Chapter 6

Konoha's fierce cherry blossom sat grumpily in the middle of her living room at three in the morning, her five foot eight figure adorned in naught but underwear and an oversized men's shirt. A hard glare directed toward the intruder in front of her, his arms and legs covered in various scratches and bruises, with a moderately severe gash running from his shoulder to his hip, his clothes covered in mud and blood, his eyes morphing from blood red to pitch black. His stance in front of Sakura predatory, yet the kunoichi doesn't even flinch.

Sakura had felt Sasuke's chakra from five miles away, but had not thought him to be of any danger and so had remained in bed until said man appeared in her bedroom demanding to be healed, which of course the medic refused to do until he asked her properly. The fiery young women not letting up an inch, as blood continued to flow from his wounds; the medic wouldn't be surprised if he had some broken ribs as well. Sasuke's chakra had been erratic before, but now it was getting heavy and dark as he glared down at the petite woman.

However Sakura knew she would have no problem subduing the man, he was already injured and she knew what he really wanted. This had been her plan all along to get him to come to her, but she hadn't expected him to come at three in the morning to her home.

Her plan had been relatively simple, at least she thought so, but she apparently hadn't for seen this outcome. Sakura had talked Karin into telling Sasuke a few things, to make him angry enough to come search for the pinkette to get answers. However it looked as though Karin had been a little too free with her words.

Sakura had only asked the red head to tell Sasuke about her acquaintance with Itachi. Karin had met Itachi a few years before meeting Sasuke and had been smitten with him, which is partly why she liked Sasuke so much. Karin had found out early on that Itachi was not as bad as he seemed which Sakura had found out from Itachi himself.

Itachi had told Sakura of the few times he had encountered Karin, she was hard to forget with thee red hair and eyes. The first he had saved her life from rogue ninjas, the seconded time a year later he had saved her from Orochimaru's Hench men, but Karin had been caught not even a month later. These two instances had been brief with little to no words being spoken; however the third time Itachi came across Karin she was training many years later. He had watched her and had not been impressed for he was to kill her, as she was in charge of one of Orchiamarua's many hide outs. As it were Itachi had simply dropped from his hiding place, scaring the ruby eyed girl and had asked her simply to leave, for he was going to destroy the hideout beneath their feet. Karin had been stubborn and refused and Itachi had then destroyed the hideout and removed Karin from the blast area leaving her a few hundred yards from the decimated area.

The last encounter however had been a few week before Sasuke's defeat of Itachi, which Itachi had only written about in his letter to Sakura. Sakura had been furious at first, but her anger soon relented as she thought over the description Itachi had given of the occurrence.

Itachi had sought out Karin, easily separating her from the three men she traveled with successfully. He had then proceeded to explain his actions toward Sasuke to the red head, revealing to the ginger girl why he had killed his clan. Giving the woman all the details he could without revealing the leaf village's secrets, knowing that his pink haired prodigy would fill in the remaining details in full. The powerful man, who had the strength to easily defeat his brother, had planned to die by his little brother's hand, but not without the knowledge that one day his brother would know the truth.

Karin for some reason had believed Itachi, as he had shown her evidence of it, but her acceptance was mostly due to Itachi's compassion for her in that he spared her life when he did not need to on three separate occasions. The red head had been quiet when Sakura had finally asked her to slowly start to reveal things about Itachi and their encounters to the Uchiha two days earlier, but had finally given in and agreed to her plan.

Karin was only supposed to say she knew that Sakura had also come into contact with Itachi various times after revealing her encounters with the man. It worked Sakura figured, but the kunoichi felt as though the red haired woman had said more than she should have from the look of death on the Uchiha's face.

"Sasuke all you have to say is 'Sakura will you heal me,' not even please." Sakura finally breaks their death stare off to address the wounded man looming over her, "How did you get this beat up anyway? The anbu certainly wouldn't let you wonder to far outside the village."

The pinkette sighs after a few more minutes of silence and stands up and yanks the proud man down onto the couch, smacking his hand away as he tries to pull away from her grasp, sending a jolt of chakra through the man stunning him. The women then sets in to heal the gash on Sasuke's chest first, allowing the minor cuts and bruises to be left for last, as it takes less than five minutes for the medic to heal Sasuke completely.

"Sasuke what are you really doing here? These wounds were hardly deep enough to want to be healed from, they probably would not have even scarred. Now out with it." Sakura speaks sarcastically moving to the opposite side of the couch, folding her legs underneath her, the baggy navy blue men's shirt now covering her fully.

Sasuke's eyes bleed red, the pin wheels spinning wildly as he hisses out, "That's Itachi's shirt." The bubble gum haired woman blinks rapidly surprised as she quickly looks down at the shirt she was wearing, her emerald orbs wide, and her hand reaching behind her to touch the Uchiha symbol stitched on the back of her navy shirt.

"WHY DO YOU HAVE ITACHI'S SHIRT ON?!" Sasuke almost yells standing up again looming over the smaller woman, who scrunches her eyebrows together in thought, not showing the least bit interest in the furious man above her.

"Ohhhh….I forgot about this, I'm so use to wearing it I hadn't even thought to change. So stupid." Sakura mumbles to herself, she tended to steal the men closest to her clothes, before looking up at the man and answering him, "Sasuke sit down and I will explain. If I have to ask again I will not say another word."

The unhappy raven haired man glares as he slowly takes a seat on the couch, turning to face the slightly flustered kunoichi angry chakra radiating off him. The two sit quietly as Sakura analyzes the young man beside her, her mind racing a mile a minute.

"Sasuke I have known your brother for a while, almost two years." Sakura speaks her words causing Sasuke to tense up, but the cherry blossom charges on in her explanation, "Sasuke your brother never betrayed to the leaf village. Now I know you're going to object to everything I say, so please just keep it to yourself or I will not tell you everything. Good, well Itachi first of all was training me." Sakura continues as she receives a hard given acknowledgement from Sasuke, who sits stone still as Sakura tells him of her and Itachi's relationship.

Sakura goes into the information on the Uchiha wanting to take over the village, starting with the nine tailed demon release to Madara Uchiha's involvement, revealing everything she could to Sasuke. Sakura finishes her explanation half an hour later, and stands to her feet telling Sasuke to wait for her to come back.

Sakura soon returns a letter clutched in one hand, as she sits back down, "Sasuke, Itachi left me everything he had, and it is surprisingly a lot. He left me a letter to give to you, I don't know what he wrote, and he only said that I should give it to you when I thought it was best. I'm going to give it to you now, but please don't read it tonight. Think about what I have told you and wait until you come to your own conclusion on all the information I gave you and then read it." Sakura says compassionately, as Sasuke takes the envelope she holds out to him, and quietly stands moving toward the door, quickly exiting Sakura's house not uttering a word.

Sakura exhales and begins to turn her lights out and reset traps she had disarmed when she had sensed Sasuke coming. The tired pinkette smiles as she finally gets back into bed, knowing her plan had been a success and Sasuke would eventually accept the truth, when she did not quite know, but she just knew the younger Uchiha would accept it sooner or later. The young woman soon fell into a deep sleep a small smile resting on her pale pink lips.

Sakura stretched leisurely as she cooked pancakes on the stove, today was a special day, well at least she thought it was. The pinkette was to be formally introduced to the Hyuuga elders as Neji's future spouse, as the courtship had been announced two months ago the day after the couple had officially decided on their relationship. Now the cherry blossom had been to many formal dinners as well as informal over the past month with Neji, his Uncle and his mother. Sometimes there would be several people other times it would just be Sakura, Neji and Hiashi.

There were of course no objections to the couple, as all of the Hyuuga's adored Sakura, particularly Hiashi, but the formal announcement was a custom, one that the young kunoichi looked forward to. All of the Hyuuga clan, as well as other prominent clan leaders and ninja, the Hokage and even the Kazkage and his family would be in attendance.

Sakura would essentially be the center of attention the entire evening, with only a slight spotlight being shown on Neji, so needless to say she was a complete an utter nervous wreck. The kunoichi of course hid this over powering nervousness well, not allowing anyone to see her shaken, which is why she was making pancakes at seven in the morning, she cooked when she was nervous a fact only two people on the planet knew and one of whom was now dead. Sakura smiled sadly as she recalled how Itachi had found out about her Nazi cooking sessions when she was nervous or anxious about anything.

It had been a few weeks after Sakura's first encounter with Itachi, and he had finally contacted her about beginning training. The pinkette was on edge as she had been waiting almost a week for Itachi to show up. His letter had said he would come this week, but had not found it necessary to put a date or time on which he would arrive, which had set the kunoichi's nerves on edge.

The cherry blossom had been fine at first only tense and prepared, but as the week went on it got far worse. The seventeen year old had begun to cook, at first just her regular meals, not going out to eat, but then it had lapsed into her kitchen being filled to the brim with all kinds of baked goods, ranging from cookies, cake, and pie to scones and cinnamon rolls and more. To say the least all of her neighbors within a mile radius could smell the goodies, some of whom had come to investigate earning them a pile of sweets.

Sakura had trained earlier that with Neji, who had caught on to her anxious behavior and had asked her what was wrong. The pinkette of course had quickly shaken the scrutinizing gaze of the Hyuuga off saying it was only issues at the hospital. Neji had seemed to believer her lie at the time but as she was leaving he had called out "Sakura if you're going to be cooking the rest of the day, my Mom has always loved your fried pies." This had earned a grin from the woman as she waves in parting.

The pinkette of course had immediately set to work making fried pies when she reached her home, filling heart shaped pie dough with strawberries, sugar and cream cheese and frying the little hearts to a warm golden brown. When she had finished, she had two dozen heart shaped strawberry fried pies wrapped up in a basket along with two more baskets full of cookies, cupcakes and cinnamon rolls.

As the pinkette was about to leave her home to deliver the baskets of delicacies to the Hyuuga compound, when Itachi appeared directly in front of Sakura blocking the door way of the kitchen, causing the woman to jump, knocking a few cookies onto the floor.

"Hmmmm, so this is what you resort to when you get nervous." Itachi's smooth baritone sweeps across Sakura's senses, sending a shiver down her spine as she freezes in her place beside her kitchen table, as Itachi grabs a red velvet cheesecake cookie and taking a bite of it. "Very good." Itachi speaks referring to the cookie he had just consumed, smirking as jade eyes widen in surprise and then turn hard in anger.

"You waited so long to come to see if I had a nervous tell." Sakura hisses glaring daggers at an amused Uchiha.

"Indeed, and you do have one, although not one that would be dangerous in battle. The Hyuuga earlier caught on to your behavior partly because you smell of baked goods." Itachi replies nonchalantly watching as anger again flashes through quickly darkening green eyes.

"You were spying on me?!" Sakura shrieks outraged her hands tightening dangerously around the baskets of sweets in her hands.

"Of course. Now I will be back here tomorrow same time, you should get those deserts to the Hyuuga's without destroying them." Itachi speaks quickly disappearing in a puff of smoke, leaving a furious bubble gum haired woman behind.

Sakura grinned as she flipped the cinnamon roll pancakes onto a plate drizzling icing over the top of them. Her kitchen counters covered with French toast, waffles, muffins, fruit and different kinds of bread. This however wouldn't be seen as strange to others, as there was about to be a swarm of women in her home starting at eight in the morning until the beginning of the ceremony. Ino, Tenten, Hinata, Temari, Shizune, Anko, Kurenai and even Tsunade would be in Sakura's home throughout the day, assisting the cherry blossom in getting ready as well as getting themselves ready.

Sakura figured she would just feed them all and still have some leftover for Naruto and the other guys when the girls were finished.

Sakura knew Naruto would be over sooner or later, because he was just as nervous as she was, he just physically showed it more than the kunoichi. This would be a huge event for him and Hinata as well as he had decided to soon ask Hinata to marry him and he hadn't really attended many of the Hyuuga family's functions.

Sakura smiles as she hears a knock at her front door, the woman quickly fixing herself as she goes to answer the door. Sakura pulls the door open revealing a cheery red haired woman, causing a frown to appear on the medics face as she narrows her jade eyes.

"Karin what are you doing here?" Sakura questions remaining as calm and collected as possible her already frayed nerves sting to be cut, as Jade eyes drill holes into the intruder. Sakura only wanted her close friends around for her own sanity.

"hmmm, well you see apparently Sasuke needs something nice to wear for tonight and he asked me if I would get some nice clothes for him, and since actually asked and even went so far as to say please I said I would, but I don't know of any nice clothing stores for men, and the only person I knew would be up this early would be you." Karin says hastily, seeing the irritation on the pinkettes features. The two women had a far better relationship since their combined efforts to make Sasuke see the light about his brother, so they could be amiable in most situations, but they were no were near the point of being friends.

"Well alright come in, I actually might have something he could wear." Sakura pauses thinking for a second before offering the woman entrance into her home. Karin nods and swiftly enters the warm house, her eyes widening as she sees the assortment of foods across the kitchen and dining room tables and cabinets.

"Wow, you made a lot of food, it looks so good." The ruby eyed woman says eyeing the cinnamon rolls at the center of the kitchen table a few feet from the pair.

"Yeah, there are going to be a lot of people in and out of her today, so I made food for an army. Help yourself." Sakura says allowing a small smile to alight her pale lips as Karin goes straight for a cinnamon roll followed by a waffle once she retrieves a plate off the kitchen cabinet. "So did Sasuke really say please?" Sakura asks handing Karin a fork for the waffle.

"Yeah, it was weird. Ever since he read some letter a week ago he has acted so strange. I don't know, he cared the letter around ever since last month sometime and he did not read it until last week. I guess the contents of it were important." Karin explains pausing in between bites of her waffle to tell Sakura about Sasuke's strange behavior, only earning a wide smile from the cherry blossom.

"Hmmm that is very interesting, so he has been politer then?"

"Yes very much so. He had not uttered a word that was not polite since he read it and his demeanor has changed too, it's almost a sad acceptance of something. It's very morose sometimes and other times it's like he is a normal man instead of the last Uchiha, like some burden has been lifted." Karin explains her bright red eyes' watching as Sakura takes in the information, silently acknowledging that the young kunoichi had something to do with the change in the last Uchiha.

"Ok well I'm sure it's all for the better but I'll be right back." Sakura says suddenly turning and moving toward the back of her house, leaving Karin to continue eating. The pinkette however returns not two minutes later a clothes bag in her arms and a big smile on her rose lips.

"Here, I think Sasuke will find this suitable to wear tonight." Sakura speaks unzipping the bag to reveal an Uchiha dress robes in perfect condition, its navy blue color contrasted by the Uchiha symbol on the back.

"Oh he definitely will. How did you get this and how did you know his size?" Karin says after she puts her plate and fork in the sink and moves to look at the suit, surprise radiating off of her in waves.

"It is technically his, a gift from his brother."

"Oh I see, well thanks for the food and I'll be sure to deliver this to Sasuke unharmed." Karin says zipping the bag back up and taking the clothes from lithe hands, a compassionate smile on her lips as she understands the magnitude of the gift. These are the robes of a clan leader.

"Yes do that and have fun on your date with Suigetsu." Sakura quips as she shows the now blushing red head out, only to see a blonde standing poised to knock on her door, with three other women in tow.

Karin smiles at the women and quickly disappears in a flurry of leaves, leaving Ino, Tenten, Hinata and Temari behind with an amused Sakura. The four kunoichi make their way into Sakura's home asking questions a mile a minute, which Sakura gladly answers as best she can until the women are silenced by the food that greets them as the reach Sakura's kitchen.

"Sakura you are amazing." Temari speaks first moving into the kitchen to grab a plate, her four ponytails bouncing as she moves, the other women quickly following her example and digging into the food. Sakura smiles and joins them and the five women eat and talk for the next hour.

"Ok Sakura go shower in your bathroom. We will clean this up and get all our stuff set up." Ino orders flipping her long tresses over her shoulder, baby blue eyes piercing the fuchsia haired woman who only rolls her eyes and obeys her bossy best friend.

The pinkette makes her way to her bedroom closing the door behind her and turning toward her bedroom window, lifting it up easily and letting the man in the tree outside her window enter her bedroom.

"Sasuke what are you doing here?" Sakura questions turning and grabbing some clothes from her dresser, as the raven haired man stands silently near the window. Dark eyes watching every move the kunoichi makes.

"Sasuke if this is about the clothes I gave Karin, they were from your brother, I just held onto them for you."

"I'm sorry." Sasuke speaks after a moment, causing Sakura's emerald orbs to widen the woman slowly moving to sit down on her bed to listen to what the Uchiha was going to say, because he clearly had something to tell her.

"I am sorry that I was such an idiot, I regret killing Itachi so much. I wish I could change so much, but I wanted to honor one of my brother's last wishes if you want it" Sasuke speaks his dark eyes sad as he watches confusion alight the woman's face.

"What is it that you want to do? Itachi had a lot of things he wanted to get done."

"In his letter he said he gave you his eyes. He said there was a procedure to allow you to possess the Sharingan and he asked me to help in any way I could." Sasuke answers his gaze now focused on the woman, completely serious.

"Well yes, but I haven't even decided if that is what I want yet." Sakura speaks hesitantly after a moment still trying to absorb the drastic change in the man's demeanor.

"Sakura, there is a chance if you do this you can pass on the Sharingan and I don't believe I ever will, so please do it, it was Itachi's last wish. He saw you as his little sister and believed you would be able to utilize our eyes for the good of the village, unlike me." Sasuke says the sadness seeping not only into his ebony eyes, but into his rough baritone voice. Jade orbs taken in the look of hurt and mourning covering the Uchiha and compassion takes hold of the pinkettes too big heart.

Sakura stands quickly and wraps her lithe arms around Sasuke's torso, surprising the man, but not stopping him from returning the embrace. They stand like that for only a moment before Sakura feels warm tears hitting her neck, were Sasuke had bared his face. This causes small arms to tighten around the man, her own eyes glazing over with a film of tears left unshed for Itachi.

The two ninja stand there crying together over the loss of Itachi for five minutes, until the lone Uchiha pulls away his ebony eyes slightly blood shot along with now blood shot jade. The man smiles genuinely at his former team mate and says grinning "You know technically when you get the Sharingan I can make you part of the Uchiha clan, I bet that would upset the Hyuuga."

Sakura holds back laughter as she rolls her eyes at the raven haired man, he was starting to sound like he use to but a little more open. Jade eyes light up mischievously, as she quips, "Well I wouldn't mind, but you know changing my name twice in one year might be a little much."

Sasuke rolls his eyes as but turns serious soon after, "Yeah but besides that I would like it if you would become an Uchiha, even if it's only for a little while. As I said I don't think I will have an heir, but I bet you will."

"Sasuke Uchiha! You will get married and give me some nephews and nieces; you will soon be the most eligible bachelor around, once I marry Neji." Sakura says sassily holding up a Hyuuga necklace symbol that is used in courtships.

"Sakura, unlike most people think I don't want just any girl with the right genes to have my kids, I actually want someone I actually like."

"Awww, you want to fall in love!" Sakura coos causing a light pink to alight Sasuke's pale cheeks, but still evoking a chuckle from the man.

"Whatever you say, but I better go the Hyuuga has been waiting for his turn with you for a while. Thank you Sakura, for everything." Sasuke says in parting hugging the surprised pinkette lightly before disappearing out the window to be replaced by Neji a second later.

Sakura smiles as Neji asks if he can enter her room, which she hardily agrees too. The pale eyed man soon standing not a hairs breath away from her, his calloused hand coming up to touch her cheek lightly before placing a loving chaste kiss on her rose lips.

"You have been crying." Neji states after pulling away from the woman, his eyes searching her for any injury or sign of mishap and finding none. "You're in your cooking clothes."

"Ha-ha yeah I made a bunch of food that the girls are enjoying downstairs. That's not important though what are you doing here?" Sakura answers avoiding the first statement in favor of the second.

"I was going to get Naruto, when I passed by and felt the Uchiha's chakra here, so I came to see if everything was alright." Neji explains his fingers intertwining with Sakura's as he scans the room this time.

Sakura smiles as she explains Sasuke's presence, rolling her eyes as she sees a slight wave of irritation pass over Neji's features at the mention of her becoming an Uchiha. The two talk for a few more minutes when Sakura finally tells him her decision.

"So I think I am going to go through with procedure with Sharingan. I have gone over it and the only way for the eyes to be of a lot of use is to have them myself. I mean there has never been a Sharingan wielder that was a medic, who knows what could be achieved with such a technique, easier surgery and less trouble with patients. I don't know, but I think it will be worth it." Sakura speaks excitement radiating off of her as she bites her lip waiting for Neji's response, which soon comes.


"That's all you're going to say? Nothing else?"


"Ok and what if Sasuke wants to make me an Uchiha do you have a problem with that?"


Sakura glares icily at the pearl eyed man, her excitement replaced with irritation in the blink of an eye. The pinkette's temper was always a problem and combined with the stress of the day and the previous events, she was ready to explode on some one. However Neji sees this and quickly assesses the situation and replies promptly.

"Sakura, I told you before this is your decision and I will support you. I know you're stressed about today, I can tell by how much you have cooked, but you have nothing to worry about. The elders won't be crazy about you having the Sharingan but they will get over it. And if you do become an Uchiha by integration, then that is completely fine, you will be a Hyuuga eventually if I have it my way." Neji says a grin appearing on his usually stoic features, eliciting a bright smile that only he could pull from the young kunoichi.

"Hmm, ok, well unless you want me to stress more, you will let me be so I can get ready." Sakura finally concedes after a minute. Neji nods in understanding and steals a feather light kiss before disappearing out the window, leaving a glowing pink haired woman behind.

Sakura grins and mumbles to herself, "This is going to be interesting."

Sooooooo, what do you think? I had way too much fun writing this and it did not go in the direction I had previously thought it would, but I really am happy with it! I will edit before the next chapter, which may or may not be the last one, who knows.

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