Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 16: Eye Of The Storm Part 1

At Ninja Ops

Marah was awake in her room when someone knocks at her door "Come in".

Kapri walked in "Hey Marah, can I talk to you?" she asked, closing to door behind her.

"Sure, what is it, Kapri?" Kapri went over and sat down next to Marah "Well, I was wondering if you notice Shane's behavior lately".

"Yeah, I noticed, he seemed sad whenever he's alone" Marah looked at Kapri "He must be thinking about her".

"Her?" Kapri blinks her eyes confused.

"It's Skyla; she was the one who gave Shane the Tri-Battlized Armor and passed away".

"Poor Shane, I wish we can do something for him".

"Like what?"

"We can find a way to bring Skyla back".

"How? "It's not like we snaps out fingers and a scroll appears," A smiles appears on Marah's face.

"I know that look, Marah, I bet you are going to tell me we are going on a dangerous mission to find something".


"What! Are you nuts?"

"Shhhh! You're being too loud!"


"Just hear me out Kapri, I remembered there was a scroll hidden somewhere in the forest. That scroll can revive someone back from dead, but"

"But in order for the scroll to work, it needs a powerful energy source. Am I'm right?"

"Yeah," Marah nodded "But where are we going to find that kind of power?"

Kapri pulled out her necklace from underneath her shirt and show it to Marah "With mine and your necklaces, it can create a powerful energy source".

"Really, I didn't know that," Marah pulled out her necklace and looked at it.

"Nobody knows this except for me and mother".

"Not even Cam and Sensei?"

"Not even them".

"So, what do you think about my idea?"

Kapri sighs "Honestly, I don't think it's a good idea, but," she hugs Marah and smile "I'm willing to give it a try".

Marah smiles "Thanks Kapri

"It's not a problem at all, now we just need to tell Cam and Sensei about it".

"Yeah," Marah agreed "Anyways we can deal with that tomorrow. Let's talk about something else".

"Like what?"

"Like what happened with you and Hunter," Marah said with a smirk.

Kapri immediately looked away, hiding the blush on her face "I don't know what you talking about".

"Yes you do!"

"No I don't!"

"Are you blushing?"

"No, I'm not," Kapri covers her face with her hands.

Marah bursts into laughter "Yes you are! Oh my god! You have a crush on Hunter!"

"Shut up!"

"C'mon, admit it!"

"Fine, I do have a crush on Hunter and what about you?"

"What about me?"

"I notices what happened in the alternate universe, Alternate Dustin kissed you!"

"Okay he kissed me, I admitted it so what?"

"Something tells me this isn't the first time you had a kiss from Dustin".

This time it was Marah who was blushing.

"Ah ha! I knew it!"

"Knew what?"

"You and Dustin kissed!"

"Did not!"

"Did too"

"Fine, we kissed!"

"I was right!"

Marah grabs a pillow and whacks Kapri in the face with it.

"Oh, I see how it is," Kapri grabs a spare pillow and whacks Marah in the face with it.

Marah and Kapri whack each other with the pillows, which turn into a pillow fight. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door "Girls, quiet down in there, it's late," Cam's voice spokes.

"Sorry Cam," Kapri and Marah apologized.

"Goodnight girls," Cam's voice said before he left.

"Night Cam!" the girls replied back.

Then Kapri got up "I should go back to room, see you tomorrow"

"Night Kapri"

"Night Marah"

~At Storm Charger~

See you tomorrow guys," Kelly smiled as she walked out of the shop after closing it up. Hunter, , Blake, Tori, and Dustin stayed behind, waiting for a certain red Ranger.

"Where's Shane?" Dustin asked impatiently.

"Found him," Tori smiled as Shane snuck into the shop.

"What's wrong, you don't look so good," Dustin said, noticing Shane's sad expression.

"I just found out my big brother's coming to town," Shane looked up as he played with a skateboard wheel.

"That's great news," Tori exclaimed.

"Easy for you to say," Shane replied.

"That bummed me out too," Blake teased.

"What's the matter with that?" Hunter asked, looking at Blake in confused.

"He's like, the perfect son," Shane explained. "Successful, got a great job, nice house. He's not into skateboarding."

"Why doesn't he try motocross?" Dustin asked and received a whack on the back of the head by Tori "Hey, it's only a suggestion".

"Man, what am I going to do?" Shane said, getting frustrated.

"Don't worry Shane, I bet your brother would be happy to see you again," Hunter assured the air red ranger.

"I doubt it," Shane muttered.


Training hadn't gone exactly has planned; Dustin, Shane and Tori had managed to crash and nearly destroy their bikes in the first half hour of the session. Kapri was leaning against the Mobile Command centre after she had helped Cam loaded the Wind ranger's bikes into the back of the command centre, while the others stood at a face off. The Thunders were the only ones with their bikes their side.

Dustin groaned as he leant forward and placed his hands on his knees "Cam says our bikes won't be ready for a whole week!" he complained

"Well," Shane said, walking forwards and reaching the Thunder's bikes "I guess we'll just have to practice with these two" and he patted Hunter's bike as Tori made her way towards Blake's

"I'm game," the blue ranger agreed

Kapri frowned from her place near the command centre as she pushed forward and approached her friends "Uh, guys..." she said, staring at Shane and Tori "I honestly don't think this is a good idea. You just trashed your own bikes; what makes you think you can handle theirs" she motioned to Hunter and Blake.

"Come on Tori," Shane said

Tori nodded "Right with ya,"

"Oh I can't watch this," Dustin said, "its going to be ugly!"

The blue and red rangers kick started the Thunder's bikes, and opened the throttle's; but they didn't get very far and only seemed to succeed in going around in circles.

"Careful!" Hunter said as he was watching Shane and Tori losing control of his and Blake bikes.

Blake gasped "Their too powerful!"

"Holy Guacamole!" Dustin exclaimed, watching the events take place.

"Look out!" Kapri called, as the Thunder cycles crashed to the ground and Shane and Tori rolled off them. The engines died upon impact with the ground.

Shane and Tori quickly got to their feet and bowed sheepishly "Sorry guys," they apologized

"I believe I told you guys so," Kapri shakes her head disappointed.

Tori snorts "Ok, so we're not good with Hunter and Blake bike, I don't see you try to ride them," she said, folding her arms.

"Fine, I will," Kapri agreed. Then she turned to Hunter "Can I?"

Hunter sighs and nods "Sure, why not".

Kapri moved forward and pulled Hunter's bike up

Dustin walked over to Cam "Hey, shouldn't you stopped Kapri from doing something stupid?" he asked the samurai green ranger.

Cam folds his arms "No, I think she'll be fine"

"Man, I can't watch this," Dustin said, not understanding why Cam wouldn't stop Kapri.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Kapri?" Blake asked, unsure if Kapri should try to ride Hunter's Bike.

"I'm sure!" Kapri said before she morphed into her ranger suit. Then she got on Hunter's bike; kick started the engine up and opened the throttle.

"Kapri, you should be..." Hunter begins to say when Kapri took off.

Everyone thought that Kapri would wreck Hunter's bike, but to their surprised she didn't. She was able to handle Hunter's bike and was riding it well.

"No way!" Shane exclaimed.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Tori added.

Dustin jaw dropped in surprised "I don't believe this!"

"Me either," Blake agreed as he was also shock to see Kapri was riding Hunter's bike well.

"Whoa," Hunter remarked with a smile "Impressive!"

Later on, Kapri was pushing Hunter's bike towards the Command centre with Blake following behind her with his own bike. Cam hurried down the ramp to help Kapri push the bike up into the space behind the Wind Rangers bikes, before he helped Blake. Kapri returned to Hunter and Tori's sides as they de-morphed.

"Well, that was productive" Hunter said, crossing his arms over his chest looking over at Shane and Tori.

Tori turned to him quickly "Come on Shane, we can't let these guys show us up" she said turning to her friend

The red ranger stopped and turned to the blonde "Oh, sorry Tor," he apologized "I can't really focus right now"

"You're brother's visit is really messing with you, huh?" Blake asked, appearing beside Hunter.

"Yeah," Shane answered "Look, I gotta go; I gotta meet him at the Skate Park. He'll freak if I'm late," he said before he left.

"Just be cool Shane," Blake called after him "you haven't seen him in a while, maybe he's changed"

"I hope everything work out for Shane and his brother," Tori said, walking up next to Blake.

"Don't worry, it will be fine," Blake replied.

Suddenly Kapri's necklace was beeping and everyone turn to her.

"Sorry," she apologizes and looked at her necklace "I gotta go, Marah need me," she said, starting to leave.

"Marah?" Dustin appears next to Kapri "Is she alright?" he asked in concern.

"She's fine, she only wants to see me for something important," she told the earth yellow ranger.

"Oh," Dustin said in relieve.

"Do you want me to come with you," Hunter asked.

Kapri shook her head "No, it's okay," she smiles "I'll see you back at Ninja Ops," she said before teleporting away.


The skate park was extremely busy, if not with people skating then with others sitting around the side just watching and cheering on their friends. Shane was one of the people in the skate park, he had started out just watching and waiting for his older brother to show up, but had ended up skating while he waited.

Looking up from the ramp he had been standing on, he spotted his older brother, it wasn't really that hard considering he was really out of place with his dressy suit and brief case in his hand and looking around in great distaste. Shane skates down the ramp and kick-flipped on his skateboard before coming to a halt beside his brother.

"Hey," he said when he had come to a stop and picked up his skateboard "you made it man" he added, wrapping his arm around his brother for a hug "Yo, did you see me land that front slide, no grind?" he questioned excitedly

"Actually, I wasn't really watching" his brother answered him "Do you think we could go somewhere a little less active, so we can talk?" he asked

"Yeah, sure, whatever" Shane said as he led the way out of the Skate park

"Listen Shane," his older brother said as the two brothers walked along the coast "mom and dad are a little worried about you"

Shane jumped off of his skateboard to walk beside his brother "Well what do you mean?" he asked

"Well, Shane your not a kid anymore" his brother pointed out "your growing up, and we're all kind of wondering what's next"

"Next?" Shane asked curiously

"Yeah, well it's a big world out there" his brother explained "have you made any plans about what you're going to do for the rest of your life"

"Well, I've been kind of busy lately" Shane admitted, but not to the extent of the truth because he knew he couldn't

"See that's what I was afraid of," his brother interrupted

"Look, it's not what you think okay" Shane tried to explain, without giving away the real details

"Here's what I think," his brother began once more "I think you should spend a little less time skateboarding and spending more time focusing on what is more important in life"

Shane stopped walking and faced off against his brother "You mean, what's important to you" he said

His brother stopped walking and turned back around to face his little brother "I didn't make the rules," he said "I just follow them"

"Yeah, well I don't" Shane responded "I can't believe you; you come over here and start bagging on me! I mean, you have no idea what I have been going through"

"So, tell me!" his brother retorted a little angrily

Shane faltered "I can't" he answered

"I have a business appointment," Shane's brother continued "we will talk about this later" and he walked off, leaving Shane to watch him leave.


"Guys!" Cam alerts the rangers except for Shane "There was a monster in the plaza".

"We're on it!" Hunter replied as he and others rush over to the plaza to meet up with Cam. When they got there, people were running around screaming.

"What's the deal?" Tori asked as someone passed by here, screaming as if something was following him.

"The dogs! The DOGS!" a man yelled.

"Do you see any dogs?" Dustin asked as he was looking around.

"Only that dog right there!" Blake pointed to the monster.

"Ranger's," Motodrone, one of Lothor's newest generals said. "Let me help you face your fears! Eeysac!"

The monster pointed it's tentacle to the Rangers, causing an explosion.

"Ready?" Cam asked as he steps forward.





Motodrone pulled off his robe, before ordering the Kelzaks to attack the rangers. The rangers immediately defend themselves as the Kelzaks lunge at them. As Dustin held a Kelzak at bay, he was kicked in the side by Motodrone who was simultaneously kicked in the stomach by Tori who had come to her friend's aid. Motodrone turned on the blue ranger who raised her Ninja Sword to protect herself, but was pushed aside and rolled across the ground towards another group of Kelzaks.

Three Kelzaks surrounded Tori and held her up as Isaac rejoined Motodrone "Do it Isaacs," the golden alien ordered; Isaac shot out beams from his eyes at Tori who ducked and the beams hit the Kelzak behind her. Tori kicked out the feet of the two Kelzaks holding her rolled backwards beside her friends.

"What is that thing?" she asked, as she looked over at he frightened Kelzaks

Dustin shook his head "I don't know," he said "but it looks nasty"

"Hey where's Shane?" Blake asked

"No idea!" Hunter responded, as he pulled a Kelzak away from Tori.


Shane had left his backpack at the skate park where it was bleeping noisy. When he arrived back, he pulled out his morpher and sighed. The he picked up his backpack and took off Ninja streaking to the scene, where he failed to notice his brother, who had seen him run off and followed him.

Shane rounded a corner and came out at an outrageous scene; his friends were fighting the Kelzaks, Motodrone and a freaky looking lizard monster.

"Glad you could make it, join the party" Hunter said as he lifted his Thunder staff up, as Kelzaks attacked with their swords.

Shane nodded and pulled off his backpack, and threw it aside "Ninja Storm! Ranger Form!" he said, before morphing and rushing into battle, unknowingly noticing his brother who was watching from behind a pillar.

After dealing with a few pests, Shane turned to Isaac "You want to play rough?" he asked "Battlizer!" the armor appeared on his body before he jumped into the air and combined with the flight mode. He flew high into the sky, before coming back down "Full power!" he said as his lasers charged up, and he fired high voltage lasers at the Kelzaks, causing them to disappear with a spark.

"This isn't over yet rangers," Motodrone growled before he and Isaac disappeared

Shane touched down once more; as the rest of his friends rushed out to join him

"Shane, you rock" Tori said, coming to a stop in front of him

"Oh yeah," Dustin said happily, as he arrived with Cam, Hunter, and Blake coming to a halt behind and beside Tori.

"Sorry, I was late guys," Shane apologizes.

Dustin pats Shane's back "Don't worry about it man, at least you show up".

Shane smiles in relieve, knowing that his friends understand why he was late.

Shane returned to the place where he had dropped his backpack and skateboard "Where's the -?" he questioned as he came up empty handed, he sighed thinking the worst.

Someone cleared their throat from behind him, and Shane turned to find his brother standing there holding his backpack; Shane froze. He knew his brother had seen everything "Is there something you want to tell me?" his brother asked. There was no point hiding the truth now.

"So, Lothor attacked the Wind Ninja Academy" Shane was saying as he explained the whole story of what had happened in the past few months to his brother "and Sensei passed on the ranger powers"

"Wow," his brother exclaimed "my baby brother is a Power Ranger – the red Power Ranger"

Shane smiled and nodded "Sometimes I don't believe it myself" he responded "hey, look you can't tell anybody about it, it's not even safe for you to know"

"Well, look, your secrets safe with me" his brother promised "Boy, I feel pretty stupid, I mean here I was telling you that you needed to be more responsible, and you're the one responsible for protecting the whole planet"

"Well," Shane started "I'm not a little kid anymore"

"No, you're not" his brother agreed "and I'm really proud of you"

Shane smiled up at his brother; he had been waiting to hear those words for a long time. He just didn't realize he had to become a ranger for his brother to actually say it.

~Somewhere in the Forest~

Marah and Kapri were walking in the forest looking around. Marah was holding a map in her hands, staring at it.

"Marah, are you sure this is the place?"

"I'm sure it is," Marah looked up from map "We should be close by".

"We need to find it fast because the other rangers need us," Kapri informed "Beside, I don't know how much longer Cam can covered for us".

"Don't it won't be long, Kapri".

"Let just hope we don't run into trouble here," Kapri said as she and Marah continue to walk when suddenly a bunch of Kelzaks appears.

Kapri and Marah immediately got into their fighting pose.

"You just have to jinx it, right?" Marah stares at Kapri in annoy.

"Look like Lothor is on to us," Kapri stated.

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