Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 13: The Wild Wipeout Part 1

It started out at the beach where Marah and Tori was walking toward the ocean carrying their surf boards.

"So, how's everything going for you and Kapri?" Tori asked.

Marah looked at Tori "It's fine, you guys made us feel like we are home," She then looked at the ocean where peoples are swimming and having fun "I'm really glad to have Kapri here instead of her being by Luthor side".

"Speaking Kapri," Tori looked around "aren't she supposed to meet us here?'

"She said she'll be here because she told me she was getting something for Cam to fixed Hunter's bike," Marah replied as she also looked around.

"Hunter's bike?" Tori lifts one of her eyebrows up "Is there something I should know?"

Marah looked at Tori with a confuse look "What do you mean?"

"You know," Tori smiles "Hunter and Kapri?"

"Oh, you mean if Kapri likes Hunter," Marah said, finally realizes what Tori was trying to said "I don't know about that".

"Doesn't Kapri tell you everything?" Tori asked.

"Well yes she does," Marah slightly smiles "But she never mentioned anything about Hunter".

"Really," Tori folds her arms "So, Kapri never once say anything about Hunter to you?"

Marah sighs "Okay, maybe a little," she admitted.

"Like what?" Tori asked with curiosity.

Marah chuckles "Like how cute he is".

"So, Kapri does like Hunter," said Tori with a smile on her face.

"What? That's impossible Kapri wouldn't," Marah begins but got interrupt by Tori.

"Think about it why would Kapri says that Hunter is cute," Tori said.

"So, you're saying that if a girl say a guy is cute that mean she like him?" Marah asked.

"It kind of like that, but trust me Kapri likes Hunter and I'm going to prove it to you that it's true," Tori replied.

Marah chuckles "Okay, I can't wait to see this".

"What about you?" Tori asked all of sudden.

"Me?" Marah blinks her eyes in confused.

"Yeah," Tori nods "You and Dustin".

Marah turned away, hiding the blush on her cheeks.

"It's fine," she quickly replied.

"Fine?" Tori asked.

"Yeah fine," Marah nods.

Tori was about to ask something when she got interrupts.

"Marah! Tori!" a voice called out to them. Tori and Marah turned and saw Kapri running over them.

"Sorry, I'm late," Kapri said in between each breath. She was breathing heavy from running.

"Don't worry about it," Tori said "As long you shows up, it's okay".

"So did you get the item Cam needed to fix Hunter's bike?" Marah asked.

"Yeah," Kapri nodded "Once I gave it to him, I ran over here as fast I can".

"You could have uses your power to teleport yourself," Marah points out.

Kapri wrinkles her eyebrows "Hm, I never thought of that," She shrugged "Oh well at least I got some exercise".

Tori and Marah laughs and soon Kapri join in.

"C'mon, let's surf!" Tori exclaimed before she took off into the water with Marah and Kapri following behind her.

When Marah and Kapri begin to surf, they were having trouble staying on their board. They kept falling off every time they try to stand on their surf board. It took them awhile before they got the hang of it. Kapri was able to stay on her surf board while Marah was still having problem.

Seeing Marah struggling, Tori went over and help her telling her take it easy.

Marah was able to stand on her surf board "I did it!" she smiles.

Suddenly, she starting to wobbles on her surf board and almost fell into the water when a hand grabs her arm. She looked over and saw Kapri next to her.

"Are you okay, Marah?"

Marah nods and smiles "I am, thanks to you".

Kapri smiles "How about you give another try on the surfboard," she suggests.

"Okay," Marah agreed before she jumps back on her surfboard.

This time, she was able to stay on her surfboard without any problem.

Tori smiles noticing that Marah and Kapri was able to surf on their board and are improving. They were having a blast when suddenly the wave was getting rough and strong.

Tori, Kapri, and Marah was trying to get back on land out of the water when Marah got swept off her board and fell in the water

"Marah!" Tori and Kapri shouted.

They try to reach for Marah, but ends up getting swept under by the strong wave.

~ An Hour Later~

"Ow my head," Tori sat up, touching her head and notices that she was laying in the sand "I guess we made it back safely" she turned to looked at Kapri and Marah, but realizes they were unconscious lying in the sand.

Tori quickly check on them "Kapri! Marah! Are you two are alright?" she asked, trying to wake them up.

Few minute later, Kapri and Marah woke up and sat up touching their heads.

"What happened?" Marah asked.

"I don't know," Tori says "But I guess we made it safe back here".

Kapri got up and looked around "Are you sure we are safe?" she asked all of sudden.

Tori got up and help Marah up "Of course we are, why?"

"Because from what I'm seeing, we are not safe," Kapri replied without looking at Marah and Tori.

Tori and Marah has a confuse look on this face. They looked around and realize what Kapri was talking about.

"Tori?" Marah says "Is it me or am I'm seeing Kalzaks running around the beach?"

Tori shook her head "No, I'm also seeing Kalzaks," She touches her head realizing that they are now in an alternate universe "This is..."

"Not good," Hunter says as he and Blake back in the real world were looking around for Tori, Marah, and Kapri.

"Shouldn't they be here," Blake asked, getting worried.

"That's what Kapri told me," Hunter replied.

"Where would they gone off to?" Blake asked.

"I don't know," Hunter was walking around looking for the girls and was worried for them "Something is not right".

"Nah, ya think," Blake looked at his brother annoy.

"Dude, we need to talk to Cam, maybe he can locate where Marah, Tori, and Kapri are," Hunter suggests.

"Great idea," Blake pats Hunter's back "Let's go!"

Hunter and Blake quickly head back to Ninja Ops.

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