Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 15: The Wild Wipeout Part 3

~Real World, at the Beach~

"C'mon, Marah where are you?" Dustin muttered as he looking around "They have to be here somewhere".

Shane ran up to Dustin and Dustin looked at him "Anything?"

Shane shook his head.

Then Blake and Hunter ran over to them.

"I ask the peoples that were here," Hunter says "They told me that Tori, Marah, and Kapri were here".

"They were surfing in water and disappears," Blake added.

Shane looked back and forth at Dustin, Hunter, and Blake "You guys don't think the girls drown do you? He asked.

"Dude," Blake looked at Shane "Tori is a great swimmer".

"Not so sure about Marah or Kapri," Hunter added with a worried expression.

Dustin was starting to get worried that Marah might have drowned with Kapri and Tori. He quickly shakes the thoughts from his mind "Nah, it impossible," he said

Shane looked at the ocean "Maybe one of us should go into water and take a look," he suggests.

"I'll go," Dustin offered, taking his shirt off.

"I'm going with you," Hunter said, also taking his shirt off "Blake, you and Shane stay just in case the girls show up.

"Got it," Blake and Shane nod.

Dustin and Hunter ran over into the ocean and jump into the water.

~Alternative Universe~

"Here we are!" Hippies Kapri smiled as she pushed away the beaded door.

"You have a seat, and the mayor will be with you shortly!" Hippies Marah said.

"We got to go though; we're performing at a puppet show this afternoon!" Hippies Kapri beamed. Tori, Marah and Kapri smiled, knowing alternate version of Marah and Kapri wouldn't be around much longer, but their smile fell when they announced a group hug.

"No don't!" the three girls yelled as the alternate version of Kapri and Marah wrapped their arms around them

"Okay, that enough now girls," Tori says, feeling uncomfortable.

"You girls better go before you girls are late for your performing," Marah replied.

"Okay, well goodbye and good luck," The Alternate version of Kapri and Marah let go of the three girls and then left.

The three girls sigh and sat down in their chairs. Suddenly the mayor came running out.

"Hello, I'm mayor Lothor! How can I help you girls my dear?" he asked with a smile on his face.

"Lothor!" the three girls shriek before they fainted. Next thing they knew, Motodrone was gently tapping their on the cheek. "Can I get you girls a glass of water?" he asked.

"No, I'm fine," Tori said as she tried to sit up.

"It's okay, I'm fine," Marah replied, still shock from the encounter.

Kapri shook her head and slightly smile "No thank you".

"You gave us quite a scare!" Lothor smiled.

Tori tried to stand and Lothor slowly helped her up. Motodrone helps Kapri get up. Then Tori and Kapri turned to the monitor and saw the Rangers attacking the city.

"Not again! Tori sighed.

"I can't believe this is happening," Kapri said.

"It's terrible, isn't it?" Lothor asked. "Nobody knows what to do about the Power Ranger problem." Tori turned to him, confused. Marah and Kapri also looked at Lothor, confused.

"But it's your responsibility to unleash some butt whooping on these guys!" Tori explained.

"I don't want any trouble!" Lothor said. "I'm sorry."

"Look, I know, you are a mayor," Marah slowly got up with Tori's help "But you need to face your fear and help the peoples".

"I wish I could, but I can't," Lothor replied sadly "I really don't want to cause problems".

"Let's go," Tori replied and she, Marah and Kapri left the room, disappointed. They were going to fight her friends to protect the peoples.

~Real World, at the beach~

Dustin and Hunter came out of water disappointed. Shane and Blake gave their shirts to them.

"Did you guys found anything?" Blake asked.

Dustin put his shirt back on and shook his head "Nothing," he simply replied.

"So, we came cross off the idea of the girls drowning off the list," Hunter replied.

"So, what do we do now?" Blake asked.

"I say we head back to Ninja Ops and see if Cam found anything," Shane suggests.

"Yeah, let's go," Hunter agreed. He turns and saw Dustin was sad. "Don't worry we will find them," he assured the earth yellow ranger.

Dustin nods and follows Hunter and the other back to Ninja Ops.

~Alternative Universe~

"I told you! You're not going to destroy Blue Bay Harbor!" Tori yelled.

"If you want to destroy Blue Bay Harbor, you're going have to get through us first," Kapri added with a glare she was giving them.

"Back off Tori," Blake laughed. "We wouldn't want to hurt you!"

"I wouldn't worry about that!" Tori smirked "Ready girls!"

"Ready!" Marah and Kapri replied.

They try to morph, but nothing happen.

"Huh?" Kapri looked at herself in confused.

"What's going on?" Tori asked, wondering why she, Marah, and Kapri couldn't morph.

"This can't be happening!" Marah exclaimed.

The others laughed, throwing insults at them.

"How can you defeat us when you can't morph?" Blake taunted

"For the last time, get out of our way!" Hunter yelled as they all pointed their weapons at her. Tori, Marah, and Kapri refused to leave and defended themselves when all the Rangers attacked them in their ranger form. The girls were struggling against the rangers.

Dustin threw Marah to the ground and points his weapon at her "Don't move!" he yelled. There was fear in Marah eyes seeing Dustin aiming his weapon at her. She can help but wonders if he would actually hurt her. That's when she notices that he was struggling with his weapon, which means there was still good in him. She could have sworn that she saw him begins to lowers his weapon down.

Blake flipped Tori over him and she landed on her back. He also aims his weapon at her as the others rangers aim their weapon at Kapri who was also on the ground.

"Don't bother getting up!" Shane yelled. They raised their weapons and brought it down fast. Tori, Marah, and Kapri close their eyes waited for pain but an explosion went off behind the Rangers, sending them flying.

"What was that?" Tori asked. She smiled as she saw Lothor walked up.

"Pardon me gentlemen, but I have been elected to protect the city and I intend to do it!" he yelled.

"Don't make me laugh!" Blake yelled. "Everybody knows you're scared of us!"

"That may be true! But they're not!" Lothor smiled, calling forth the army. They are Zurgane, Alternate version of Marah and Kapri, Shimazu, Vexacus, Motodrone, and Choobo.

Kapri and Tori got up with a smile on their face. Marah was slowly getting up when a hand grabs her arm helping her up. She looked up and was surprise to see Dustin standing there demorph "Dustin?" she says. He nodded and helps her walked over to where Tori and Kapri.

Tori and Kapri was surprised to see him.

"Are you..." Tori begins to ask.

As if Dustin knew what she was asking, he nods and replied "Yes".

"Dustin, I can't believe you choose their side and turn your back on your friends," Shane yelled.

"Well I guess, I like being good. Marah made me realizes that," he turned and looked at Marah with a smile on his face. Marah smiles as she heard what he said,

"I guess you got through to Dustin, Marah," Tori said to Marah with a smile.

"Way the go, Marah!" Kapri pats Marah in the back.

"Fine, I guess we will fight you also, Dustin," Hunter sneered.

"Bring it on!" Dustin answered.

"Nobody's going to stop us!" Blake yelled. The fight was on. The Rangers received a butt whooping from the monsters. Hunter tries to lunge at Marah, but Dustin got in front of her and kicks him in the stomach, sending him flying backward. The Rangers were defeated except for Tori, Kapri, Marah and Dustin. When the boys were held by the monsters,

"I hope you teens have learned your lesson!" Lothor smiled.

"That if we trash anymore stuff we get our butts kicked?" Hunter asked.

"Exactly!" Lothor laughed.

"You ruined everything!" Blake yelled at Tori.

"I was over this bad boy deal anyway!" Hunter yelled. "I was thinking of taking up skateboarding!"

"Skateboarding?" Shane asked, "Naw, that's lame. I'm thinking motocross!"

"Motocross?" Blake asked. "What about surfing? Now that's cool!"

"Surfing?" Tori laughed.

"Thank you for everything!" Lothor smiled as the Rangers were taken away.

"It has been interesting," Tori smiled. "But we would really like to get back home."

"Maybe you girls should just go back the way you came from," Alternate Marah suggested, earning props from Alternate Kapri.

"Going back the way I came..." Tori smile as an idea occurs to her.

Later on at the Beach

Dustin was walking with Marah. He turned and looked at her "Well, I guess this is goodbye".

Marah nodded "Yeah," she looked at him.

"Will I see you again?" he asked.

"Something tells you already have," Marah glances over at her alternate version of herself. Her alternate self was talking to the Alternate Kapri.

Dustin turned and saw what Marah looking at "Her?" he asked "I don't know".

Marah giggles when she saw Dustin's expression "I know, she’s um weird, but trust me, she's still me".

Dustin sighs and smile "I guess you're right".

"Just maybe," Marah smiles "You can get know her and see what's good about her".

"Okay," Dustin agreed.

"Marah, c'mon," Kapri called out to her.

"Goodbye Dustin," she told him. Then he pulled her in a hug "Goodbye Marah".

Then Marah ran over to Kapri who was holding two surfboards. One of them was hers. Kapri gave Marah her surfboard and then left into the water right behind Tori. Marah turned around and saw Dustin watching her leave. She smiles at him and turns to leave with Tori and Kapri into the water. Once she was in the water, she glances over at Dustin one more time and saw him making his way over to her alternate self. Then she quickly joins Tori and Kapri.

Tori, Marah, and Kapri were surfing again when a strong wave hit them again and swept them under the water.

An Hour Later

The Real World

"Ow, my head," Tori slowly opens her eyes and covering her eyes when the sun shines on her face. She notices she was still on the beach in the sand. She sat up and looked around "Am I'm back?"

Kapri and Marah woke up slowly and sat up. They were looking around wondering the same time when the guys show up.

Tori quickly got up and back away with Kapri and Marah "Stay away!" she yelled.

"I showered and everything!" Dustin said, confused.

"Dustin, is that you?" Marah asked. He smelt his armpits before smiling.

"Yeah," he laughed. Marah smiles and ran toward him. Before Dustin reacts, Marah threw her arms around him and hugs him. He was surprise at first, but then he hugs her back.

"Where were you?" Blake asked.

"Yeah dude, what happened?" Shane finished.

"You scared us all!" Hunter replied.

Tori smiled and hugs Blake "I'm so glad to see you!" she exclaimed.

"Me too," Blake smiles and hugs Tori back

"We'll tell you guys about it later," Kapri beamed. She noticed people running scared.

"What's going on? Tori asked.

"Oh, it nothing," Dustin shrugs his shoulder "Giant monster attacking the city".

Tori smiles "I like to hear that," she said.

"So, let's take care of that monster," Kapri replied.

Everyone agreed and left to defeat the monster.

Later on

"Um guys, I don't know if we should be doing this," Shane looking over at Dustin and Hunter who holding the binoculars to their faces.

Kapri and Marah were also holding the binoculars to their faces.

Dustin, Hunter, Kapri, and Marah were watching Blake and Tori from far away.

Blake and Tori were in conversation. She was telling him what happened with her, Marah, and Kapri in the alternate universe.

"What do you think they are saying?" Hunter asked.

"I don't know, I can't read mouth language," Dustin replied.

Marah smiles "Look like Blake just said that he's like Tori and Tori is smiling," she told them

Dustin moves his binocular away from his face "How do you know that?" he asked her.

She looked at him "let's just say I can read lips and expression".

Shane checks his watch "I gotta go, I have skating practice," he told them before he left.

"Alright, see you back at ninja ops," Dustin clasps Shane's hand and then Shane left.

Dustin and Marah return back to looking at Tori and Blake through the binoculars.

"Aw, Tori is trying teaching Blake how to surf," Kapri remarked.

"That's so sweet!" Marah exclaimed.

Hunter laughs "Dude, its funny seeing Blake trying to surf on the surfboards".

"Yeah look at him," Dustin laughs "He seems to have trouble with it".

Hunter removes the binocular away from his face "Okay, that's enough spying".

"Fine with me," Dustin got off the ground and help Marah up.

Hunter got up also and offers his hand to Kapri who accepts it.

As Kapri was getting up with Hunter help, she accidently slips on a rock and collides into his chest. His hands were holding her arms to steady her.

"Are you okay?" He looked down at her as she looked up at him slightly blushing.

"Uh, yeah," she replied as she back away from him "Thank you".

"No problem," he told her.

Hunter notices Dustin and Marah were watching him and Kapri. He clears his throat "Well, I'm going to head over to Storm Charger".

"I'll help you get there," Kapri offers.

Dustin was about asked how when Marah grabs his arms. He looked at her and she mouthed to him "Just watch".

"Okay," he mouthed back to her with a smile.

"How?" Hunter asked.

Before Hunter can realize what about to happen, Kapri places a hand on his shoulder and teleports him and herself to Storm Charger. Hunter and Kapri appear in Storm Charger. Hunter looked at Kapri in shock "You can do that?" he asked.

She nods with a smile. A smiles forms on Hunter's face "That was awesome!" he exclaimed.

Back at the Beach

Dustin was staring where Hunter and Kapri was standing before they disappear. He turned and looked at Marah "whoa, you can do that too can you?'

Marah smiles and nodded.

"That's cool!" he remarked.

He walked over and grabs her hand and together they walked away from the beach where Blake and Tori were playing around in the water. "So," he begins "Are you going to tell how I was, I mean my alternate self?' he asked

"Well, you scared me at first," Marah admitted.

He looked her "What? I was that creepy?"

"No," Marah shook her head "Your attitude was cold and..."

"Bad?" Dustin asked.

Marah nods

Dustin was little angry knowing that alternate self was bad "Did I hurt you?" he asked a moment later.

She looked at him before she replies "No".

He quickly turned and looked at her confused.

"In the end your alternate self turned good and help me," she told him.

Dustin smiles when he heard what Marah said that his alternate self was actually good.

"That's good to hear," he said.

"Well," Marah sighs "There is something else your alternate self did".

"That doesn't sound good," Dustin replied, feeling a little comfortable "What did he do?"

"He... he ... Um,"

Dustin notices Marah was hesitating.

"It's okay, you can tell me," he touches her arm.

"Well, he...uh... he kissed me," she managed to say.

Dustin blinks his eyes "Kissed you?" he asked to make sure he was hearing it right.

Marah nods and looked at him "You're not mad are you?" she asked.

"Mad?" Dustin chuckles "Why would I be mad at myself? If I am upset, then what, punch myself?"

Marah laughs "No that would be weird".

Dustin smiles "so my answer is no," he held her hand in his hand "All that matter is that you are safe and you came back to me". Marah smiles and Dustin pulled her into a hug. Then he let her go and looked at her "Do you want to get some to eat?" he asked.

Marah smiles and nodded. Then he gave her a kiss on the lips before they walked toward his bike.

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