Chapter 2

A young cherry blossom haired nineteen year old woke with a yawn as she stretches out and glances over at her clock that reads 11:00am. The young woman sits up quickly and hurries to her bathroom and takes a quick five minute shower. Then makes a quick breakfast and heads out the door toward the Hyuuga compound.

The young pinkette steps out on the streets of Konoha in a white tube top shirt with mesh over the shoulders, making it look like a t-shirt, as well as a pair of black cargo pants, with black ninja shoes in place. A stark, snow white pair of fingerless gloves on each hand, with metal plating on the backs with the leaf in sigma etched on each. Sakura's hair flowed out behind her in waves, reaching her waist.

The pinkette was on a mission, literally, she had to ask Neji to assist her, but she already knew he would comply. It was just how it was for them, they worked flawlessly together and were one of the most lethal anbu, but together they were virtually unstoppable. This was why they had been paired on so many S-class missions together.

The feelings the pair harbored for each other, was the only issue between the two that caused skepticism. Everyone knew or at least acknowledge there being something deeper then friendship between the two, but no one knew for sure what. Mostly due to the cold reserve the Hyuuga showed to everyone outside his inner circle, while the young kunoichi kept her private life secretive from the outside world as best as possible. However the couple had as of yet not addressed the feelings they had for each other, and ended up knowing less about their "relationship" then the majority of the leaf village.

Some of the older folks, mostly the men, in the village had many rumors going around, saying that a relationship would be detrimental to missions the two would embark on due to a whole set of new feelings and emotions added to risking their lives, also for class reasons. The women of the village though thought that a green monster would be stalking the pair if they ever were to have such an intimate relationship. As each had quite the fan club, many of whom are extremely vocal and extravagant in their advances.

However there were other's that thought the pair would be the best thing to ever happen to the village, as a huge wedding would be expected if they were to become serious with as many friends and family each of them have. While others just wanted them happy and thought that they complimented each other nicely, in personality and in skill sets. Neji and Sakura however paid no mind to these rumors or the talk about themselves. They were content to allow their relationship be as it was now.

When the young woman reaches the Hyuuga compound she politely asks the guard to see Neji Hyuuga, the guard nods and leads Sakura into a waiting area. Sakura stays standing, she knows Neji won't take long, and admires the art that adorns the walls of the small sitting area.

"Sakura, what are you doing here?" a soft bell like soprano voice asks from behind Sakura, causing her to spin around a bright smile gracing her face.

"Hinata, how are you?" Sakura asks quickly making her way over the dark haired woman and hugs her. The two girls sit down on a red couch across the room and share the usual pleasantries then begin talking about what had transpired around the village.

"So you have you heard about the new restaurant down the road, it opened last month right after you left? It is delicious." Hinata asks smiling at Sakura.

"Nope, I'll have to go there; actually I came to talk to Neji. I can't train with him today, but I wanted to take him to eat lunch and ask him to help me with some stuff. What are you doing now? Maybe we could all three go there and eat." Sakura says excitedly

"Ah, I can't I'm going to eat lunch with Naruto. You will love it though, they have great dumplings. So what do you need Neji's help with?" Hinata asks politely as she leans back into the maroon cushions of the couch.

"Oh just a mission I got assigned, it's pretty simple, but I still need some assistance with it, but the rest is classified. So how is it on the relationship front? Has Naruto proposed yet?" Sakura questions giggling, sending a pretty pink blush across the young Hyuuga's cheeks as she shakes her head. The two continue talking for a few more minutes, but are soon interrupt by the entrance of a dark haired Hyuuga.

"Sakura, Hinata." Neji says nodding to the two girls on the couch, Hinata stands, followed by Sakura and the two make their way to Neji. Hinata quickly explains she has a lunch date and exits, but Sakura talks to Neji for a few minutes before explaining her situation.

"So what do you say, I'll treat you to lunch and explain what I need your help with?" Sakura questions a small smile on her lips; she really enjoyed Neji's company.

"On one condition, I pay for lunch." Neji replies a smirk on his face, causing Sakura to flush and nod in agreement. The pair then makes their way out of the compound and out into the streets of Konoha talking amiably as they went. Sakura possessed a blissful smile on her face as she continued to talk, she really had missed Neji, more then she would like to admit.

Sakura and Neji had a strange friendship; they had trained together since she turned fifteen and had grown close. After most of their training sessions they would lay in the grass and cloud watch in silence, they would lay there in the grass in silence for hours, content to simply be in each other's company.

Neji was one of the few that knew about her training with Itachi. He was an anbu captain, just like Sakura, so he was told about Itachi when he joined anbu; however it had been Sakura's decision to tell him about her training under Itachi.

The day she told him, she had been scared out of her mind, she had told Itachi about Neji almost immediately after they had begun their training together. He had seen right away that Sakura had a feelings for the pearl eyed Hyuuga, he had done his research on Sakura, a long time before he even asked Tsunade about training her.

Itachi had known about the couples training sessions and had even watched a few of them. He was actually expecting Sakura to approach him about the Hyuuga at some point, so when the pinkette had asked if she could tell the man about their training, he had simply said yes and continued with what he had been doing, resulting in the young woman gawking like a fish.

Sakura however didn't question Itachi on the matter, until a few months later, after she had introduced the Uchiha and Hyuuga. The pair had gotten along well, they had sparred and talked, and if Sakura didn't know any better she would have thought a bromance was forming between the two.

However Sakura did not venture toward the topic and after Neji departed had bluntly asked Itachi why he had agreed to meet Neji. Itachi had chuckled a smile on his face that knocked the air out of Sakura; she had never seen him smile like that.

"Sakura I have known you liked him before you knew yourself." Itachi answers smugly, shocking the cherry blossom into silence. Sakura had simply stared at him and tried to think of any time she had talked about her feelings for Neji in any way, and couldn't think of any.

"How do you know these things?" Sakura asked aghast her jade eyes huge as she flops down on the grassy hill they resided on and continues to eye Itachi as he chuckled again. The dark haired man moved toward the flabbergasted young woman and sat gracefully beside her.

"Sakura we have been training for five months now, I have known about you and that boy for over a year and a half now. Sakura I do my research, don't look surprised. Besides you wear your emotions on your sleeve, I believe is how the saying goes." Itachi quips rolling his ebony eyes, causing the pinkette to smile in understanding and nod bumping her shoulder with his earning a smile from the Uchiha.

"Well thanks for informing me about it." Sakura said sarcastically laughing lightly as she frantically looks down at the sleeve of her white training outfit aghast, but soon rolls her eyes. The two sat in an amiable silence until Itachi started teasing the pink haired woman about her crush on the Hyuuga boy, as Itachi referred to him.

Sakura smiles as she remembers how Itachi took every chance he could to tease her about her crush on Neji, but he would always end up encouraging her to tell Neji she liked him, but Sakura could never get up the courage to tell the powerful man beside her, she couldn't even fathom the possibility ruining the relationship they had now. Sakura smiles at Neji as they make it to the restaurant the Hinata had told her about earlier, the red dragon. Neji politely opens the door for Sakura and the pinkette enters, and is greeted by a hostess who smiles and asks how many.

"Two please." Sakura says a smile on her lips, until Neji steps up behind her and the woman in front of here sends a seductive little smile his way. Sakura glares at the blonde woman in front of her as she leads them to a table in the center of the room, swaying her hips to the point Sakura could tell the color of the woman's under wear underneath her tiny skirt.

"Here you go, your waitress will be right with you." The hostess titters in a sickly sweet voice, causing Sakura to roll her eyes as she notices a few of the buttons on the woman's blouse had been unbuttoned, showing a fair amount of cleavage. This was how many of Neji's admires had attempted to get his attention, all with no luck.

Sakura's only solace from this little flirt was the clear fact that Neji paid no attention to her. Sakura smiles at Neji, causing the Hyuuga to smirk as he offhandedly waves off the hostess lingering at their table.

"So Sakura, what was it you wanted help with?" Neji questions as another young busty woman walks up to their table a flirtatious smile on her glossy lips. Sakura sighs in exasperation, as she asks what they would like to drink, but only addresses the pearl eyed man, sitting across from her.

"Water for me and a sweet tea for her." Neji says never taking his eyes off Sakura, causing Sakura's inner self to die from utter happiness, while on the outside she simply smiles in thanks. The young waitress hurrying off as she notices the gorgeous man wasn't going to pay attention to her.

"Oh it's just some stuff that was left to me from a friend of ours, that I need to go through. I just needed somebody I trusted to help me with it." Sakura states off handedly a small smile on her pink lips as she stares at Neji, and he simply nods in understanding, and drops the subject and moves on to other things. The couple talk for a few minutes, not paying attention as the blonde waitress brings their drinks by.

"So have you been busy the last two months?" Sakura questions quirking an eyebrow earning a chuckle from her dark haired crush.

"Yeah, just missions, but ever since the Uchiha came back the missions have been slow. He killed Orochimaru a week before Naruto returned him to the village. He was rather willing though, after his brother's death." Neji speaks grimly watching as Sakura's emerald eyes darken in sadness at the mention of Itachi.

"Yeah I figured. It's just scraps of that snake's work running around the countries now. My team ran into quite a few strays. It's unfortunate that Sasuke decided to bring back some with him, why did the Hokage even allow that?" Sakura questions mirth in her jade eyes a wry smile gracing her pale pink lips.

"They are the reason Naruto was able to bring Sasuke back to the village, it would seem he cares more about them then we previously thought. However his punishment is still to be determined as is there's. Since they are not leaf, Ibiki will probably have the final say about them, if they want to remain here. Sasuke will be left to the elders and the Hokage." Neji explains smirking at the curiosity on the kunoichi's face, the smile a predatory look that the man immediately knows means the pinkette will be meddling in some decisions.

"Are you ready to order?" the waitress appears directing her high flirtaous question toward the white eyed Hyuuga, successfully interrupting Sakura's reply and irritating her at the same time.

"Yes I want some dumplings." Neji says nodding to Sakura a smirk forming as he notices her irritation with the waitress. Neji glances at the blonde, causing the woman to swoon slightly, resulting in a disgusted sigh from Sakura.

"I'll have the same. Oh and could you please send over another waitress that actually acts professional. I am dead serious, so don't come back. " Sakura drawls out smirking at the gawking red faced woman, as she stocks away, earning a genuine laugh from Neji, causing a blush to spread across her face.

A new waitress appears a minute later, with her clothes the appropriate length and politely takes their order, not paying Neji more attention than necessary. Sakura smiles happily at the Hyuuga, who rolls his eyes at the pinkette's antics. The duo continues talking, thanking the waitress when she brings their food to them, until the hostess leads a group of four to sit at the table directly next to the couple.

"Oh my gosh, I'm going to kill someone." Sakura says under her breath, as she glances over at Sasuke and his three followers as they sit down. The red headed woman glaring daggers at Sakura, earning a smirk from the Hyuuga as he watches irritation pass across Sakura's face.

"Karin leave her alone, you don't need to start something you can't finish." The white haired man says rolling his shoulders slipping his sword off to rest against the table.

"I can finish it." Karin fumes her glare transferring to the man sitting across from her.

"We could be forcibly removed from the village Karin, do not start trouble." The man replies fixing his purple eyes on the red haired woman, whose ruby eyes, glare daggers at him. Sakura smiles at the thought kicking the red head out of the village herself, rolling her jade eyes as Neji shakes his head at her and continues to finish off his dumplings, Sakura slowly following suit.

"Shut up Suigetsu. I can do as I please." She states turning up her nose at the man and turning her red eyes on Sakura again, causing the pinkette to lock eyes with Neji again rolling her jade eyes to rest on the annoying woman to her left. "Well at least you got over Sasuke, but I assume you whored around to get this one." Karin says smirking at the pinkette, causing Sakura's inner self to come out with a vengeance inside her head, screaming profanities.

Sakura turns her head away a genuine smile appearing on her rose lips, as Neji locks his fingers around the pinkette's from across the table. Sakura turns her head back to Karin and replies, "You shouldn't assume that other people act like you."

Sakura's reply causes the orange haired man next to Suigetsu to laugh and say "I like this girl, even if she has a childish hair color." This reaction elicits a bell like laugh from said woman and a surprised look from the people at his table.

"Jugo are you feeling ok? You have never said anything like that even on a good day." Suigetsu quires his violet eyes pinned to the orange haired man, who had a small smirk on his pale face.

"I feel fine; I simply let it be known that I like this pink haired female. She is amusing as well as powerful." Jugo replies seriously, causing even Sasuke to look surprised, and Karin to roll her eyes.

"You have got to be kidding me. Look at her she is pathetic." The red head speaks causing a pair of jade eyes to twitch at the comment, but the pinkette sighs in exasperation.

"It is obvious, by the feel of her chakra; it feels like she barely has any chakra, almost as though she was a civilian. There are few that are able to hold there chakra at that level continuously. Also if I am not mistaken she is the Hokage's apprentice and is in the bingo book." Jugo says nonchalantly his orange eyes pinned on Sakura's jade ones, the pinkette mildly surprised that he realized she was the one from her description in the bingo book.

Sakura had been in the bingo book for almost a year now, but most people didn't even realize it was her. It was a vague description, not even noting her hair color, but only that she was female, with bright green eyes, with a technique that used cherry blossom flowers as a thousand blades. It only mentioned knowledge of medical jutsu as well as precise chakra control. Sakura hadn't even realized she was in the bingo book until Itachi had brought it to her attention, but it didn't bother Sakura, she liked that they didn't know all her strengths.

Sakura smiles politely at the carrot top man and turns to Neji silently conveying with her eyes that they should leave. Neji complies, standing up nodding at the silent group of people to his right as he takes Sakura's hand again and leads her up to the front of the restaurant to pay the bill.

The couple leaves hand in hand, no other interruptions from anyone, as they make their way to the Hokage tower. Sakura smiles as they make it to the Hokage's office and Neji slowly releases her hand, letting his fingers slide across the back of her hand as she knocks on the door with her other hand, biting her lip in attempt to hold in the smile trying to make an appearance. The couple walks in to the office as Shizune opens the door for them to enter, putting a small distances between them.

Tsunade looks up from the papers in front of her and appraises the two ninja in front of her and smiles. Quickly reaching into one of the drawers and pulls out a key and a scroll and speaks "Sakura you know where the archives are, go down there five doors down and to the left. This key will open the door and this scroll exactly describes all the items in the room."

The blonde woman hands over the items and quickly waves the pair off a grin on her lips as she sees her apprentices hand latch on to the Hyuuga's the moment they step out of her office.

Well here it is! It is shorter, but if I had kept going it would have taken alot longer to finish it, but the next chapter will be out in a week or two. I hope you enjoyed and no worries I will edit this before posting another chapter (I tend to get excited when I finish and don't look over my writing until after). Well please review! Thanks! ^_^

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