Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 14: The Wild Wipeout Part 2

~Alternate Universe~

Tori, Marah, and Kapri saw monsters and Kalzaks running all over the place

"This is crazy!" Tori remarked.

"And weird," Marah added.

Kapri nods in agreement.

Suddenly the girls saw a Kalzaks attacking an elderly lady and ran to help her. Kapri flipped the Kalzaks away and Tori and Marah helped the lady up.

"What did you three girls do that for?" the lady yelled.

"That was a Kalzak?" Tori points out in confused to why the lady yelled at her, Marah and Kapri when they just saved her life from a Kalzaks.

"Of course it was!" the lady retorted. "And he was kind enough to help me with my seat! So next time, mind your own business sister!"

Tori snorts and she, Marah, and Kapri walked away from that lady.

"What a mean woman," Kapri remarked "We just saved her butts, at least she can say thanks.

"Something is not right here," Tori told them.

Tori, Marah, and Kapri take another look at the beach area and saw a monster coaching a team of kids, another helping out with a picnic, and others socialize. They seemed, good.

"I totally agreed," Marah said.

"Let's go find the guys," Kapri suggests "Maybe they can tell us what's going on".

"Yeah, let's go," Tori replied and left with Kapri and Marah.

~ In the Real world, At Ninja Ops~

"What!" Dustin exclaimed as he turned and looked at Blake and Hunter "Marah, Tori, and Kapri are missing".

"We looking everywhere and they are nowhere to be seen," Blake explained.

"I check the Storm Charger," Shane said as he came walking in "Kelly says she never saw them come in".

Cam turned around in his chair "I can't even track Tori, Marah, and Kapri morpher, it likes she vanishes into thin air".

Dustin couldn't take it anymore and wants to go out to search for them. He was about to leave.

"Dustin, where are you going?" Cam asked.

"I'm going to search for them," Dustin replied.

"We're going with you," Hunter said as he, Blake, and Shane walked over to him.

"I'll stay here and see if I can reach them," Cam told them.

"Keep looking," Hunter replied before he left with the others.

~Alternate Universe~

Tori, Marah, and Kapri walked inside the Storm Charge hoping the guys would be there, but instead they saw Kelly. Instead of being the usual happy, hard-working, fun Kelly, this one was a mad, gothic, lazy Kelly.

"Kelly... hi... you um changed your hair and everything..." Tori stuttered.

"Yeah, so? What are you, the fashion police?" Kelly spat. "Listen blondy, are you and you friends are gonna buy something or are you just here to bag on my gear?"

"I was actually wondering if you've seen the guys," Marah asked.

"A lot of guys come in here, can't remember them all!"

"I mean the guys that work for you."

"Oh, those guys!" Kelly smiled...sorta. "Hey stock boys!"

Tori, Marah, and Kapri looked at the back door expecting to see Dustin and the others when they were in for a surprised.

"Huh?" Kapri looked at Tori and Marah in confused.

"They're..." Tori begins.

"Zurgane and Choobo," Marah finishes Tori's sentence.

Zurgane and Choobo were both carry a bunch of boxed clumsy dropping them. Kelly got up and yelled at them.

Tori, Marah, and Kapri were about to leave when the news caught her attention. Blue Bay Harbour was under attack by... the Power Rangers

"What!" Tori muttered and looked at Kapri and Marah who was confused and startle by news.

"That can't be," Marah says.

"We need to get to Ninja Ops and getting this straightens out," Tori suggested.

Marah and Kapri nods and left quickly out the door with Tori.

As the girls came in Ninja Ops, they saw the guys were training.

"Thanks god we found you guys," Kapri says.

The guys turned around and looked at them.

"Why, what's going on?" Hunter asked as he walked over to Kapri, Tori, and Marah.

"Guys! Listen, the whole city is flipping out!" Tori yelled.

"Hey, girls, there you are!" Shane smiled.

"You missed out from the fun stuffs!" Hunter smirked.

"Didn't you guys hear me?" Tori asked, "I saw on the news that the Power Rangers were out there thrashing everything!"

"We're out of control!" Shane exclaimed.

"That was you guys?" Tori asked, can't believe what she was hearing.

"Please us, you guy are joking," Marah asked, don't want to believe what she was hearing.

"Don't tell anyone!" Blake shushes them. "We wouldn't want to get into trouble."

"What's up with you girls anyway?" Hunter asked. "You girls have been acting weird!"

"We've been acting weird?" Tori looked at the guys slightly angry.

"We should be asking you that!" Kapri replied, sounding upset.

"What's with the whole goody goody routine?" Blake asked. He saw the look of hurt on Tori's face. "Sorry, my bad... but what are you going to do? Cry about it?" he laughed.

"I'm almost done with a new weapon that's really going to rock this town!" Dustin smiled as he got off the super computer.

"That's why you're the mechanical master!" Cam smiled.

"Dustin, a master?" Tori laughed.

Dustin notices Marah "Marah, you here," he smiles and walked over to her "Where were you, you missed out on the fun!" he grabs and kisses her on the lips.

She placed her hands on his chest and gently pushes him away "What's gotten into you!"

"What?" he smiles "I can't kiss my girl friend, relax Marah, Cam is okay with us".

"Yeah!" Cam replied.

Tori was really worried now and turned to Sensei. "Sensei, please tell me what's happened?"

"What are you looking at me for?" Sensei asked. "If you don't want to be a Ranger anymore you know where the water fall is, don't let it splash you on the way out!"

"Or maybe you need a little help finding the way?" Dustin teased.

"So Tori, what's it going to be?" Blake asked. "You with us, or not?"

"If you're talking about thrashing the city, then no," Tori replied, backing away.

"What about you, Kapri?" Hunter asked.

"You can count me out," Kapri replied.

"C'mon, Marah stand by my side," Dustin touches her arms, Marah looked at him

"As much I loved you Dustin," she begins to back away "I can't because I know this isn't the way it's supposed to be".

"Have it your way then," Dustin said as the other Rangers circled around Tori, Marah, and Kapri. The boys attacked the girls, but Kapri quickly teleports herself, Marah, and Tori out of Ninja Ops.

They appear in the park to try and figure things out. "

There's got to be an explanation for this! It's a bad dream, or a parallel dimension," Tori said before Toxipod ran behind her, Marah, and Kapri with a kite.

Kapri looked at Tori "No, it's not a dream, it's definitely parallel dimension"

"Let the flowers grow, let the people sing!" Alternate version of Marah and Kapri sang as they passed by.

"Okay, now I'm just plain freaked out!" Tori said as she looked back and forth at Marah and Kapri in front of her and ones that just passed dress in weird clothes.

"You telling me," Kapri was freaking out seeing her alternate self "It's like looking in the mirror, but the different is it..."

"Real," Marah finishes Kapri's sentence. She was also freaking seeing her alternate self.

Tori turned to the hippies. "Who are you guys supposed to be?"

The girls turned to Tori with smiles. "Hi! I'm Marah Marigold Moonbeam."

"And I'm Kapri, Rainbow Producer!"

"We're folk singers!" Marah smiled.

"I would have guessed the village idiots..." Tori said to herself.

The Hippies Marah and Kapri gasp,

"What?" Tori asked.

"You two girls look like us," Hippies Kapri replied.

Marah and Kapri laughs

"We get that a lot, it just a coincidence".

"Oh," Hippies Marah smiles "In that case".

"Let the flowers grow!" they started singing.

"Okay! We get it," Tori yelled over them. "Now let me get something straight... Aliens, Kalzaks, various monster types are all good?"

"Oh yeah!" Hippies Marah smiled.

"And everybody's afraid of the Power Rangers?" Marah asked.

"Oh yeah!" Hippies Kapri said in a not so happy tone. "They do whatever they want and stomp on anything that gets in the way! They horrible, evil creatures!"

"You're not from around here, are you?" Hippies Marah asked.

"Clearly," Tori sighed. "What am I going to do?"

"About what?" Hippies Kapri asked.

"I have this problem, I need someone really smart and powerful to help us," Tori said.

"You girls could go see the mayor! He's a totally groovy dude!" Hippies Kapri smiled.

"And he's a Libran so he's totally balanced!" Hippies Marah added.

"Can you take us to see him?" Tori asked excitedly.

"We really would appreciate it," Kapri added.

"Of course! Helping is like, my favorite thing!" Hippies Kapri smiled "Follow us".

"You've got to promise me something," Tori said, looking them straight in the eye and speaking as if they were children. "No more singing!"

"Yes, no singing," Kapri agreed.

"Okay!" Hippies Kapri and Marah laughed.

Then girls follow the alternate version of Kapri and Marah to see the Mayor.

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