Chapter 7

Four months later a bright pink haired woman lies groggily in a hospital room, her lithe figure adorned in a hospital gown. The blinding white walls of the hospital contrasting against an array of brightly colored flowers filling every space in the room, ranging from sun flowers to rainbow colored roses, even a small bouquet of cherry blossoms, from the children in the academy, adorned the room.

Pearl eyes keeping a constant watch over the exhausted cherry blossom throughout the week long stay in the hospital in recovery from her twelve hour surgery. The process of placing the Kekkei Genkai gene into Sakura's DNA not being overly dangerous but mostly time consuming. They had to be very precise in every aspect of the surgery, only allowing the best medics in the room with the Hokage herself heading up the surgery. Over the last months acquiring as much blood as possible from Sasuke, who complied readily after hearing of Sakura's decision, surprising everyone involved except for Sakura and Neji. This as well as training each medic involved on the ins and outs of the procedure.

The surgery though had gone exactly as planned and now they were waiting for Sakura to recover from the whole affair, which should only take another few days. The pinkette however felt like she could stay for another month lying in the hospital bed, the process of her DNA merging with a new gene taking its toll on her body, stealing every last drop of energy from the young medic.

Sakura smiles as she rests her left hand on top of Neji's as he watches her from the chair beside her bed, he had not left her side since she was out of surgery, even going so far as to eat hospital food, unless his mother or Hinata brought him something else. He had taken a leave from missions until Sakura was at full strength, which the Hokage allowed due to the gleaming ring resting on Sakura's left ring finger.

Neji had proposed not even a month earlier, surprising the bubble gum haired woman by popping the question in the catacombs, in the room which all of Itachi's belongings resided. The pair had still not gone through the entire room and Itachi had left one book in particular that was one of Sakura's favorites to Neji's care. However the book had a cut out area on the inside for a ring to be placed.

So Neji of course had been informed of this many months ago, via the letter Itachi had sent him, so he had found the book and hidden it. That is until the day he intended to propose on which he had discreetly retrieved the book and had handed it to Sakura nonchalantly, eliciting a ridiculous grin from the woman as she read the title of the book finding it was a specially made edition.

Then when the woman had flipped the book open her emerald eyes had widen slightly and then shot up to the Hyuuga in front of her who had easily slid down on to one knee, causing a film of happy tears to glaze the woman's eyes. The proposal being sweet and heart felt, Neji exuding an unbelievable sweetness in his words as he only did when the couple was alone, which wasn't often since they announced the courtship. The kunoichi had immediately whispered a yes and allowed Neji to slide the ring onto her finger before tackling him in a hug, resulting in a rather passionate kiss.

Sakura had immediately raced up to the Hokage's office dragging a slightly smiling Hyuuga behind her there fingers intertwined. The couple had earned an excited yet exasperated "about time" from the busty woman, who then hugged the pair. Then the exuberant jade eyed woman had called all her friends saying they should all have dinner together tonight, which surprisingly everyone agreed to. Then the couple had first gone to the Hyuuga compound and told Neji's mother and Uncle, who had been pleased. His mother immediately beginning to talk of wedding plans, his Uncle smiling proudly, clapping Neji on the should and saying a quiet "well done" before leaving the three to their own devices.

The dinner following with their friends had been rowdy and excited, everyone with a ready congratulation on their lips. Naruto goofily grinning keeping his arm around Hinata's shoulders most of the night, as many of their friend's paired off as well. Ino staying beside Sai, as Kurenia and Anko stand together Kurenia's young son being passed around the group, holding tightly to Shikamaru in particular who has Temari beside him, who was visiting on village business. Karin and Suigetsu stood shoulder to shoulder their hands lightly brushing together, however the most surprising pair, being that of Sasuke and Tenten, the pair sitting side by side at a table, neither person moving yet each readily involved in conversation with the other.

This unusual couple had started when Sakura had arranged to spar with team seven and team Gai; however each team's sensei's taking off on their own competitive adventure. Thus leaving their young students alone. Yet the usual exuberance of Naruto absent as he had a meeting with Hiashi, which Sakura was the only one privileged to know about, which of course meant that Neji also knew.

So the spars had been between Neji and Lee as Lee adamantly refused to fight anyone else, as his youthfulness was over flowing, no one really minded though. This left Sakura, Tenten, and Sasuke. Tenten had immediately challenged Sakura as they had sparred many times before and the weapons mistress had yet to defeat the medic. The fuchsia haired woman declined and suggested the brunette and Sasuke spar, which each had reluctantly agreed to. Sakura though smiled and quickly told Tenten that Sasuke didn't see her as at his level and to shove the thought down his throat, which the woman had readily complied to do.

The match had been long, resulting in Sasuke turning on his Sharingan, even stopping Neji and Lee's match as it caught their interest. Finally however they had ended in a draw when the pinkette tired of the evenly matched duo, she had taught Tenten how to avoid Sasuke's eyes long ago, causing a deep irritation to settle on the Uchiha, putting him off balance in a situation he would have usually easily handled.

So this little spar had led to many others, first involving others, but soon led to private training sessions between the two. This Sakura believed had led to some dinners and conversations between the outlandish pair, and now the pink haired kunoichi believed it would soon lead to a full-fledged relationship, mostly because she snooped a lot. Tenten had been tight lipped about the relationship as had Sasuke, neither giving much away, but Sakura had been through it with Neji and she knew what hidden love looked like, how the two looked at each other confirmed this in Sakura's mind. How Sasuke showed respect and care for the brown eyed girl, Tenten showing the same affection in her mannerisms.

So Sakura used every chance she got to tease the pair, privately of course and only if it was one on one with either of them, which meant she mostly teased Tenten, as she was one of her bridesmaids for the wedding and was a constant presence. This teasing never ceased to cause a tomato red blush to encompass the brunettes cheeks, but she always shook her head, neither denying nor affirming the words Sakura spoke. The cherry blossom took that as a sign that Tenten already had accepted her feelings for the raven haired man.

The couple however was not the pinkettes main focus as the wedding would take place in less than nine months. So once she was recovered from the surgery, she would have to split her time between missions, the hospital, wedding plans and then of course training. If Sakura's calculations were correct it would take her several weeks to activate the Sharingan if the surgery was a true success and after that she would have to learn how to use it for herself. No amount of study of the eyes or people with the Sharingan could aid her in using them, which is something Itachi had mentioned in his letter to the woman.

Itachi had been very adamant that she learn to use them without the help of anyone with a Kekkei Genkai or anyone that knew of the Sharingan powers. This meant anyone familiar with the Sharingan, eliminating all the ninja in the leaf. The pinkette did not quite understand why Itachi had been so strict on this issue, but she would do as he said and train mostly on her own. She was planning to travel to Sand and ask Gaara if he would allow her to train with some of their anbu, but with the wedding, Sakura probably wouldn't get to do that any time soon.

Thus Sakura's previous calculations were for naught as she would have even less time to train, and besides she felt as though a train had hit her. Now of course this would not stop the pinkette.

"Neji can you get me some water please." Sakura asks quietly licking her chapped lips, her thoughts turning from the events of the last month to her current condition. The woman carefully taking the cup of ice water Neji had retrieved for her, his pale eyes watching her every move to determine if she was in any pain. He had been quick to get nurses to check on Sakura at regular intervals if they did not show up on time, which caused a stir amongst the nurses, who found this to be utterly amusing, since Sakura always insisted that she was perfectly fine, even when she wasn't.

The strong willed kunoichi found it rather demeaning, since she herself was a nurse, and a few days earlier she had loudly voiced her irritation, her emerald eyes alight with determination. However in her weak state, she could barely move, so her demands were met with a smirk and feather light kiss, that melted the pinkette's heart to the very core, erasing each and every complaint from her pale lips.

So the change in attitude had Sakura willingly asking her soon to be husband for help, but excluding all others. Only rarely would she ask for anything from anyone else, even the nurses. So her stubborn side stuck around, causing amusement for the Hyuuga who had broken through her walls and was now allowed to see the woman's weakness openly.

"How much longer do I have to stay here?" Sakura asks draining the ice water, chewing on the ice, as jade eyes scan the brightly colored flowers surrounding her, no matter how tired she truly was, she would rather be resting in her own home then in the hospital. It's not enough that she worked there constantly; she didn't want to live there too.

"Three days."

"Awww, can't I go on bed rest at home. We can take the garden back too." Sakura pouts, earning a chuckle from her fiancé.

"Sakura, it's only three days, and then you are on bed rest at home."

"Butttttttt, I want to sleep in my own bed. Can't you get me Tsunade and I'll talk her into it." Sakura begs, her lower pale pink lip jutting out, her emerald eyes shimmering as she puts on a pitiful expression for Neji. The pearl eyed man, stares a moment and rolls his eyes and gets up heading for the door, sending an electric smile to fly across Sakura's face.

"I love you Neji." Sakura says happily before he opens the door, causing him to pause, his hand on the door knob.

Neji turns slightly to face his cherry blossom the 'look' fixed on to his features, or that's at least what Sakura had dubbed it. A genuine smile breaking his stoic demeanor, as he replies "I love you too doll-face" before exiting the room and softly shutting the door leaving in pursuit of the Hokage.

Neji had started calling her doll-face only a few weeks ago, the change had started with a few off handed comments when she started pouting about something. Which apparently had increased immensely in the last week, but then again the hospital bound young woman, really did not like being in her current surroundings, so she had looked pretty pitiful and pathetic. Her emerald orbs and pale skin apparently make her look like a doll, especially when she widened her eyes; at least that is what Neji had told her. However Sakura had also question Ino and Hinata about the issue when they came to visit her and each had confirmed it, saying that she did indeed look like a doll.

This revelation had sent Sakura into analyzing the pros and cons of her 'doll-face', she was not so sure if it was to be a compliment or not. However once the medic had gone over the information, she decided it was an asset. Sine whenever she used her 'doll-face' looks she usually got what she wanted, at least from the men in her life. Naruto, Kakashi, Sai, Neji, and even Sasuke melted before her pouting features. She had lost count of how many times Kakashi and Naruto had bought her dinner after a training session when she put her pout to use, yet up till now she never fully understood why they had given in so easily, apparently men found it adorable or irresistible somehow.

Women though was a whole other issue, Tsunade normally would punch her through a wall before even glancing at her pitiful expression, while her girlfriends were immune to it all together. Hinata was the only one ever to give in and that is only because she is too nice for her own good.

Sakura sighs as she thinks about this new found power she had, rolling her eyes at the thought of it; it was truly ridiculous that men found it cute. The cherry blossoms thoughts however are cut short as the door flies open, revealing a glaring busty blonde.

"Sakura you are not leaving this hospital, now stop sending people to get me." Tsunade shouts stomping in and haphazardly checking Sakura over. The pinkette had sent a few people to talk the irate Hokage, but not so many to induce such a rage, at least that's what Sakura thought.

"You have sent almost three dozen people to me asking if you could be released early, although I was surprised Neji was not the first." Tsunade rages as she checks Sakura's fluid levels.

"Oh come on it has not been that many and Neji was the first one I asked but he ignored my request until now." Sakura says putting on her pout, to see if it would calm her mother figures anger.

"Do not give me that look. You sent half the anbu ranks, all the rookies and team Gai including the senseis, heck I even had some academy students at my door asking. How you get so many people on your side in this I will never know I am the Hokage for goodness sakes. That fact alone is probably the only reason half the staff in the hospital didn't turn against me and let you leave or at least attempt to leave. The past four days you probably couldn't have walked to the door." The busty blonde continues to rant as she finished checking Sakura's vitals.

The pinkette remains quiet, acknowledging the fact that she had been extremely weak that past few days. The blonde shakes her head her pig tails bouncing against her shoulders, as she rolls her eyes and looks at Neji.

"Fine, you are released from the hospital, on one condition."


"Bed rest for the next three days, and no leaving your home for a week longer, I do not want you out in public about to fall over. This surgery has turned into a political matter and if something goes wrong, it won't end well for anyone here." Tsunade speaks briskly receiving solemn nods of understanding.

"Good then Neji take her home, I'll have someone bring the garden to you."

"Wait what?" Sakura questions her jade eyes widening as she notices all the wires and tubes had been removed, however this is overshadowed by Neji's strong hand grasping her smaller one with a grin, before sweeping Sakura gently into his arms and disappearing in a flurry of leaves.

Well there it is, its a bit of filler but I hope you enjoy! I always enjoy feedback! Also, eventually I will get around to editing, I know there are a few issues throughout the story, so if you see a glaringly obvious one feel free to tell me! ^_^

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