Chapter 8

Bubble gum locks fly across petite shoulders, as the kunoichi slowly makes her way through the trees, a few days after the young woman had been released from bed rest. The usually energetic young woman was exhausted, she hadn't done anything besides run and she felt like she was going to die.

Sakura had been exuberant to start training three days ago but now the medic felt like she could sleep for another week. It had taken her the entire first day after being released to convince Neji to let her train alone and that had only been after she had shown him the instructions from Itachi. Even then the Hyuuga had been keeping tabs on Sakura's location, which irritated the fiery woman, but she could live with it. Her team mates were the biggest problem as they refused to let her be alone to train which had caused the young woman to take off at a ridiculous pace headed away from the village.

Sakura had run at top speed for over five hours until she lost the four men chasing after her and that had been partially due to a genjustsu she had cast. After losing the men she had doubled back taking the long way back at a leisurely pace, however that was until she hit a wall. The pinkette could usually run for two full days without help or five days at top speed with the help of solider pills, but now the woman felt like she could barely stand and she was still an hour away from the village.

The tired woman stops on a sturdy tree branch slumping down against the trunk of the giant oak, her jade eyes falling shut, a sigh escaping her chapped lips. Sakura slowly takes out her water and drinks slowly, breathing evenly as she prepares herself to run again in a few short minutes. One thing Itachi had always stressed in her training was to always know your limits and take stock of every situation and prepare accordingly. Itachi's training was the only reason Sakura hadn't passed out hours ago from running so hard, the pinkette had routinely taken breaks to rehydrate and take care of herself, by throwing a few jutsu's at her boys to get them off her trail for a bit.

Jade eyes flash open in surprise as she feels five chakra signatures coming her way, her exhaustion disappearing from her features as she stands to her feet casting a quick genjustsu to hide her from the approaching ninja as she had concealed her chakra long ago.

"Dang it they shouldn't have been able to find me." Sakura hisses out to herself as she conceals herself further as she recognizes the feel of her team mates and fiancés chakra signatures.

"Well you know, we are weak still from the surgery, but I think this was good training for the day. We sort of followed Itachi's rules." Sakura's inner quips seriously, causing a small bell laugh to escape Sakura's lips as she now realizes why Itachi had given her a set of rules to follow.

During the pinkette's bed rest Neji had brought her some things of Itachi's from the vault, one being a sealed envelope with her name written on it. The contents of this letter being far different from any letters Sakura had received previously.

This time Itachi had again stressed the importance of her training either alone or with some one unfamiliar with the Sharingan. Then it had followed with a list of exercises she should do after the surgery, one of which was to simply run. He had also stressed that she take care of herself and not overdo it, even going so far as telling her to stay away from Naruto for a few days, so as not to stress herself out, which Sakura found beyond amusing. There was also various jutsu she should work on or practice along with a long list of people Itachi knew that she could seek out and train with. The list had surprised the cherry blossom so much, since one of the names on the list was a former Akatsuki member. However this Sakura hadn't thought about since Tsunade had signed off of her release papers three days ago.

Sakura rolls her eyes as she thinks about the letter Itachi had left her about his eyes and all the training he suggested, but these thoughts disappear as Jade orbs catch sight of a blonde man in a bright orange jumpsuit followed by three dark haired men and finally her silver haired sensei with an orange book in front of his face.

"Neji, Sasuke do you guys see her or something?" the blonde asks his baby blue eyes searching the area intently, as the other two men shake their heads.

"Naruto, if she doesn't want to be found then we aren't going to find her. She has been trained in avoiding our abilities and even in her weakened state it's better to just let her be. If she needs our help we would know." Neji replies deactivating his eyes as he looks into Naruto's frantic blue eyes.

"No, grandma told us of all those complications that could happen due to surgery and she said some could appear even months later. She could lose her eyes sight or it could block her chakra channels, she could die from this." Naruto says frantically trailing off into to the many other complications that the cherry blossom tunes out, her jade eyes sad. Her blonde best friend was only reacting to the new he had received from her doctor, just like anyone else's relative would.

Sakura sighs as she released a breath, these men were her family and she should at least explain this fully to all of them. Just because Neji and Sasuke understood didn't mean they weren't worried, it just allowed them to trust her to take care of herself. Sakura was sure Kakashi at least suspected but her fox brother and Sai probably didn't even have a clue that she had trained under Itachi, they probably thought the gene that had been place in her was from Sasuke or something ridiculous like that. They weren't medics the pinkette realizes as she sees both Neji and Sasuke trying to convince Naruto into going back to the village, which Sakura knows immediately the hard headed man would not do without her beside him.

The pinkette quickly makes a decision and positions herself and releases the jutsu, standing a little ways above the four men, but still going unnoticed as she keeps her chakra concealed. Jade eyes watch the four fondly a smile lighting up her tired features as Kakashi glances at her over the top of his book and grins at her his lone eye creasing while the other four continue to argue.

"You guys are idiots." Sakura finally speaks allowing her presence to be known to the four bickerers, who whip around to stare up at the smiling woman, each with varying looks of relief.

"Sakura, where have you been?!" Naruto demands his blue eyes bright now as a clear look of relief fly's across his face, his shoulders and hands relaxing as he sees that Sakura is fine, his eyes searching for any sign of injury.

"Training apparently, you know running is good exercise and I got some good genjustsu training in too." Sakura says with a smile, which is wiped away by the look of complete and utter pain that flashes across Naruto's whiskered face, so before the blonde or anyone else can speak harsh words out of frustration Sakura appears before the blonde her smile still in place and places one one hand on his whiskered face.

"Naruto, we are family and I love you all so much, but this training is something you have to let me do alone. However since we are family I need to tell all of you some stuff." Sakura says her jade eyes watching Azul eyes soften dramatically all frustration gone, only curiosity left. The kunoichi lets her hand fall away as she turns to look at the other four men, two with understanding expressions, one sending 'the look' in the pinkettes direction causing a bit of color to rush to her pale cheeks, while the remaining two men give her their complete attention.

"Ok but first let's get back to the village, last one back buys dinner." The woman says grinning so wide she could rival Naruto, as the men's eyes widen as she disappears in a flurry of cherry blossoms, the five men taking off after her quickly.

Sakura blinks sleepily noticing that the shoulder of her Hyuuga fiancé that she had fallen asleep on last night had been replaced by a fluffy pillow and a blanket that covered her lithe form. Jade eyes quickly look around her dim living room, seeing her men scattered throughout the room, at least most of her men.

Naruto splayed out on one end of the couch while Sasuke was at the other end, while Sai had fallen asleep in the grey recliner, while Kakashi was asleep a few feet away from the pinkette. Neji had left earlier the previous night due to a meeting with the Hokage.

The blonde fox shinobi had been forced to treat the group to dinner, fortunately he was allowed to choose the restaurant and the six had eaten their fill of ramen. The loud man though had complained that Sasuke had trapped him in a genjustsu, which had caused him to lose, but no one had pity on him. Sakura had then brought the men to her home and explained everything about Itachi, her surgery and her training, each of the men having questions, that had taken sometime to answer. This had been followed by a late night movie marathon.

Sakura quietly stands up, folding her blanket and putting it away. A smile alights her face as she notices a ball of black fur snuggled up next to Kakashi, Ebony had taken quite a liking to the copy nin and had been by his side all last night. Sakura grins as she glances one last time at her puppy and silently makes her way through her home, moving to her room first and changing, before placing clean towels and fresh clothes in her two bathrooms for her boys. Then Sakura makes her way into the kitchen and starts cooking breakfast, placing a bowl of food on the kitchen floor for her small wolf pup to eat.

The pinkette soon hears her boys waking up, as she fries some bacon and starts some scrambled eggs on next to it. Soon Sakura hears the two showers in her home turn on, and not even five minutes later, the silver haired copy nin enters the kitchen drying his damp hair with a towel.

"Good morning" Sakura says cheerfully smiling as the silver haired man sends her a smile, as his mask had been remove the night before. The man didn't mind his former students seeing his face anymore, besides they had successfully unmasked him three years earlier, but Sasuke was surprised as it was his first time to see the silver haired jounin unmasked. The older man was actually quite handsome under the mask, but said man didn't like the attention his looks got him and after he received the Sharingan eye from his teammate he was almost ashamed to show his face to people for a while. However after he came to terms with that he decided the mask suited him.

The bubble gum haired girl places a plate full of food down in front of the man and smiles sassily as she says, "So I've got a question for you." Kakashi only nods in acknowledgement digging into his food, as he had more questions the night before then anyone else, even Neji, about the surgery and her training regimen.

"Do you ever wish you had children? I mean you would have had some fantastic kids." Sakura blurts out her cheeks turning a pretty pink, as Kakashi's eyes widen his hand freezing mid bite.


"Just answer the question and then I'll tell you why." Sakura demands her hands on her hips, her jade eyes now glaring. The two simply stare for a few seconds, before Kakashi rolls his lone eye and puts his fork down.

"No I don't wish I had children and I already know you're going to ask me why so save your breath." Kakashi speaks finally exasperated with the bull headed pinkette, but continues any way, "I never have wanted kids, because I have seen too many of my friends die at young ages, and I grew up without my parents. I didn't want any child of mine to grow up without me, and besides I haven't quite found a woman willing to stick with me forever yet." Kakashi says a grin on his lips as Sakura looks on with wide watery jade eyes.

"Oh don't start crying on me, it's not like I don't have kids to take care of or anything. You lot are harder to handle sometimes then any toddler is." Kakashi cuts off the cherry blossom, causing a bell like laugh to leave Sakura's pale pink lips.

"I guess that is true, but you have enjoyed every minute of it." Sakura giggles earning a gruff laugh from the copy nin, who simply smiles at the bubbly woman and picks up his fork.

"Oh one more question." Sakura laughs her jade eyes bright, as Kakashi sighs and puts his fork back down and turns his attention on the happy woman giving her the go ahead to ask, since really they had no secrets.

"Will you give me away at my wedding? My parents have been gone for so long and you and Lady Tsunade are really the ones that have taken care of me since then and I just I don't know, I feel like you kind of are the father figure in my life." Sakura speaks quickly her emerald orbs turned down afraid to look up and see the answer.

Kakashi had checked on her every week since he had found out about her parents had died, and hadn't stopped. He even cooked for her, which he was quite good at, and showered her with gifts on holidays. He helped her look for a house and had actually picked out the house she now lived in. He knew exactly what she liked and what bothered her, heck he'd even given Neji the talk once he heard about the courtship, even though he had already know that the Hyuuga was in love with Sakura and would never hurt her, he just had to make sure. And secretly Neji had come to him years ago about liking Sakura, but hadn't done anything until later, Neji had even asked the silver haired man about his opinion on the engagement ring. The copy nin took very good care of the beloved cherry blossom of Konoha, just like her father would have if he was alive.

The silver haired man stands up slowly moving to the woman's side causing her to look up at him. Jade eyes meet a lone glassy onyx eye and Kakashi breaks into a huge grin. "It would be my honor to give you away at your wedding." The copy nin speaks his voice cracking ever so slightly bringing tears of joy to Sakura's eyes as she lunges forward and wraps her slender arms around her surrogate father in a tight hug, which he happily returns.

The pair breaks apart after a few minutes, Sakura still beaming while she starts cooking more food for the rest of her boys. While Kakashi continues eating contently, not taking out his little orange book at all that day. The three other men that appear in the kitchen not much later are confused by the pair's actions but choose to ignore it in favor of scarfing down the delicious food that a deliriously happy pinkette places in front of them. Sakura doesn't even punch Sai for calling her ugly or Naruto for being an idiot, but Sasuke makes sure to take care of the Naruto issue for her, resulting in a trip to the training grounds not even an hour later.

Sakura however doesn't even attempt to stop the two men, but leaves that to Sai who simply paints out a couple of creatures to separate the scuffle between the bullheaded men when they get a little out of hand, which is unsuccessful. While Kakashi just watches the pair from a tree branch above the cherry blossom woman, who has a binder full of wedding plans in her lap, scribbling away notes on various pages.

Sakura had neglected the whole wedding plan fiasco in favor of training, but now that Kakashi had agreed to give her away a spark had been lit and the exuberant bubble gum haired woman was in full planning mode. Jade eyes widen and her panicked orbs shift up to look at the silver haired man above her, who raises his one eyebrow at the uncharacteristic look of distress on the woman's face. The silver haired man does not delay in appearing next to Sakura who blinks rapidly.

"I'm getting married and I have to pick out a dress that people will love. I have to make so many decisions and I am going to be the center of attention and I have to look better than everyone else, that's just not possible…." Sakura whimpers out trailing off as her jade eyes turn glassy as tears build, causing the copy nin to place a comforting hand on her pink hair, distracting her.

"Sakura, you do not need to look better then everyone. You will pick a dress you like and you will wear it to walk down the aisle to Neji, no one else. And besides you will out shine everyone, you always besides if I recall correctly you have a group of overly excited women and the entire Hyuuga clan that want to help plan your wedding." Kakashi says seriously brushing pink locks from teary eyes, that are soon flooded with tears as she dives into a surprised silver haired man's arms sobbing and attempting to say thank you at the same time, which only comes out as a higher pitched sob. This attracts the attention of the previously engaged men, who immediately stop their fight at the pinkette's distress.

"Sakura?" the blonde questions first the two dark haired men flanking him as they slowly approach the pair, the reaction they receive surprises them. Sakura sobs louder, then looks up and waves the three wary men closer and when they reach her she wipes tears away as best she can before saying "I love you guys."

This earns four loud laughs with each man returning the sentiment in his own form or fashion. Naruto boisterously shouting it out as he wraps Sakura in a bear hug, that she gladly returns with a little extra strength added for good measure. Sasuke however gives Sakura a side hug mumbling back his reply, but as emerald eyes stare him down he slowly rolls his onyx orbs and relents giving her a proper hug and saying he loved her loud enough for at least her to hear. Sai even hugs her, dropping the ugly bit and saying "Love you to Sakura" a genuine smile lighting his features. Kakashi is last and he hugs the beaming young women before swiftly pulling his mask down kissing her on the forehead as he returns her words sincerely with a soft smile on his lips.

Sakura grins happily, but blurts out "I've turned into an emotional mess." This causing the men around her to laugh and silently agree, Kakashi ruffles Sakura's pink locks before offering to buy them all ramen for lunch, the loud blonde immediately agrees and starts leading the way to his favorite restaurant as the finally whole team seven follows behind with smiles on their faces.

Hello faithful readers! I know it's been a while,but the summer was busy. I know this is a bit of a filler, but it also means more chapters, I couldn't bring myself not to write in some team 7 loving, and so here is a tidbit of it. Well please review! Thanks ^_^

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