Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 10: Shimazu Returns, Part 3

"It's Kapri," Hunter told Shane.

Shane rushed over to Hunter who is now holding Kapri in his arms "Seriously, Kapri is the Samurai Pink Ninja ranger?" he asked.

"Yeah, apparently," Hunter looked down at Kapri who was unconscious in his arms "Cam, do you see this?"

"Yes, I'm teleporting you guys back to Ninja Ops," Cam replied.

Hunter got up holding Kapri in his arms as Cam presses a button, teleporting Shane, Hunter with Kapri back to Ninja Ops.

Cam turned around in his chair as Hunter and Shane appears behind him. Hunter was still holding Kapri in his arms.

"Set Kapri down and I'll take a look at her," Cam ordered,

Hunter nodded and did what Cam told him.

"Is she's going to be okay?" Hunter asked.

Cam nodded "Yeah, she's going be alright".

"Okay, I have a question for you, Cam;" Shane walked up to Cam with Hunter behind him "Do you know about this?"

Cam sighs "If I knew, I would have sent them as back up for all those difficult fight we been through," he sarcastically said.

"Okay, you got a point there," Shane replied.

Hunter shakes his head with a chuckles.


"Marah?" Dustin said, shocked and surprised at the same time to found out that Marah was the Samurai Orange Ninja ranger.

Marah became conscious and saw Dustin was staring at her in shock. That's when she realizes she must have demorphed when she got blasted by Shimazu.

"Dustin, I can explain, I..." she begins when Dustin placed a hand on her shoulder. A smile forms on his face.

"It's okay, I understand," he helps her up on his feet "Let's finish off the mutts and we will discuss this later, sounds good?"

"Yeah," Marah agreed and morph again before she and Dustin join Tori and Blake who was surprised to see Marah.

"We'll take about this later," Marah says "Let's deals with the mutts!"

Tori and Blake nodded.

Tori, Blake, Dustin, and Marah quickly leap up into air and charging up their weapons up.

All four of them slashes right down at the wolves at the same time. The wolves explode into white sparkles leaving no trace of them left.

"Yeah we did it!" Dustin shouted as he and the others high five each other.

"Let's get out of here," Blake suggests.

A white explosion appears in front of them and then they disappear as the smoke clear away.

"You may have won the battle but the war is far from over." Shimazu growls as he teleported away.


Everyone was back from battling Motodrone, Shimazu and his Wolf Blades and they were around Cam's computer. Most of them were rubbing the aches and pains from the fight.

"You all done well but I'm afraid Shimazu has proven himself a worry opponent." Sensei told them.

"How is getting our butts kick is done well," Hunter asked and everyone including Sensei looked at him. He puts his hands up "Don't' answer that".

"No kidding, those wolves were dogging us big time." said Dustin.

"I still don't believe that Marah and Kapri are the Samurai Pink and Orange Ninja rangers," Tori brought it up.

Everyone turned and looked at Kapri and Marah who was standing behind the rangers.

"Kapri, Marah, you two realizes that Luthor now knows you are the Samurai Orange and Pink ninja ranger right?" Sensei asked.

Marah and Kapri nodded.

"There's one thing I don't get," Blake looked at Marah and Kapri "How are you two power rangers especially when you were evil?"

Kapri looked at Marah before she stepped forward "Well to be honest with you guys, me and Marah has been under Luthor's control, brainwashed to do evil stuffs," she explained.

Everyone gasp in shock, looking at each other.

~Kapri and Marah's Past~

Kapri and Marah were ninja training with each other. Marah back flipped as Kapri lunged at her. She tried to kick Kapri, but Kapri blocked with her hands.

Kapri leaped in the air and tried to kick Marah, but Marah quickly move out the way. Kapri landed on her feet with her back turned toward Marah.

Marah see an opportunity to attack so she hastily lunged at Kapri trying to attack from behind, but Kapri outsmart her and flipped her on her back.

"I win!" Kapri said, as she was standing and looking down at Marah before she offered a hand to Marah who accepted it.

"Thanks," Marah replied when she got off the ground "You were great! Kapri"

"So are you, Marah," Kapri remarked.

Marah sighed "You're just saying that to make me happy".

Kapri shook her head and touched Marah's shoulder "No, I really meant it, Marah," Marah looked at Kapri.

"If you practice more, you will be strong," Kapri suggested.

Marah nodded and smiled "Thanks, I will train hard," she replied.

Kapri noticed the sky was getting dark "Look like it's about to rain," she said.

"We better get inside before we get soak," Marah suggested.

Marah and Kapri were about to go inside when a loud explosion struck down in front of them, sending them fly backward to the ground on their back.

"What's going on?" Marah asked as she and Kapri sat up and looked in front of them.

Kapri and Marah eyes widen as the smoke cleared revealing Luthor standing there.

"It's so good to see you girls," he opened his arms wide "So, aren't you going to say hi to your Uncle Luthor?"

Kapri and Marah got up the ground

"But I thought you were lock away," Kapri said, still can't believed that she seeing him here.

"Yeah, well, I escape from it," he gestured them to come to him "Come and let's bring destruction to the world," he turned and began to leave.

"No," Kapri refused and Luthor turned around and looked at her.

"What did you say?" he asked.

"You heard me," Kapri stepped forward "Me and Marah will not help you destroy the world"

Luthor fully turned facing Kapri "So, is that how's it going to be then huh?" he extended one of his hands out "Then you leave no choice," he blasted and energy at them, hitting their head.

Kapri and Marah collapsed to the ground, clutching their heads. The power of dark was taking control of their mind.

Marah looked up at Luthor with her eyes glowing red and smirked appearing on her face.

"So what's going to be?" he asked.

Marah got up from the ground "As you wish, uncle, let's destroy the world," she walked over to his side.

Kapri was still clutching her head "No, Marah! She shakes her head "No, I must fight this; I can't let darkness control me. C'mon Kapri fight this!"

Suddenly she felt the darkness slipped away from her mind. It like something was pushing it out. Kapri opened her eyes and looked down at her necklace. She notices a dim light glowing from him. She then realized the necklace was helping her fight the darkness, but also with strength combining to it makes it strong.

She looked up at Luthor as the dim light from her necklace faded away.

"Well, what's it going to be, Kapri?" he asked.

Kapri got up and a smirked appeared on her face "Of course, let's destroy the world!" she replied and then walked over to his side next to Marah.

"Excellent," Luthor laughed and aimed his finger at Kapri and Marah transforming their outfit into the alien outfit "Let's go girls!"

Kapri and Marah nodded and followed him.

Kapri who was walking behind Marah was deeply in thoughts "For now I followed Luthor, pretending that I'm under control so I can help Marah break out of Luthor. I was able to use my energy with my necklace to break out of Luthor's control, but Marah couldn't. She wasn't strong enough to use her energy. I must found a way to help Marah no matter what," she thought with determination in her eyes.

~ End of Kapri and Marah's Past~

Everyone was speechless after they heard Kapri's story.

"So, I take it that Kapri going to stay with us?" Tori asked, breaking the silence. She looked at her fellow rangers.

Cam smiles and replied "Of course she and Marah are family to me".

"Exactly, she's a ranger and rangers must stick together," Hunter agreed

"Oooh, do I detect a spark coming from you bro?" Blake smirks and Hunter hit lightly in the arm.

"Hunter right," Sensei said "Kapri will stay with us".

Kapri smiles "Thank you, Sensei and everyone; I'm glad you guys accept after what had happened between us".

Dustin walked over to Kapri "As long as you good, then we can let what happened be bygone," he told her.

Kapri nodded "I won't let you guys down, I promise," she assured all of them.

"We are counting on you," Shane replied.

"Unfortunately we have a problem," Cam says all of sudden.

The rangers went over and looked on the screen it shows the wolves coming back again but fused together into three giant head and super sized.

"No way!" Dustin shouted, can't believe what he was seeing on the computer screen.

"You got to be kidding me!" Shane exclaimed.

"That's one ugly mutt." Tori remarked when she saw the wolf monster.

"Man, the leash laws in this town need some serious work." Hunter stated as he watches the screen.

"You guys better get out there before it decides to make the federal building into a chew toy. Marah, you stay here for back up since you still don't have your zord yet" Cam asked as he typed on the keyboard.

Marah nods and went over to give Dustin a hug "Be careful," she whispers in his ear.

Dustin smiles and looked at her "I will," he assured her, holding her hand in his.

Then Marah turned and looked at everyone including Kapri "You guys be careful and come back safely".

Everyone nodded and walked away from the computer and morphed.



"Ninja storm, Thunder storm, Lightning samurai! Ranger form! Ha!" They all shouted.

In the city where the giant three headed Wolf Blade was, the zords came and the Storm and Thunder megazords were formed. Then the deer zord arrived with Kapri in it.

"Let's pound this hound." Shane shouted.

"Right! Yeah!" the others shouted.

The megazords started to advance on the wolf and so did the Wolf Blade. The Thunder megazord punched the wolf but it blocked it and went pass to attack the Storm megazord. The wolf hit the Storm megazord and turned around just in time to block the Thunder megazord's punch and countered with a claw attack. The Storm megazord manage to grab hold of the wolf from behind but they were shrugged off and the wolf attacked them with its claw as well. Then the Wolf Blade let out an electrical energy blast at the two megazords damaging them severely.

"Hunter! Minizord formation," Shane shouted.

"Good call Shane." Hunter replied.

"Power disks, locked and dropped."

While the other rangers busy forming their zords together, Kapri went ahead and attack the Wolf Blade.

"How about some lightening!" she blasts electricity lightening out from the deer anthers. It struck Wolf Blade in it chest causing it to tumbling backward.

Once the disks were in the two golden power spheres that contain the Minizord came out and the Minizord was formed.

"Rangers forming the Thunderstorm Megazord, wind power, thunder power, unite!" called the Minizord.

Immediately the two megazords quickly combined and formed into the Thunderstorm Megazord

"Great work! Kapri," Tori remarked.

"Thanks," Kapri smiles.

"We can handle it from here," Hunter says.

The Wolf Blade growls at them.

"That's right flea bag. Keep yapping, we got something for you. Lion Laser attack!" Shane shouted.

Immediately with a pull of a cord from the megazord's chest, it released its ultimate attack and the attack hit the Wolf Blade and exploded.

"Yeah boy!" Shane exclaimed.

All the rangers cheered along with Cam and Marah who was watching it on the screen. Suddenly the Wolf Blade appears from where the flames and smoke was, still alive and wasn't even hurt at all.

"You got to be kidding!" Shane yelled.

"I can't be!" Kapri can't believe what she was seeing.

"No!" Hunter exclaimed.

"Unbelievable!' Cam says as he saw the Wolf Blade still alive.

"This can't be happened," Marah replied.

"Impossible!" Tori stated.

"No way!" Blake shouted.

"Is this happening!" Dustin called out, touching his helmet.

The Wolf Blade then launched itself into the air, jumping at them and tackled down the Thunderstorm Megazord and the deer zord.


Cam was rapidly type on the keyboard then he presses a button "Marah?"

"Yeah?" Marah looked at her cousin.

"This is where you step in," he told her "Your zord up and ready".

Marah nods, knowing what to do. She went and stands in the center of the room "Flame Samurai! Ninja form! Ha!"

The wolf was still attacking the Thunderstorm Megazord and the Deer zord when suddenly out of nowhere a blur figure pound Wolf Blade in the chest repeatedly, went back and forth and knocking it off of the Thunderstorm Megazord and the Deer zord.

"You guys alright?" Marah asked.

"We're fine now," Shane replied.

The blur figure appears next to the deer zord reveal to be a fox zord.

"Let's turn on the heat!" Marah shouted and blast fire out of the fox zord's mouth.

The Wolf Blade caught on fire.

"Hey guys, did anyone bring some marshmallow?" Dustin joked.

"Now lay down you mutt!" Marah shouted and the fox zord turned around and swing it tail smacking the Wolf Blade in the face.

The Wolf Blade fall down to the ground on it back.

"Hey Kapri, are you thinking what I'm thinking," Marah asked.

"Right on!" Kapri agreed.

"Cam, can I?" Marah asked

"Sure why not," Cam agreed.

"Let's do it," Kapri and Marah said and then forms their zords together as one. After that they went over and their zord stomp their foot on Wolf Blade's chest, but Wolf Blade outsmart them and grab their zord's foot. He lifts it off of him and swing it toward the Thunderstorm Megazord, which slam into Thunderstorm Megazord's chest.

"Marah! Kapri! Are you guys alright?" Dustin asked.

"Oh no! Here it's come again!" Blake shouted.

the Wolf Blade jumped at the two megazords and started to attack them both.

"I have to get them out of there." stated Cam as he watched the wolf attacking the Thunderstorm and Trinity megazords.

The samurai ranger quickly typed a few commands with the keyboard and pressed the middle red button. Immediately all six rangers were teleported out from their megazords and back at Ninja Ops.

"Power down!" Everyone demorph and collapses to the ground exhausted.

"Thanks Cam," Shane said

"No problem," Cam replied.

Later on

"Okay, listen up everybody. The zords should be back online by tomorrow the latest but we are going to need reinforcements." Cam told them

He was standing in front of everyone giving them on the update of their zords from the battle with the Wolf Blades.

"Well I'm opened to any suggestions on how we deal with the freaks." Shane said as he turned to everyone else.

"Oh no," Dustin shook his head " Guys, my head still hurt from what that ugly mutts did us when we were in our megazords.

"I have one. Dad I think this is a pretty clear case of an emergency." Cam turned to his father.

"Say no more Cam. You have my permission," Sensei agreed.

The blue screen behind Cam opened and he went up.

"We finally are going to see what the big deal is." Blake said with a smirks.

"Anyone want to take bets?" Hunter asked.

"It got to be some, like really old sword." Shane guessed.

"Or cool fighting staff." Blake added.

"I say it's an old scroll," Tori replied.

"Another scroll?" Dustin asked.

"Twenty bucks if you don't believe me," Tori extends her hand out toward Dustin.

"Deal," Dustin shakes Tori's hand.

Cam took a long wooden box from the shelf and moved it to the table. The lid on the box had a decorative Japanese decoration on it. Everyone surround the table and Cam opened up the lid of the box and in it was a large scroll.

Tori turned and looked at Dustin, holding out her hand "Look like someone owe me twenty buck," she smiled.

Dustin chuckles "Put it on my tab".

Cam took out the scroll, unrolled it and started to read.

"Hey um, Cam I uh just want to ask..." Shane started to say.

"Shh, shhh, shh..." Cam shushes Shane as he begins to read the scroll.

"Okay, well maybe we will just leave you alone." Shane replied.

"So what do we do while we wait for the dog pound?" Blake asked.

"Be strong and stay alert." Sensei replied.

"Let's go dude." Hunter tapped his brother's shoulder while everyone else looked at him.

"Where are you guys going?" Tori asked.

"We just got something to take care of," Hunter said before he left with Blake.

"They're kidding right?" Shane asked as he looked at Tori, Dustin, Marah, and Kapri.

"Call if you need us." Blake said, following his brother out the door.

"Aren't you guys at least going to tell us, what you are doing?" Tori called out to the two thunder rangers.

"Sorry but it's a secret and a surprise," Hunter replied.

"Secret huh?" Shane folds his arms.


At the race track, Dustin was riding on the track as Marah was watching near by. A minute later he rode the bike up to van where Marah was waiting for him with her back leaning against the van.

"You were great out there," she commented.

"Thanks," Dustin took off his helmet and placed it on the handle of his bike "I have a question for you,"

"Yeah?" she asked.

"How come you didn't tell me you were the Samurai Orange Ninja Ranger?" he asked.

"I didn't know about it myself," she looked down and then up at Dustin "Until I remember".

Dustin blinks his eyes "You remember? Uh everything?" he asked.

"Everything," she simply replied.


"Few days ago," Marah replied.

"Why didn't say anything?" he asked.

"I was... afraid to," she admitted.

Dustin got off his bike and went over to her "You don't have to especially with me," he told her.

Marah smiles and he hugs her "Beside you look hot as an Orange ranger," he smirks.

"So do you," she says, but immediately cover her mouth with her hands.

"What was that?" Dustin smiles and looked to her.

"Nothing," Marah looked away, blushing on her cheeks.

Dustin went around her and looked at her "I heard you say something about me".

Marah looked away in the other direction "It was nothing," she replied.

"Come on tell me," Dustin pleaded as he go around her and looked at her face.

She looked up at him "You really want to know?

Dustin nods and she went up close to his face and lean in. He was also leaning toward her too.

As their lips were almost touching, she immediately back away and Dustin looked at her in confusion.

She smiles "Catch me and I will tell you," she took off running.

"Ha ha ha," Dustin laughs "I'm gonna get you!" he chased after her.

Marah was far ahead of Dustin, but he manages to catches up to her. He tackles her to the ground, but ended of falling due to Marah's foot slipping on the rock. They were rolling on the ground downhill four times until it ends up Dustin on top of Marah.

They were staring at each other with a smile on their face. Marah closes her eyes as she realizes that Dustin was leaning down toward her.

The lips was a little touching and they were about to fully kiss when Dustin's morpher beep.

Dustin groans and got off of Marah. Then he helps her get off the ground

"Cam, this better be important".

"Dustin, you and Marah need to come to Ninja Ops right away!" Cam ordered

"Alright, we're on our way," Dustin replied and he and Marah left.


Hunter and Blake were at a building of some sort sprinting up a set of metal stair. Around the corner, against a wall was Tori and Shane.

"I feel kind of guilty spying on them like this," said Tor as she looked around the corner and sees the thunders entering a door and motioned to Shane that the coast was clear.

Besides all fairs in love and show business." Shane walked around Tori to where the stairs were.

"I gotta go check out what they are doing for Totally Talented. Come on!" he started for the stair with the blue ninja following.

"You guys lost?" Blake's voice spoke from behind them.

Hunter and Blake already knew they were following them and used their ninja powers to catch them red handed. The two wind ninjas turned around to see the thunder brothers standing there with their arms crossed across their chest.

"Hey, hey! Yeah, hate it when you guys do that." Shane says sheepishly.

"You guys need any help?" Hunter asked as Blake just shook his head.

"Ah, well we were just in the area and..." Tori said awkwardly.

"Tori, you're such a bad liar. Don't even go there, Blake chuckles

Suddenly, Shane's morpher started to beep. Tori and Shane sighs, thinking "thank god for the beeping sound"

"What is it, Cam?" Shane asked.

"Shane, you and the other rangers must come to Ninja Ops right away." Cam ordered.

"On it,' Shane nodded.

"Come on." Tori replied and all four of them left to Ninja Ops.

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