New Love Renewed Love


The new love is Kira and Conner while the renewed love is Tommy and Kimberly. He also gets to meet his kids. Also a little love from Hayley and Ethan as well.

Romance / Drama
Joselin Hernandez
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Conner sat at a table at Haley’s CyberSpace daydreaming, his friend Ethan James, is sat next to him.

‘Where’s Kira, she’s never late for a gig, especially if it’s one of her’s’

“Conner, Ethan, any idea where Kira is?” asked Haley from behind the counter “If she’s not here in five minutes, I can’t let her on” Conner started to feel upset, not wanting to get upset in public, he started for the door, but then, a uniformed Police Officer walked in, and almost knocked Conner over.

“I’m sorry, here, let me help you up!” the officer helped Conner up, and started scanning the room as Conner was about to walk out, he got curious as to why there would be a cop in Haley’s CyberSpace.

“Excuse me, can I help you?” asked Conner

“Yeah, do you know a Conner McKnight?” asked the officer still scanning the room, looking for Conner.

“Yeah, I’m Conner McKnight!” replied Conner

“Do you know a young lady by the name of Kira?”

“Kira Ford, what’s happened to her?” wondered Ethan from behind the officer

“... And you are?”

“Ethan James, another friend of Kira’s!”

“Well, maybe we should go outside!” responded the officer, leading Conner and Ethan outside.

“What’s this about?” demanded Conner, crossing his arms beginning to get angry.

“Ms. Ford was in an automobile accident, now don’t worry, she’s going to be ok, but her parents died at the scene, she’s at Reefside General and she’s asking for Conner McKnight!” responded the officer, Conner became scared and ran to his mustang, jumping in he looked at Ethan, without asking, Ethan immediately knew Conner was asking if he was getting in the car.

“Thanks officer” replied Ethan

“Not a problem, but if you don’t mind me saying, he’s taking it hard for someone who’s just friends with Ms. Ford!”

“I know, I have to put up with it!” replied Ethan, getting into Conner’s mustang, and headed towards Reefside General Hospital.



‘I’ve gotta get to Kira’s room, shit I hope she’s ok, oh shit, what am I gonna do, I’ve gotta tell her how I feel, Kira, I hope you’re ok, thank god, there’s Dr. O, maybe he’ll tell me something’

“Conner, thank god you’re here, she’s been waiting for you!”

“Is she all right?” I wondered

“She’s got a broken leg, which is in plaster and she’ll be on crutches for a couple of weeks!”

“Can I see her please?”


‘Well, here goes nothing McKnight, tell her, or risk losing her forever’

I open her door slowly, there she is in bed, watching news on the accident, and hearing about how her parents had died at the scene, are those tears running down her face.

‘Oh god, I hate seeing her upset’


‘Why did they have to die? They were only trying to protect me... this is it, I have to tell him’


‘My god, it can’t be, please let it be him. Come on girl, just turn your head and face the door my god, there he is, Conner’s stood at the door’. “Conner, you’re here?” ‘my god, am I blushing?’

“I had to come, I was so worried about you!”

‘Awwwwwwwwww, he was worried about me’, “Conner, I asked you to come for a reason!”

“Can I sit down before we talk?”

“Sure” ‘My God, am I flirting with him, should I just tell him?’

“Kira, I have something I wanna tell you as well!”

‘Oh god, you haven’t found someone else have you? I mean, Krista was honest enough to tell you that she wanted Trent, and I don’t think I could stand not being with you!’ “What is it?”

“I just think you should know, I’m in love with someone!”

‘Oh no, how low can things get, it can’t be Haley or Cassidy, he’d of said!’ “Do I know her?”

“You know her better than anyone else does, but I’d like to!”

‘He’s sitting on the bed, oh god, please kiss me Conner’ “Who is she?” ‘Oh god, he’s getting closer, does this mean what I think it means?’

“Shall I show you?”

‘I’m so tempted to say yes, but before I get a chance to say anything, his lips are gently on mine; damn this feels good, but what about... SHIT I’M THE MYSTERY GIRL!’ he gently lifts himself up. “I’m guessing that means that I’m the girl you’re in love with?”

“Since the day we met!”

‘SHIT! HE’S LOVED ME FOR THAT LONG, awwww, sweet Conner; you can have me forever now if you want!’ “Conner, I need your help!”

“What is it beautiful?”

‘Awwww, he can call me that forever if he wants!’ “I’ve gotta get in touch with my family in Toronto, cos they’re my nearest family, but I wanna stay here, I wanna be with you, Ethan, Trent and Krista!”

“How can we make sure you stay?”

“I need to find a foster family, someone with a perfect record in every way!”

“What about Dr. O?”

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