Marah and Kapri's Secret


After Beevil episode Marah and Kapri have a secret that comes out and they then become Dustin and Hunter’s girlfriends

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Chapter 1: All About Beevil

There she is!" Cam exclaimed when he spots Beevil. The rangers all pull out their sabers and prepare to fight.

"Well, well, well," Beevil says as she approaches. "Five little rangers all in a row!"

"Back off!" Shane yells.

"Yeah, right," she laughs. "Kelzack Furies!" A swarm Kalzaks appears before her wearing a new outfit.

"Nice suits," Tori remarked "I'll bet we still kick your butts."

"Attack!" Beevil commands.

The Kelzacks run to the rangers and they begin to fight. Unfortunately, it doesn't go as well as the rangers anticipated. Almost all their blows go unnoticed by the Kelzacks because of the outfit that make them more powerful than before. It doesn't take long before all the ninja rangers are on the ground, and Beevil approaches toward the rangers with the Kelzacks. She laughs. "I'm evil! With a capital B!" she told them.

She advances on the fallen rangers, when a blast suddenly hits, knocking all the Kelzacks to the ground. They all turn quickly to see where it came from. And Marah walks slowly and coolly through the smoke.

"I knew she would show!" Dustin says, leaning over Cyber Cam's shoulder, watching on the screen in Ninja Ops. "You see, Marah really has changed!" Neither, Sensei or Cyber Cam answers. They were also watching the screen.

Meanwhile, Marah meets Beevil on the street. "What's the deal, Marah?" Beevil asked.

"I'm not here for a quilting bee, Beevil," Marah says. "I'm gonna take you down."

"Give it your best shot!" she shouts and runs at Marah with a yell.

Marah tips her hat calmly and lunge at Beevil. She blocks Beevil's attack with a solid kick, driving her back. She continues and manages to block most of Beevil's blows, throwing in a few impressive ones of her own, but it soon becomes obvious that she isn't much of a fighter. Finally, Beevil grabs her arms and twists them painfully, then throws her back roughly and sends her flying through the air, landing in a flower plot.

"Marah!" Dustin shouts from Ninja Ops. The device finishes just in time and he goes to it. "It's ready."

"Dustin," Sensei says. "Be careful."

Dustin nods and then leaves.

Marah was slowly coming to her senses and groans slightly as she opens her eyes and looks around. Beevil comes toward her. "So sorry," she mocks. Then she laughs loudly. "Now for the final sting!"

Dustin comes running toward Marah, still in his ninja uniform. "Marah!" he shouts, and she looks. "Catch!" She stands up as he throws her the device.

"Got it," she says, catching it and aiming it at Beevil. It starts to emit a beam and drives Beevil to the ground with a burst of sparks, knocking her off her feet unconscious,

"Yes!" Dustin exclaims, grinning happily.

Marah placed the device on Beevil's head as Dustin and the other rangers come running up excitedly to meet Marah.

"That was awesome!" Dustin commented. "She stopped that alien freak from destroying us!"

The others seem a little convinced, and some of them smile in relief.

Marah smiles "I'm glad I can help," she told them.

Everyone was happy that Beevil was defeated. Unaware, Beevil was conscious and was aiming at Dustin. Marah notices and quickly turns to attack Beevil before Beevil can blast Dustin when she got blasts in the head and then she froze still.

"Marah?" Dustin says when he heard the blast and turns around to look at Marah.

Marah fell forward into Dustin's arms "Marah!" he gently shake her.

"Marah! What happened to her?" Tori asked, worrying for Marah.

Beevil stands triumphantly "Ha, did you think that device would actually destroy me!"

"No, but it actually stripped all your powers," Cam replied.

Beevil scoffs "Without my power I can still destroy you little rangers," she said, blasting the rangers who dodge out the way.

Dustin dodges out the way covering Marah's body with his body "What did you do to her?" he shouted.

"It's punishment for her betrayal," Beevil replied "Oops did I hurt your precious friend or should I say a traitor to Luthor".

Dustin looked at Marah who unconscious his arms. He lay Marah gently down on the flower pot. Then he got up and angry look at Beevil "You pay for what you did. Nobody hurt Marah and get away with it" He raises his morpher, "Ninja Storm, Ranger Form—Ha!"

He morphs, and Beevil and the Kelzacks horde forward. "Oh goody!" Beevil says.

They charge and Dustin takes on Beevil angrily as the others take the Kelzacks. The rangers don't do well, as the new Kelzacks are a tough lot, and soon they are losing. "They're swarming all over me!" Cam says as he tries to fight them off.

"Me too," Hunter says, driven to his knees.

Shane is held down, a weapon at his neck. "Any suggestions, Cam?"

"Cyber Cam," Cam contacts him. "Activate Ninja Sword Gold Mode."

"I was wondering when you were gonna bust those out," Cyber Cam says back in the base. He types something in the computer. The swords of the three wind ninjas begin to glow immediately, and they start to seriously kick butt, gaining new moves and sword modes along the way.

The slowly setting sun and it was casting an orange tint to the battleground. The rangers have finished off the Kelzacks, but Dustin and Beevil are still engaged. "Had enough?" Dustin calls over, sword raised.

"You wish!" She raises her staff and runs at him, striking hard and fast. He is immediately on the defensive and is driven back, falling to one knee as she gets a hit in. She slams her staff down on his shoulder, then she flips him over her head as he tried to lift it off. "You're strong," she says. "But foolish!"

They continue to fight, and finally Dustin gets his ground. As they lock weapons, he activates gold mode, and a surge of energy runs up their swords. He leaps forward, rolling on the ground and turning to face Beevil before using his Dirt Blade and stabbing it into the ground. A series of explosions run through the ground, and Beevil falls into the flames.

"Do you actually think it's over?" Luthor growls and releases a scroll of empowerment from his PAM.

Beevil grows enormous and laughs happily. "Who's the queen bee now?" she shouted.

The rangers look up quickly, and Dustin turns to Cam "Cam, take Marah out of here".

"Okay," Cam nodded and carries Marah in his arms "Cyber Cam teleport me back to ninja ops!"

"Right away!" Cyber Cam replied and teleports Cam with Marah away.

Once Cam left with Marah, Dustin takes an angry breath and looks up at Beevil. "This one," he says. "Is all mine!"

"Go for it," Shane tells him.

"Yeah," Hunter agrees.

"Cyber Cam," Dustin says. "Restore megazord for one!" He jumps into the air and lands in the zord.

"Manual solo drive, in effect," Cyber Cam says with a small salute.

"Let's do this," Dustin says, breathing heavily in the cockpit.

"I'm waiting!" Beevil teases.

Dustin receives a power disk. "Thanks, Cyber Cam."

"No worries, dude," Cyber Cam answers.

"Locked, and dropped," Dustin says, activating the disk. "Star blazer!" he shouts.

He attacks using the new mode and Beevil falls, screaming as she is engulfed in a huge explosion. Dustin watches through the flames, sighing deeply and suddenly looking exhausted. "What a day," he remarked.

At Ninja Ops

Cam was running a scan on Marah to make sure was okay "She took a pretty hard hit." He told his father. Then he wrapped a bandage on Marah's head.

"Indeed, but is Marah going to be okay," Sensei asked.

"Um we can't be sure until she wakes up," Cam replied.

Marah suddenly stirred and slowly woke up "Where am I?" she asked, wincing in pain.

Suddenly she begins to panic "Please don't hurt me!" she shouted.

Cam grabbed her shoulder "Marah! Calm down," he tries to get through to her.

She looked at Cam and calm down "Cam?" she asked.

Cam nodded "Yeah it's me," she told him.

Marah threw her arms around his neck and hugged him "Cam!" she cried "I'm so glad to see you and Sensei. I thought I would never see you and Sensei again".

Cam rubs his cousin's back "its okay now, you're safe," he assured her.

"Marah," Sensei says "What do you remember?

"Sensei, I re-remember me and Kapri were kidnapped by Luthor when we were little," she said, touching her head "I was training to become a strong ninja and wants to become a ninja ranger".

Cam blinks his eyes confused "Kidnapped?" he asked.

"I explained to you later son, right now you need to take care of Marah," Sensei told him.

Marah looked around as if she was looking for someone "Where is Kapri?" she asked.

"She still on Luthor side," Cam replied.

"Oh no!" she cried.

"Don't worry we will get back, trust me," he comforts her,

Marah nodded.

Footsteps were heard coming into Ninja Ops. Marah immediately got up and stood in front of Cam getting ready to fight when the ninja rangers walked in.

They saw Marah was awake and was standing in front of Cam.

"Uh, what's going on?" Shane asked.

"Marah," Dustin says, happy to see her awake and okay. He went over to see her when she flips him over her shoulder. He landed on his back in pain.

"What the?" Dustin looked at Marah confused.

Tori went over and helped Dustin up "You're okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, nothing broken," he replied as he got up rubbing his back "Cam, what's going on?"

Cam went over Marah touching her shoulder "Marah, they are my friends and are the ninja power rangers," he told her.

"Oh?" She blinks her eyes confused "I'm sorry," she apologies to Dustin.

"It's okay, Marah," he replied.

"Who are you and how do you know me?" Marah asked, having no idea who he is nor the others.

Dustin looked at Marah shock and concern "Cam, what's wrong Marah?" he asked, wanting an answers.

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