Neji. The two men each receive one of the small bundles and each has a proud smile on their face.

"So what are their names?" Hiashi questions looking at the pair, Neji with an arm wrapped around his tired wife's shoulders.

"The oldest is Hizashi Kizashi, he has the red wrist band on. And the other is Sakumo Itachi." Sakura smiles in her explanation as she sees the tension appear in Kakashi's shoulders as he hears his father's name, a bright smile appearing on Sakura's pale pink lips as the two men smile tenderly at her boys.

"We should let your friends come in now; they have been waiting for a while." Hiashi finally speaks after each man had held both of the infants for a few minutes, smiling proudly at his nephew. Hiashi makes his way out after handing Hizashi to Neji, Kakashi hands Sakumo to Sakura, but before he leaves he slips his mask off and kisses the top of the young woman's head telling her a few words that bring tears to her eyes before quickly disappearing.

"I am proud of you and all you have done. Your parents would be proud too. I love you blossom."

Sakura beams up at Neji as she holds her youngest close. The brilliant smile stays in place as all of their friends come to see their children. Naruto bragging about how his kid would be awesome just like his two nephews, Hinata grinning by his side. Sasuke actually holding his nephews giving Sakura a thankful smile as he hears that they had only used Itachi as a middle name. Sai, while not comfortable holding the tiny babies drew a picture of the two babies that brought happy tears to Sakura's veranda eyes and a loving smile to Ino's lips. The rest of the group doted on the children and all the women chattering about outfits and toys they would buy for the twins. All the while Sakura and Neji sat back and watched both with proud smiles.

After a time the friends and family dispersed leaving an exhausted pinkette and her small family behind. The pinkette and her pearl eyed husband watching their sons sleep content.

"This is the best thing we have done with our lives." Sakura breaks the silence with a soft assertion as she looks into the pale pupil less eyes of the man she loves. The look of unconditional love she receives shakes her to her core and their lips meet in a searing kiss, conveying how much they truly loved one another.

I hope you all enjoy this extraordinary final chapter! I had half of this written for the last year and I could never seem to finish it until now. Well please Review! I have half of a sequel written for my story Gone, but idk when that will be out. Also, for those that like the walking dead I am currently writing two Bethyl stories. And finally, I have not done intense editing on this chapter yet so if you catch a mistake I will be happy to fix it. Thanks ^_^

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