Chapter 3

Sakura grins her cherry locks bouncing around her shoulders as she moves down the hall way her hand latched on to the pearl eyed man's larger hand, who was quietly walking alongside her content. As the couple reaches a grey metal door, the pinkette releases the Hyuuga's hand and pulls out the gold key Tsunade had given her.

Sakura unlocks the door and slowly opens the heavy reinforced door and swiftly disengages the protective jutsus covering the room. Sakura's efforts finally revealing a library of books, scrolls, weapons, and miscellaneous items throughout the long room.

The fuchsia haired woman walks in slowly skimming the books she walks by with her finger tips, as she makes her way to the center of the room where a long rectangle table resides covered in boxes.

"Sakura, the scroll." Neji speaks finally as they reach the table, gesturing to the scroll clutched in Sakura's petite, yet powerful grip. The cherry blossom blinks and relaxed her grasp on the scroll and smooth's out the creases she had caused, biting her lip as she glances around the room at all the things Itachi had left to her.

Sakura shakes off her stupor and breaks the seal on the scroll and unravels it, showing the long list of items, Sakura scans the list again, her jade eyes locking on the one thing she wanted the most at this moment.

"He left me a letter. How am I supposed to find it?" Sakura says her eyes widening, setting the scroll down and beginning to rummage through the boxes on the table, forgetting that her Hyuuga crush was with her.

A pout adorns Sakura's face as she finishes her examination of the boxes and turns to the rows of book cases and tables of objects. "Where would Itachi put a letter?" the pinkette asks herself out loud, rubbing the back of her neck as she scrutinizes the room, trying to decide where to start.

"Sakura, calm down." A calm baritone voice interrupts her as she starts to head to her right toward a table of more boxes. The young woman blinks and jerks around her pink locks flying haphazardly around her as she turns to appraise the man, who has an understanding look in his pupil less white eyes.

The woman bites her pink lip, trying to hold back tears that fight to be released, she hadn't mourned the loss of Itachi quite yet, she had only cried once and for less than five minutes, because she had to hand in her mission scroll. Sakura blinks rapidly as she turns away from the piercing gaze of her companion, trying to keep the tears at bay. She had grown so close to Itachi and even though she knew he would be gone one day, she hadn't expected it to be so soon.

The young Kunoichi quickly puts on a strong façade and begins to turns back to the Hyuuga, but is stopped as she comes in to contact with the man in question. Her startled emerald eyes meet his compassionate snow white ones and that is all it takes for the firm foundation of her emotional armor to crumble to pieces.

Neji wraps his strong arms around Sakura pulling her close, her tears hitting his shirt as she burrows her head into the crook of his neck. The man frowns and leans down resting his chin on top of her bright pink locks letting her cry.

The pinkette mourns the loss of her precious friend for almost an hour; all the while Neji keeps close. However Sakura soon pulls herself together, she never felt bad about showing her emotions to Neji, and he always allowed it, even sometimes asked for it.

Sakura smiles as she thinks of the many times Neji had fallen victim to one of her overly emotional moments. In particular the time she had been on her period being crabby already, as well as been through training with team seven and through a ten hour shift at the hospital, which was then followed by training with Itachi, who had for some reason invited Neji to their training session that day.

The pinkette had been unbelievably grumpy and cold toward both men, when she arrived at the training area that Itachi had specified for this week's training, as it changed routinely. Sometimes he wouldn't even tell her where to go, but make her find him, which always irritated her to no end.

The two men had given her questioning looks as she walked up a cold unattached glare fixed in place, her usually bright jade eyes dark. The chipper kind medic gone and replaced, which neither man had ever seen before. Actually Sakura would usually never let anyone see her like this, normally holding herself up in her apartment, mostly because she always had murderous cramps at this particular time of the month.

Even though she was a medic, she had yet to find a way to completely relieve herself of the pains. Something Tsunade found quite humorous as she had seen one of her bad episodes, where she nearly bit the head off of a male nurse for hitting on her that specific day. The pinkette had of course apologized the following week and had asked for time off away from the hospital during those times to which the amused Hokage had laughingly agreed, as she didn't need any nurses taking up any of the available rooms themselves.

However that precise day, luck was not on Sakura's side, as it was an emergency situation, with six squads of four coming in throughout the day either poisoned or severely injured. So the medic sucked it up and healed every last one of them, and used almost half her chakra in the process. This coupled with her sparring with Naruto and Sai earlier on in the day, where the boys had sought to see who could make her blow up first. It had just been an all-around dreadful day for the young woman, who really just wanted to go home soak in a hot bath with some ice cream and possibly cry.

Unfortunately for her, Itachi expected her at exactly ten, so she had come right after she had finished fixing up the last of the injured at the hospital, her mood souring by the minute. As that days training session progressed, Sakura's irritation level rose substantially. Itachi had her doing menial jutsu and barely even move, which caused her cramps to worsen. However the snapping point for the woman was when Neji and Itachi paid her little to no mind as she performed the task required of her.

Sakura had growled low in her throat tired of this ridiculous training, when she could be at home relaxing. The pinkette stood up quickly spinning disdainfully away from the two men, who had finally turned their attention to her and had promptly disappeared.

She had soon appeared in her apartment, first grabbing the carton of ice cream out of her freezer along with a spoon, and then turned toward her bedroom while diving in to her rocky road. The pinkette changed into a tank top and some of her own shorts as she was not willing to wear any of her boy's clothes she had acquired, as she was unhappy with all of them at that moment.

The jade eyed woman made herself comfortable on her sofa, a loud knock echoes around her home. She growls and glares toward the source, all the while continuing the eat her ice cream, she really was not in the mood to deal with anything that was not ice cream or her bed at the moment.

Sakura soon decides that she is not going to move to answer the door as another louder knock penetrates the silence, as a wave of pain passes through the woman's lower abdomen, bringing her to a fetal position on her couch, her angry pained gaze still fixed on the door. When the knocking stops the medic sighs in relief, as another more poignant shot of agony rips through her and she lets out a cry of pain escape her chapped lips, as she clutches at her stomach.

"Sakura what's wrong?" a dark haired man asks appearing next to the young woman, an edge in his voice. However the reaction he gets from the woman is so unexpected he has no time to respond, as she is out of the fetal position faster than he could blink and he receives a punch to the jaw, a sickening crack resounding through the room as he hits the front door across the room, his jaw turning a sickly purple almost immediately.

"Get out of my house; if I wanted you here I would have opened the door." Sakura hisses standing her hands balled into tight fists at her side, her agitated state shocking the man, who had finally overcome the shock of having his jaw dislocated by the fiery kunoichi.

"Sakura, I just came to see if you were ok." Neji explained after popping his jaw back into place, causing him to grimace, but this response only earns a furious glare from the livid woman.

"I am fine. NOW GET OUT!" Sakura snarls emphasizing that last part, her eyes a dark almost black color as they glower at the pearl eyed man.

"No, clearly you are not fine. What am I supposed to tell Itachi, that I left you here crying in pain?" Neji asks evenly causing Sakura to tense up in response as the man stands to his feet coming almost a full foot higher then her. The pinkette growls out again for him to leave, but is only half way through a threat toward the man when a blinding pain rips through her, bringing her to her knees, her arms wrapping around herself.

Neji is quickly at her his hand on her shoulder; the simple touch elicits a shocking reaction from the pinkette as she jerks backwards away from the man her back hitting the bottom of her tan couch. The anbu captain's hand hanging in midair surprised with the reaction, the woman had never pulled away from him before even when injured on missions.

"Sakura I am not leaving. Tell me what is wrong." Neji says firmly moving toward her and picking her up off the floor and placing her on the soft couch, the woman never coming out of the fetal position, her arms staying wrapped around her abdomen like iron bars.

"I am fine, there is nothing wrong. Not get out of my house Hyuuga." Sakura hisses her head snapping up from its place against her knees, her emerald eyes cold revealing nothing, further irritating the man in front of her. Sakura had not used his last name to address him in years, and would not allow it to start again.

"Sakura, my name is Neji. Now what is wrong?" Neji demands his features showing clearly that he was not going to back down from the pink haired woman. The two stare at each other for several minutes, both never wavering until Sakura stands up abruptly and marches down the hall and into her room, then after a minute throws a box across the expanse between the pair, which lands at Neji's feet.

The man bends down and picks up the small blue box, and turns it over in his hands. His white eyes widen as he reads the large word printed across the top of the box, understanding quickly dawning on him. The man quickly advances toward Sakura's room the box still clutched in one hand, compassion replacing the irritation.

"Sakura, why didn't you just tell me?" Neji asks from her door way, tossing the box back toward Sakura, her form completely still sitting on the edge of her bed, staring at her bare feet.

"Oh, because saying 'Oh it's nothing I am acting like a this today because of freaking mother nature and her sadistic decision to place the responsibility of child baring upon the female population, thus resulting in a cycle of hell each month. It however unfortunately did not come with the warning of the intensely agonizing gutting of your in sides each month.' Oh yes that would go over well." Sakura blurts out rolling her again bright jade eyes, her irritation now gone as she looks into the amused eyes of her Hyuuga crush.

"Well you didn't need to throw a box of tampons at me." Neji jokes a smirk appearing on his pale face, causing a blush to descend on the medics face, as she looks away in embarrassment. The silence though is again broken as Sakura once again sinks into herself, letting a whimper escape her lips as she falls back on her bed.

"Stupid cramps." Sakura hisses clutching at her abdomen, trying to put enough pressure to relieve the excruciating misery she was currently being subject to. Neji chuckles lightly, which causes a cold glare to be shot in his direction, by an again irate female.

"Sakura, if you had told me this earlier I could have helped relieve you of the discomfort." Neji speaks politely not paying attention as Sakura gives him a very demeaning stare, and says a rather offhand insult as she explains she has tried everything and she was a medic, apparently she was cursed or something, or so she thought anyway.

"May I come into your room?" Neji asks inclining his head unaffected by Sakura's brazen words. Sakura stares at the man for a moment skeptically, but her inner self quickly steps in and she nods in affirmation. Neji approaches Sakura, who's cramps where still an issue, but as the powerful ninja approaches Sakura's attention drifts away from the ache in her lower abdomen and to the handsome man now right beside her; his hand mere centimeters from her stomach, looking to her for permission first, always the gentleman. Sakura nods as she removes her arms from around her stinging torso, allowing Neji access to the hurting area.

Neji keeps his eyes locked with Sakura's as he activates his Byakugan and a light blue chakra surrounds his hand as he presses it gently against Sakura's abdomen, sending a burst of chakra though her, causing the woman to inhale sharply. Sakura looks up in shock as Neji pulls his hand away a smirk on his handsome face, sending butterflies through Sakura's now calm abdomen.

"How did you do that? I have tried everything I could think of." Sakura questions befuddled as she sits up straight her irritation from the entire day gone and now replaced with curiosity.

"I shut off several of the points where your muscles tense up; they are very close and similar to chakra points. It does no damage to the body and does no harm to the menstrual process, because there are other muscles to take over the work that won't cause the pain. Also before you ask I know how to do this, it is because my mother had me do it for her a lot when I was younger, my father was actually the one to come up with it and he showed me before he died, so that I would be able to helped mother while he was away on missions." Neji explains eliciting a chiming laugh from his pink haired companion, as she throws her arms around him, almost tackling him off the bed.

"Thank you so much! Where have you been the last eight years of my life?" Sakura cries out delighted as Neji let a chuckle escape his usually aloof demeanor, rolling his eyes at the kunochi's playful behavior. Sakura smiles as she looks up but is abruptly halted in her teasing, when she notices how close they actually were, resulting her jerking away slightly and falling of the bed, ending in more chuckles from the Hyuuga, who stands up to help the pinkette up of the hard wood floor.

Sakura smiles at the memory and pulls back to look up into a pair of concerned pearl eyes that send a stampede of emotions racing through her. Sakura bites her lip but pushes away the feelings and gets to the point.

"We should really start going through all of this stuff." Sakura says licking her now chapped lips, as she pulls completely away from Neji, his warmth fading away. Neji however nods to her and turns toward the table that the scroll is laid on and begins the process, but not without giving Sakura a comforting smile. Sakura soon follows suit a smile on her lips again and the pair sifts through item after item, determining what should be done with each article, continuing on for hours, only pausing to grab some dinner.

"Sakura I found it." Neji speaks from across the room; leather bound black book in one hand, with an envelope with an Uchiha wax seal on the back in the other hand. The dark haired man watches as the tired pinkette slowly makes her way toward him, a tiny smile on her lips.

Sakura thanks Neji as he hands her the letter which she quickly tares into and begins to read, a full blown smile coming to her lips. Her jade eyes scanning the paper several times, before looking up into curious white eyes, the letter gently being folded and placed back into the envelope.

"May I see the book?" Sakura asks gesturing to the book in Neji's hands, which he willingly hands over. It's black binding smooth against Sakura's soft fingers, as she runs her hand along the engraved title.

"Sakura what is that book? I am unaware of the language or origin of it." Neji says breaking Sakura from her admiration of the object in her lithe hands, her emerald eyes snapping up to meet Neji's excitement clear upon her face.

"It's from a land far far to the north; it takes almost three months to get their running night and day at full speed. That is unless you know how to get there and know the customs and language of the land. It was such a beautiful land, no war with such peaceable and kind people. I was there for three months with Itachi." Sakura explains her gaze again captured by the book in her grasp as she slowly opens it to the first page of writings and continues talking.

"The people of that country were so powerful; they were led by a queen, who was unbelievably influential, yet so kind hearted. The country it called the gentle land or Odayakana tochi in our language. It really fits; they could easily over take many of our nations, yet do not. This book was given to Itachi directly by their queen; it is a book of fighting techniques they use and some of their most powerful jutsu. I wish you could have seen the country; it is stunning and such a peaceful place to be. I hope one day I will be able to return there." Sakura speaks wistfully as she hugs the book to her chest remembering all the things she and Itachi had done there.

Sakura however comes out of her daze smiling as she catches Neji staring at her with the 'look'. Well at least that's what the pinkette calls it, the look would always cause stampedes of buffalo in her belly, sending a pretty rose color across her cheeks. Sakura really didn't understand why she turned into jelly when he gave her that look, so soft and warm.

"Neji, Itachi left you a letter somewhere in here too. At least that's what he said in my letter, told you to remember what he told you the last time you spoke." Sakura breathes out finally shaking off the butterflies and plunging into to what she wanted to say.

"Well let's find it tomorrow, it is too late now. Come on and I will walk you home." Neji says holding out his hand to Sakura, which she gladly takes, and the pair leaves the room, locking it safely behind them, enjoying a walk through the quiet streets of their beloved home hand and hand.

Well there it is! SORRY it is kind of late, but I was working on another story that refused to be left alone! If you want to read it it is called TROUBLE, Taylor Swift song fic! Anyway I hope you enjoy and hopefully the next chapter will be out by next month sometime! REVIEW PLEASE AND THANK YOU ^_^

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