Marah and Kapri's Secret

Chapter 17: Eye Of The Storm Part 2

~Ninja Ops~

"I've analyzed the brainwaves of the people Isaac attacked," Cam said, as the other rangers crowded around him and the mainframe inside Ninja Ops "It seems the collar can harness the deepest fear"

"That's low," Tori spoke up "even for Lothor"

"We better make the repairs to the Thunder cycles," Hunter said

"Yeah," Blake agreed looking across at Tori "Someone had a little accident"

The Blue ranger grinned and looked sheepishly as the others chuckled at her misfortune.

"Yeah, we'll go with you" Dustin said "some of us could use some practice" he started to leave, but then stopped and turn to Cam "Hey Cam, have you heard from Marah or Kapri yet? I haven't seen them show up in our battle earlier".

"I already contact them," Cam turned around in his chair "They should be back soon".

"Oh, okay," Dustin nodded and then follows the other rangers out of Ninja Ops, meeting Shane at the door

"Hey," Hunter said, high-fiving the red ranger "see ya"

Shane nodded as he watched them leave "Yeah. Hey, uh, Sensei...can I talk to you? Alone?" he glanced at Cam.

Cam nodded "I'm going," he said, getting up and following the others.

A minute later, Shane had told Sensei about his brother knowing his secret about being the power ranger.

"The thing is I'm kind of glad that he knows," Shane said to Sensei "for the first time in our lives, he respects me"

"I'm sure he respects you for more than the fact that you are a Power Ranger," Sensei spoke

Shane twisted around the Cam's chair and sat down "Hey, no offence Sensei" he said "you really don't know my brother at all"

"And how well do you know your brother?" Sensei questioned

Shane sighed "Well, he's a lot older" he answered "growing up, was like we were in different families. So I guess we hardly knew each other at all"

"Don't you think you need to know someone before you can earn their respect?" Sensei asked

Shane sighed; for once he didn't have an answer.

~Somewhere in the Forest~

Kapri and Marah were fighting off the Kelzaks as they rushed over at them.

Marah blasts fire from her hands at Kelzaks, making them roll down on the ground "That right, drop and roll," she smirks "Look like someone was paying attention in class," she teased.

"Now, how about some lightning" Kapri uses ninja power: lightning, shocking the Kelzaks

Suddenly two Kelzaks tackles Marah to the ground and strangling her. Marah tries to get them off her, but more Kelzaks pin her down.

"Marah!" Kapri tries to help her, but the Kelzaks was in her way.

The Kelzaks was about to attack Marah when a pair of hands grab them and toss them away from Marah.

"Huh?" Marah looked up and was surprise to see who just save her "Cam?"

"No, its Cyber Cam," Cyber Cam beamed "Am I awesome or what!"

"Watch out!" Marah points behind him as a Kelzaks approaches behind him. He quickly moves out the way and the Kelzaks collides into a tree face first.

"Ooh, that going to leave a mark!"

Another Kelzaks rushes up to Cyber Cam and got hit in the stomach by Cyber Cam's elbow. Then Cyber Cam went over and helps Marah up.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"You should really work on your thank you," Cyber Cam suggests "I just save your butt, girl".

"When we get back, I tell Cam to check your system," she said in annoyance.

Kapri finishes off the Kelzaks, blasting a bolt of lightning with her hands. Then she went over to Cyber Cam and Marah "Mind telling me what you're doing here," she looked at Cyber Cam.

"Cam sent me here to help you girls in case you run into trouble "Cyber Cam smiled "Which you already did".

"Remind me to talk to Cam when we get back," Kapri whisper to Marah.

"Same here," Marah whispers back.

Cyber Cam appears in between the girls startling them "Shall we hit the road girls?" he placed his hands on both of their shoulders and smile.

Marah and Kapri roll their eyes and walked away.

"Let's go now," Marah hollers back at Cyber Cam.

"Okay" Cyber Cam smiled and follows the girls.


"I mean, has he grown up" Shane's brother said over the phone to his parents with a smile on his face, before looking up as Motodrone and Isaac appeared in front of him "I'll have to call you back"

"I hate cell phones," Motodrone said, firing a laser at the cell phone in his hand and destroying it instantly. Suddenly everyone around them starting screaming and running away as Isaac locked one of his fear collars around Shane's brothers neck.

Just at that moment Shane appeared "Porter!" he yelled, turning to Motodrone and Isaac "my brother has nothing to do with us!"

"But you do Red Ranger" Motodrone growled "attack!" and as Isaac fired lasers at Shane, he dodged and morphed.

"Ninja Storm! Ranger Form!" he yelled, and once morphed pulled out his Ninja Sword so that he could fight Isaac on what he believed to be the same wavelength. As Shane and Isaac fought, Motodrone moved forward and caught hold of Porter.

"Come with me," he ordered as Porter withered around as his fear was unleashed before his eyes only

"Hey!" Shane yelled "let him go!" and he fought of Isaac and run towards Motodrone and his brother. Motodrone pulled off his robe and threw it at Shane, as his world went black for a few moments, once he had successfully removed the robe; he spotted Isaac firing lasers at his brother and effectively pushed him aside, with a great consequence. One of the fear collars had been locked around his neck, bringing forth his own fear.

~Shane's Nightmare~

In his nightmare, Shane was sitting in a fettle position on the floor rocking back and forth as his brother whispered in his ear.

"You're a disgrace to this family! You've let us all down! I'm so disappointed in you

"No," Shane murmured, "NOOO!"

~Somewhere in the forest~

Marah, Kapri, and Cyber Cam had arrived at cave, in front of it. Both Kapri and Marah necklace are glowing.

"Guess that mean you girls found what you are looking for," Cyber Cam said eyeing at the girl's necklace.

"Nah, ya think," Kapri sarcastically said, looking at Cyber Cam.

"Should someone go in?" Cyber Cam asked and both girls glare at him.

"You first," Marah insisted

"Nah, I think I'll wait here for you girls".

Marah held her necklace out and turned to Kapri "Ready?"

Kapri nods and held the necklace out in front her with Marah. A light emits out the necklaces and into the cave. It took about a two minute before a scroll appears out from the cave and halt in front of Marah and Kapri.

Marah grabs and open it

"What does it say, Marah?" Kapri stand close to Marah to look at the scroll.

"It said that we need use our power to activate the spell and call out the person who we want to revive back".

"Then what are we waiting for"

Marah and Kapri use their power, blasting at the scroll that was placed on the ground. Then they close their eyes, muttering the person name they want to revive back.

A bright light appears out from scroll and transform into a person who was standing in front them as the scroll disappears away from the ground.

"Whoa it works!" Cyber Cam exclaimed and the girls open their eyes.

They were shock and surprise to see that they succeed in reviving a person back. A smile appears on the faces.

"Cam," Marah spokes into her communicator "It work!"

"Good job!" Cam's voice said "Now you need go help rangers, they need your help".

"We are on it," Marah said and then turned to Cyber Cam "You can handle it from here can you?"

"Aye, Aye Captain," he teased "I'll take care of this; you girls go ahead and help the rangers".

Marah nods "Ready Kapri?"

"Ready!" Kapri replied.

"Flaming Samurai!

"Lightning Samurai!

"Ranger Form, HA!"


"NOOO!" Shane yelled out, in the real world as he held his head as his fears took control of him. Motodrone and Isaac laughed at his futile attempts to break free, before being blasted backwards by a number of lasers as the other rangers appeared, with Tori on the back of Blake and Dustin on the back of Hunter,.

"Yeah!" Dustin cheered, as the others came to a stop

"We might be too late," Tori said, as she dropped to her knees beside Shane who was groaning in fear "Shane?"

Suddenly tentacles wrapped around hers and Dustin wrists as Isaac pulled them up and effectively attacked collars to them too, before throwing them aside.

"Tori! Dustin!" Blake shouted.

~Tori's Nightmare~

"Please," Tori cried as she sat in the middle of a room on a stool and covered with a black silk cloth "please, don't cut my hair. Please not my hair!"

Invisible hands came out of nowhere each holding scissors as they attacked her blonde hair. She screamed and cried in vain as she tried to stop them but it was no use.

- Dustin's Nightmare-

Meanwhile Dustin found himself in his motocross gear and floating in midair, when he started to fall he started to panic. "No, no I'm falling" he said, but all he could think about was getting hurt.

"Please" he pleaded "don't let me fall"

But every time the ground came closer, the further away it became. And he started to panic all over again.

Hunter and Blake were the only two left to fight the monster they rode up the steps outside the city library towards Isaac and rounded him once more on their bikes. They were about to attack when Motodrone appeared out of nowhere and attacked; the Thunder rangers rode away from him back down the steps but were hit by two of Motodrone's lasers and knocked cleanly off their bikes.

"Now, you two are next to experience your own nightmare!" Isaac aims his tentacle and was about to strike Hunter and Blake when Marah and Kapri appear "Hiya!" they slash Isaac in the chest, knocking him to the ground.

Marah and Kapri went over to Hunter and Blake and help them up.

"Are you guys alright?" Marah asked.

"Yeah, we are fine," Hunter get up with his arms around Kapri's shoulder "But the others are not".

"That monster have them stuck in the own nightmare with that collar around their neck," Blake explained as he got up with Marah help.

"Dustin!' Marah rushes over to Dustin "Can you hear me?" she shakes his arms, hoping to snap him out from his nightmare.

Kapri went to check Tori and Shane, but have no luck snapping them out from the nightmare "It's not working, they can't hear us," she glances over to Marah who looked at her with a worried expression.

"Okay, no more playing are around," Isaac said before he grew tall.

Hunter, Blake, Marah, and Kapri regroup together looking up at Isaac who grew tall.

"Enough messing around," Hunter said and he produced his blaster followed closely by Blake, Marah, and Kapri. They fired at the same time at the Isaac, who opens his mouth and sucked them up.

"Aww man," Hunter and Blake complained from inside the belly of the beast, it wasn't an enjoyable place and consisted of disgusting blue gunge that they were stuck too.

"This is disgusting," Blake said, from beside his brother as he struggled

"Ew gross!" Kapri made a disgusting face as she stares at her suit.

"Great!" Marah threw her hands in the air frustrated "How are we going to get out of her to help the others?" she asked, worried about Dustin and the others.

~At Ninja Ops~

"I've got to help them!" Cam said as he watched the destruction take place on the screen inside Ninja Ops; Shane, Dustin and Tori were all being attacked by their fears, and Hunter, Kapri, Marah and Blake had been captured by Isaac.

"Wait son," Sensei ordered "you must first finish the project you have been working on; it is the only thing powerful enough to destroy Isaac and free the rangers from his power"

"I found a periodic gap in his brainwaves," Cam explained "if only I can get them to believe that the fears aren't real, maybe they can fight it long enough for me to get there"

"An excellent suggestion," Sensei said "I will use my telepathic Ninja powers to assist the rangers. And he closed his eyes.

~Shane's Nightmare~

"You're a disgrace to this family, Shane!" Porter yelled, "You've let us all down! I am so disappointed!"

Shane shook his head as he continued to rock back and forth on the floor

"Face your fear Shane," Sensei's voice rang out in his head "Believe in yourself and you will have nothing to fear"

"I hear you Sensei," Shane said, before turning to his brother, "I am proud of who I am!"

Porter stared at him for a moment before backing away, signaling the end of the nightmare

Shane looked up as he came back to reality "Nothing can scare me now" he said as he stood and looked around to see Dustin and Tori still on the ground holding their heads.

"Guys," he said as he run to then "Be strong. Listen to Sensei, remember you have nothing to fear, but fear itself"

"Face your fears," Sensei said to Tori and Dustin "Believe in yourself and you will have nothing to fear"

A minute later, Dustin and Tori are back on the feet back to normal. Suddenly Cam's voice "Okay guys, you may have broken Isaac's spell, but to be completely free of the collars you must destroy Isaac. Use the Zords to distract him, until I get there"

"Got it," Shane replied.

"And Tori, you must get inside Isaac's belly to help Marah, Kapri, Hunter, and Blake out"

"Hold on a minute," Dustin said "If Marah is in there, I'm coming along to save her".

"No Dustin, you must help Shane distract Isaac so Tori can get inside his belly"

"Fine," Dustin sighs "I'll help Shane".

Tori turned to Shane and Dustin "You guys think you can handle it while I go save Hunter, and the others?"

The two boys nodded and took to the Zords, as Tori took off toward Isaac. The Wind Megazord caught a hold of the beast and held open the mouth.

"Tori! Do it now! Shane yelled

Tori nodded and jump inside.

"She's in!" Dustin said, once Tori disappeared inside Isaac's belly.

"What has this guy been eating?" Tori asked when she inside Isaac's belly "It's disgusting!" She begins to look around "Hunter! Blake! Marah! Kapri! Where are you guys?"

"Over here!" she heard Marah's voice coming from beside her. She turned and sees Hunter, Blake, Marah, and Kapri hanging from the wall "Guys!" she rushes over to them.

Hunter and Blake were unconscious while Kapri and Marah were still awake.

"Get us out here," Kapri said.

"Okay," Tori turned to Marah "I'm going to need your help, think you can use your fire power?"

"I try," Marah nods and focus her power with Tori's power freeing herself and Kapri from the wall and then free Hunter and Blake from the wall.

Hunter and Blake fell to the floor. "Blake!" Tori cried running to Blake's side instantly, as Kapri fell to her knees beside Hunter.

"Come on," Kapri said "Hunter, wake up!" she touches his face.

Hunter moved slowly "Kapri?" he questioned looking up at the Samurai Pink Ninja ranger, who wrapped her arm around him and helped him to his feet

"Blake, are you alright?" Tori asked, helping the Navy ranger up

"Yeah, I think so" he answered, before they all stumbled as Isaac took a beating from outside

"Guys!" Shane yelled over the morphers "Get out of there!"

Tori raised her morpher to her helmet "We are coming out!" she told him then turned to Marah "Think you can use your fire power one more time to get us out here?"

"Sure can," Marah stepped forward "Stand back" she told them.

The four of them move back as Marah closes her eyes and concentrated on her power. A ball of flame appears in her hands "Look like Isaac going to have stomach burn," she smirks before releasing of ball of flame from her hands.

She then teleports herself, and the others out as the flames erupted from the mouth of the beast. The five rangers reappeared on the building. Hunter and Blake stumbled backwards, falling onto the ground and pulling the girls with them except Marah who was still standing.

Kapri had landed on top of Hunter who was staring at her in shock a surprise. She slightly blushes when she notices how close their faces were to each other.

"I'm sorry," she said before she pushes herself up, helping Hunter up. Tori and Blake was up on the feet next to Marah when Kapri and Hunter join them.

All five of them turned to see the Wind Megazord take another beating from Isaac and stumble backwards, as the monster trampled towards it, only to stumble as Cam fired lasers at him in his Samurai Star Megazord

"Right on time dude," Shane called to the Samurai

"You're welcome!" Cam responded

Hunter turned to the others "Our turn!" he said.

"Not without us!" Tori said turning to Kapri and Marah "You girls ready for some action?"

The girls nodded "Yeah!" they said, as Tori entered the Storm Megazord, and then the Thunder Megazord appeared beside the Storm Megazord. A minute later, Kapri and Marah appears in their combined zord, standing next to the Thunder Megazord.

"Let's take this suck down!" Shane shouted.

"Yeah!" Everyone agreed.

All rangers use their megazords and finishes off Isaac for good.

~At the Skating Park~

Porter and Shane were walking next to each talking, Porter had decided to believe in his brother and let him just be a kid, there was plenty of time to worry about growing up after he had saved the world and everything. So he was found sitting on the edge of the ramp watching his brother skate passed.

"Whoo!" he cheers, clapping his hands as Shane came to a stop beside him

"Hey, what?" Shane asked "Skateboarding isn't just for losers anymore?"

"Hey, well you know there isn't much..." Porter started but Shane cut him off

"Uh, don't go there" he warned

Porter laughed "Hey, if you like it, then that's good enough for me"

"Thanks," Shane said "you know your opinion is important to me".

Porter smiled and nodded "Do you know what I saw, when I was wearing that disgusting device?" he asked his brother.

"What?" Shane curiously wants to know.

"My biggest fear was seeing you unhappy, and I thought just because you weren't living life my way, you couldn't be happy. But you've shown me, that you can live your life your own way, and, uh, and I'm really proud of you"

Shane smiled

"And not just because you're a, uh... Porter trailed off

Shane stopped him and smiled "Thanks," he said, the high-fived and hugged. Just like brothers should have.

"Oh, hey, uh" Shane said, coming out of the moment and taking off his helmet "you want to, uh, give skateboarding a go?"

"Okay, maybe just this once" Porter said, not like he had a choice, but when he attempted to ride he fell off almost immediately cause Shane to laugh at him.

Watching from a far was Dustin, Marah, Hunter, Kapri, Tori, and Blake. They were happy to see Shane and his brother getting along.

"I guess everything finally work out for Shane," Marah looked at Dustin with a smile.

"Not everything," Kapri reminds Marah.

"Oh yeah, I can't wait for him to see what we got for him".

"What is it?" Tori asked as the others turn and look at her and Kapri.

"Can't tell you"

"C'mon, Marah tell us," Dustin pleaded.

"You'll have to find out when Shane does," Kapri said, folding her arms.

Hunter smirks "Not if I can get the answer out of you".

Before Kapri knew what Hunter was planning to do, he grabs her in his arms and tickles her.

"Stop it!" She laughs and manages to pushes him away from her. Then she took off running with him chasing after her from behind.

Dustin turned to Marah with a smirk on his face. Knowing what Dustin was about to do, Marah took off running with him chasing her.

Blake puts his arms around Tori "I guess we won't find out what Kapri and Marah got for Shane as a surprise until later".

"Yeah," Tori agreed and put her head on Blake's shoulder.

~At Ninja Ops~

Shane was walking into Ninja Ops wondering what was the emergency was that Cam called him for when the others show up at the same he did.

"Hey guys," He turned to his friends "Do you know why Cam wants us here?"

"Something about a surprise for you from Kapri and Marah," Tori replied.

"Really?" Shane smiled.

"Yeah dude, they told us about it," Dustin said "But, they didn't tell us what the surprise was".

"Aw man, I can wait to see what it is," Shane said before he rushes inside and saw Cam, Marah, Kapri standing there waiting for him with their arms fold.

"So, what is the surprise," he asked, anxious to know what it is.

Cam, Marah, and Kapri turned to look at each other with a smile before moving out of the way revealing a chair behind them.

Shane confusedly looked at them "A chair? He chuckles "Uh thanks but I don't need a chair because I..." he suddenly stops talking when he saw the chair moves slowly, turning around facing him.

His eyes widen when he saw who was sitting in the chair.

"I don't believe this," Tori smiled.

"Is that?" Dustin pointed at chair.

"Yeah," Blake nodded.

"So this is the surprised?" Hunter asked as he was also in shock.

"Skyla," Shane stutters, can't believe what he was seeing "But how?"

Skyla got up the chair and went over to him "Thanks to them," she looked over at Marah and Kapri.

Shane looked at Marah and Kapri and smiles before he pulled Skyla into a hug in his arms "I miss you so much, Skyla".

"I miss you too," she smiles.

"Aw!" Dustin, Tori, Blake, and Hunter said and Shane looked at them with a smile "Skyla, this is my friends, Dustin, Tori, Blake, and Hunter," he introduced her to them/

"It nice to finally meet you all," she said.

Dustin, Tori, Blake, and Hunter all said "It was nice to meet you too, Skyla".

Tori steps forward extending her hand out "Welcome to our group, Skyla," She smiles.

"Thanks," she shakes Tori's hand.

Then Skyla turn back to Shane and he pulled back in his arm, hugging her "Are you staying this time for good?"

"Yes," she nodded "And I will stay by your side and never leave you again".

Shane pulled away looking at her. Then he literally kisses her on the lips in front of everyone. Hunter covered Blake and Tori eyes "You two are too young for this," he joked, leading them out of Ninja Ops.

Then Cam, Dustin, Kapri, and Marah left leaving the lovebird alone.

Kapri and Marah smile at each other, knowing that they have made Shane very happy.

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