Chapter 9

Patches of dark ruby red blood stains the dirt of a clearing, the wind rustling the little bit of grass left of the smashed crumbling earth beneath the feet of a furious kunoichi. The clearing was almost completely demolished, trees splintered around the edges of the area, some even uprooted lying in the center of the wreckage covering the bloody and broken body of another kunoichi with bright fuchsia locks and strips of dirty white pieces of paper scattered out around her head.

The kunoichi groans at the pain radiating through her entire being, she had taken it a step to far in taunting the angry women that now hovered over her, but she had achieved her desired outcome. The two women had been training together for almost a week now, and today was the final day of their training as one had to get back to finish preparing for her wedding that would be at the end of the month, not twenty days from now.

The two women's eyes meet, one with tears overflowing and the other with a satisfied glimmer. The angry woman clenches her fist and quickly tries to wipe away the tears that wouldn't seem to stop, as the other woman pushes herself into a sitting position as best she can, a grin appearing on her bruised face, her blue locks matted with blood.

"Why are you smiling?!" the young victorious kunoichi demands her tears stopping as she clenches her fist, pinning the women down with her crimson orbs.

"You did it, can you not feel it? Or are you still too angry to process it? Here look at yourself." The mangled kunoichi says her grey eyes sparkling as she hands the woman standing over her a small pocket mirror. The young woman accepts the small mirror her anger forgotten as she stares into blood red eyes with three black pinwheels rotating in the center, her pink tresses falling around her face, making her look rather fierce and terrifying instead of fragile and weak as many opponents had thought her to be at first glance.

"I did it. I awakened it, just by being angry. How did you know that would work?" The pink haired woman demands stomping her foot a small crater forming from the impact. The disgruntled appearance of the young medic transforming to an incredulous expression, with a mix of surprise and glee peeking through.

"Sakura, honestly I didn't know if it would work, but I had to try. I am sorry though about your hair, truly I am I know your wedding is in less than a month, but I had to try." The woman answers again earning a seething glare from the powerful woman hovering over her, as she stares at the locks of pink hair littering the ground. Sakura's formerly waist length hair now laid just below her shoulders.

The pinkette's face turns tomato red, but she sighs and offers the blue haired woman her hand and pulls her up off the ground and begins to heal the worst of her injuries, she couldn't stay angry at the battered woman, she had helped her activate the Sharingan and honestly the woman was so kind hearted.

"Konan, I have healed the worst injuries, but I'm leaving the small injuries to remind you to never touch my hair ever again." Sakura speaks after a few minutes her emerald eyes boring into the sparkling grey eyes of the former Akatsuki member, amber flecks dancing around the iris of Konan's beautiful eyes as she nods in understanding, as Sakura deactivates her Sharingan. The two women gather their belongs from the wreckage the bubble gum haired medic had caused and set out toward the village, the rain pouring down as they race through the trees.

The two women reach a small home on the edge of a small village in the rain country, entering quickly, each shaking off water as they enter the empty house. Sakura turns toward a wood pile in the corner of the room and sets about lighting a fire in the small fire place, drying her fuchsia locks with a jutsu after successfully creating a small blaze in the space. The young medic fingers her shortened hair, her eyebrows pushing together and lips puckering as she thinks, while the blue haired woman watches her as she bandages some of the cuts along her arms.

"Sakura?" Konan questions pausing as she places the last bandage on her arms, her wet hair pulled into a tight bun on top of her head. Her wet clothes replaced by a pair of black shorts and a purple top, while her pink haired companion wears a dry pair of black cargo pants with a navy blue shirt, the symbol of her current clan emblazed on the back, a chain with the same symbol laying in Sakura's palm her emerald orbs staring at it sadly.

Pink hair covers watery grass green eyes as she tilts her head in the blue haired woman's direction, acknowledging her. The pinkette's thoughts drifting to her initiation into the Uchiha clan a month earlier.

The day had been a small affair to begin with; only close friends, clan heads and leaders from various clans of the leaf and the Hokage were present. Sasuke as Uchiha clan leader had essentially adopted Sakura into the clan. The lovely kunoichi was now Sakura Uchiha, sister of Sasuke Uchiha, second in command of the Uchiha clan.

It also announced the official rebuilding of the Uchiha district but on a smaller scale. Almost half the former Uchiha land would become community available playgrounds, parks, markets or training grounds. The rest was strictly Uchiha property and would house the Uchiha clan, which would hopefully be growing as Sasuke officially announced his intentions to court Tenten, who had readily accepted.

The small ceremony was followed up with a huge festival type event throughout Konoha. The pink haired Uchiha wandered around for a little while having fun with her friends for some time before slipping away. The young woman slipped away to the memorial stone and sat in front of it unwanted tears slipping from her jade eyes as she brushed her fingers across the name Itachi Uchiha. Thoughts of Itachi becoming her official brother today pulsing through her mind, causing a fresh flood of tears to push past her glistening orbs. The woman's small frame shaking as she tries to hold back the pain of the loss of this man she cared so much for.

The fuchsia haired woman doesn't stop crying as she feels a familiar chakra signature coming toward her, he was coming to mourn too, and Sakura would not begrudge him that. A minute passes and the young woman's tears slow as the figure emerges from the trees and approaches her.

"Sasuke." Sakura says turning blood shot eyes toward the dark haired man, who sits down next to her and touches the same name Sakura had previously traced. Sakura leans her head on Sasuke's shoulder as they sit in silence for a few minutes, until a small "sorry" escapes Sasuke's lips, tears soon spilling from his black eyes, causing Sakura to sigh softly wrapping her arm around his waist and resting her head against his collar bone as he wraps and arm around her small shoulders. The two siblings cry for the brother they lost for a few minutes.

"Sasuke." Sakura speaks finally wiping her eyes slightly with her available hand, as she looks up into stormy coal orbs. "This is not your fault, Itachi loved you and he was strong enough to protect himself, he chose not to. He would have been happy today, now we are family and you have yourself a girlfriend."

"I know, but this pain over losing my brother, I don't think it will ever go away."

"No it won't, losing a loved one is never easy and we sure won't forget about it." Sakura speaks as the pair again lapse into a heavy silence.

"If you want me to lighten the mood, Naruto asked me today if Neji and I had kids if they would technically be Itachi's kids too since I took some of his DNA during the surgery." Sakura smiles earning a smirk from Sasuke as he realizes how angry that thought would make Neji.

"Hmm, what did you tell him?" Sasuke asks gruffly, not bothering to clean himself up while in his now official sister's presence.

"I told him that would be impossible, because the child has half of each parents DNA. While we did take some of Itachi's DNA and incorporate it in, almost like whiting out a patch of my DNA and writing in the Sharingan thus merging it into my DNA. And besides it's only the gene that deals with the Kekkei Genkai so all it really does is make me an Uchiha." Sakura explains releasing her hold on Sasuke to wipe her face off.

"Hmm, so from what you said the procedure was a once in a life time deal right?"

"Yeah, it's a ridiculously hard procedure to start with and you have to have enough DNA and blood, plus a piece of the Kekkei Genkai in this case Itachi's eyes. Not many people will part with the most powerful weapon they have just to protect their village and it takes time and trial and error. Also I don't think it would work on someone under jounin level that doesn't have adequate medical training. The only reason I survived is because I am such a powerful medic and I was able to train my body to not reject the foreign gene that was implanted, it's just too complicated to ever do again." Sakura explains wiping her eyes and straightening herself, Sasuke following suit as he nods in understanding.

"Besides you haven't exactly awakened the Sharingan yet, so until then you're just my little sister." Sasuke speaks up getting a roll of the eyes from the young woman, as the two stand up and leave the area together arm and arm.

The pink haired woman shakes her head from her memory as she looks at the worried blue haired woman that is now standing beside her, a hand lightly touching her shoulder. Konan smiles sadly as Sakura opens her palm allowing her to see the Uchiha symbol on her necklace. The Azul haired woman gracefully sits down next to the cherry blossom, her arm falling in her lap as she begins to speak of her knowledge of Itachi. Sakura listens intently.

Konan explains to the rosette that while she knew Itachi well enough, no one in the Akatsuki every truly knew who he was. The powerful older woman explains how when the organization crumbled Itachi had saved her life and she had told him if he ever needed something all he needed was to ask. The young medic looks up her veranda eyes widening.

"Wait, you owed Itachi? Is that why he had your name on the list of people to train with?" Sakura asks truly surprised, the pinkette had assumed that Itachi trusted the blue haired woman.

"Well, yes, I did owe him; at least I felt I did. Itachi refused to accept anything from me. Actually after that I got to know him relatively well, when he was with you I saw him a few times before he died. Itachi was a good friend, loyal to a fault, he was a unique man. There are not many men like him left in the world…. He spoke of you fondly, he would be happy that you will be getting married." Konan explains morosely, a sad smile on her face as she recalls the times she and Itachi had gotten together.

"Ok, why though were you on the list to train with? You know about the Sharingan and he said for me not to train with those who had knowledge of it, so that I could adapt to it myself and everything." Sakura questions running her fingers through her short pink tresses wrinkling her nose in distaste as her fingers catch on a knot of hair.

"Sakura, I do not know what Itachi meant by having you train with me, but I do enjoy your company and I did successfully help you unleash your Sharingan. However, my abilities are far different from others, because my use of paper is harder to see and anticipate. It took me many years to master it, but I believe that because the Sharingan would have a harder time following my moves and abilities, your training with me would provide more fruit. I cannot say though if that is what Itachi had in mind."

"It would make sense, also of the people I could train with you are least likely to lecture me on how to use my eyes." Sakura says grinning as she bumps her should into Konan's, who smiles softly at the action.

"Yes, although while I am happy to train with you, I would encourage you to also train with the Kazekage too. He I believe still retains the ability to wield sand correct?" Konan questions, receiving an affirmation from the pinkette before continuing, "He would be ideal for his attacks would also be hard to read, and I do not think he will lecture you about how to use your eyes."

Konan elicits a bell like laugh from the young woman at her final statement. Sakura smiles and turns her green eyes on the grey eyed woman happily.

"Konan, I would love it if you could attend my wedding. You are not a threat to the leaf and I could speak to Tsunade. Or I could just sneak you in if worse comes to worse." Sakura says after a few moments of silence, turning her bright eyes on the surprised woman beside her.

"Oh, I would enjoy that, but you need not go to any trouble. Again, I am sorry about your hair, but I think I might know a herbal mixture that may help it grow an inch or so before your wedding." Konan replies fingering on of Sakura's short strands of hair.

"It is fine. It is kind of nice not having so much weight; I just wish it could have been after the wedding. I will take you up on the herbal mixture though; my friends will probably be messing with my hair for the next month to try and get it to grow longer, especially Pig. It will be a bonding experience. Besides, Neji is not marrying me for my hair. " Sakura replies lightly a tiny smile on her pale pink lips as she thinks about her fiancée.

Konan grins as Sakura sinks into a dreamy state, which the blue haired woman quickly jerks her out of it. "Sakura, you probably ought to be heading back to the village, your friends will be wondering why you haven't come back, you were supposed to be back last night." Konan says quietly, the efforts in their training today had been a last ditch effort before the wedding, which was a success thankfully.

"Oh, of course. Neji is probably worried, I told him it was a former Akatsuki member I was going to train with and I swear he came close to not allowing me to come. Although, I think he realized I was going regardless and nothing he could do would stop me." Sakura muses a wry smile lighting her features as she remembers his consternation at the whole idea.

The pinkette stands and rummages around the small room gathering her belongings. Konan leaves the room and is back quickly with a pack of supplies for the kunoichi. Sakura smiles and shoulders the bag the stormy eyed woman gives to her and she hugs her as she moves to exit the home.

"Sakura wait." Konan speaks quickly turning and grabbing something from the small adjoining room, returning with a small box. "Here this is for you. I do not know how Itachi knew you would seek me out but he was well prepared, he left that with me in case I ever came in contact with you. I did not want to distract you from our training, which is why I am giving it to you now."

Sakura smiles sadly as she nods in understanding, carefully lifting the lid off the box. The pinkette gasps in surprise as she pulls away soft fabric from the box revealing a beautiful blue pendent necklace. The beautiful sapphire jewel holding the image something that swirls to quickly for the human eye to see. Sakura lifts the necklace to the light to see it closer, causing a small slip of paper to fall the ground. The pinkette quickly retrieves the slip of paper her eyes turning glassy as she reads the words in Itachi's neat bold writing.

Something blue to compliment your eyes.

"Sakura, use your Sharingan and look at the necklace." Konan suggests as she too is unable to see what the image is in the center of the sapphire jewel. Sakura concedes her leaf green eyes bleeding red, the three pin wheels spinning as she looks at the jewel again. Another gasp escapes Sakura's lips as she discovers the Uchiha clan symbol within the jewel.

"It is so beautiful and perfect. I had not decided on my jewelry for my wedding, it would seem that Itachi has that covered." Sakura brightly smiles and Konan smiles back.

"Well you should get going." Konan says quietly as Sakura carefully lowers the necklace back into the box. The pinkette puts the box safely in her bag and hugs the blue haired woman once more before rocketing off into the twilight toward her home, a content smile resting on her lips the whole way.

I am SORRY! I have been super busy the last year! Also, I had half of this chapter written like three days after I wrote the previous chapter and ran head first into a wall, I could not for the life of me figure out how to end the chapter. However, a reviewer saved the day and inspired me so here it is! It is kind of rough but it is up nonetheless. Also, the next chapter will be the last! Again I apologize for my hiatus! Please Review ^_^

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